Yaumul Qiyamah – The Day Of Judgement | The Last Day | What Happens On The Day Of Judgement

Assalamualikum Wa Rahmatullah Hi Wa Barkatuhu Rabbish Rahli Sadri, Wa Yassirli Amri, Wah Lul Uqdatan Min lisaani, Yaf Kahu Kauli O My Lord Open My Chest And Easy My Task For Me And Loose The Knot From My Toung That They Undurstand My Speech, Speech, Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu’assir Wa Tammim Bil Khair Today, I’m going to speak about Yaumul Qiyamah – The Last Day. Just as Allah created everything from nothing, so too – he will cause everything to come to an End. All Of the creation including our world and the universe will be destroyed all at once in a single lay. The exact time in the future when this will happen is known to Allah Alone. This day is called Yaum Ul Akhir. – The last day it is also known as Yaum Ul Qiyamah – The Day Of Judgment When this day will come Allah will
come Allah Will Command angel Israfeel to blow a Special trumpet call As- Surr the mountains will be thrown into the sky like fine shreds of cotton, The oceans will explode into Ragging Fire, The Sun, Moon, planets and stars will crash will crash into each other The skies Will be torn apart. All of creation will be destroyed crumbling into nothing less everything will vanish only Allah will remain there will be no one else a Period of time will pass the length of which is known only to Allah then Allah will recreate angel Israfeel and command him to blow As- Surr or the heavenly trumpet A second time. This will restore creation to life This is called path the resurrection every human being will be resurrected and Will rise from their Graves. They will be bro to stand in attendance in rows one behind the other The earth will be made flat and the Sun will be brought to hang just above their heads It will be a time of great difficulty the day of judgement will then begin It will not be like any other day. It will be an extremely long day thousands of years long Everyone will be presented before Allah the books of those who believed and did good deeds Will be in their right hands the books of those who did not believe and did evil deeds will be in their left hands. Allah will question each person individually About their life on earth a person will have to answer for every moment of his life on earth Every word spoken every action done and every intention ever made Everyone’s deeds will be then be weighted in a space in a special scale called the Mizaan. even a deed as small as an attom will be weighed only those who do Good deeds outweigh, Their bad deeds will be successful Allah will then decide who will go to Jannah (paradise) And who will be sent to Jahannum. Allah is a fair judge and a kind Lord. No one will be able to help anyone else. No one will be able to speak on behalf of anyone else Everyone will be responsible for his or her own soul only the Blessed prophet muhammad (S.A.W) Will be permitted to intercede for his Ummah Followers. This is called Shafaa’ah Shafaa’ah means to ask Allah to show how special Forgiveness and mercy to people, Allah will forgive many people through his mercy and through the Shafaa’ah Of the holy prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) The holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) will be gifted a special pond on the day of judgment It is called Kawthar The pond of Kawthar is enormous having water whiter than milk, Sweeter than honey, and more fragrant than musk the blessed prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) will gather his ummah and Give them water to drink from the pond of Kawthar while all other human beings will be suffering intense thirst those Muslims who Drink the water of Kawthar will never never feel thirst of ever again. People will then be made to walk over the bridge of Siraat. The bridge of Siraat is thinner than a strand of hair The bridge of Siraat is built over the fire of Jahannam (Hell) the true Muslims will pass over the bridge like a flash of lightning the Non-muslims will not be able to cross the bridge and will fall into the fire of Jannah. We have to prepare for the day of judgement. We have to do good deeds in obedience to Allah and avoid all bad deeds We can easily do this by obeying the commands given to us in the holy Quran and following the example of the blessed prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Here we have come to an end we all pray that Allah guides us and is merciful to us on the day of Qiyamah and Blesses us with the Shafaa’ah of prophet. Muhammad (S.A.W) Wa Aaqiru Dawana Anil Hamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Barakatuhu

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