YYPLAY JetBlack Unboxing Review Flight Camera Test And Final Thoughts (Courtesy RCMoment)

What’s up guys a-flying tech here and today, we’re gonna be checking out the jet black buy, YY play, so let’s get right into it Alright guys as you can see this is everything that comes in the box Let’s start with the quad itself the quad is a your typical folding quad So you know it’s a little bit on the heavy side It’s not very heavy But it definitely is a little bit on the heavier side it’s also pretty big for a folding selfie quad I have to say here’s the jet black Here’s the a shinny 5/8 you can see the size difference on both of them obviously the jet black is much bigger About one and a half times the size I’d say I believe it or not to fold out the arms on this guy’s a little weird a little unique feel has pulled out the front arms first like so Unfolding the back legs is a little bit on the strange side so when you go to Unfold them make sure you know how to do it because if you pull a little too hard one way or the other you may wind up snapping an arm or cracking and stressing if you don’t want to do that what you do is you take the Leg like so fold it up to the side And then foam it’ll lock into place gonna do that again go up to the side? Boom locks right into place and there you go once again Here’s a comparison between the jet black and the eastern 5/8 you can definitely see the size difference on both Now to fold down the legs is a little bit tricky as well the way you’re gonna do that is there’s a tab right here? You want to push up and it’ll release the leg you can fold it back down and there it goes Let’s do that again press the button to release the leg pull it down over and there you go and then these just fold back up like so and There you have it There is a power button right on top to turn the quad on This does have altitude hold as I know some of you guys like I am NOT partial to it But some people do your cam on this guy is a 720p camera it does move up and down But it is a manual thing you cannot do it from the controller here You’ll see the antenna for the Wi-Fi which runs along the battery door now this does also come with an SD card reader built Right into the Wi-Fi camera. You just simply pop in your SD card. You’re good to go to get the SD card in however You’re gonna have to remove the Wi-Fi antenna, but that’s simple enough it Just pops right back on to take the battery in and out you just turn the tab to the right open up the door which Will expose your battery battery comes right out? Similarly to put it back in you just pop it in and plug it in pose the door lock it and you’re good to go The battery the battery is a three point seven volt 900 mAh battery charge time You’re looking at probably over an hour. I would say run time You’ll get about five to seven minutes if you’re not recording video if you are You could probably shave a couple minutes off of that along with this kit You’re gonna get a set of prop guards Which I think is fantastic? For someone who is just starting out next up you got a bag of parts in the bag you get a spare set of blades our USB charger a screwdriver some screws to put on the prop guards and the thumb sticks for the TX Speaking of the TX you do have to put the sticks on they don’t come from the factory that way I’m not sure why but you have to put them on yourself, so let’s go ahead and do that Alright, we’ve got both sticks in as you can see you do have to press a little firmly to get these in place snugly But don’t worry about it. I press pretty hard and nothing broke. So you’ll be ok the TX takes four triple-a batteries you got the phone holder here that pulls out of the TX so that you can put your phone mount your phone in here if You’re gonna. Do you know Wi-Fi flying through the phone these buttons here are for trim these buttons right here are for video Taking pictures your rate speeds and return to home this button here is for your one key Takeoff and landing this button here is for power this button right here is for the lights You can turn the lights on and off on the quad and this button here is for headless mode Believe it or not this quad does not have 360 flips It is just a camera burg that is it now the instructions are pretty good about telling you how to use the phone with this Particular model I don’t enjoy flying that way So we’re not gonna test that but if you do want to the instructions tell you how to do it right here alright guys That’s pretty much it now. You know the day, let’s take her in the field to test her out See how she does so I’ll meet you there All right guys we got it autumn gonna head in Barnegat alright to calibrate the quad you’re gonna press in on bolt sticks Just like that And now it’s calibrated. Let’s take it for a flight alright. We’re gonna do the 1 Q takeoff, so let’s go ahead and do it So this is the yacht in low-rate Put it in Irish now Pretty stable even though it’s a little windy. There’s beyond high rate Try some funnels with it yeah, it’s not the most 50 bird. It’s definitely gonna be more of a camera bird than anything You can see that y’all is pretty small Not really the best in the wind either As you can see I could turn the lights on and off by hitting the button on the controller if you so desire Alright, let’s try the one peel and here we go There you go So my final thoughts on this quad are that it’s a nice quad definitely is there’s no question about it It’s very rugged very sturdy it’s definitely a stable flyer however the Range on it isn’t the best you looking at maybe 60 to 100 feet at most You can’t fly this in the wind whatsoever any kind of wind is definitely gonna take this bird from your hands You do get about five minutes of flight time if you’re not recording. Maybe a little bit more than that alright guys That’s pretty much it for me. Hope you enjoyed if you did, please leave a thumbs up leave all comments below We’d love to get your comments. If you’re new to the channel please subscribe and with that guys as always happy flying You

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  1. Big Drone Flyer77 says:

    Wonderfully done my brother, proud of ya!

  2. Narshlaw says:

    This is pretty rad, lowkey makes me want to buy one!

  3. The Rc Hunter says:

    like the look ….cam is awesome

  4. David Smith says:

    Very good review like from me

  5. DuctedFPV says:

    Nice cam on that one.

  6. Rich T FPV says:

    Nice review ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  7. PERTH WEST OZ RC says:

    Great detailed review my good Brother, big thumbs up #13๐Ÿ‘

  8. Ground Control RC says:

    Great review with the good and the bad on this quadcopter. I was impresses with the video quality on a very inexpensive camera quadcopter. Nice tip on folding and unfolding the legs. I probably would have had to retrieve a bigger hammer without that info ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for all the information you provided on this bird. Happy Flying!


    Man is your wife cool with you buying all these RC LoL hahaha looks like a great drone I like the folding ability

  10. DRONE POOL says:

    I like the looks of that quad. And you're right, the video quality is decent. Great thorough review!!

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