Women on Fire | Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement | Episode 80

Oh welcome to all the wonderful TV
viewers of Angel TV and very special welcome to all these wonderful people
that have been following women on fire rocket and also special welcome to all
this wonderful ladies have join us faithfully to discuss the things that
God wants to bring forth in the body of Christ all around the world for all of
us to learn the loving kindness of the Lord know what is so kind he loves
everyone and he wants everyone to know that his only begotten son has come in
the place to his birth to show his mercy to pay the price for the house so they beloved this is the heart of God
that mercy will triumph of a judgment and this is the episode we are gonna
speak so without any further delay let’s look at the book of James chapter 2
verse 13 I’m going to read it to you and in verse 13 says for to he who has
shown no mercy that judgment will be merciless but mercy exalt victoriously
over judgment for who for those that have mercy so this is a very powerful
scripture because all of us need mercy we all have come short of the glory of
God all of us yes some people have said to me oh I never killed anybody
some people said to me I never robbed anybody and I always wondered have you
ever talked bad about anybody because the Word of God says if you talk evil or
somebody is as good as killing them so we all have committed murder one way or
another there is not one who has not sinned
it’s just a matter of really reading the word and let the Lord show our seems to
us that we may be reconciled with a Living God and receive mercy a pupper
God as for us through Christ Jesus that we may not have
to experience what church management judgment imesh meant God doesn’t want to
do that it is not God’s heart God he’s not a bad
guy God he’s not an unkind God God wants to bless and save and show mercy we need
to receive it right so there’s two things we talked about this one is that
we learned to show mercy and the number two is to recognize that mercy is not
just a suggestion mercy is a requirement of God for the believers so consider
these two points we looked at Micah chapter 6 verse 8 that it speaks that
God has shown us what is good and what is required of all believers and every
creature here and that is that we do justly that we our actions are just
actions there are actions are actions of righteousness actions of of what is
pleasing in the eyes of God not hurtful and harmful attitudes and actions but
just actions and to love mercy to have a relationship with mercy to take call of
mercy and copy mercy learn how nursey works as if is a friend and to walk
humbly with God what is to walk humbly with God when we humble ourself and recognize
that without God I walk in this path it’s a very difficult one
and even if we love God we had an easy life the end might not be that easy
because without God without Christ nobody can reach our Heavenly Father no
one can enter the kingdom of heaven no one without Jesus can enjoy eternal
bliss of life so there is a place where no one should desire to go to amen amen
so if our life here has been hard we know for sure a life of it there will be
wonderful no more tears no more sorrow no more pain but even if our life has been easy here
we have the Lord we still have no more tears
you know sometimes through the outside people think oh look this lady has such
an easy life everything she needs but the husband that really children they
are things that only God and that person knows I call can cause pain so let us not judged by outer appearance some people are very wealthy but not
healthy some people are healthy but not wealthy whatever we need to go through in this
life that is not seen according to what we want is just to prepare us to enjoy
heaven to its fullness how can we possibly
appreciate the goodness of God if we do not experience some things that are not
similes so good if you have not nobody’s to have any
suffer how will you know what it is enjoy the fullness of God’s love
protection prohibition sometimes the things we suffer are things that will
manifest God’s kindness and mercy towards us we get sick we learn what it
is the mercies of God the briefs here and when we are not so reached we learn
what it is to enjoy the providing hand of the merciful God and sometimes when
we are very wealthy we are tested to see whether we are capable of willing to
show God’s mercy to the needy if we do not suffer disappointment and pain and
persecution how can we possible understand what Jesus started and how he
overcame so the Word of God is not in vain is to
teach us to prepare us and particularly to show mercy to one another
mercy is also part of forgiveness because we release somebody from the
grip of a hand that says oh no we have to taste this suffered a gave me that
for as long as you hold in your hand somebody for that’s wrong in your high
view all what they’ve done wrong you are bound by the grip of Satan and you have but the day we come and decide I shall
have mercy I will release this person to the hand of God let God decide the
future of this person then God says Satan let go and we are released a heart
suddenly gains peace because mercy came upon us by having shown life you know in
the english standard version it doesn’t say mercy love mercy it says love
kindness so perhaps we’ll be good idea to check to study what kindness is all
about any idea what kindness is an act of kindness how do we define an act of
kindness or what it is the night of kindness what does his show what can it
be defined as well you know what I went to Google because I know that I could
feel kindness but I didn’t have the words to speak about it so I said I know
somebody they might have the words and I look at kindness and he sees these
steadfast love mr. spaetzle he said London doesn’t drop
off just because something went wrong right yeah so what’s that love should
not be cut off or died the first time when somebody’s done something wrong to
you love is everlasting love is steadfast
amen ma’am kindness means mercy amazingly kindness mean fidelity
faithfulness so either your husband or wife is not faithful to you kindness is
not working very well if this bad love but that doesn’t mean you have to return
with the same thing you show kindness and you make sure that you are faithful
uh-huh when they are heard somebody say my husband if I found out that he some
faithful to me we did milkman or the first man postman whatever then look at
my daughter they are faced oh I was no wise was it you don’t do that first of
all you will be filled with divorce secondly you will be filled with anger
thirdly you’ll be filled with darkness and you’re not gonna feel very clean
either so that is a very silly foolish thing said in in maturity so what
happened then show kindness and with lots of love so what is the right thing
maybe is not beneficial for us to do such things right maybe we should show
love and remain more faithful than ever before perhaps your husband will
learn from it this look at that who would like to read proverbs chapter
19 verse 22 hour it all right the desire of a man is his kindness and a poor man
is better than a liar but if God say well in the english standard version it
says this what is desire in a man is steadfast love or calmness and a poor
man is better than a liar so what is desire on a man in other words what God
desires that we should all have master’s degree in Iran is mercy and steadfast
love that we don’t give up loving just so easily because the Lord said this I
have loved you with an everlasting love with a steadfast love their word of
course is a steadfast love of the Lord never freezes never that why should we
then make choices such as putting an end to love you know beloved even is
somebody betrays us even if we are in a relationship that is abusive and
dangerous to our life we could choose to live at a distance but that doesn’t mean we choose not to
love if we love somebody we will pray for that person we will create even for
justice that will cause a heart to turn around to God love is forever and even
if we have been disappointed that doesn’t mean we stop loving because God
is teaching us to love our our our neighbors ourselves our neighbor as
ourselves and there is someone else he wants us to love who else
God says love your enemy love your enemy and I remember complaining to the Lord
and say Lord these people are behaving like Devils I refuse them around years
ago and the Lord said to me do you know that scripture says love your enemy I
say yes he says how are you going to fulfill it if I don’t put a few enemies
around you you know Jesus came to fulfill the word and so if he these four
should win so if you have been having some little devils around you love them
show them kindness cook some meals for them drive them when they need transport
do the things that you will never want to do as acts of kindness if they’re in
need be watchful for as long as you’re capable you allow God to use you to
fulfill that it will break their hearts God will be
able to hammer the stoning is hard by your acts of kindness to your enemy
Alleluia so dear beloved part of being kind is
being faithful part are being merciful is being faithful so be faithful to your
part be faithful to your pastors be faithful honouring to your parents being
faithful above all to your Living God so shall we pray who would like to pray
now I will shall we close caller hands please close your eyes and open your
heart thank you dear Lord for your word which
we have heard today thank you because you showed us and gave us the perfect
example of the merciful God by choosing to die on the cross for us even where we
did not deserve it Lord we thank you and we’re grateful
Lord we pray that you help us and give us the strength to show mercy and
kindness to everyone around us no matter how difficult it is Lord we pray that
you give us the grace to show them your love and to show them your mercy help us
to continue to walk in your love and in your kindness thank you their God we
pray for the viewers as well anyone who is going through a hard time of
forgiving or showing mercy we ask Lord that you touch their hearts and open
their eyes to see the love you have for them so that they can in turn show that
love to those who have hurt them thank you Father for the answer in Jesus name
we pray and we all say well my beloved we have come to the end of this episode
but the wonderful thing is next week there’s another episode so I encourage
you to make a little time and to join us next week for the next episode bye until
we meet again may the Most High God bless you and your family and whatsoever
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