Young Justice Season 3 Teaser Breakdown

Having stopped The Reach Invasion and Broken
the Light in half, the team will now operate out of the watchtower. Side by side with The League. Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but
because you earned it. And So we leave you to it. This team has had successes, but much remains
to be done. Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, you’re
Alpha. Ba’Arzoum has called from Mars, he needs help. Tigress, Kid Flash, Bumblebee, Guardian, you’re
Beta. Lexcorp is bringing out the Reach Soft Drink
under a new name. We need proof. Business as usual. The rest of you are Gamma, and will investigate
Batgirl’s lead on Vandal Savage’s next move. Business as usual. Hey Youtubers happy early holiday’s new gift
young justice season three is this can be a breakdown of what the hell’s going on and
why this is so awesome season three is happening. This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This is totally real Warner Bros. announce
Warner Bros. animation that they’re working on a new season. They did not announce when it’s coming out
with the cast is going to be what changes they’re going to be from the original series
but I think they’re going to try and keep everything in continuity as much as possible,
it’s been about 3 1/2 years since the season two finale aired there were 20 episodes in
season two, so we can guess they might do between 13 and 20 episodes or whatever new
season they’re doing. They did a really big time jump between season
one in season two they might just choose to do the exact same thing for season three. But they basically ended the second season
like if you haven’t watched it a long time with a big blue beetle arc where like the
villains of the blue beetle comics like this insectoid race tries to invade the earth they’re
able to stop them. So what they might do pure because that threat
was taken care of at the end of that series is they might choose to do a rebirth reef
formation of the team. Show them getting the band back together or
they could just pick up like they never lost a step, it’s really easy to do that with animation
because the actors don’t visibly age they can just draw the characters, however old
they want to the funny thing about the season to timeline is that it actually takes place
during 2016. So hilariously they could actually pick up
on the next day if they wanted to like 20 17th whenever the series ends up dropping
with. The thing is is that animation takes a lot
longer to produce. So I would expect in late 2017 mid 2018 like
a summer release just depends on when they start working on it and how much money they
throw into it using the faster you try to get stuff out the bigger the animation team
has to be the cause starts polluting so I’m just expecting this late 2017. Like maybe a trailer sometime next year and
then at 2018 release at the latest. I don’t think it will be later than that but
usually the easiest thing for them to get out is the actual scripts the ideas for the
stories. So that’s what you’ll probably hear about
it at comic con next year if they don’t drop the trailer which they probably will some
of the probably do now is that the producers will slowly start teasing stuff out until
they make an actual revealed like this is what the team is going to be here. Some promo art and then we’ll get some actual
footage so let me know where you want them to pick up with episode one of season three
and keep in mind that they kept this on earth. 16. So it was taking place on a different earth
from the main DC comics so they could do Damien Wayne stuff but all the movie animation stuff
that’s been happening recently like they did the teen Titans movie about the origin of
Raven was tried on by their explanation young justice takes place in a separate universe
so they could mix that if they want they could totally wreck on that but anything that showed
up during season one season twos fair game for much any DC character, it’s a lot easier
for them to use really big characters for the animated series than it is for the live-action
TV shows. But this does draw a little bit of water on
the idea of a live-action young justice TV show because they’re doing the animated series
so the pry will do those the same time, I know they have a lot of the young justice
characters in the live-action flash arrow Supergirl TV shows or they might choose to
do BQ because the teen Titans TV show the TNT was trying to develop kind of fell through
that that went away. They’re not making that anymore they could
pick that up on the CW for whenever arrow goes off the air, but I’m not expecting that
to happen for at least another two years. So Merry Christmas, happy holidays. You know whatever December holiday it is that
you guys celebrate this is like your first big present let me know if the gonna do animated
young justice. What do you want them to do when arrow goes
off the air on the CW do you want them to do live-action teen Titans or do you want
them to actually try for live-action young justice. Because they done this. And even though it’s a long ways off before
going to get any footage or trailer or anything like that. I’m totally happy to do young justice bonus
videos. So if you do want any specific things just
let me know in the comments be sure to subscribe to get everything. This reminds me of when legend of Cora went
off the air like a beautifully animated series that was written really well but was really
expensive and didn’t make a lot of money for Nickelodeon that’s Nickelodeon show Warner
Bros. did young justice. Obviously, but the reason they canceled young
justice is because it wasn’t selling any toys and that’s how they monetize the cartoons
at that time. Typically, TV shows, earn their money based
on the advertising they self select when you see a commercial during a TV show the TV show
makes money based on that. So the more people watched the higher the
advertising rates the more money the TV show makes the longer they keep it on the air. A lot of cable animated series are different
they don’t monetize them like prime time shows so young. Justice was built on the strength of its toy
sales. They didn’t sell, so they canceled the TV
show which is a huge bummer because it was really popular a lot of people watched it
but because that wasn’t their benchmark for success. They still cancel that but they probably found
a smarter way to earn money from it so that’s why they bring it back and because everybody
wants it to get I it’s gonna be awesome just because this happened all post my walking
dead video next to be doing walking dead trailer video so that we the post later tonight or
early tomorrow morning we just wait for that to post you can click here for all my Dr.
strange Easter eggs and click here for the trailer for the next episode of the flash
Thank You so much for watching everybody let’s High Five and I’ll see you tonight!

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  1. titan555 says:

    live action young justice is a terrible idea… just why?

  2. Shaun Simon says:

    Live action young justice

  3. North Everfree Studios says:

    Anyone else notice that live action miss Martian looks like an Asari from mass effect?

  4. Clever name says:

    WTF that wasn't a teaser that was from the last episode.

  5. M DelaCruz0201 says:


  6. Mitchy D. Luffy says:


  7. Daniel Aguilar says:

    any new news about this???

  8. Adam Lyons says:

    season 3 is called outsiders I think red hood is going to be in it

  9. Brian M says:

    In Between Season 1 and 2

  10. Emily Robertson says:

    Step 1. Rescue Wally from the speed force
    Step 2. Have a whelmingly touching reunion
    Step 4. Be over whelmingly super amazing again
    Step 5. More like whelmingly amazing again
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. King panther D.P says:

    either way I'm still pissed they had 5 full ass years

  12. Mania X Productions says:

    Late Summer 2017

  13. Kiril Mcdonald says:

    Young juat

  14. Raven Rose Darcy says:

    What teaser????? I need to know!!!!!!!!! And also I need my Nightwing!!!!!!!

  15. Lamar Thomas says:

    1.they need to bring in redhood
    2.they need to rescue really from the speed force
    3.they need to bring Damian Wayne along with tim drake(red robin) night wing and redhood. bring the fore b
    Robbins in at the same time and change redhood from being bad

  16. goldenkil. _ says:

    Get whelmed

  17. soul Breaker says:

    the outlaws make a debut in YJ3

  18. Lullaby says:

    I cat believe this is real.. AWESOME.

    Now all we need is them to do the same with FIREFLY.

  19. ARC Trooper Lee says:

    Stuff please

  20. Gods says:

    Nightwing better be in it!

  21. Luke says:

    Ha so CRASH!!!!!

  22. Morgan Young says:

    Things I want to see in Young Justice Season 3 are the following Wally West coming back, Red Hood, Tim Drake becoming Red Robin, Damian Wayne, Raven, and Starfire. Also while they would have to tone down the more disturbing elements of the story, I would love to see Barbara Gordon become Oracle too.

  23. J Bush says:

    So what happend?

  24. Mewstera'z M says:


  25. Shakeel Najarali says:

    i hope they don't do a big time jump from season 2 to season 3 ( fingers crossed )

  26. DragonSlicer says:

    Animated > Live Action

  27. William Flynn says:

    Mm nnnn non nnm n. Nnmn. Non m nnn mm n

  28. Therealest KidDree says:

    if you could be any one from young justice who would you be I already called impulse

  29. Seth Alvarado says:

    they should make dick and the magic girl back together they make a good couple the dick and star

  30. Seth Alvarado says:

    no don't do it in real life

  31. Cade says:


  32. samgus1753 says:

    Still glad they kept bart as the kid flash looking forward to it.

  33. Starlatron says:

    if super girl gets with Superboy I will be so happy

  34. KDB XII says:

    Omg i made this reply 8 months ago and im coming back and no else has replyed wtf 😂😂 does anyone even use the comment section this is crazy

  35. Ryan Cho says:

    who was the red head at 5:10 next to megan

  36. Darryl Brooks says:


  37. Joker102513 says:

    am I the only one that didn't really like the young justice game

  38. Shiny Aaron says:

    one of the greatest show ever. I can't believe day cancel the show and took them this long to make season 3.

  39. saimone sakisi says:

    How is this new tho ?

  40. Masterpiece Jeremy says:

    I want them to calm down a peg. Superhero fatigue is at an all time high for me.

  41. Foxfire Inferno says:

    Knowing Season 3 is coming has me quite turbed.

  42. Shining Your Own Way says:

    Head to Damon Wayne's earth and Damon recognition everyone and says everyone's identity.

  43. tuschman168 says:

    If Young Justice can get renewed after so long, does that mean Spectacular Spider-Man has a chance as well?

  44. Anthony Thomas says:

    It'll be great to see a live action version of Teen Titans on the CW. Hopefully replacing Arrow…..

  45. sharpaycutie2 says:

    if the art isn't good, i don't want it :/

  46. Xander Alvarado says:

    Next step. Just shit on CN until we get more Teen Titans 🙂

  47. Sean OBrien says:

    this is an old video is their an updated one

  48. Felix CD says:

    Except for Rick and Morty writing 😂

  49. Official_Rokemon says:

    Can't wait

  50. KriticalMaker says:

    I hope Tim and Cassie stay together

  51. Mikey Moon says:

    they should be 13ep an hour long

  52. Kev says:

    i just don't like the time skips.

  53. Omar Hamed says:

    I wonder if wally would return as reverse flash or black flash

  54. Junkyrat G says:

    Nightwing series 😂

  55. Talya Polat says:

    one boom tube a day keeps the superman away.

  56. Itss Me Boiii_12 says:


  57. Michael Coleman says:

    This is like getting the big piece of chicken….cant wait

  58. Kalhenwrath1 says:

    Miguel Ferrer was so perfect as Vandal Savage, it's gonna be hard not hearing him anymore.

  59. cool dog gamer says:

    We want wally Back we want wally back

  60. NOX AMV says:

    if wally relly is dead the series is dead for me but we will see first episode

  61. E.M Ppwe says:

    Starfire should be in season 3

  62. CL KL says:

    I still cant believe that they cancelled young justice and replaced it with teen titans go….

  63. Al media says:

    its back

  64. Amoney87 says:

    live action young justice

  65. Kaizee Zigler says:

    Il vaut que wally revienne et artemis aussi

  66. Safa Abdus says:


  67. The Flash says:

    Can you plz tell the releasing date

  68. MISTER DAU says:

    I've been following you off and on for the past 3 years. Your breakdowns are usually on target so this time I decided to subscribe. .Season 3 should imho start where season 2 ended. I hate it when a storyline ends in a cliffhanger wondering for years what happens next. (ex: Gilliagans Island when it took 15 years of wondering if they were ever going to be rescued.) It's like being a Cubs fan born 1 year after the last championship and dying 1 year before they win it again over 100 years later. THAT SUCKS!

  69. Ezekiel Hamilton says:

    I vote young justice

  70. lil p again says:

    my favorite show

  71. DriftingThroughLife says:

    they should return to the roots of the show, at its heart its a teen drama, i mean i loved season 2 but i will always rewatch season 1 as that was when the show was at its peek

  72. Blowof Life says:

    2017 were CLOSE

  73. Motor7Mike says:

    Young Justice over Teen Titan of Course the Titans suck

  74. Zeke says:

    There's no Speed Force in YJ, sorry to burst your bubble. Wall-man is probably alive somewhere, I reckon that he's just time-displaced. Fear not, Spitfire shippers and YJ fans in general, the Wall-Man will return.

  75. Ben Lam says:

    Its been a year, and still no trailers….

  76. Ryan Hanna says:

    I haven't heard much more other than this and it's been over a year

  77. Your Daily Intake says:


    I really hope they bring back Wally

  78. Naële says:

    4.03 Yeeeeeees , Damian !!!!🙌🙌🙌

  79. darryl salley says:

    I think live action

  80. Emily C. # XPLR says:

    Long live young justice

  81. Junior, Haroldo says:


  82. Relaxo says:

    Im still sad Why did they kill off Wally and let Impulse take His suit im pissed about it i loved wally im just sad that wally was slower than impulse its fuckt they shouldve slowed down

  83. Nic Hall says:

    I think picking up the minute the left off and then jump Ford a month later having this game starting to settle in and the team starting to finally get back into the game

  84. Krimzo cast fireball says:

    I just couldn't get into season 2 I hope season 3 is better

  85. Rodolfo Salinas says:

    No Live Action Teen Titans or Young Justice! Just New Animation

  86. Clemdraws 16 says:

    Better be Wally back

  87. Savage Carl123 says:

    If they make young justice GO💩

  88. Tyler Eaton says:

    For some reason I want them to fight Riddler. That would make a great episode with just them and Batman trying to deal with it.

  89. Luis ZX13 says:

    So when will we start to see some news on young justice season 3

  90. bitch ass says:

    The no.1 thing I am hoping that will happen is Kid Flash returning

  91. Karic Bane says:


  92. SarcasticFish says:

    2 years later…

  93. Electrowolf15 fs says:

    Welp i didnt watch it my TV broke

  94. Sbuleluzuko Lamani says:

    am i the only one who noticed (Robin)Jason Todd's hologram among the characters who've died, at the end of the final episode?

  95. Sergio PerezBorron says:

    i want them to bring back wally west

  96. Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente says:

    Great tv series…loved it.

  97. Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente says:

    Is this not trumps term??? Business as usual??? Haha..

  98. Naps Léon says:

    My chest…it's 15th September 2018…arrrhhhh

  99. TNT Rex says:

    Weres the taeser

  100. Terrill Goodwine Jr says:

    It's called young justice outsiders

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