WW & Flash pokes out the eyes of Darkseid | Justice League: War

Come on, giant. I’m getting bored. This world is mine. [BOTH GRUNTING] [YELLS] One down, one to go. [GROWLS] [GRUNTING] [EXPLOSION] Now, Flash, take out the other eye. Sorry, I need this to save the world.
Thanks for your help. [GRUNTING] Did that work? Yeah, I think that worked. Both eyeballs blown out
and he’s still standing. What else can we do? Try and send him home. How? Darkseid is transferring data to those
metal cubes. They call them Mother Boxes.

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  1. Wtv Idc says:

    People call him weak cause he got his eye cut out by a woman 🤷🏾‍♂️if this was all Superman doing y’all wouldn’t complain

  2. Amaan Khan says:

    " They went for the eyes not the head " XD

  3. joyadeceren says:

    I was routing for Darkseid to kill those bullies.

  4. Mobi Adam says:

    Meanwhile batman masturbating in his cave

  5. kefka3 says:

    I feel like at least Green Lantern, Flash, and Cyborg should've been down for the count at some point during this fight. Like all ultimate bad guys, Darkseid decides, once he has his over-sized city-destroying hands on you…to throw you into a nearby wall or pillar instead of ripping you apart. Flash has speed and strength due to his momentum. But he doesn't, or shouldn't, have super durability or toughness. Cyborg's armor shouldn't mean anything to DS, and GL got his arm broken effortlessly, so DS should've been able to just destroy him instantly.

  6. Dreamy says:

    Martian Manhunter should've been in this fight as well.

  7. Cbricklyne says:

    If DC made this a live action movie, DC fanboys would whine about how it's too violent and too much destruction.
    Just like they did with Man of Steel.
    What do you think happens when super-powerful beings fight each other?

  8. Kyair Banks says:

    i honestly feel sorr for darkseid in this LO especially at the end

  9. ColoqueNombreAqui says:

    From Darkseid to Darkblind in 4 minutes, sight just comes and goes XD

  10. Trey Mixon says:

    I was hoping Wonder Woman would die

  11. G.V. says:

    Normally DC's animated movies are pretty good but this one made me cringe. And Darkseid… wtf kind of version was this based on? This was a terrible Darkseid.

  12. Shrek father! says:

    0:20 new god of war confirmed 😱

  13. Peppa Pig says:

    Where was that energy when doomsday was around

  14. RRough says:

    Doomsday almost wiped out the entire Justice League with much more members…
    BUT Darkseid is having a hard time with just 7…….. Aight

  15. Dee Fu says:

    1:04 when ur wife doesn’t make dinner in time

  16. Zach M says:

    Oh my god, Darkseid's grin! NOW YOU FUCKED UP!!!!

  17. Zach M says:

    2:42 Shazam uses Spirit Bomb . . . It wasn't very effective

  18. Stryder Eternal says:

    Sry I need this to save the world.

    The one time a normal ass item worked of course now is the time

  19. Orange juice Apple juice says:

    This was doomsday in darkseid body

  20. Srinivas Manikanta says:

    Done with work. Rest on bed @3:29

  21. Terrorkatt says:

    Using the ballistic gear like

  22. Plumbo says:

    1:03 Rihanna vs Chris Brown

  23. leyuen says:

    Darkseid did not see that comming.

  24. leyuen says:

    Darkseid did not see that comming.

  25. Pitbull Terrier says:

    Wonder Woman ❤❤❤

  26. 誰でもいたくないのさ says:

    why is darkseid so weak in this

  27. Shovan Ray says:

    Darksied has maximized his size

  28. Chickenasaurus says:

    Proof thanos is stronger than Darkseid 😀

  29. edsaloru1 says:

    Shazam made a genkidama

  30. Astro Punch says:

    These guys were able to go toe-to-toe with Darkseid without the the aid of Superman and Batman, yet they weren’t able to take down Doomsday with both Bats and Supes plus having Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Hawkman?
    Does that mean Doomsboi is stronger than Dorkseid?

  31. Alex Altamirano says:

    So, fuck the people I guess

  32. _Monty97 says:

    A whole sword goes in his eye but doesn’t hit his brain

  33. Robbie Wilson says:

    Dude I would hate to live in that city as a civilian. Always wondering what superpower villain is going to pop off at anytime. My anxiety would go through the roof.

  34. joe charbonneau says:

    No matter your complaints this movie is still better than Justice League

  35. One Fat Kitten says:

    Her silicon boobs are indestructible. It can withstand Darkseid's punches. Who is her doctor?

  36. Charlie says:

    WW moves were reminiscent of Rock Lee's when he was fighting Gaara.

  37. Mjeviel T says:

    I hope in real movie wonder woman can fly too like in this anime movie because in Justice league movie wonder woman will never fly I don't know why ,but this movie she can fly so naive..

  38. Randy Zakk says:

    Hated Darkside in this film.

  39. Gustavo Francia says:

    I still have issues with how weak Shazam is here and with the fact the WW sword could cut Drarksied's eye but Doomsday broke it with a fist

  40. Star Beard says:

    Shittiest Darkseid version I've ever seen.

  41. Ays Perez says:

    Doomsday looked stronger than darkseid

  42. Cuong Phạm says:

    ww can fly huh ? 🤔🤔🤔

  43. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder says:

    Now he's DarkNoSight.

  44. Josh Mills says:

    This is garabge darkseid would kill all of them

  45. klarenz cobie says:

    0:13 W O N D E R A S S

  46. Malik Suleman Awan says:

    Wtf. Superman couldn't beat this stupid darkseid but these little idiot heroes almost killed him. Are story comic writers or directors crazy?

  47. Shadow 2552 says:

    This dude just got cyber bullied

  48. Solaire of Astora says:

    Que darkseid mongol… super nerfado

  49. Raj says:

    Who punches a woman's boobs? Darkseid does.

  50. Cesar Andres says:

    superman's durability is given to him because of a "forcefield" his powers create around him, Thats why his body is about as vulnerable as a default human when kryptonite affects him, Darkseid's durability comes from his own body, thats why his eyes are about as weak as anyone else's eyes and thats why u can shoot superman in the eye and jackshit will happen
    Or Perhaps DarkSeid's eyes are somewhat strong but we're talking about a Godly sword wielded by Wonder Woman and a Crowbar being used by the fking Flash

  51. gridokun says:


    Darksied acting like a diva…

  52. Cesar Andres says:

    Why did i explode?…

  53. Jay Boh says:

    Now if Vegeta was there….
    Remember when he called Goku black a phony and beat him into the ground? They really needed it here lol. This shit is better than their movies man. Wayyyyyy.

  54. Intrigued Bystander says:

    So uh, what exactly were Darkseid's minions doing flying around this fight?

  55. thecedc1 says:

    Unreal…they had all kinds of problems with Doomsday, but can take on Darkseid like it's nothing!…yeah right 😏

  56. James B. says:

    Darkseid confirmed crowbar level

  57. Sam Rawat says:

    Why DC characters don't bleed?

  58. Miguel Palacios Rengifo says:

    Shazam está tan infravalorado

  59. xximperial123xx Gayboi69 says:

    I like this version of darkseid he doesn’t get overpowered by superman and the league actually has to think and plan out how to fight him. I like him

  60. Tu-Li-Oh says:

    People complain of him not talking, like he is a mindless beast. However he reminds me of Acnologia of Fairy Tail, he just does not waste his words with the weaklings

  61. Nostrodumbass 8 says:

    Remember kids. Poke em in the eye to win. And if that fails kick them in the balls. 😂😈✌

  62. Adam Al Swed says:

    So……they took out Darkseid almost effortlessly, but Doomsday wasn’t even scratched by them ? This is some broken logic

  63. L T, C. says:

    Diana such a badass

  64. Dimitri Frog says:

    So they made darkseid huge and also nurfed his punches

  65. Zhiron The Mad Titan says:

    Teamwork makes the dream work.

  66. david colt says:


  67. Quantum King! says:

    That's beautiful graphics and ACTION! That's it, that's it!

  68. Boss Breezy says:

    This darkseid is so bad 🤦🏽‍♂️he just getting his ass whooped Nd moaning the whole time

  69. Dara Nkanga says:


  70. Aakash K. Parmar says:

    Wish to watch this scene in big screen.

  71. George McCartney says:

    Dialogue: grunt

  72. NAJE GARDNER says:

    They severely depowered shazam in this movie

  73. KillerSpike 25 says:

    I just get the hardest boner when I see wonder woman

  74. Jason Yau says:

    Wonder Woman easily takes out Darkside's eye but she can barely hold a fight with Doomsday? What?!

  75. skilstopaybils says:

    Apparently, Orm would beat Darkseid.

  76. someone667 says:

    There is no frickin way darkseid would let both his eyes be poked out… frankly, I am not even sure these particular heroes would even come close to being capable of doing it to begin with.

  77. thetopherhaslanded says:

    Preferred this version of his voice.

  78. danpixel YT says:


  79. Dorian Green says:

    Awesome Wonder Woman design.

    DAT ASS.

  80. Goddamn 47 says:

    You lost me at "pokes"

  81. Charis Smith says:

    I agree with all the people who are saying Darkseid and Shazam weren't portrayed strong enough in this movie, but what really bothered me is that Darkseid didn't have his hands behind his back. That's his trademark look, and I love it. It was sad that it wasn't in the movie.

  82. kantikun134970 says:

    The animation is just so much better than the live-action, lives up to the DC name.

    WW: “Take out his other eye!”
    Flash: grabs crowbar


  83. Jason Wulf says:

    Fuck Pete buttigieg. I'm sick of his pandering bullshit ads.

  84. cross7387 says:

    4:16 of straight ass kicking

  85. Çode X says:

    A metal rod penetrates in darkseid's eye?
    How stupid you think we are dc?
    And believe me, one punch of darkseid can take anyone out in space from earth surface.

    With those many punches, i doubt wonder women can live…….and what about cyborg? With those many hits by darkseid, I'm pretty sure he would belong to crap center =__=

  86. joshua davies says:

    Damn! Wonder woman's breast must be super durable 😁😁😁

  87. joshua davies says:

    How did darkseid free himself from lasso of truth when he was tied with it. That's not possible

  88. Rennan Macena says:

    put in 2x

  89. Jack Frost says:

    Damn.. Was Darkseid seriously making a punching bag out of WW's titties? 1:03 😱

  90. ChrisTheWalrus says:

    Strongest members of the J.L. in the DCAMU:
    1.) Superman
    2.) Wonder Woman
    3.) Shazam
    4.) Martian Manhunter
    5.) Hawkman
    6.) Cyborg

  91. Luis Spinetta says:

    One of the best DC animated movie i saw. I enjoy it from the begining.

  92. Shawn Penny says:

    First time you see super hero’s act intelligently in a fight.

  93. piso pulido says:

    I've always thought this was a kids friendly cartoon, I guess I was very wrong

  94. Truth Seeker says:

    This is really stupid on the handling of Shazam, they have below Cyborg on strength.

  95. Lou B says:

    This movie is focused more on the team building rather than the villain. Plus it’s not a 2 hour movie, can’t expect much tbh but it’s way better than the dceu version by far

  96. shermaine callahan says:

    Darkseid ,maybe next time…They had to gang up on you like some little bitches…

  97. ahmed zaki says:

    Is it only me who thought when Darkseid hits WW's boobs they'll explode?

  98. Youssef Helmy says:

    2:38 This is for you Majin Buu, it’s from the people of Earth! SPIRIT BOMB!

  99. You’re Trash says:

    I love how when darkseid pulled up at the beginning of the fight nobody’s attacks could even make him flinch now all of a sudden the same moves are causing him trouble lol 😂😂😂😂

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