Zelos Wilder – Divine Judgement (ToS OVA)

Zelos! I’ll show you what I’m like when I’m serious … Take this! Divine Judgement! I’m the best! Wow, guess you really are the chosen

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  1. Thaddeus 'n'co' says:

    such a fantastic game

  2. ser4phkratos says:


  3. dRage says:

    @ser4phkratos You! I need to give you some new Kratos screencaps sometime xD

  4. Tigura21 says:

    My reaction when I first saw this wasn't as big as when I saw Jade did Indignation in the Tales of the Abyss TV series, but this moment was still exciting nonetheless. 😀

  5. Kori Wiggins says:

    Where Do You Go 2 See The New OVAs.?

  6. Cascade Hellsing says:

    Ah~ Memories…

  7. Smoo-Chan says:

    Zelos is awesome no matter what. :3

  8. KPIdeas says:

    Zelos japanese voice is so funny when he says, "I am the best!"

  9. NightmareRequiemWolf says:

    *.* I love it!

  10. gamrage says:

    Kratos: JUDGEMENT!!

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