Woman Says Husband Is Seeing Family Member, He Says ED Prevents That (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers… This is the case
ofJohnson v. Johnson.Y’all are married, you’ve been
married for seven years. But this seven-year itch,
Ms. Johnson,
has got you thinking something is going on with this
marriage and you need answers. Yes sir, Your Honor. You believe your husband
is cheating? Yes, Your Honor. How does that
make you feel? MS. JOHNSON:
It makes me feel real angry. I thought he was my everything.
I though he was… a keeper. JUDGE KEITH: But you
don’t think he’s
a keeper now. No sir, Your Honor. You think something is going on
and you are here to find out what’s going on. Yes sir, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH: If you find out
he is cheating, then what? I’m going, Your Honor. No ifs, ands,
or buts about it? No, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH: Done. Done with. She sounds real, real mad
in fact, Mr. Cutler! Yeah. All right, Mr. Johnson,
waiting to hear from you. To be honest about
the whole situation, here’s how it goes down
why she’s angry. She left me for a while. I lost it, and I cheated. When she came back, I told her the truth. And I swore to her I’d
never do anything else
of that nature again. See, when I married her,
I told her, “I can’t make you hap…
I can’t make you rich, “but I can make you happy.” See, she told me her story
about what all she’d been
through in life, and I understand hurt. So, I’d do anything
in the world for her. Anything she wants, if she asks me,
I’m gonna get it, one way or the other
because I always
believe in God. If I treat her right,
I’m gonna be all right. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) All right. So, how did you find out
your husband was cheating? ‘Cause he wasn’t
the same person. When I left, it was something
different about him. What made you stay
with him? ‘Cause I love him. Okay. What do you love about him? MS. JOHNSON: How he…
How he used to treat me. Made sure I had
what I need. Uh, listened to me. We talked.
We don’t do that no more. Your Honor, I haven’t had sex
for almost a year
from my husband. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Okay. He’s a mechanic. And I feel like he’s having sex
with some of his clients. (AUDIENCE CRINGE) So after y’all
got back together, back on track, you now believe
he’s cheating. Yes, Your Honor. And you believe he is cheating
with the folks whose cars
he is working on. Yes, Your Honor. So he is doing more
under the hood
than you wanna know about. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Johnson. I mean, you admit
you were out there,
and then you came back and things were good. She says you are up to
your old tricks again. MR. JOHNSON: No, no, no, no. JUDGE KEITH: Yes you did,
I heard her. I heard what she said
but this is what she means. You see… Wait wait, you gonna tell me
what she means? Tell me what she means? We’ve been together… We’ve been together,
for a long time,
I don’t, I don’t… I’m still not bold enough to
tell people what she means. Hold on,
here’s what she means. Yeah, that’s good. That’s good. That’s good that
you’re there. Okay. Yeah. Let me rephrase that,
let me explain what she is talking about. BOTH JUDGES: Okay. Here’s what she
is talking about, I have erectile dysfunction. I have been dealing with it
for over three years now. I goes to the VA.
The VA’s been telling me
for two years there’s nothing
they can give me. They even came up with
a new drug they gave me. It didn’t work. It doesn’t work. So, I’m not having sex, period. But, Your Honor, the doctor
is giving him pills that
he had in his truck. And I ask him about ’em… But he says
the pills don’t work. It’s working somewhere,
’cause he had sex and I ain’t got nothing
but three now. JUDGE KEITH: He said…
Wait, you say the pills are
working because of what? He had six pills, Your Honor, and when I counted them,
it was three left. JUDGE KEITH: So three pills
were not… It was gone. It’s gone, three pills
is not… It’s gone. Wait a minute,
wait a minute. Did you say that
they were in his truck? It was in the truck,
yes, Your Honor. Why are you keeping pills
in your truck… If it’s for that? JUDGE DANA:
It’d been a nightstand… …in the house,
at the minimum, in the bathroom
I would think. Your Honor, I don’t know
about them being
in a truck, I don’t remember them being in the truck
but I remember I did have some that they wasn’t working, and I gave ’em away
and she knew that. But now, the ones that
she’s talking about,
are still in the house. She… If she thinks back,
she will remember at night when I came in,
I would take one, I said,
“I’m gonna try one. “We gonna
do something tonight.” It don’t work. We go to sleep, we get up,
we try again. Couple of days later down
the road, it don’t work again. See, what she is forgetting, when I got the pill, that was
the very first thing I did,
I took the pill in front of her so I was like,
“Baby, hopefully we’ll
do something now.” I’m thinking…
ready to get to it, ’cause see at one time,
we were having sex twice, sometimes three times
a day. And I miss that. JUDGE DANA: Wow. So, you took ’em outta the
house and put ’em in the truck? MR. JOHNSON:
Yeah, and I gave ’em away. Your Honor, I was wanting
to talk about the client
that had the food truck. What happened?
Tell me what happened? She called him,
something wrong with
her food truck. So, y’all are at home?
The both of y’all are at home? Yes, sir. She calls him… Yes, sir. Something’s wrong with her
food truck? Right. What time of night is this? 11:45. JUDGE KEITH: Okay.
What happened? He told me,
“I gotta go get this money.”
Like that. So, he got in the car,
in the truck and left. He didn’t come back
till 1:00 in the morning. And I was still sitting up
waiting on him. And you believe he didn’t go
fix the food truck? No, I don’t feel like
he fixed no food truck. He fixed something,
but it wasn’t no food truck. And I feel like
he’s having sex
with some of his clients. Why would he want to
fix a vehicle at 11:45
at night? Why you couldn’t do it
the next morning? Okay, so think it was
just an excuse? A quickie or something. All right, so…
You got your hand up,
Mr. Johnson. MR. JOHNSON:
I can explain that. All right. Why did you go
at a quarter to midnight to fix somebody’s food truck? ‘Cause they were at an event,
and during the course
of their event the truck had broke down.
That’s why they called me. See, they were already at
the event site, they were
serving their food, the lights went out
in the truck. When they
called me, she said, “My truck is smoking, I don’t
know if it’s overheating,
I don’t know what’s going on, “and my lights
just went out.” I’m thinking the engine had overheated
while she was
getting ready to leave and it started smoking.
That’s why I left. But, this was a woman? Yes, it was a woman. Did he come home
with the money? He had some money,
but I didn’t want it. ‘Cause you believed
it was from cheating? That’s right. And I didn’t want that money.
But anyway, Your Honor, I wanna know from him,
that’s what I’m in court for, on my birthday I’m in court, trying to find out
what’s going on.
I wanna find out, has my husband had sex
with one of my family members. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Oh, boy. One of your family members? MS. JOHNSON:
Yes, sir, Your Honor. And why do you think
he’s had sex with
one of your family members? Because one of my
family members was at
my house one night. I went to a friend’s house, but I had told my husband
to take my family member
up to my house, and he said he wasn’t
gonna be there. When I kept calling her
to tell my husband
to come pick me up, she never did.
She said that she told him. But I don’t believe that
she did, ’cause he never
showed up. Or whatever. So, he’s with
your family member, and you’re at a friend’s house.
You’re trying to contact this
family member, to have your husband come get you? MS. JOHNSON: Yes, ma’am. And your husband never
came and got you? No, Your Honor, I walked in the rain, ’cause
something told me
something wasn’t right… JUDGE DANA: Okay. …with my spirit. And I walked in the rain.
It was like two miles. And when I got there,
I kicked the door, and then he came to the door
I say about 10 minutes later. He come to the door… And then, the family member
had her stuff
already packed. Before I even got home,
she already had
her stuff packed. So, when I came
through the door, I told both of them,
“Y’all need to get somewhere.” I didn’t say it like but,
I’m gonna say it like that
in court. All right. Thank you. So, what
do you think happened? I don’t know what happened.
Something happened though. ‘Cause she was telling
all of my family that she had sex with
my husband. She had it
all on Facebook. so I’m not having sex, period. So, it’s on Facebook, that your husband had sex
with a family member? MS. JOHNSON: Yes, Your Honor. She put it on here.
The family member put it
on there. And then, one time she said
it happened, then she said
she tried to get back at me or whatever. I don’t know
what it was, but I just need
some truth today. So, Mr. Johnson, did you
sleep with your
wife’s family member? No, I did not, Your Honor. I explained that to her. Here’s what happened. I’m in my La-Z-Boy chair
in the living room,
I’m sleeping. The next thing I know
when I wake up, she kicking at the door,
so I get up, open the door, she come in like she said…
I ain’t gonna say
what she said, but she was mad,
and I understood that. ‘Cause I did not know that
the family member had the phone and was not accepting
calls from her. So she’s thinking
I’m doing something wrong which I wasn’t.
I was asleep
’cause I was tired. I just drove to Miami and back. Nonstop. So, I needed the rest. So, when I went to sleep
in that chair,
I went to sleep good. And so, you expected
this family member to tell you when
your wife called… When she called. But that never happened? That never happened. And when she got there,
having walked in the rain
two miles? Yes, ma’am. You were hot. Hot. Very hot. Smoking. And then, the other part of it, she then told my husband
to meet her down the street. Okay… And he met her down the street. So, I know there’s got to be
some truth in this stuff that’s going on. And he went and did it? “Pick me up down the street.”
That’s what she told him. So, Mr. Johnson, let’s say
I believe your story that you drove back and forth
to Miami, you’re home, you’re tired,
you’re asleep. How do you explain, A,
the family member telling everybody else that
y’all slept together and two, her wanting you to,
“Well, just meet me
down the street,” so she mad. She didn’t tell me
to meet her down the street, ’cause I had already
drove off in the truck. But I had seen her
walking down the street
and it was raining. And she had the baby. So, I couldn’t see… I understand
that she was upset, but I couldn’t see putting
someone with a child in
the street with nowhere to go. I went to take her. I said, “Do you have
anybody you can call?” She said,
“Yeah, I got a friend.
Take me to his house.” I said, “Well, here’s my phone,
call him, “to make sure they’re there,
so I can take you.” She did that.
That’s where I took her. But as for the family member
putting all the… And I told her, I said
“The only reason
she’s doing this “is to make you angry,
to make you leave me.” I said, “‘Cause remember
when I told you when
I married you? “I said the devil
don’t want us to be married. “So, he gonna do everything
he can to separate us.” JUDGE DANA: All right,
but Mr. Johnson,
here’s the problem. This whole thing
has been tainted because of the cheating
you did at the beginning. There is no trust.
Even though y’all
got back together, and moved forward
and stayed together, it just sounds like to me,
you’ve never had
any trust in him again. Is that right, Ms. Johnson? That’s correct, Your Honor. And so, all of these odd situations go
from odd, to like, huge
questions and issues! That’s why I’m here.
To get it cleared up. And that’s presuming
that we believe everything
you say. Ms. Johnson,
you don’t believe
what he’s saying? ‘Cause I don’t trust him. All right. Well, Mr. Cutler,
I think we got enough evidence
here. What do we got? Um-hmm. We got
the cheating in the past, and he told you about it,
but it broke the trust. Since then, his pills for his,
he says sexual dysfunction… He got them, but
there are pills missing. And she says
they haven’t had sex
in almost a year. And then the last issue is, we got a family member who says that Mr. Johnson
slept with her. And this family member
was in their home. And so
for all of those reasons, Ms. Johnson’s
seven-year marriage
is on the line. JUDGE KEITH:
Think that sums it up. JUDGE DANA: Yeah. This court has done a full
and complete investigation. At this time, the court
would like to call licensed and
certified polygraph examiner Kendall Shull to determine, is he cheating? Rob, please escort Mr. Shull
to the courtroom.
(AUDIENCE APPLAUD) ROB: Kendall Shull. JUDGE DANA: How are you, sir? Great. How are you? We’re good. A member of our team
performed covert surveillance on Mr. Johnson for a period of time
to track his every move. Because the private
investigator was unable
to determine any definitive proof
of infidelity,Mr. Johnson was ordered
to undergo
a polygraph examination.
And you conducted that
examination. Is that correct?
SHULL:I did, Your Honor.So, you asked Mr. Johnson,
“During your seven-year
marriage with Ms. Johnson, “have you ever had
physical sexual contact “with her family member?” What was
Mr. Johnson’s response? Mr. Johnson replied “No.” What did
the polygraph determine? Polygraph determined
that he was being… Mr. Johnson replied “No.” What did
the polygraph determine? Polygraph determined
that he was being truthful, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE DANA: That’s huge. JUDGE KEITH: Well,
we have one more question. You asked Mr. Johnson,
“During your
seven-year marriage, “have you had
sexual intercourse “with anyone other than
your wife?” What was his response
to that question? He said “No,” Your Honor. What did the
lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
that on this question… He was also being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) I love you, baby.
(MUFFLED) I love you too. Ms. Johnson, you said
this is your birthday today. Yes, ma’am. You got quite a gift. Yes, ma’am. You got the truth. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Johnson, I am so glad
for you because this is kind of
a birthday gift to you.
This is the best gift. It’s my backbone.
Without her,
I can’t do nothing. JUDGE DANA: Tell her,
’cause I can hear it
in your voice. When I told you
God gave you to me, you everything. And God made me one promise. As long as I take care
of you, and do what I’m
supposed to do as a husband, hey, ain’t nothing
in this world
that we can’t have. All right.
I’m keeping it real. And I know this
has been very hard for you. And, because you know
how she is, she’s suspicious, she’s got
some issues with what
you’ve done in the past. Because of that, you may
have to take a few more steps
to reassure her that you’re not doing anything. You just can’t say,
“Look, I’m not doing anything,
get over it.” That’s not where she is
right now. She may get there, but right now,
you need to reassure her, “Look, you are the one for me, “I’m not doing anything, “what else can I do?” And when y’all meet together
in the middle, it’s gonna be
a beautiful thing. Thanks for that information,
because you know what, that’s what I needed to hear. Because I’m doing everything,
except what you just said. And I know why you said that,
because that was God in you. That I need to ask her what is it that she wants
me to do to help her
build her trust. And you just gave me an answer.
Thank you. That’s why I’m here. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) That’s why we do this.
That’s why we’re here. Yeah. Right. As we say in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself
out of an opportunity
to have a happy, healthy, rich life together. Court is adjourned. MR. JOHNSON: Thank you.

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    Did she say walk down the skreet?

  81. blûë bûttèrfly says:

    He needs to leave her because she has issues & you can see he's trying real hard

  82. Kenny Samson says:

    The best I have seen.

  83. Shawna Hedges says:

    She’s just sexually frustrated

  84. What Demsay says:

    That family member is toxic they should be cut off. I wish this beautiful couple the best ❤️

  85. lennylenz says:

    Sometimes your emotional state will effect your ability to perform. When I was was going through emotional changes I had a rough time but once I fixed my problems and got my life on track no problems.

  86. shannon a murray says:

    She goes to work with him because she still doesn't trust him

  87. JustBeingJacenta says:

    To be honest, I think that she is JUST TIRED of being in a sexless marriage and she is just looking for reasons to get out and or cheat herself. SHE WANTS THE D….LOL

  88. Serena H says:

    her voice and hte oohs and ahhs are killin' me

  89. Dale Francis says:

    This man really loves his wife I hope they give it to God and they will be fine💕💕

  90. wyisha gulston says:

    Aww. Now you two take along romantic walk down the skreet and love happily ever after 😁
    (Am I the only one heard her say skreet 🤣) love is beautiful

  91. Mwah ^_^ says:

    I need the guy in the black shirt, tie, and glasses' number. He's my type. I like!

  92. joseph ralph says:

    I will be honest and truthful but human about it
    If a person, man and woman, accused their mate of cheating, is the MAIN ones who is doing the cheating! Point blank especially her!!

  93. C says:

    She needs therapy. He's proven himself and she is going to work with him. She has trust issues and low low self esteem. Instead of going to work with him, she could go to counseling, volunteer or do anything to better her perceived self worth. Smh….Wish them all the best.

  94. onebeyutiful says:

    I don't get it…why did she leave him in the beginning???

  95. Angela Pitts says:

    Question ❔: Where was she at and what was she doing when she left him? Notice she didn't talk about that.. This is a very insecure woman so much so, her family 👪 member and others play up to it.. For me, he has proven himself, no need to do more! She needs to get a job or hobby and focus on herself instead of worrying about what's he's doing!

  96. K Henry says:

    Their slogan at the end of each episode changes every time LOL!!

  97. Keith Gardner says:

    He does look like Mr Brown. Lol

  98. Chantie P. says:

    This show usually ends with me watching somebody sideways… nice to see a happy ending . good for them!

  99. ArikahsBoutique says:

    This was sweet

  100. Nefertiti Loves says:


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