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Welcome to the City of Toronto Court Services.
This video is intended to provide you with information about what to expect on your day
in court. If you have received one of these forms, then
this video is applicable to you. Your notice will tell you the date and time
of your trial or Early Resolution Meeting, the courtroom and the court location. Don’t forget to bring all the documents you
need to help your case. If you want to obtain details of the prosecution’s
case against you contact the prosecutor’s office, at the court location where your trial
is scheduled. This should be done well before your trial date. This document is called disclosure. Here are some photographs of the main court
sites and their main intersections. Please arrive at the courthouse at least 30
minutes before your scheduled time and be prepared to be at the courthouse for 2 to
3 hours. The 30 minutes will allow for: Travel time, parking, going through security
screening and finding your courtroom. Any person in possession of a weapon or any
object that could be used as a weapon will not be allowed to enter the courthouse. Leave
prohibited items at home. Court Officers will give you the option of placing the item in
a disposal bin. The item will not be returned to you. Look for signage to help you find your courtroom
as it may be on a different floor. If you cannot locate your courtroom, ask court staff
for help. At the entrance of each courtroom you will
find a docket listing where you should see your name. If you cannot find your name, ask
Court staff for help. If you are attending for an early resolution
hearing, find the room shown on your notice and look for your name on the list. Then,
have a seat in the waiting area and wait for your name to be called.
If you have chosen the option of early resolution you and the prosecutor will meet and discuss
a possible resolution to your matter. If you are not able to come to an agreement,
you will be advised that a trial date will be set for you and a notice of trial will
be mailed to you. If you and the prosecutor come to an agreement,
you may be asked to sign a document outlining what was agreed to and you will be instructed
to proceed to a small courtroom to finalize your matter before a Justice of the Peace. Once an agreement is reached, please proceed
to the courtroom indicated by the prosecutor Please enter the designated courtroom quietly
and when the prosecutor calls your name walk to the front of the courtroom to speak to
your matter. If you cannot attend your Early Resolution
appointment you will be able to re-book one time only. This must be done in writing, two
clear business days ahead of your appointment. The address can be found on your document.
This is in keeping with the Provincial Offences Act.
If you do not attend your Early Resolution Meeting on the date and time indicated on
your notice and did not reschedule, you may be found guilty. This is called deemed not
to dispute. When you come to court for your trial, always
be respectful to the Justice of the Peace, the Prosecutor, the Clerk of the Court and
the court process. Please note that everything in the courtroom
is being recorded by the clerk when the court is in session. Before court starts you should check in with
the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor may ask if you are ready to proceed with your matter
and what you intend to do. For example, enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Ladies and gentlemen while court is in session
the following are not allowed in the courtroom: No food or drinks No hats are to be worn unless it is for religious
reasons Do not chew gum No reading of newspapers / books / magazines
/ electronic readers No sunglasses unless required for medical
reasons Cell phones must be turned off or put on silent
and there is no talking while court is in session You are not allowed to record or take pictures
in court unless the Justice of the Peace has given permission. If you do this without permission
you may be charged and fined under the Courts of Justice Act 136(1) Order in the court. All rise, please. This
Ontario Court of Justice, Provincial Offences for the City of Toronto is now in session,
you may be seated. Once court starts, the prosecutor may not
call the list in alphabetical order. If you are found guilty, you may be given
a fine. If you wish to pay immediately, you must wait for the Court Clerk to give you
a current payment slip before leaving the courtroom. The amount of the fine will be shown on the
current payment slip. In addition to your fine, you must also pay
a victim fine surcharge and court costs. Refer to the victim fine surcharge chart on
your current payment slip. These extra fees are imposed by Provincial
law. You can pay by cash, debit or credit card. All fines are payable within 15 days from
the date of conviction. If you need more time to pay your fine you
may ask the Justice of the Peace on your trial date. You will be asked to take a copy of
the Important Notice which gives you payment details. Once your matter is finished and you want
to pay your fine, take your current payment slip to the counter services area located
in the building and obtain a Q-matic ticket. You will be given a receipt that shows you
paid your fine. Check to make sure your name is clearly printed
on the receipt and save it for your records. Thank you for viewing this video of your day
in court.

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