Woman Tragically Lost Both Sons (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofWatts v. Sherrill.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Mrs. Watts, you are here
on behalf of your deceased son, Alex, who was
tragically murdered
just a few months ago. I’m very sorry for your loss. You stand here on his behalf
because you doubt
he fathered the defendant’s
20-month-old son, Kayden. And you have asked
for a DNA test
to determine the truth. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Sherrill, you say that you
are one hundred percent sure that Mrs. Watts’ son, Alex,
fathered your baby, Kayden, and you are here
to prove it. Yes, Your Honor. All right, so Mrs. Watts,
describe to the court how difficult this situation
has been for you. It’s been
very difficult, um, over the last
six months. I was called…
Received a phone call
to come to a shooting where they said that
my son was involved. When I got there, I didn’t know at the time
that my other son
was there as well. Um, my two sons
went to visit a friend who had some type
of altercation
with some gentlemen prior to my sons’
coming to visit their home, and when my two sons got there,
they were ambushed
and murdered. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Oh, I’m so sorry. When I got to the scene,
my older son, Lewis,
he was still at the scene. He died on the scene.
He was covered with a sheet. I was told that my son, Alex,
had been taken to the hospital
in critical condition. When I got to the hospital
to see Alex, he had passed.He had died on arrival.JUDGE LAKE:Oh, dear God.Only thing I could do
was wrap my son
and hold him to my heart. And so, this has been
very difficult for me. I am so very sorry. And now, in addition to that absolute unbearable tragedy, we have
a paternity situation… LEDA: Yes. …where you have to now
had to live with the doubt
as to whether or not this beautiful little boy,
Kayden, is in fact,
your grandchild. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Sherrill. Yes, Your Honor. Can you tell the court
the nature of your relationship
with Mr. Stewart Alex? We were in love.Every time you seen Alex,
you seen me, you seen him,
We were always together.We planned on having
a family together,
having that future together, but unfortunately,
it was cut short. How long were you
in the relationship? Three years,
on and off. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And so Kayden
is 19 months old? Yes. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:And so he did
get to know his father,
the man you say
is his biological father,
before he passed away. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And what was
their relationship like? Their relationship
was like a father-and-son
bond relationship.They were like
two peas in a pod.
Alex loved Kayden to death.Ms. Sherrill, you submitted
a video of Kayden and Alex, which you say shows the nature
of their relationship Yes, Your Honor. And you submitted that
to the court. Yes, Your Honor.Yeah, ’cause, like,
you know what I’m saying?
You mad at me now?(LAUGHTER IN BACKGROUND)You wanna annoy me?I don’t care.(KISSING) (AUDIENCE LAUGHING GENTLY) JUDGE LAKE: Aw. (SNIFFLES) So, in your mind,
as you see that, it’s your feeling that he
accepted this child as his own. Yes, Your Honor. He did accept Kayden
as his own. To him, Kayden
was his child.Blood test or not,
Kayden was his.
Does that mean that there
is a possibility that Kayden
is not Alex’s biological child? Because you said,
“Blood test or not.” No, I’m saying that because,
you know, everybody
has said their words, and everybody feels some type
of way when it comes to Kayden
being Alex’s child. I say “Blood test or not”
because, to Alex, he didn’t care
to get a blood test. To him,
Kayden was his child. LEDA: Well, the issue was,
my son had went away
for some time. And before he went away,
he told me
that Alexus was pregnant. And I guess this was
during the time that they
were on their break-up. He was involved
with someone else. In the end when she had Kayden,
I said, “Is Kayden Alex’s?” And she said
that she didn’t know,
that she needed a DNA test. She sent it to me
in a text message. JUDGE LAKE: Do you
have that text message? I do. Jerome, would you
grab that evidence
for me, please? Thank you. This is a text message
between you and Ms. Sherrill. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:And you ask,
“Question, are you pregnant
by Alex…”
And Ms. Sherrill responds,“I don’t really know,
I don’t believe so,
but at this moment,
“I don’t know, I have
to get a blood test.”
That was my response
because I told Alex I did have a one-night stand
with somebody
and cheated on him, I told him
in the beginning. Um, I wanna say,
a week or two after I
had the one-night stand, I took an at-home
pregnancy test, and I found
that I was pregnant. I know it takes a little longer
for the at-home pregnancy test to detect a pregnancy, so,
I did say I didn’t know because I know what I did
and Alex knows what I did. But, I also do believe
he is because, you know,
I know it happened and I know at the time
when it happened. So, regardless
of what Alex believed,
wanted, desired, there is, in fact, real reason
to have doubt. SHERRILL: Mmm-hmm. Because you
admitted to that. Right. Alex did want to keep
the whole pregnancy a secret. He did not want nobody
to know about the pregnancy. Why is that? Alex was a secretive person. He did not like people
in his business. And at the same time,
I didn’t tell my family
I was pregnant either. So, we both decided
to keep this a secret. He was a private person. And so you can see
how your son may have said,
“Let’s keep this to ourselves”? He was private
about other people
being in his business, I know.Him and I had
a good relationship and he
talked with his step-dad a lot.
After she had the baby, um, Alex and her
had gotten back together. The baby was like
two months old. He came to the house
a few times with her
and the baby, but he never said,
“This is my child.” But, he cared for the baby
as if it was his. Does he have other children
that he claimed outwardly
that “This is my child”? Yes, he has a daughter.
I was there
when his daughter was born. Were you there
when Kayden was born? No. Why? I didn’t tell nobody
when I was in labor
with Kayden, Your Honor. And so, Alex
wasn’t there either. SHERRILL: No. LEDA: No. Alex didn’t see the baby
for two months. So, what’s interesting is,
in the court papers,I see Kayden’s
birth certificate.
On the birth certificate,
there is no father’s name
Kayden’s last name
is not your last name, and it’s not
Mr. Stewart’s last name. SHERRILL: No, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I gave him a friend
of mine’s last name
only because I have… To me, I have
a female’s last name. I didn’t want to give him
a female’s last name. And when the time came
for me and Alex
to get a blood test, I told him we can
go down to the court, we can pay and we can
get his last name changed,
no problem. Why not give him
Alex’s last name? If you knew without a shadow
of a doubt that he
really was the father. SHERRILL:Um…I might have had
a little doubt in my mind.
I just didn’t
want to make a mistake. JUDGE LAKE: I’d like to hear
from your witness. Sir, would you please
stand at the podium? State your name
for the record. Gregory Watts. Mr. Watts, you are
Mrs. Watts’ husband,
am I correct? Yes. And so you will be
Alex’s step-father. Yes. In her testimony, she talked
about the fact that you had
a relationship, a very good relationship
with Alex. Yeah, we always hung out
and did stuff together,
you know? And he never talked
about no babies or nothing. It was always,
it was like… All this is new to me
this year. Excuse me, but he’s
never even met me before. We’ve never even met
face-to-face for him to be able
to have a say-so on this. I’m talking
about what Alex said. He never said
nothing about no baby. If somebody’s got a child,
they’re gonna say,
“Well, this is my baby. “Here, Mama, look.
Look at my baby.” JUDGE LAKE:So,
when you all would have
your father-son time,
when you would talk,he never mentioned,
“I have a baby on the way”?
No, none of that. I just started seeing
pictures like this. I’m like,
“He got a baby?”And I’m like,
“Wow, when did this happen?”
And so you say he
has another daughter. Alex has
another daughter. Yes. When that child was born, was he definitive
in saying that,
“This is my child”? Yes! Because we keep
our granddaughter. You know? But Alex also got
a blood test
with his daughter also. They did get
a blood test with her too. And it was determined
that he was
the biological father. Exactly. So, of course
he’s gonna claim her because he got the blood test
to know exactly sure. JUDGE LAKE: But you said
that his position was… What our situation is Alex didn’t want… He didn’t
want his family or my family
to know nothing about this. But why, is the point? Alex is a secretive person. But he wasn’t secretive
about the first child. I couldn’t really
tell you his thoughts
as to why. I know, as on my part,
I kept it a secret
because I was a single mother of two other daughters
at the time. I stay with my mama. I know my mama
was gonna be disappointed. She didn’t want me
having no more kids, and I
still stayed at her house. And I’m not stable enough
to be out on my own
and taking care of my own kids. JUDGE LAKE: Exactly. It was like a secret. I think because I kept it
a secret from my family, he just was like, “All right,
we’re just gonna keep it
a secret from everybody. “Let’s not let
nobody know.” But how long
can it be a secret?
Because now Kayden is here. Well, after Kayden got here,
everybody’s seen Kayden. JUDGE LAKE:
So, when she was pregnant,
he never brought her around?
Alex had left.
He was gone
for like seven months. Okay. And I think she may have
been a little angry with him because he had moved on
with someone else. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, Ms. Sherrill,
since the time
of Alex’s passing, have you brought Kayden around
to Mr. and Ms. Watts’ home? SHERRILL: No, I have
not took him over there. And why is that?
He’s almost two years old. It’s not really like
a real reason why. I just don’t
have transportation
to go back and forth from the east side
all the way to the west side. I don’t have a car,
so it’s hard to get a ride
to go back and forth. I feel like if she did
want to see Kayden,
she has a car. You know, she could
have came and drove
to visit Kayden and see him. Mrs. Watts, why is it that
you never went to pick her up
or spend time with Kayden? Because, you know,
for the past six months, we’ve
been going through so much. JUDGE LAKE: Yeah. And I didn’t wanna
open that door and get
attached to the baby and then find out
that he may not be his. And then it’ll be like
I’m losing my son
all over again. JUDGE LAKE: Yeah. So, the court was able
to obtain a photo
of Kayden and Mr. Stewart.This is a side-by-side photo.SHERRILL:You can see,
like, their faces are
exactly the same.
The way his face
is shaped, them teeth,
that box forehead,
them eyeballs,
that nose… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) It’s like the whole thing.
That’s Alex all over again. And so, he felt
like he saw himself. Yes. He did, Your Honor. When you look
at that picture,
Ms. Watts, how do you feel? I don’t wanna
get any attachment
if it’s not my son’s child. Um, I think he’s
a beautiful little boy. And I just want to be sure.
I don’t know. I would love to prove
to everybody that Alex
is the father of my son. And so, Kayden can have
his father’s side of his family
in his life, Alex’s brothers, to give him
that manly figure that he can’t get
from Alex no more. You know,
I would love for that. I think it’s time
we get the results. Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. Because there wasn’t
a blood card available
to test the DNA of the deceased,
Alex Stewart, we performed a DNA test
with his surviving parent,
Leda Watts. With that being said,
the results determine if there
is a viable relationship between the child,
and Leda Watts. JUDGE LAKE: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: In the case
ofWatts v. Sherrill,when it comes
to 20-month-old Kayden, it has been determined
by this Court the percentage of relatedness
between Mrs. Leda Watts and Kayden is 0.006 percent. You are not related. (CRYING) Alexus, I have to ask you, do you know where
Kayden’s biological father is? No. I haven’t talked to that guy
since I got back with Alex. I know this was not
the news you wanted, but I do believe you knew
somewhere deep down inside that this was
a very real possibility. It’s just that the relationship
Alex had with Kayden, it was like Alex
knew Kayden was his son.Alex took
that picture himself
laying on the bed.
Like, “Come on, Kayden,
let’s say ‘Cheese.'”
To Alex,
this was his son. Kayden does have
the right to know
his biological father as well. And even though you will
always have those memories, you can tell him, growing up,
that there was an amazing man
who loved him and cherished him and treated him
just like he was his own, but you have to also
do the work necessary
to make sure he has the opportunity
to know his biological father. And do this sooner
rather than later. He’s 19 months old now.
This is good. He can be in a position,
if you do the right thing, where this can be behind him
before he has the opportunity
to know any of this happened. Right? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. and Mrs. Watts,
I’m very sorry for your loss. I know this is difficult, and I know in many ways, there
was a part of you that thought
this could potentially be another piece of Alex
that he left behind. And I’m sorry that I was
not able to give you
that answer today. But I am pleased that I
could give you the truth.
‘Cause you need that. Yes. Yep. I wish you
the very best of luck.
Please go talk to Dr. Jeff. Take advantage
of the counseling and the resources
we have for you, and take care of that
beautiful little boy and
your other children, okay. Thank you, Your Honor. Court is adjourned.

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