Woman Thought She Found Her Biological Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Ashley v. Bullock.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Ms. Ashley,
you say that after
years of searching, you finally located the man
you believe to be your
biological father. You say that after
finding Mr. Bullock, he embraced you as his
daughter before cruelly
rejecting you. The same way he did
when you were a child. You say you have no doubt
he is your biological father. And plan to prove it today. JUDGE LAKE: Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Bullock,
you say that even though you were
once married to
Ms. Ashley’s mother, you say that it is medically
impossible for you to be
her biological father. You say you are just
a nice guy who ended up
in an awkward situation. And you are 100% certain Ms. Ashley is not your
daughter. Is that correct? That’s correct, Your Honor. So, Ms. Ashley. How did Mr. Bullock reject you as a child? Well, at age two I went to
foster care.And at age six, I was
adopted by a single woman.
She gave me a good life.Um, she gave me
a real good life.
But we bumped heads a lot
because I always knew
I was adopted. I always knew I had
a father out there and
a biological mother. But I always didn’t know why they weren’t there. So… It was always a hard time,
you know, growing up. You know, I played basketball.
I ran track. All of my friends,
they had their fathers there, rushing out of work. Hurrying up to get
to their games.
Not me, never, never. Never called a man a father,
never had a father. So… And that hurts you,
I can see that. Yeah, It bothers me. I would like to know,
you know. You deserve to know. ASHLEY: Yeah. BULLOCK: Your Honor,
that isn’t how it happened
at all. Um… At that point the reason
we couldn’t take care,
I’m gonna leave it like that. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. But, um. I tried several attempts,
several times as
a matter of fact. That Saturday she was
tooken away, I went down. Ma’am, I was adopted. No, no she wasn’t adopted
right away, ’cause I was
paying child support. Okay, so if you were paying
child support you knew
exactly where I was at. I went to get her and a
certain party told
Child Protective… Said, “No… “Don’t give ’em
to the father.” Because if the father upset
with the mother, he might do
something to the kid. And that’s why I wasn’t
able to get her back. So, you said you were
looking for her. Yes ma’am, I looked for Ebony
for all my life. I was in the same spot
where you left me. (SCOFFS) Okay um, okay. So what kind of looking were
you doing cause I found you
and that wasn’t so hard. Here he go, he got
all these stories,
you can go tell stories. Just tell the truth. Now the truth is…
I don’t believe she
is mine, to tell the truth. JUDGE LAKE: I was just about
to ask you. Why were you
looking for her, if you didn’t believe
that she was yours? I was there when
she was born. I signed
the birth certificate. You know, I was in love with
her mother. I wanted her
to be my daughter. But… JUDGE LAKE: Were you married
to her mother? I was married to
her mother. Yes. When she was born
you were married? No, ma’am. We got married afterward. When I found him, which
was on Facebook, um… I wrote him an email
on Facebook. And told him, you know,
“If you know who I am
please contact me.” So you submitted that message
that you’re speaking about,
to the court. Yes, it’s right there on…
There you go. JUDGE LAKE:
This is it, it says…
had a beautiful conversation. Yeah. And when you… When I just
read that, I could see
the tears in your eyes. Because he is so full of it.
Like why you wasting
my time? Stop wasting my time. When you say… Honestly
I want to understand
what you’re feeling. I feel like this. If somebody hit me up
right now and said, “Oh, I think you’re my
father,” or “You’re my mom,” I would have been
like, “Listen here. “Let’s get this straight
from the get-go.” I’m grown. I can accept it.
I’m not a little girl.
I’m grown. I can accept him saying
you know, “I was with your mom
but I don’t know. “But we can handle this.” And that’s
what I said. That’s exactly what I said. No, what you said was, “Hello daughter,
come visit me and my wife. “Let me take you
and meet all my friends.” After the fact, after the fact
what, that you accepted me
as your daughter? Right? You bring me down
there with my kids. I meet your coworkers.
I met your family. But you are not
my dad though, right? You were playing a role like
you’re playing one right now. ASHLEY: Come on now. BULLOCK: Your Honor. I want here to be my daughter.
I was there when she was born. I signed the
birth certificate. So, now she’s back
into my life here… ASHLEY: Okay, so how
embarrassing is this.
I tell him… I bring him to my family,
meet everybody my family,
meet my kidsand now he’s screaming that
he ain’t my daddy.
accepted you when you
first reconnected?
ASHLEY: Yeah. You say he answered the phone,
“Hi daughter.” He invited you to come down to visit him
with your children. In your mind, there weren’t
any questions as to whether… I thought everything was cool. You thought it was fine. You thought you had found
your father. ASHLEY: Yeah. After all of these years. That ain’t how it went down. That’s not how
it went down? No. No, we had not… We talked
on Facebook, the first thing
I told her, I said, “You know, I’ve been told that
I wasn’t your father.” That’s what I told her,
Now she can have it in the
back of her mind. But still we continued
to communicate. I wanted her to be in my life.
I let her come to visit me. Her and her grandkids.
Beautiful grandkids. I told her, I said…
Um, everything
I’d say to her is a negative. She in my house. And act like I’m not there,
ignoring me… You didn’t even look at me
for two days. The first two days
that I was there.
You’re just full of it. BULLOCK: Okay, okay. Okay, I’ll be 100 then. Yeah, be 100. BULLOCK: I’ll be 100,
Your Honor. I accepted her as my daughter
when she was born. And then I knew she wasn’t my daughter,
because the time
just wasn’t right. She’s not mine and I can
prove it. I brought a a… Board here, with
the time frame. You brought an exhibit here? Yes, ma’am. Please step over to it and
explain to the court
what you were… Please. …speaking of. I’m gonna show you,
Your Honor. I met her mother right here. This when I met her mother,
July now. JUDGE LAKE: In July. Yes, ma’am. Um, now I’m going to count,
one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine. Ebony is supposed to have
been born right here. JUDGE LAKE: In April. Yes ma’am. But Ebony was born… In November. So I figure if
she was born in November that early, she should
have been in an incubator or something.
She was nine pound. Now there’s no way. I was nine pounds?
I was five pounds. That is a huge window.
That is a very huge window. What you’re saying is Ebony
was born just four months
after you met her mother. But she was a nine-pound
full-term baby. Yes, ma’am. So, did you go to a doctor’s
appointment of anything? BULLOCK: Me and her mother
weren’t living together then. When Ebony was born, I was
in New York, on vacation. But you say you signed
the birth certificate. Yes. Why? Why would you do that? BULLOCK: Because I was in love
with her mother. Did you believe
Ebony was yours, Ms. Ashley was your daughter,
when you signed
the birth certificate? BULLOCK: No, I knew
she wasn’t. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, now I’m
getting a news flash.
You’re saying… “I knew she wasn’t mine,
because of the way the
timeline mapped out. “But because I loved her
mother and thought we
were going to be a family, “I took responsibility
for Ebony, for Ms. Ashley.” Ms. Ashley, did you ever hear
that any other man could be
your biological father… No, ma’am. In your life? Never. ASHLEY: This is
what he wanna do. I’m only his
daughter when it’s
convenient for him. You know? It’s an honor for
him to be my father, not the
other way around. Okay, so… (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) If he wants to stand
up here and make it
seem like, you know, I’m doing something to him
or he wanna make a show… Go right ahead. Because if
he’s my father, good for you.
If he is not, hey. My life is not
going to change. So, Mr. Bullock, when you’re
attempting to prove your case,
and you are… And I understand the confusion
as I look at that timeline, if that’s in fact how
it happened. But what I don’t
understand is, it seem as
if you don’t understand
Ms. Ashley’s argument. It’s almost like she’s just
pulling at straws
or she’s making this up. You do understand why this
young woman is convinced
you’re her biological father, don’t you? BULLOCK: Okay. We wouldn’t be in this
situation right now, if Ebony
treated me like a human being. ASHLEY: Treated you like what? Just because I don’t… Talk to me… You know,
she curses me out. I do not cuss you out. I’m real with you. You just mad because
I tell you the truth. You don’t curse me out
every chance you get
for no reason at all? (ARGUING INDISTINCTLY) Yes, I sure was ’cause,
Let’s talk one at a time. Ebby’s the devil. I’m the devil? Towards me now. JUDGE LAKE: Listen. BULLOCK: Not towards my family
but towards me. Listen. ASHLEY: I’m the devil. Listen. I need to know if she is my
daughter or not if I’m gonna put up with
this kind of behavior. I need to know if she
is my daughter. Because there is no way
I’m gonna let a child
that’s not mine put up with this
kind of behavior. Hold on, hold on, hold on. This is the part now that
I’m not understanding. Ms. Ashley, you’re saying you
just want some answers. Yeah. What kind of questions
are you asking? I asked him like, “Why?” You heard him say he signed
my birth certificate,
he was there for me. Where did you go? Why did you leave? Why did we get adopted? Where were you?
Where were you? I was at work when
you got tooken. It wasn’t my fault.
I tried to get you back. What am I supposed to do?
The law steps in. Your Honor, the law steps in,
what I supposed to do? Every time he gets around, we
argue and then he turns around
and does something like, for example, “Happy birthday.”
He wants to put on my post. We argue and then he hits me
on Facebook. No, when I tell things,
I mean it from my heart. I mean it from my heart. JUDGE LAKE:
If he sent you a message that says…
a beautiful message. If you tell this young woman.
“Hey, hello daughter, “come visit me,
bring your children.” Write her these kinds of
messages on her birthday, and now you’re standing
before me saying, “I know for certain that is
not my biological child.” I have always known,
Your Honor. If Ebony wasn’t such a messed-up
person towards me, we wouldn’t be standing
here today. Are you suggesting that
if Ashley weren’t
expressing this level of confusion and anger
towards you, that you would have just embraced her and
never said a word? Yes, ma’am. But, how am I supposed to be? Explain to me.
How am I supposed to be? You are supposed to act
like a human being. A decent human being. A human being has emotions
and feelings and I am
showing them to you. BULLOCK: Yeah. (SCOFFS) So is it that you don’t
believe she’s your daughter, or you don’t like
the way she treats you? No, I know she is not
my daughter but I don’t like
the way she treats me. So, Mr. Bullock,
as I read the
opening statement, and looked through
the court papers… You said you have
medical evidence? Okay, Your Honor, when
I was in the military… We was doing training, what we
used was practice grenades,
and one of them went off. One of my testicles
got destroyed. And the doctor said that
“There’s a chance that you
won’t be able to bear kids.” Do you have
any other children? No, ma’am. All right, that’s…
That’s interesting. And I think the court needs
to ask some further questions. So with that said, the court
would like to call in
a medical consultant. Dr. Samantha Brown-Parks. Jerome, will you please escort
the doctor in. JEROME: Sure. Thank you. Hello, Dr. Brown-Parks. BROWN-PARKS: Hi there. We are here discussing
a paternity issue and the defendant Mr. Bullock
has just offered testimony that suggests that during
his service… A hand grenade, a trained
flash hand grenade. An hand grenade exploded. And one of his testicles
was injured. He then consulted
a medical doctor, was told that he had a
disrupted testicle, and that he may not be
able to father children. So I want to first ask you,
what exactly is a
disrupted testicle? “A disrupted testicle”
is kind of a broad term, meaning that something
has caused the sperm to not be able to
get out of the testes, during intercourse. Now, it sounds like it was
only one testicle. Was it just one
testicle, sir? Yes, Your Honor. So, is it possible
then, with a man, with one disrupted testicle,
to father a child? So most men have two
functioning testicles, and produce somewhere
in the order of
1,000 sperm a second. That equals millions of sperm
that are transferred
during intercourse. So even at that rate, it only
takes one to make a baby. So, there is a still a
possibility if he has the
other functioning testicle that he could potentially
father a child. Definitely. After hearing the testimony
from the doctor, Mr. Bullock,
do you feel differently? Do you feel perhaps
Ms. Ashley could be
your biological child? Your Honor, me and my wife,
we’ve been married 20 years. Never used protection,
and we don’t have any kids. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Ashley. I know this has
been difficult. And you’ve had to relive
a very painful time
in your childhood. And you’ve been through a lot. What do you hope for today?
What are your hopes? Honestly I hope he is,
just because if he’s not,
I won’t know who is. And that’s the only reason. JUDGE LAKE:
Because if he is not, you
don’t have another name. Understood.
Sir, what are you hoping for? Well… (CLEARS THROAT)
If she is mine, then, I could put up with the bull, ’cause she is mine. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Trust me, if I ain’t,
you ain’t got to worry
about me ever. You know, and that’s
what I’m saying. Ever. I think it’s time for us
to get the truth, so we can figure out
how to move forward. Jerome. (SIGHS) JUDGE LAKE: Thank you. JEROME: You’re welcome. JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. It’s an honor for him
to be my father.
Not the other way around. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Ashley v. Bullock,
when it comes to 28-year-old
Ebony Ashley, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Bullock, you… Are not the father. (AUDIENCE GASPS) JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry,
Ms. Ashley. It’s okay. JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry. (HICCUPS) (SNIFFLES)
It’s okay. I’m happy that I could
get you at least this
level of closure. ASHLEY: Right. BULLOCK: Can I say something
Your Honor? Ebony, she’s a beautiful
child, you know, I hope
she do find her father. When she do, I hope she
treats him a lot better
then she treated me. JUDGE LAKE: Listen.
There is a young woman standing across from you,
at 28 years old, that has never met her
biological father, and she deserves
to know who he is. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: What makes that
more difficult is that you signed her
birth certificate. And in many ways, you kind of
blocked off the path, if you
know what I mean. That from then on, the state’s
not looking for her father. No one’s looking for her
father. Her father of record
is on her birth certificate. And so this is,
in large part, by… Because of your actions
that she is standing here
in this moment. And I think you could show
a little bit more compassion. Because even though you
weren’t trying, I think your
intention at that time
was good. What has happened, the result has been a very confusing
childhood for this woman. And when she says,
“It doesn’t feel that great,” I believe her. I can’t stop the love
for her. I still love her.
I can’t stop that. JUDGE LAKE: And that’s fair. And you know what I think,
in that moment, that’s the most beautiful
thing you can just say. Is that you just love her. JUDGE LAKE: So, I’m going to
send you all off to Dr. Jeff, and I want you all to
continue to talk about it. From that space,
from the space of love, that’s where we can
start to begin to get
through this, all right? I wish you the
very best of luck. Court is adjourned. Jerome, can you please
escort Ms. Ashley out.

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