Woman Searches for Father With Only A Name (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Manship, Lutman v. Laupp.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Manship,
at the age of 10 you were shocked
and devastated to learn that your dad was not
your biological father. That began your 20-year search
to find the man your mother
claims is your father. After your exhaustive search
to find him, you came up with nothing. Well, Ms. Manship,
this court has located him, and he will join us
in a moment. This will be the first time
meeting him and your mother’s
first time seeing him since they broke up
more than 30 years ago. But before we bring in
the defendant, Mr. Laupp, Ms. Manship, tell me
what happened when you
were 10 years old? Um, up until I was 10,
I believed that my brother’s
father was my father. And then they had a DNA test
done and it came back that
he was not my father and that made him
really angry, so he stopped letting me
come over to his house. And you remember
this rejection? I do. And so, how did your mother
tell you that Mr. Laupp was your biological father? Uh, she just, she sat me down
and she had one picture and this is the one picture
that she gave methat I’ve had for
the past 20 years
and I just look at itand she says,
“This is who your father is. “He was the only other person
I was with.” And… He’s just, he’s the only one
that it could be. We had a place where we
hung out when we were younger and I would stop
a police officer
and I’d say,“How do you go about
searching for somebody
that you haven’t,
“that you know nothing about,
that all you have is a name
and a picture?”
And he would give me,
you know, small details of
what he could tell me. What did you do? I would go do
people searches online back when I really had, like,
the Yahoo Chat Rooms I would go to the state
that she told me that
he was from, which was Little Rock,
Arkansas. I would go in there
and I’d mention his name
and say, you know, “Does anybody know this man? “I believe he is my father
and I’ve been searching
for him.” And nobody ever had
any information
they could give me. Um, we even went back… And all you had to go on
was this one photo… MANSHIP: The one picture
and the one name.It’s, it’s, it’s all
the information I had.
And the bar that they met at,
which we went back to, and would ask people,
you know,
has he been back in here?Does he, does anybody
know who he is?
And no one had any answers? Nobody had any answers. Absolutely no leads. None, not at all. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome. I think we need
to hear from him. JEROME: Okay. Please escort Mr. Laupp
into the courtroom. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Laupp,
thank you so much
for joining us today. We’re here, of course,
discussing the paternity
of Ms. Manship. Have you ever heard about
Ms. Manship being born? No, Your Honor, I didn’t. JUDGE LAKE: When was
the first time you heard
about her? When the courts contacted me
just recently. You never knew she existed? No, Your Honor.
No, Your Honor I didn’t… But you did have
a relationship with
Ms. Lutman. Am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. You remember that? Thirty years ago, yes. I have to ask you, is this you in this photo? LAUPP:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:That is you?LAUPP:Yes.So we know we at least have
the right Mr. Laupp. How does that make you feel,
Ms. Manship? (SNIFFLING) Relieved. JUDGE LAKE: You had no idea
this young woman
had been looking for you for 20 years? No, Your Honor. It makes you very emotional,
Mr. Laupp? Yes, Your Honor. Can you describe to the court
what you must be feeling
in this moment? What are you feeling? Not really sure. Ms. Manship. Can you please tell Mr. Laupp
how hard you searched for him. Will you tell him how long
you’ve been looking? (SNIFFLING)
Since my early teens, I’ve searched everywhere.
I’ve searched phonebooks. I’ve searched online. I’ve asked people
and I’ve never had
a response from anybody. In the past 20 years,
nobody has ever given me
even a single detailof where he’s from
or where he lives.
If he has any family,
I don’t know anything.
JUDGE LAKE: And you’ve never
gotten one lead? Not one. You had no hope until
this court tracked him down? MANSHIP: Yes. What went through your mind
when the court contacted you,
Mr. Laupp. What were you thinking? I was just shocked. Um… You felt shocked because
you had never received
any information. You never even heard
someone say that someone
was looking for you?Nothing?LAUPP:No, Your Honor.What was your relationship
between you and Ms. Lutman back then as you look
at that picture? What was your
relationship like? I believe if I’m not
mistaken, uh, she had picked
me up hitchhiking across town and, um, we were… We were both cuttin’ up
and just having fun and, uh, ended up hanging out
for the day and I think shortly
after that, maybe after a couple
of months, we had, uh,
rented an apartment. Were you boyfriend
and girlfriend? You rented
an apartment together? Yes, Your Honor,
and I believe she had a,
uh, an ex-boyfriend that wasn’t happy
about the situation. Yeah, she had told me
she had, uh, three kids and that she was
about 12 years older
than I was. Um, I definitely remember
her boyfriend not being happy
about it. Her ex-boyfriend
not being happy about it. Did he confront you? We kept it amicable
and then at one point
in time, the… I’m not sure how it happened,
but, uh, he had burned all my clothes up
in the fireplace in, uh… Really? LAUPP:
And for what reason,
I don’t know why, his motorcycle was outside,
um, I kind of tore it up
a little bit. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: Little bit? LAUPP: Just a little bit. Okay. So, Ms. Lutman,
did you have two men
fighting over you? Uh, well, I only wanted
to keep one. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: You did? I was really happy
with this man. JUDGE LAKE: You were
very happy with Mr. Laupp? The ex didn’t want to
stay out of the picture. So tell me what happened
when you got pregnant. He said he had to get back
to Arkansas to take care of
business. Me and my ex
got back together and about a month later,
I started getting symptoms of getting pregnant
and I was with my ex so I figured it was
my ex’s baby. You know? So we just
pretended, um, all way up
until I had her, you know. So you, when you found out
you were pregnant, you thought it was
your ex’s child? LUTMAN:Yes.
I mean, I just figured
it was ex’s because,
I mean, a month later,
you know, and being with him. JUDGE LAKE: And so,
you had the baby and you and your ex
raised the baby up until she was 10. That’s when she said
she was told. Yes. What prompted the DNA test? I don’t remember a lot about
when he did the DNA
or why he did the DNA. Uh, I just remember
he came to me and told me that she was not his daughter. And so, when you got
the paternity results, when Ms. Manship
was 10 years old, you immediately knew,
well, if it’s not my ex… It is… True. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Laupp. Yes. Yes, Your Honor. Were you with any other men
during the window
of conception? No, Your Honor. When the courts contacted me
just recently. Mr. Laupp, do you remember why
or how your relationship with
Ms. Lutman ended? I believe, Your Honor,
we had a get-together, um, at the apartment and, uh, I believe I walked in
the bedroom and both
of them were crashed out
in the bedroom and I guess that’s probably
what threw the towel in
for me, um… But I believe, I thought
I was in town for at least
about six months after that, uh… So you caught her
and her ex together? Well, they were both
asleep in the bed.
I don’t know what… Okay, but they were asleep
in the bed and then that’s what made you
decide to cut it off. To be done with
the relationship. Yes, Your Honor. So, you broke up with her
but you stayed around town for another six months? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Did you ever hear,
were you ever told that Ms. Lutman was pregnant? No, Your Honor. Were you aware
that she was pregnant? No, Your Honor. Did you ever talk
to her again? I believe after I moved
up north to Ohio, I can’t remember
if I called her, she had called me,
one of the two, um… Do you remember
that conversation,
Ms. Lutman? Well, I never made any calls. I never heard from him
after he left. No. So you say you’ve never heard
from him and you never talked
to him again. No. No, Your Honor. So, Mr. Laupp,
when you were contacted
by the court, did you initially believe
this could be your daughter? Or did you not believe it? Did you say this was,
this has got to be a mistake? I didn’t believe it.
I figured it probably was
a mistake. Um, mainly ’cause the fact
that she knew
quite a few people, um, no, I mean, she had
a lot of male friends and, uh, I’d been married, uh,
four times. First marriage was
12 years and I didn’t have
any children. Um, second marriage was, uh,
two years. Still no children. Um, the sixth month marriage
after that, still no children, and then eight-year marriage
after that without
any children, so I really didn’t
believe that… JUDGE LAKE:So you have
been married several times
and you’ve never had children
with any of your wives?
No, Your Honor.
I always thought I was
shooting blanks all the time. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, in addition to not
ever hearing about
Ms. Manship, not ever speaking
to Ms. Lutman,never being told
by Ms. Lutman
that you’re potentially
her daughter’s father,
and you’ve been married
to different women and never fathered a child. No, Your Honor. Ms. Manship, when he said
that your head just dropped, what are you thinking
in this moment hearing that? I’m just… I’m just hoping
that everything
I’ve been told is true, because if it is, I mean,
I’m the only one out there that he has, so… I’ve believed that he’s been
my father so long that I actually named
my youngest son after him. JUDGE LAKE: You did? MANSHIP: I did. Um… JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, that’s beautiful. I named him Dallas Trent, because I didn’t want to miss
the opportunity if he was to have one,
have one of my children
have his name in it. (SNIFFLING) And… There it is. You named your son
Dallas Trent. MANSHIP:And I…JUDGE LAKE:‘Cause his name
is Trent Laupp.
MANSHIP:Yes.And I, um… I haven’t been married, um, in hopes that maybe one day
I did find him, I’d have that one moment left
with him. That’s the only moment
I have left as a father
and daughter-type thing, so… So, all of these years, you never got married because you were saving that
one father-daughter moment, that precious moment… MANSHIP:
That’s all I had left. I’m just hoping that
everything I’ve been told
is true. So, Mr. Laupp, are you willing
and are you open to having
a father-daughter relationship with Ms. Manship should it
be determined that she is
your biological child? Yes, Your Honor,
by all means. JUDGE LAKE: You are? Ms. Lutman,
if for some reason Mr. Laupp is not your
daughter’s biological father, do you have any other
information that could help
lead her to the man who is? No, Your Honor. Well, I think we’ve
waited long enough. Let’s get the results.
Jerome. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Thank you. You’re welcome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case ofManship, Lutman v. Laupp…When it comes to 30-year-old Tonia Manship, it has been determined by
this court Mr. Laupp, you… …are the father. How do you feel, Mr. Laupp? Pretty happy. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, that’s great. So you got one
beautiful daughter. Yes, I do. And Ms. Manship,
it has been a long road. I know it has and you’ve held on
to that picture. (MANSHIP SNIFFLING) That’s what she held on to
for 20 years, Mr. Laupp. Great. And how many children
do you have, Ms. Manship? I have three boys. JUDGE LAKE:
Three boys you got. A daughter, three grandsons,
Mr. Laupp. What… What a day! (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) But I hope you take
that picture, frame it, I hope you’ll make
your daddy a copy. Because, no, that picture
is a symbol. I mean, look, we, we see
a lot of families in crisis
in this courtroom and we encourage them
each and every day
to never give up hope, that there is always a possibility
for something new. I call them limitless
possibilities around us, each and every day,
every moment. There are possibilities
that we can’t even fathom. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Right? And from here on out, you don’t have
to be separated again. I can see how happy you are
for your little girl,
Ms. Lutman. Yeah. You are? Yes, Your Honor. I am the happiest person in
the world right now. JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, that’s wonderful. Well, we wish you all
the very best of luck. We have counseling
and resources for you all. Just to talk through it
and figure out how
to go to the next step. But I know one thing,
when you do get married,
Ms. Manship, and your daddy
walks you down that aisle… Please send us a picture. All right, you can
even invite me to
the wedding. I’ma come. (CHUCKLING) All right? All right. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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