Woman Tests 3 Men, Potential Grandma Feels There’s Many More (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Alston vs.
Thank you, Jerome. You are welcome. Good day, everyone. Ms. Alston, you say for
the past two years, you’ve been living in
uncertainty and confusion. And you’re not sure which of three men fathered your two-year-old
daughter, Jasmine. And say, you grew up
without a father and don’t want the same
for your little girl. Which is correct. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Jones,
you deny paternity ’cause you say Ms. Alston cheated
with another man and you have proof. Yes, Your Honor. Next, Mr. Delk, a
one-night stand is potential father number two and he’s waiting in our
courtroom hallway, claims he’s the only father figure
in the child’s life. Joining us from
his hometown is Jasmine’s possible grandfather
Mr. Joe Harrison, Senior. Because his son Joe Jr. is unable to appear
in court today, we’ve tested Mr. Harrison Sr. to help determine paternity. Now Ms. Alston… Yes, Your Honor? Please explain to the court, how three different men could possibly be your daughter’s
biological father? Well, basically, Your Honor,
I did have sex with all three men within
a two-week period of time. But out of the three men I did have a relationship
with the two, Joe Jr. and Mr. Jones, right here. I met Mr. Jones
back in high school. We dated for two
and a half years, um… I did however, a few months after we
got into the relationship, I did cheat and
I told him of it. JUDGE LAKE: So Mr. Jones? Yes, Your Honor. Do you agree with
what she’s saying? No, I don’t. Well, from the beginning
of our relationship, yes. She did cheat on me and
she told me about it. So when that happened, yeah, we kinda worked on it but I never really
got over it. So when you found out
she was pregnant what were you thinking? Well, here’s how she told
me she was pregnant. She said to me,
“How would you feel “if you’re not the dad.” That’s not how I told you. That is not how I told you. (AUDIENCE GASPING) I told you that
I was pregnant. I told you after the test that you may not
be the father. There was no test
to begin with. How far into your pregnancy did you tell him he
may not be the father? About three months,
that’s when um… I think I was about to
pass the three-month mark. So let’s move ahead. When you gave birth, who was at the hospital? His mom came. Originally, it was just
my mom and my brother. When I got out of surgery um, Ms. Childs was here. And I saw that
Mr. Jones was here. I didn’t expect
him to be there. So you didn’t even
expect to see them. Not Mr. Jones but I also
expected Joe Jr. to be there. ‘Cause he was there for
most of my pregnancy. Robert was only there
for the first sonogram. That was it. It was
really between Mr. Jones and Joe Jr. Those are the only two people
throughout the whole pregnancy knew that they
were possible so… Oh, so the grandparents
were there thinking they were having a
grandchild for real. Unfortun… Yes, they did. I didn’t tell them ’cause
I didn’t want it to be out. I didn’t. It was
unexpected when I saw both of them
there, at the hospital. So only the sons knew that
they were possible fathers. The grandparents did not know. Okay. So I want to hear from
your mother, Mr. Jones. Ms. Childs, please stand. State your name
for the court. Cartina Childs, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So take me
back to that day you were at the hospital and you thought your grandbaby
was being born. Of course, Your Honor. Um, I would like to
correct Ms. Ashley. She texted me the day of letting me know that it
was happening right then and can I bring my son
there to the hospital. So for her to
stand here and say she didn’t know he
was going to be there, that is a complete
and flat-out lie. (AUDIENCE APPLAUSE) ‘Cause she asked
for him to be there. That’s why I went and I picked him
up from school and I brought him there. That is when we
saw her mother. And we saw her brother. We saw baby Jasmine. She wasn’t in the room yet. And as we were there, Mr. Harrison Sr.
came up shortly after Ashley was brought
back in the room, and he introduced
himself to me. I introduced myself to
him as Robert’s mother. I never said my name or
who I was or what have you. So you were not aware
that there was a
possibility that there was any other potential
biological father. CHILDS: No. Let me talk to
Mr. Harrison. Mr. Harrison, thank you
for joining us. I’m trying to understand
what was going on, at the hospital that day
and it sounds like you were trying to
understand as well. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You arrived
at the hospital thinking your grandchild
was going to be born. Well, when I arrived the
baby was already born. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And I introduced
myself to everyone. And I said that I’m
the baby’s grandfather. And then there was
complete silence. (AUDIENCE GASPS) It was a little unnerving. I didn’t know exactly
what was going on. But… I was just thinking
in my mind, “Wow, maybe she’s not.” That’s the impression
that I had left with. So when you saw baby Jasmine and when you look at her
pictures, do you believe that she is your grandchild? HARRISON SR.: Well,
she looks a lot, to me, like her mother. But… She has a lot of mannerisms
like my son who was… Really stubborn at that age. And my son was just that way. So in her, Ashley and my son
having this relationship, you know, just made me feel
as though that, uh, Jasmine was his
natural daughter. So have you established
a relationship at all with Jasmine? Oh, yes. She stays with us,
we love her. She comes and visits and we have a great time and… So now, Ms. Childs, I have
to ask you, have you established a relationship
with baby Jasmine as well? Yes ma’am. She does
the same with me. She comes. She lives
with me, I’ll babysit her. The adults are making
this much more difficult than it has to be ’cause, you know, she is the
innocent party here. Ms. Ashley, she’ll come along
so far with us. But then at the very last
moment she’ll back out. No. I have not. I’ve done… JONES: You’ve done
that every single time. ALSTON: Actually,
you know, that’s a lie. ‘Cause I asked
you at the beginning when she was first born,
“Can we do a DNA test?” JUDGE LAKE: So wait
a minute, Ms. Alston. Basically your child’s going back and forth… She mainly goes
to the Harrisons. She mainly goes
to the Harrisons… Could I interject?
‘Cause that’s
not true, Ashley. Don’t make it
seem like I’m not there. ALSTON: Let me finish. I say most of the support
I did get from the Harrisons. Now, you have helped,
yes. Robert, no. Right now, if I had to
sign my daughter over, I would either sign it to you,
Miss Tina or to Mr. Harrison. Not to Robert at all. The reason why I haven’t done
anything for Jasmine
as of yet, I’ve been wanting a DNA test for Jasmine’s
whole life right now. Like my mother just said. Every time it came down
for us to do something she would go part way. But once it’s time for
us to actually do it, she would find
some kind of excuse for her not to be there. That’s a lie. So right now what
I’m hearing is baby Jasmine is
going back and forth between two grandparents, both of them trying to
love and support her as grandparents should. And yet, there’s still a third possible biological father. And he says, he’s the only father figure
little Jasmine’s known. And that’s Mr. Delk. He helped me from
last August until early this February.
‘Cause I lost my job so I was financially unstable. Well, seven months
out of two years… That’s a significant
amount of time for her to spend
with somebody. JUDGE LAKE: He says he’s
been a father figure. You know I wanna
hear from him. Jerome, can you please escort Mr. Delk into the
courtroom, please. Mr. Delk? Yes, Your Honor. Please be seated. Thank you
for joining us today. We are here
discussing the issue, regarding baby
Jasmine’s paternity. Right? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And Ms. Alston has
openly admitted in court today that she was intimate with three different men during the time of conception. One of which was you? DELK: Yes. We’ve also talked about the fact that you spent a
significant amount of time with Jasmine. And you say you’ve been
a father figure to her. I started watching
her in June. Okay, this is when
you was doing
your little paperwork and trying to find a job and everything. And, uh, basically what was going on was we… Like I say, we were
never boyfriend-girlfriend. It was a one-night stand. JUDGE LAKE: You had a
one-night stand? DELK: That’s it,
one night. We, of course, understand
as adults in this room that it only takes one. So. So you’re saying, “I understand that
I am a potential “biological father.” Yeah. This is the
whole deal about it. Like I was saying, you know, I was surprised. Because me, I had an injury where I lost a testicle. You understand me?
I’m figuring I’m almost 50. And he’s 20-something and
the other guy’s 20-something. I didn’t think it was,
you know, a snowball’s chance that
my sperm would swim… Would swim past theirs. I mean, these are young cats,
you know what I’m saying? And Ms. Alston.
How old are you? I’m 23. You know, I’m gonna give
it to you, Mr. Delk. That would make an older
man say, “You know what! “Look, if I’m going up
with two young ones, “might not be me, huh?” And yet, you still voluntarily agreed to
help her with the baby. That’s why I can’t understand. What type of relationship
do you have with baby Jasmine? She lives with me up until 30 days ago, when you… It’s been 30 days, I mean… ALSTON: It’s been
more than 30 days. I’ve been at my job
for almost three months. Look here, you got her
four days before my birthday. I was born on May 30th.
Do the math. ALSTON: I got her
way before then ’cause she started day care
again back in March. The point is you had a bond with this little girl. They
were staying with you. You were helping. Helping? I was mama and daddy. She can know that.
You know this. She had a car. You can say it
in your seat too. Okay. I’m sorry.
I’m listening though. DELK: She know it. I’ve moved downtown. In the heart of the
DMZ, bullet city, just so I could be
close with her mama and her to have
a relationship. She lives with me. Before we get to the results, I wanna know what are
your hopes for today, Mr. Delk, do you want Jasmine to be your
biological daughter? DELK: She’s my
daughter regardless. The first person
she’s gonna run to probably past her grandmama, she’ll run to grandmama but she definitely
come for daddy. I mean she would.
If I walk out that door she will holler for me. What are your hopes? Well, it’s like I said from
the beginning to Ms. Ashley, either way it goes if she is my son’s, and that mean I am her
biological grandmother or if she’s not, I still wanna be a
part of Jasmine’s life. Either way it goes. JUDGE LAKE: That’s beautiful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Jones, how about you?
What are your hopes? If she’s mine,
I’m going to step up, do what I have to do as a dad. If she’s not, then life goes
on as it already is. I keep my married life and I go on doing
my own thing. Mr. Harrison, how about you?
What are your hopes for today? Well, I’m hoping that if Jasmine is not
my granddaughter, well, she can still
call me grandfather. She can still be a
part of this family. JUDGE LAKE: That’s wonderful. Ms. Alston, I have to say. You are one lucky lady. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Yes, Your Honor. You have all these people that
love and support your child. Even though you got yourself
into one predicament. What are your hopes for today? That I know who the father is
because right now financially I’m going
down the hole again. I need someone to help just
watch her for like two months so I can just get
myself back straight. JUDGE LAKE: I’m gonna ask you
that question again. What are your hopes for today as it relates to your child and her paternity? ALSTON: I want
the father to step up. I wanna know who
her father is so that they can
step up to the plate. Okay, and before I go
to these envelopes let me say something. I need you to, first of all, understand that
being here today is not just about you coming up with some
checks and some money. ALSTON: It’s not
about that. No. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Alston,
now I have asked
you two times. Look, you’re honest and
you need help, I get that. But when you keep
answering me that you just need
somebody to step up… Everybody done stepped up. I mean, like… The point is… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) What you’re gonna
have to do now is step up as
a young woman. ALSTON: I have. And do what you need
to do to become the
mother you need to be and I believe you can do that. Now, I gotta ask you this
before I go to the results. Are you sure? We’ve now already
identified three. If there’s more,
just tell it now. No. I dated two of the three. I know of seven. Not several but
seven different men that came to my home to either pick her up
or drop her off. Or call my phone or came and just stood
outside of my house. Talking to this young lady while she was living there
dating my son. Okay, um… In light of that testimony I think we need to
have these results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Alston vs. Jones/Delk/Harrison
pertaining to whether
Mr. Harrison Sr. is the grandfather of
two-year-old Jasmine Alston. It has been determined that you are not her grandfather. In the case of
Alston vs. Jones/Delk/Harrison
pertaining to
whether Mr. Jones or Mr. Delk is the father of two-year-old
Jasmine Alston. It has been determined that the biological father is Mr…. Delk. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (SOBBING) DELK: He always
gonna be the grandfather. And she always gonna
be the grand-mum. And that I mean,
and ladies, I don’t know how you do it, I done been in Desert
Storm and everything. (CHUCKLES) Well,
you know what, Daddy… Having that baby
for a while… It brought the woman
out of me. Yeah, it did. (LAUGHING) Look, I bet you were
multitasking and
everything, right! I’ll tell you what! I know, Ms. Childs, this was
not the news you wanted. And I see your emotion. I see that. But what I do feel
so happy for is that baby Jasmine’s
got a village. DELK: Oh, yeah! JUDGE LAKE: And I want you
to understand that the baby’s counting
on you. All right? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: I know. DELK: You okay? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Good. I wish you
the best of luck. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Congratulations! She’s gonna be around
Terence a lot more because I now know who the father is. I just kinda let
everyone be guarded because I didn’t know. I always knew she
was my daughter regardless of a DNA test. We just had a love bridge
and like I said, it didn’t matter
to me regardless. I was going to
be there to help.

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  87. Nikky Tomlinson says:

    I'm glad oldie got the baby! She deserves all of them except her mommy

  88. Njabulo Shangase says:

    “You can say it in your seat too” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. Tanya Clarke says:

    When he said “desert storm….” 💀

  90. June St Clair says:

    She's very brave. We can't judge, some of us do things but is not brought to the light because we didn't get pregnant.

  91. DefiesAllStereotypes says:

    It takes a village to raise a child, but unfortunately some women think it takes a village to conceive one too.

  92. Mandy Yang says:

    Protect and love this innocent child

  93. Danae Jacobs says:

    Wow she's lucky! Im a single mother of two toddlers and i only get a break when I go to work. I be smiling at work because it's easier than being a mum. She's got support left, right and centre.

  94. Johnny & Josie says:

    What good people these people are, this baby has a whole village of love and that's a blessing

  95. Crepusculla says:

    Good for the kid, her dad is a good man

  96. soulzsis says:

    That baby is truely blessed…
    I’m so disappointed in this lady but have to remember she’s only 23. The same age of my oldest son, but still she should know better leaving her daughter with “the village” and talking about financial support 🤭😮

  97. Sola Sunny says:

    Why they all look if they're 15 months pregnant?

  98. caroline boetger says:

    "What's your first hope?" "That I know who the father is, because right now FINANCIALLY I'm going down the hole again and I need someone to watch her for about TWO months so I can get myself back straight." Translates to…gimme some money and take this kid so I kin go have myself some fun…maybe get knocked up again by a father unknown, cause there ain't no shame in my game!

  99. caroline boetger says:

    She duh go to girl when u can't get anybody else to dip your stick in. Mr Delk better go for custody if he really cares about who his baby is around. This mother was practically salivating at the mention of money and he's going to be paying her lots of it while he's the one taking care of the baby and she's out doing her thang with whoever will hit her stinky thang.

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