WW1 Villar Perosa SMG at the Range

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another
video on ForgottenWeapons.com. I’m Ian McCollum, and I am out here at the range today courtesy of the Morphy Auction Company up in Pennsylvania, and we have a magnificently rare and very cool First World War machine gun. This is a Villar Perosa. This is the double-barreled 9mm Italian aircraft gun turned ground gun. So there are very few of these around, and it’s really cool that we get a chance to do some shooting with this one. So let’s jump right into it. First, you can’t cock the bolts if the
safety is on, so we’ll disengage the safety, rack both bolts, engage the safety,
pop in both magazines. They are a back in rock forward design,
which is a little bit unusual there. And now we’re hot. Let’s see what it looks like with both barrels
at the same time. This thing has a pretty high rate of fire. There we go, and… Whoo, that is a fast submachine gun. Alright, so one of the problems
with this thing is the sights. This is really an aircraft gun that was
repurposed to become a ground gun, and when they did that they were moving it
into a role for which it really wasn’t designed. As an aircraft gun this fantastically
high rate of fire is a really good thing, because in an aircraft you’re only going
to have these brief fleeting moments where the enemy craft is
close enough and in your sights, and you want to dump as much lead at
it as possible during that brief moment. So you take a very high rate of fire, like 1,500 rounds
a minute here, you double it up with a second gun. It doesn’t really matter that your magazines are small, only
25 rounds each, because you’re gonna hit both triggers (these fire independently), going to hit both triggers and
do your best to get some rounds on that enemy airplane. And this being World War One, that enemy
airplane is made of basically wood and canvas and you don’t need much more than a
9mm bullet to go all the way through it and destroy anything that you manage to hit. So it really does make sense in that role. And
it was set up in the Italian Capelli [?] bombers. But then they went and put it also into the ground role. And in
the ground role, well, it’s not designed for the ground role. So instead of a big spider sight that allows
you to actually see and track a moving target, we’ve got this little tiny aperture sight right in
between the triggers. And there’s no buttstock, so as soon as you start firing the gun recoils
backwards, because the bipod does pretty much nothing to … support the gun. It holds it up, but doesn’t hold it
forward or back. You can’t push into this bipod, there’s no stop. And so as soon as you start shooting the gun starts moving,
your little tiny aperture sight just disappears, it’s gone. And you’re left trying to figure out what you hit or not. Now the normal sort of solution to this would
be to aim basically looking at your bullet impacts. Well, kind of like a Minigun, the problem with that is it fires so fast that by the time you register
where you’re hitting and start to make adjustments, you’re out of ammunition. And
you have to start over again. Now, I suspect in what as close as
this came to practical ground use, I think the doctrine probably would
have been to fire one barrel at a time, and you’d have an assistant gunner who could be
reloading the empty magazines as you fired one at a time. And that would more or less let you keep up a continuous (as close as you can get to continuous
with 25 rounds and 1,500 rounds a minute), but that would let you keep
up a continuous-ish rate of fire. Safety. Wow, man that just goes really fast. I can’t hit anything. Alright. Well, I hope you guys
enjoyed the video, it is certainly… – Hey.
– What?
– Wrong war, this is ours. – No, this videos over, we’re using this.
– What? Alright, well. I hope you guys enjoyed the video
of the gun I no longer have because Othais stole it. Othais will be coming out with a super-cool
video on the entire history of the Villar Perosa. So what you’ll have to do is go watch it, then you can go
… back and watch my history video on the Villar Perosa, and you can see which one of us did it better. If you want to find out for yourself and just
own the gun and shoot it whenever you want, it is of course coming up for sale in the Morphy
… October Extraordinary Firearms Auction. So go to their catalogue, check it
out, you can see all their pictures. It also comes with a replica Capelli bomber
aircraft mount which is super cool, but wasn’t practical for us to bring out to the range today.
So hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching. – Can I have my … gun back now?
– No.
– Yes. Alright, and here goes both.

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  1. Donny Dvoi says:


  2. Sableagle says:

    A gun that can empty its entire magazine in 1 second. Impressive. Most impressive.
    Maybe Outside Xtra should have had this for their recent video about "7 Bosses You Killed From the Inside Out, Ew."

  3. Armando Marcial Alonzo says:

    Nice, can it use HP? A ballistic gel vídeo would be bad ass

  4. YZERMAN #19 says:

    WW1:this fun is trash for ground.
    DICE:let's make it so OP it destroys the balance of our game

  5. Jonathan Parent / DJ 10N1Z3D says:

    Can I have my gun back?

    America vs Canada in a nutshell 😂😂

  6. Anthony Williams says:

    I wonder, could the rate of fire just be from the springs just being weakened by time and use?

  7. AfrikaKorp42 says:

    Othais with the ultimate RKO

  8. Tyler Finn says:

    Yaaay!!!! Vilar perosa! That was kind of cool in battlefield one

  9. Bird_Dog says:

    I can see the idea behind it in its intended original role, but for anything else, this must be one of the least practical and worst designed LMGs ever…

    Let's make a list of things wrong with it (in the ground role):
    -for a LMG the cartrige is too weak
    -no butt stock
    -can't lean into the bipod to compensate for not having a butt stock
    -magazines are too small
    -rate of fire is too high
    -sights are rubbish
    -cocking handle for the left barrel is inbetween the barrels (the only place worse I can think off would be underneath…)
    -safety is in an awkward spot

    anything I missed?

    intresting gun for sure, but I wouldn't want to take it into battle.

  10. Hurricane Arthur says:

    Nice sunglasses

  11. Matthew Nunya says:

    Iv never said this about a firearm before. But that things a tiny adorable little brrrt gun

  12. the casual gamer says:

    Been waiting for some high quility videos of that beast.

  13. Michael Berthelsen says:

    I'm thinking of alternative ways to place the bipod to help, but I can't really think of anything useful… How the hell did they ever use this for ground action…😓

  14. John Mulder says:

    hahaha wtf. its a miracle that thing is usable haha. there such little material hahah. made of a boot heel and a coat hanger haha. its a beautiful machine.

  15. Vladimir Lenin says:

    Add a pistol grip and hip fire the thing and you have one good trench broom

  16. Maxime Vincent says:

    Nice, with 3 gunners you can empty the ammunition stock of the whole platoon in one day.

  17. Imglad Notu says:

    the question is if iit had such an rof why the hell did they not make it man portable?

  18. Golden Eagle says:

    Nose breaker.

  19. Emilina von Sylvania says:

    Dat dare iz sum roit proppa dakka dat iz

  20. J says:

    A bipod-only SMG, what could go wrong?

  21. Keith Husain says:

    Double barrel shotgun
    Double barrel SMG
    Double barrel Assault Rifle
    What’s next,
    Double barrel sniper rifle?

  22. Lead Guitarist says:

    Why do I hear seven Nation army?

  23. Dakota Durr says:

    Subscribe to comandurr

  24. Waste The loner says:

    Love the hat

  25. 88 Magnum says:

    Sounds like a MG-42 !

  26. Pyro Glyphics says:

    3000 rounds a minute and all you can put in are 25 round mags🤣🤣🤣 talk about not getting your numbers dialed in!!! Oh Italy you could have done so much better…….

  27. Iosono I. says:

    Why would an airplain have a 9mm gun?

  28. Steve P says:

    I visited Villar Perosa a few years ago on business trip and never realized that a mg was manufactured there.

  29. Ben Lopez00 says:

    Games for phones are sh*t, wouldn't buy a gamingphone

  30. Eric Ferguson says:

    Wasn't that the gun on a ring mount in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where the Father, played by Sean Connery, accidently shoots th tail off his own plane?

  31. Junior Brussel says:

    1:39 – 1:46 That flie got hot feet .

  32. pelon7 Cortez says:

    awesome like bf1

  33. Alex Barnett says:

    Ludicrous speed only.

  34. vinicius ornelas says:

    4:40 Ian's face is like, hello darkness my old friend

  35. Cheese Brown says:

    Strap, belt feed and hip fire and hope for the best

  36. vinicius ornelas says:

    How many RpM is enough amici?


  37. Sɪᴍᴏɴ Sᴇɴᴀᴠɪᴇᴠ says:

    Oh i remember using that bad boy in Battlefield 1,what an awesome game… aways wanted to know what gun it was

  38. nonamebrand1987 says:

    how many times did you hit yourself in the face making this video? you almost did it a 4:15

  39. poot111111 says:

    Great candidate for a dumb gun purchase, even if you don't care for the history aspect. Looks like a blast

  40. ABN ATW says:

    Wasn't this the weapon Sean Connery fired in "The Last Crusade?"

  41. Ahoderasan says:

    Best crossovers in history Forgotten Weapons and C&Rsenal

  42. ACE Champion says:

    Perfect for the sun roof mount….

  43. kitube14 says:

    In close quarter combat this would still be really useful. Defending trenches (not firing out of them but defending within) would also be quiet good i imagine. I mean its so small and light, if the target is close enough it would be quite powerful.

  44. Bayagra Von.D says:

    Jezzuz that's hot ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

  45. suparman dono says:

    Pepperoni delivery here.

  46. Justin Packard says:

    I could see it being useful in the trenches, throwing a lot of lead at a wave of incoming troops. Looks to be light weight and easy to carry, could be effective against a clump of men!

  47. Uncle Stone says:

    So, high rate of fire, wonder how fast that is for an Ita- jeeeaaaayzuz chryse that's what King Crimson sounds like. I get it now…

  48. John Permabull Smith says:

    The original brrrrrt

  49. 牛若丸2525 says:


  50. DarthAlvarez says:

    Hey, at least it's not a Chauchat.

  51. Marius du Plessis says:

    That gun is like my first time…umm….first to umm…to…ummmm what, what were we talking about?

  52. Radio Active says:

    I had no idea something this crazy existed! Awesome channel, dude.

  53. FreeBird0964 says:

    That one gun in BF1918

  54. Lars Swede says:

    A good video as always. But, what I miss here and in most FW videos is seeing the effect of the weapon, meaning the impact of the bullets. Please try to include that in future videos.

  55. daniel ribes alonso says:

    When you get a spaghetti stuck in your brain:
    -what if I make an MG with handgun ammunition?
    -what if I use this MG like an LMG but I use an HMG like handle and trigger with no stock?
    -what if I add an usles dancing bipod to stabilize it?
    -what if I eat more spaghetti and drink more wine?

    PD: you're holding it wrong. To control the recoil and aim properly you need to put your hands like an italian!

  56. daniel ribes alonso says:

    This is a heavy-submachinegun: its used in a mount like a heavy machinegun but it uses handgun ammunition.

  57. Lisza says:

    Was expecting a " BRTATARATATA"


  58. Gianni S says:

    It’s the brrrrrrttoli

  59. Oliveira Fernando says:

    Esta arma é o cabeta nô BF1

  60. Ashley Hughes says:


  61. C J Bowen says:

    typical world war 1 lunacy. i love it but i pity the poor guys trying to use that dog

  62. liamlad1 says:

    Did this ever have a belt or other feed system other than the mag?

  63. Paolo Viti says:

    I only saw this MG in two museums in North Italy. It weight about 1, 9 kg and had a high rate of fire, about 1, 500 rpm. I thought it would have been very suitable for airplanes but for some reason I never really understood it was never been very successful. Is it because it necessitated frequent change of magazines and perhaps suffering overheating with the barrels? Yet it was popular among the Italian troops in the final year of war as it was very effective as a close support and was very light to handle, simple and easy to mantain. Perhaps it is quite correct that the Italians consider it one of the first MG. Yep,, I like this MG!!

  64. Kevin Johnson says:

    I got a 26 kill streak with that gun in bf1 lol, My favorite kit to pick up

  65. niksechtniks says:

    WW1 minigun ;P

  66. Samuel Schurman says:

    This looks like something out of Borderlands like wtf lol.

  67. Chris Bäätz says:

    I like the Bohémian gun Jesus

  68. szardroid says:

    Looks and sounds cooler in BF1.

  69. Lappmogel says:

    Any reason that they didn't just split it in half, put a stock on it and then handed it of to the infantry? I mean it pretty simple and at 1:30 you see the guns side by side and it doesn't seem to be much going on between them and the only thing except for brackets and the bipid holding the gun together is the trigger mechanism

  70. Raymond Pratt says:

    Image that thing with dual drum mags.

  71. Blake Dy says:

    I guess we know where Deadshot's Gotham Knight gun came from.

  72. lindsay weir says:

    what! no shooting from the hip?

  73. Holy Ravioli says:

    That is one steampunk looking gun.

  74. the white army 1917 says:


  75. Nathaniel Whitesell says:

    That bug on hiding between the barrels lol

  76. Charlie Rajnus says:

    WW1's modern day minigun.

  77. k00stin terror games says:

    1:17 lol I thought it was the spark sound from hl1

  78. Abhijeet Jain says:

    The main reason behind success of this channel is battlefield 1….

  79. Beth Koch says:

    When are they adding disruptor rounds.

  80. Terrificrockstar says:

    That was actually the first smg ever

  81. Jimux says:

    "pretty high rate of fire"
    Me: ok
    starts firing
    me: head jumps back HOLY SHIT (turns down volume)

  82. WunPunnyGuy says:

    Villar Perosa: exists

    MG42: Is my RoF a joke to you?!

  83. wizzzer1337 says:

    Back in WW1 when two SMG's are enough firepower as an anti air weapon…

  84. Peter Charlton says:

    Oh, it’s a shotgun.

  85. Fabrizio Verrua says:

    This weapon was used also by "arditi" regiments, which was assault regiments.
    They had a structure which permit to fire in stand up position.
    They use it for high rate suppression fire inside trenches.
    Very nice video!

  86. hk416a4 says:

    Mg42 – pistol ammo version

  87. MR AD says:

    A great weapon to put on my car or bike probably my bicycle as well.

  88. Protestnik Vorgon says:

    I saw a magazin of this really rare little machinegun in the mountains of south Tirol, near the Passo Fedaia. This is the place of heavy battles near the Marmolada Glacier. It layes in a small museum, collecting artefacts from austro and italian warfare from WW I.

  89. cirilo aguilar says:

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    Well you hit your face 😂 4:15

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    The Italian DIY cousin of the German mg42

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  95. Garlan 4 says:

    Even tje Royal Italian Army was aware of this guns fault. They used to call this gun "Pernacchia" (farty) because of the sound it do. Later the army developed a modified version, using one of the two barrels and naming it MAB 18. The MAB 18 was the standard submachinegun of the Italian army during WWI

  96. Wyatt H says:

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