Woman Hopes The Man Who Stepped Up Is Actually Child’s Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Kelso v. Davis.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Kelso, you are in court
today to prove that Mr. Davis is the father of your
nine-month-old baby,
Conner Kelso. KELSO: Yes, Your Honor. You claim Mr. Davis has
done nothing for your son, so, you’re suing for half
the child-rearing expenses, in the sum of $2,561.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Davis, you say, Ms. Kelso
was in a relationship with another man, Mr. Haffner, during the window
of conception. DAVIS: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, you
are 100% certain, that you are not Conner’s
father, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Kelso, you were in a
relationship with another man, so why are you
suing Mr. Davis? Because, our conception
date aligns with a day that I was sexually
active with Mr. Davis. All right. Please explain
further, you are in a
relationship? For about four years, on and
off, whenever we weren’t with
somebody else, we were having sex
with each other. And Mr. Davis and I had sexual
intercourse while I was dating
Mr. Haffner, even though he was out
of town at the time. So, you were with another man
and then you saw Mr. Davis
during that time? KELSO: Yes, Your Honor. So, you did sleep with
Mr. Davis during the
window of conception? KELSO:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:So, Mr. Davis,
do you remember having
sexual intercourse,
without using protection,
with Ms. Kelso? Yes, Your Honor. And you admit that it
was during the window
of conception? I’m not sure when the window
of conception is, that’s based
off of what she’s told me. Ms. Kelso, do you have any
evidence that would prove… Yes, I do, Your Honor. …the time frame? JUDGE LAKE: This is? This is the window
of conception between the 5th and the 11th,
Mr. Davis and I had sexual
intercourse on the 7th.While me and Mr. Haffner
had sexual intercourse
on the 15th.
JUDGE LAKE:Okay.When he arrived back in town.All right, so there is
a window of conception between January 5th
and January 11th. And then you were intimate
with Mr. Davis, on the 7th, which is in purple. KELSO:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:And then Conner
was born October 18th?
KELSO:Yes, he
was a week late.
So Mr. Davis, does
this look familiar? Were you with Ms. Kelso
on January the 7th? As far that particular
date, I’m not for sure. I was definitely with
her during that time
frame though, yes. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You were? Yes. So, Ms. Kelso, you admit
that you were also with
another man. Yes, Your Honor.
It was Mr. Haffner. Without protection? Yes, Your Honor. And when were you
intimate with that man? KELSO: Around the 15th, when
he arrived back in town. JUDGE LAKE:
Around the 15th, of January? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, Mr. Haffner, that’s the
man you were intimate with
on the 15th? KELSO:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE: Now you say,
your baby was late. Yes, Your Honor. And you were with Mr. Haffner
just one week after you were
with Mr. Davis? KELSO: Yes, Your Honor. And your baby was
how many days late? Six, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Six days late. Okay. When the child came late,
did you ever think to yourself maybe it’s Mr. Haffner’s
child, not Mr. Davis? I just go by the
conception date. And by the way that my
son looks… I see
it in his skin color. The more I see his skin get
darker, but that could also
be Mr. Haffner’s family, because they’re half
Puerto Rican and they
have dark children in their family as well, so… DAVIS: I don’t believe that
child looks anything like me,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t see
a resemblance at all? I don’t see, at all. KELSO: But he’s also a mixed
baby, he’s got me in him too. I have no reason to believe
this child is mine, she flat
out came and told me that… But if he’s there, you know?
So why would he be there
if he didn’t think… JUDGE LAKE: When did she say
the child is not yours? Several times, several times. She’s told me in person the
child’s not mine, she’s told
me over Facebook. I have pictures of her,
telling me on Facebook
that she’s… JUDGE LAKE: I’d like
to see those. That I’m not the father. So this is a post from you,
Amber Kelso, it reads,
“My son is not yours.”Yes, I told him that because
I didn’t want him coming
back to my house
while I was pregnant.
He put me through way
too much stress. So I just told him,
“The child’s not yours,”
to get him away from me. When you tell a man,
“My son is not yours,” and you just don’t just
tell him, you write it, he’s likely to believe that. I know, and I wanted him
to ’cause I wanted him to
stay away from me. JUDGE LAKE:So, Ms. Kelso,
you say that he hasn’t
contributed at all
to the child-rearing expenses
you’ve incurred thus far. No, he has not. And I have
put together a little draft of the expenses that
I have had to purchase. Things that I’ve had to buy
for my son since he was born. I’d like to see those. I brought her a bunch of
baby clothes, a bunch of
baby blankets… Did you bring the receipts
for those purchases? No, I did not. How much did they cost? They were very low-cost,
I mean some of them were
dollars, I mean, no more than
$10 for all of ’em. So you spent $10 on
baby clothes and
items for the baby? Ms. Kelso, you handed me
a list of the expenses
you’ve incurred thus far? Yes. And this totals $5,122? Yes, Your Honor. That you spent on this
baby in nine months. Yes, ma’am. And Mr. Davis, you say you
contributed $10 to that? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Your Honor, I know for a
fact, at least 10 people, that I know personally that
she’s had intercourse with. I have no reason to be
there for this child. Well, Mr. Davis fails to
explain about the times that I had sex with the
people that he knows, because none of them
were around the area of
the conception date, not even months around. So Mr. Davis, even if she was
sleeping with other people, you’ve admitted in court that
she was sleeping with you. She was, but… So you, potentially, could
be this child’s father. I could be but I 100%
don’t believe I am. She’s the most promiscuous
person that I know, by far! She’s not first. She has
first, second and third place. Your Honor, I stopped
being promiscuous when
I met Mr. Haffner on November 8th, 2013. JUDGE LAKE: That was
the exact date? KELSO: The exact date! DAVIS: Then changed her mind
when I came by the house. I started sleeping with him,
and that’s the day that I started dating him,
the day I met his family. KELSO: They’re all
here present today. And the only reason that
Mr. Davis is in the picture is because I had been
cheated on by Mr. Haffner, and so I cheated back
with Mr. Davis. I thought you said
November 8th you stopped
being promiscuous. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS AND APPLAUDS) So, it was revenge sex. KELSO: Yes. Absolutely. Without protection? Yes, Your Honor. So Mr. Davis, you constantly
talk about how promiscuous
she is, and yet you keep
sleeping with her. (CROWD APPLAUDING) That’s all I was
interested in. JUDGE LAKE: And were you using
protection all these times? No, we weren’t, because she told me that she
was medically unable to have
children. And the four months that we
were together, she never so
much has had a scare with her. And I can count with one hand, I don’t even need all five
fingers, on how many times
we’ve used condoms.And all of a sudden, she’s
pregnant, all of a sudden,
I’m the father.
proud of this?
DAVIS:No.JUDGE LAKE: Okay. But a month before
I got pregnant, I was even reconfirmed
that I couldn’t have kids because my cervix
was too small. And then I pop up
pregnant a month later. So, it came to as a surprise,
to me and to everybody,
that I was pregnant. It was like a miracle baby.
It wasn’t ever supposed to
happen. But you do understand
that pregnancy is not the only consequence
of unprotected sex. You get that, right? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That there are other
serious consequences. Yes, Your Honor. And while I don’t condone you
sleeping with everyone all
over town, Ms. Kelso, what I also don’t condone is
men standing in my courtroom, constantly downgrading women,
talking about, “They’re
sleeping with everybody.” And then they sleep with
the same woman, and don’t
protect themselves! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: I think I’m ready
to hear from Mr. Haffner. Jerome, please escort
Mr. Haffner into the
courtroom. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Haffner, thank
you for joining us today. I have to ask you, do
you think baby Conner,
is your child? That’s what I think. You do? Yes, Your Honor. And so… Have you done anything
for Conner thus far? Have you helped
in raising him? HAFFNER:Yes, Your Honor.I have been feeding him,
being there for him,
showing him I love him.
What are you holding?
Is this evidence you
brought to court? Yes, Your Honor. I’d like to see what
that evidence is. What is this, sir? It’s a picture of
me and Conner. It is. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:So you’re
presenting this picture
to show a resemblance.
And is this you, when
you were a child?
HAFFNER:Yes, Your Honor.And then baby Conner.HAFFNER:Yes, Your Honor.And you believe there is
a resemblance?
HAFFNER:Yes, Your Honor.Okay. When you look at that
picture Mr. Davis, do you
see a resemblance?
Well, they’re twins! (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I can’t tell them apart. That’s his child. How convenient! Yet I’m the father? So, after you found
out she was pregnant, question whether or not
you were the father, were you involved in
the process, did you
participate in the… Yeah, I was there
all the time. KELSO: No, he was not. I was there all the time.
I was there up until
about six months, I went to quite a few
doctors’ appointment
when she asked me to go. I never had an
issue with going. He showed up at my house
about four times during
my entire pregnancy. Not true, not even
close to the truth. Three of them trying
to look for sex. Not even true. Not even true. And then the other one was for my mom to take us
to Orlando to the appointment that showed
the gender of my son, and he just sat there in the
chair, and looked stupid. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Haffner’s
family has even been
supportive to you. The entire time,
since I was pregnant. Into the time that I gave
birth, the day I gave birth, ever since, they have
been in my life. Conner, sees them regularly,
at least three, four times
a week. DAVIS: She has made zero
attempts to reach out to
me or my family. Through another mutual
friend, via Facebook, I’ve seen pictures of her,
with Conner and his family, just around Mr. Haffner’s
family, that’s it. Because he stresses me out,
I didn’t want him near me. Leading them to believe this is his family, you
know, this is his child. Yet I’m the father? Yeah,
you know, yet the child
looks just like me… Well, I mean, Ms. Kelso,
that is an interesting point. On the one hand you’re
saying, he stresses you out, and you don’t want
him to be around. On the other hand, you’re
accusing him of not helping and not being involved with
the child, when it’s his. ‘Cause he told me he
wants, “all or nothing.”
His words not mine. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) So, Ms. Kelso, you
have a witness that
you brought today. Yes, I did. I’d like to
hear from her. This is Ms. Haffner,
Mr. Haffner’s mother. Thank you for joining us. Um, ma’am… This is hurtin’ me because
I believed Conner is ours. He looks like my dad.
I have pictures to prove it. JUDGE LAKE: I’d
like to see those. To show you he looks just
like my dad and I believe… And this is really
upsetting you? Yeah. I believe
he’s my grandbaby. And it’s important to you? (DECKER SOBS)You don’t have to be sorry
about being emotional about
a child.
We understand how
important they are.
DECKER:I love him to death.(AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE LAKE: And this is a
picture of Conner on the left, and this is a picture of
Mr. Haffner’s grandfather, which is your father… Yes, Your Honor. …on the right. And you say you truly
see a resemblance? Yes, Your Honor. On a scale from one to
10, that’s an 11. And you compare our
two pictures and
that’s maybe a two. JUDGE LAKE:Ms. Kelso, I have
to say, it’s very interesting,
as I listen to…
This family testified,
this young man says he really thinks
this is his child, he wants it to be. You have this entire family
that has basically taken you
in, accepted your child, loved your child, and yet
you’re suing Mr. Davis. I want to know who
my son’s father is.It’s just sad that these
people who have cared so much,
that they don’t know the truth
and we’re here to find out the
truth, because… DECKER: We want to know. My son deserves to have
a father in his life, regardless of the
financial expenses. He deserves to have somebody
who will play with him. DECKER: He deserves a family
that will love him. KELSO: Who will take him to
the park, who will sit there
and feed him when we needs food,
take care of him, love him, unconditionally. That’s what my son needs. These are baby pictures of
both potential fathers.Conner, being in the middle.When you look at these
pictures, Ms. Kelso,
do you see more
of a resemblance
between your child
and one of these men?
KELSO: His nose
looks like Jamal’s, his eyes look like mine. His lips look like Richard,
his hair looks like Jamal’s.I just can’t tell, they’re so
similar in different ways.
You are truly confused.
I can see it on your face. I’m just absolutely confused.
And I don’t know. You really are confused
and I can see it. I made a mistake by cheating
on Mr. Haffner with Mr. Davis. I made that mistake
and I don’t know. JUDGE LAKE: That’s
exactly why we are here. DECKER: For him. And so the truth
of the matter is, although you’re here
suing Mr. Davis for half of the child-rearing
expenses you’ve incurred
thus far, the truth is that you
don’t know who your
child’s father is. I would prefer it
to be Richard, but I’m almost certain
that it’s Mr. Davis’s. JUDGE LAKE: Well, I wish it
was a matter of preference. Are you ready for the results? Absolutely. I cannot rule on your lawsuit, until we know if, in fact,
Mr. Davis is your child’s
biological father,because you understand that
if he is not, he has no
legal obligation
to financially support him. KELSO:Yes, Your Honor.Jerome, I’m ready
for the envelope. Here you go. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they
read as follows. In the case of
Kelso v. Davis,
as it pertains to
nine-month-old Conner Kelso, as to whether Mr. Haffner
or Mr. Davis is the
biological father, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Haffner, you
are not the father. (KELSO SOBS) JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Davis, You… Are the father. (GROANING) Do you need to sit
down, Ms. Kelso? You need to sit down. Okay. (SOBBING CONTINUES)
Why, of all people? DECKER: It’s okay. My son needs a father. Two other kids lost, but you
knocked up two other girls
while I was pregnant! DAVIS: I take care of my
other children, and I’m going
to take care of my third. Regardless of how you and
I are, that has nothing to
do with Conner. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Davis, Ms. Kelso came to
court saying that she spent $5,122 thus far in
childcare expenses. Minus the $10 that you have
contributed thus far, so for that reason,
my award is for the
plaintiff for $2,551. Mr. Davis, Ms. Kelso
says during the time
she was pregnant, you’ve also had two other
children, is that correct? Yes, I do have two
other children. Now you have three children? Yes, Your Honor. How old? Conner’s nine months,
how old are other two? I have a four-month-old
and I have a month-old. Come on, man! You just a baby-making
factory. You just producing people. Ms. Kelso, come stand back
over here at this podium, ’cause Imma give you
some real tough love. Now you admit it, you have
laid around all over town, this is a lesson for you. I haven’t been with anybody
since I’ve last slept with
Mr. Davis… Do you have a nerve to
get indignant with me, when you’re the one that
had a good family and a
good boyfriend. No, hold on. I’ve found out… No, no, stop that,
stop that drama now. Stop that drama. You turn
the table on yourself. You know what self-sabotage
is? Do you know what that is? Yes, Your Honor. Do not underestimate the part
you had to play in this. I say it all the time, it’s
big girl panty time now, baby. Put ’em on. We have
counseling for you both. You have a beautiful
family here. Don’t block your
blessings, all right? DECKER: My grandson… Court is adjourned.

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