Woman Was Told Two Men Were Her Fathers (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

JUDGE LAKE: You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Sheats v. Rhodes.
Thank you Ron.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Sheats, you are here
petitioning the court to order the defendant to take
a paternity test. Your entire life,
you’ve been led to believe two different men
were your father. Yes, Your Honor… JUDGE LAKE:
But the defendant, Mr. Rhodes, learned of this
only two months ago and has always believed
he is your father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Rhodes, you
say a bomb was dropped on you when the plaintiff asked
for a paternity test. You stand firmly
on the fact that she is your
biological daughter and feel there is no
need for a DNA test. Yes, Your Honor,
in my heart, this
is my daughter. I’ve been with her
since she was born 35 years, and embedded
in my heart. So it is up to the court
to decide whether or not
there is sufficient evidence to order a paternity test. So, I wanna go to you first,
Miss Sheats. Why do you need the court
to grant this test? I know Mr. Rhodes
as my father initially, but after the breakup
of my parents, she introduced me
to Mr. Smith,so after that time,it was a confusion
my whole life.
And also, I would like
to submit this evidence. There’s no… There’s no name
on this birth certificate, no one’s name is
on here. RON: Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: So you grew up
thinking Mr. Rhodes was your
biological father… SHEATS: Initially, yes… …until your
parents split up. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: How old
were you then? I was four, we were
in Chicago with him
and his family.He went to the military,JUDGE LAKE: Okay. …so were still there
until the age of four, and after that, they had
a disagreement, a breakup, as adults do,
I understand that, but when we came back
to Georgia, I met Mr. Smith. JUDGE LAKE: So, when you
came back to Georgia, you were introduced to
a man named Mr. Smith… SHEATS:Mmm-hmm.JUDGE LAKE:…and you were
told he was your
biological father.
Now, you submitted
to the court a copy of
your birth certificate, your name listed
under the child’s name
and under father’s name,there’s no one listed.And yet, by the age
of four, you had been
introduced to two men…
SHEATS: Yes. …and were told that both of them
were your father. Or were you told
at that time Mr. Smith was your father,
or Mr. Rhodes wasn’t, or as a 4-year-old child,
you just thought
you had two dads? Right, I never was given
a clear definition of “Hey, this is your father,
this is not.” I was told both were.
Both were at one time, and I was told at one time,
one wasn’t and one was, so, there was never anything
clear, and my mother’s
unfortunately not here to be with me today
and to continue
to clear this up.Mr. Smith isn’t here also,
both of them,
so I have Mr. Rhodes.Your mom and Mr. Smith
have passed away? SHEATS: Yes, are deceased. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Rhodes.
So just two months ago, you got word that
someone wanted
a paternity test because they thought
you weren’t their
biological father, and that person was
the young woman you’ve believed
to be your daughter for the last
30-something years. Yes, Your Honor, I did. What did you feel like
when you got that call? (SIGHS) Well, I can’t
even describe it, but I’m confident
and I notice my daughter…
It’s very confusing, but the natural feelings
that I have is this is my daughter,
and can’t nobody tell me
nothin’ else. JUDGE LAKE: So take me
to the day you found out that Miss Sheats wanted
to have a paternity test. I was surprised,
Your Honor, ’cause, you know, we have
a relationship, so I’m like, “Test, why?” So you say you have
a relationship, you’ve been
in her life her entire life? RHODES: All her life,
in and out, in and out. But I was always there
providing, doing things
that she needed done as a child, you know,
and it felt natural and I remember her
looking at me like,
“Who are you?” And I didn’t really pay enough
attention, but I felt it that I didn’t feel that closeness
from her, that she was confused,
but I said, “No.” From my grandmother
telling me this is my child I’ve embedded in me,
“I’m gonna love this child “and take care of her
the best I can, “regardless of
what’s goin’ on, “’cause one day
when she’s grown, “I’ll be able to tell her
the story and let her know “that I loved her
since birth.” So did you
provide financially? RHODES: Yes. You said throughout the years
you were in and out, but you always provided? RHODES: Yes,
Your Honor, I did. JUDGE LAKE:So wait, let me
understand this clearly,
you were ordered
to pay child support
through the court,
or you voluntarily
paid support? I voluntarily paid
child support. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. ‘Cause my grandmother told me,
“I’ve seen the child,
this is your child, “don’t give up on her “or her mother,
provide for ’em.” ‘Cause I was in
the Marines traveling
around, I wasn’t there but when I had the chance
to come, I always did, always gave, always was there. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Sheats,
do you know if Mr. Smith,
the other potential father, was also ordered to pay
child support or paid
child support? SHEATS: Yes, Your Honor,
he actually paid until
I was 18, so both… JUDGE LAKE: Through the court? Yes, Your Honor, both
of these men stood up
and both of them said, “This is my daughter,
I accept the responsibility.” Both of them were there,
that’s what made this
more confusing. JUDGE LAKE: So Mr. Smith
was paying child support
through the court and Mr. Rhodes was voluntarily
paying child support? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. So throughout your life
as you got older,
you were a teenager, when they would come
to visit you and you
would see them, you called both
of them “Dad”? I did, yes, Your Honor.
I didn’t know just how
to take this, I didn’t know,
like, hey, you know,
about tests, DNA tests. I didn’t know, you know,
I just felt like this should
have been done when I was younger,
you know, by the adults
in my life. And now that I’m, you know,
my age, I have a son now and I can’t just let this
go on any longer,
I have to know who his grandfather is
and who my dad is… JUDGE LAKE: Because there had
to come a time in your life, four years old,
you don’t know anything, but when you get 13,
or you get in school and everybody’s got one dad… Yes. …you started to realize that
this doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t. So Mr. Rhodes,
what was the nature
of your relationship with her mom?
Did you know about
any other men? Were you all
in a committed
relationship? Um, Your Honor, I didn’t
know about any other men. I was in the Marines,
so I wasn’t there
and I would hear storiesabout her being
with other men,
but it didn’t bother me
because my focus was her.
So, uh… I don’t know,
this is confusing, I’m mind boggled
about this thing,
’cause I loved her mother. So, my thing was to marry her
and raise my daughter. You know, I even
brought them to Chicago
to live with my mom. So when I came
from Okinawa, Japan, we was gonna move
to California and get
the family to get married and raise my daughter,
but before I came home,
she had moved out and moved back
to Athens.That was very
confusing to me,
after the dreams
I had to do with her, so it broke my heart,
you know, she took her away, so I didn’t see her
for years after that. You know, so… It wasn’t nothin’
that I could do, ’cause they’d shipped me
to California and I couldn’t chase ’em down,
or write to them. I couldn’t do anything
but wait, wait my time out,
and by the time I got to her, she was very confused, very distant, very…
I didn’t know she
was going through all that. And now… JUDGE LAKE: Because you
had absolutely no clue the entire time some other man had been
ordered by the court
to pay child support? And I didn’t know
nothin’ about that till
two months ago. So, Miss Sheats, did
you ever ask your mom? I spoke with her and she just kinda didn’t
give me a straight answer. I never got a straight answer.
I tried to get one.A little before her passing
and Mr. Smith’s passing,
all three of us
sat down together
JUDGE LAKE:Really?Yes, and they tried
to calculate you know, the day that
I was born and conception, and they just couldn’t
quite get it together and there was
no clear answer… JUDGE LAKE: So at that point, did your mom honor
the fact that there was
a paternity question? That she did not know? Well, they concluded that
maybe Mr. Smith wasn’t
and that Mr. Rhodes was, when all three of us
sat down together that day. But my question was,
why did he pay child support my entire life,
until I was 18, if they didn’t
calculate it then? So, you know, I just,
I don’t know, it’s just
very confusing. You know, because
Mr. Smith has passed away,
and it is unfortunate, we do have
his son in court, and I’d like to
hear from him. Ron, will you please escort
Mr. Riden into the courtroom? Yes, Your Honor. Hello, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Hello, Mr. Riden. Thank you so much
for joining us today. Uh, as you well know,
we are here discussing the paternity question
as it relates to Miss Sheats. This young woman grew up
thinking she had two fathers, one of which is also
your biological father. How long have you
known Miss Sheats? I’ve actually known
Miss Sheats about 10 years. JUDGE LAKE: How did you meet? Actually we met out
one night, just out partying or whatever
in the same place. And actually ended up
meeting her again when I got with my brother
and my dad, I actually Google searched her
and found her, and I actually went to her
house a couple of times and we talked
and through life
we lost contact and after that I sat down
with my dad and asked
him seriously, you know, “Is this my sister?” And you know, he was
the kind of guy…
You know, he jumped around, he was very animated, but he very firmly
and strongly looked
me in the eyes and said “Yeah, I believe
that this is your sister,
my daughter.” So your father told you
that he truly believed this was his biological
daughter and this
was your sister? Yes, and so did
my aunt and my uncles, they all rallied behind him
to, you know, proceed
with thinking that… So your whole family said,
“This is our child,
this is our family, “We accept her”?
And Miss Sheats has
informed the court that your father even paid
child support… Yes, Ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: …court-ordered
child support, until she was 18 years old. And the family
and all of us
actually went as far as listing Karshunna
as a sister, sibling
in the obituary. You did? RIDEN: After my
father passed, yes. Is that what you’re holding? RIDEN: Yes, Ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: May
I see that please? RIDEN: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:So this is
the copy of the passage
where you included,
“Survivors include children…RIDEN:Yes, Your Honor.“…Karshunna Sheats.”
So you added her there? RIDEN: Yes. And I’m sure my father
wanted her added on, that’s what made me
believe 100% sure. JUDGE LAKE: Well, you two
are close in age. Why didn’t
you meet when you were young? My papa was a rolling stone,
Said respectfully,
I appreciate that. He had kids here
and kids there, and… Okay, understood. So, Mr. Rhodes… 35 years,
you just didn’t know? I didn’t know. You could not
figure it out? And I always knew
a black cloud was
over my head with her, because I said,
“This is my daughter,
why can’t I go get her “and take her to Chicago
and raise her?” You know, I would
come to town to see her, everybody looking
at me strange, they would never
let me take her
to go to the store to get her school clothes. They told me,
“No, go get ’em
and bring ’em back.” So, I was never able
to spend time with her,
because… Now I know why. I’m nothing, you know,
he had his name on her. If I were to take her
and go to Chicago,
I would’ve went to jail. Well, you were not listed
on the birth certificate
as the legal father, and you had not been
ordered by the court
to pay child support… No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So you
would not have been recognized under the law
as her father. So, 35 years of not knowing
why people kept you
at arm’s length… RHODES: I couldn’t
figure it out, Your Honor.
I know now. And everything’s
startin’ to click now,
it’s like… You know, for the mother
to tell her family that
I’m not her father,of course that’s why
they were treating me
like they were.
Like, why is this
stranger coming down here
to spend time with her or buying her
school clothes, and being around,
what is up with that? I’ve been holding this in
for all these years. I didn’t know how
to tell him. He loved me,
he’d showed me
so much love and opened his arms to me, (TEARFULLY)
so I couldn’t tell him. JUDGE LAKE: You knew
he loved you very much? JUDGE LAKE:When you
finally got up the nerve
to just tell him,
how did you tell him,
how did you say it? (SNIFFLES)
I just said, “Hey, Dad,
you know, um, “I have to tell you
something.” I just need to know the truth
in this situation, finally. Mr. Smith, I didn’t see him
as much as I saw Mr. Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes stayed in my face,
he stayed holding my hand
and was there for me. So, for the other guy
to be legally attached to me, I was more emotionally
attached to Mr. Rhodes. As you look at him
in the courtroom,
and you can see that it, it just hurts him to
even have to consider
the fact that he may not be you biological father. Explain to him why
you needed to bring
him to court, and why you need this court
to order the test. Please grant me this,
Your Honor, I just… I’ve been going
through this my whole life, this confusion, you know.
No one has two fathers, but these two men have
stood up and took on
the responsibility, they never pushed me away,
but, you know, only one of them is my
true father and I need
to know today. JUDGE LAKE: I understand. Well, I think there is
clearly enough evidence to
order a paternity test here, so the court is going
to do just that, and we’re gonna get
some answers that I think you all
so desperately need. RHODES: Yes, Your Honor. So when you leave the court, you are going
to go submit to
the laboratory testing and we will
reconvene here, and I will have
the results for you. Yes. RIDEN: Yes, Your Honor. Court is adjourned. Your Honor. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: These results
were prepared by
DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Sheats v. Rhodes,
pertaining to whether
Mr. Smith or Mr. Rhodes is the father of 35-year-old
Karshunna Sheats… It has been determined
by this court, the biological father is… Mister… Rhodes. (SHEATS LAUGHING) RHODES: Really? (LAUGHING) Oh, my God! Oh, man! I’m so happy. (BOTH LAUGHING) RHODES: Oh, man. (SIGHS) I’m so happy. Oh, man, thank you, Judge. I hear you saying,
Miss Sheats,
you’re so happy. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: It’s good to see
you smile, I don’t think I saw
you smile last time I saw you. Do you feel good? Yeah, I haven’t smiled
in a long time. Yeah, truly. RHODES: So I wasn’t wrong. (LAUGHING) My heart told me,
my grandmother told me, “That’s your baby,
I’ve seen that baby,
that’s your baby.” And that’s the reason
my unconditional love started and never stopped
when she told me that. Oh. What a beautiful,
beautiful story. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Days like this, I tell you,
I truly have the best job
in the world. (CHUCKLING) I love to see the love, and the joy and the true
excitement about being
genuinely connected. I could sit all day
in this chair and just look at you all
love on one another, but I guess I have
to get back to work, so court is adjourned.

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  85. Brauna Richmond says:

    They waisted money. Look at their teeth

  86. Cee Tee says:

    Where's Mom at?? Figures..

  87. Loretta Posey says:

    I'm sorry but it sounded like her mom was taking advantage of both men, she took money from two different men that was paying child support for a child that they thought was theirs. Where's all of that money

  88. Loretta Posey says:

    I feel really bad for the guy who thought that she was his sister all that time and then find out she's not related ☹️. I hope that his family and him will still want to have her and her real dad in their lives

  89. Alex Serbones says:

    She looks just like this man.

  90. Octavia Mcburrows says:

    Wooooo now that was so messy but at least now she knows who her real father is and he can sign her birth certificate.

  91. TASHA MCGHEE says:

    This Chile looks JUST like this man! No way this is not her dad!!!!

  92. TASHA MCGHEE says:

    Mom has passed but mom KNEW. She got money from both men. I guess. Can't say for sure. If soo thats wrongggg!

  93. Heather Cherry says:

    I loved Mr. Rhodes reaction but felt super sad for her brother, you could see his heart was broken

  94. AbenaGhananian Beauty says:

    She looks like Mr. Rhodes. Glad she found the truth.

  95. Melinda Simon says:

    She looks a lot like him. So oooooh I think he is the father

  96. Shannon Sims says:

    When they both said "confusion" what I knew he was the father lol 🤣🤣

  97. Lola Love says:

    She looks just like mr rhodes

  98. Notthefather says:

    She looks like him to me, especially that pic of them both smiling.

  99. Deborah Kenswil says:

    Grandma knows best!!

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