Woman Claims Man Wanted Her To Have His Babies (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. -Hello, Your Honor.
-Hello. This is the case
ofCooper v. Canterbury.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day everyone. [audience] Good day. Mr. Cooper, you admit to a brief sexual fling
with the defendant, but state there is
no way you fathered her two-year-old son, Jayden.You opened your case becauseyou claimed
Ms. Canterbury threatened to put you on child support, and you want to prove you’re not the father
before she can do that. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your honor. [Judge Lake] Ms. Canterbury,
you claim the conception dates for your son
point to the plaintiff, and you hope
today’s results confirm that he is Jayden’s father. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Cooper, explain
your child support concerns. Man, I’mma
tell you like this. Did you say “man”? -[Mr. Cooper] No.
I’m sorry, Judge.
-[audience laughs] Judge, I’mma
tell you like this, Judge. I watch people coming here
all the time. And some people be good man
and get criticized, and then… They be sittin’ here…
And all they want,
is just the money… Ain’t gonna be me today. And you’re convinced
that Jayden’s not
your biological child? She know that baby ain’t mine. That’s why she just called me
last night talkin’ about, “So would you be mad
if he wasn’t yours?” -[audience exclaims]
-[Judge Lake] What? [Ms. Canterbury] That’s a lie
though. That’s a lie. I never said any of that. Okay, let me try
to translate this. -[audience laughs]
-When you were on the phone, she was trying
to give you the one-up that it may not be yours? This one-up that
she should’ve gave me
from the day he was born. Not now. So take me back.
Before we get to that point, how did you all even meet? It was just we were out. She was with her people. I was with mine. It’s like we just linked. I seen her two years later. She already got
a reputation for being loose. [audience exclaims] Come on, now, ain’t nobody
got time for this. Okay. But you didn’t even
know me though, -so how would you know that?
-All right, I know you. -You don’t know me.
-Okay. -You’re not even around.
-[Judge Lake] So,
wait a minute, what you’re saying is,
is you had mutual friends. -That’s how you met?
-[Ms. Canterbury] Yes. And did it turn
into a sexual relationship -between the two of you?
-Yes. But we only had sex, like, three or four times
together, that’s it. And he told me while
we were having sex that he wanted
me to have his baby. [Mr. Cooper] Ah, I’mma
stop you right there. Your Honor, she’s lying. -[Ms. Canterbury scoffs]
-I never said that. But you did. He did. -He said that.
-[Mr. Cooper] I ain’t say that. What did you say? [Mr. Cooper] I said “I’m enjoying this moment
right now” in so many words. -[audience laughs]
-[Ms. Canterbury scoffs] That’s all I said, Your Honor. Ms. Lake, I didn’t say
nothing about no baby, have my baby, -no, none of that.
-[Ms. Canterbury] Yes, you did. Yes, you did. That’s a lie.
That’s a lie. He did– [Judge Lake] So, wait,
were you just– I think she got me confused
with somebody else. Did you say it in the heat
of the moment, Mr. Cooper? You know, we hear that
sometimes in the courtroom. Things just
come out your mouth in the heat of the moment. Even in the heat of the moment, that’s one thing I would
never let slip outta my mouth. ‘Cause that’s something
you don’t say to a woman. Okay. They don’t take that
too kindly. Especially, if you got plans– [Judge Lake] Oh, they
take it kindly, all right. Yeah. They don’t take…
[stammers] They follow through. Yes. That’s why
you don’t say that. [Judge Lake] Okay. You’d get yourself
stuck at something
you don’t wanna be in. -Not–
-So take me, Ms. Canterbury, to the moment
you find out you’re pregnant. Okay, so, I, um, missed my period
for a whole month. So me and my mom
took a test together, and it turned out
I was pregnant. -Okay.
-So, I had messaged Anthony and told him
and he blocked me on Facebook. [audience exclaiming] -Oh, so you did send a message?
-[Mr. Cooper] Hold on. -Yes. I did. Yes. I told him.
-[Mr. Cooper] No, no, she– She ain’t never been… She ain’t never been blocked
on my Facebook. [Judge Lake] Hold on.
How did you find out Ms. Canterbury was pregnant? Your Honor,
I was on social media. I’m scrolling. I see she pregnant.
She took a picture. I “liked” it. -She didn’t say nothing.
-Oh, okay. I “liked” the picture.
They didn’t say nothin’ to me. This is the picture
in the monitor you saw? [Mr. Cooper] Yeah,
that’s one of the pictures. I “liked” a couple of ’em.
She didn’t say nothin’ to me. [Judge Lake]
But when did you hear
that you could potentially beJayden’s biological father?When Jayden was born.
I get a call… When I found out
I was pregnant. Hold on, I’m talking. -I get a call.
I’m at the house.
-And you keep talking. I’m at the house. I get a call. My mama called me. “Some girl here with a baby.” -“Huh?”
-[audience laughs] “I’m still a baby.
What do you mean ‘baby’?” That’s how I felt. I’m like, “Man, you got me messed up.
I ain’t got no kids.” And that is the first time
you’ve ever heard about Jayden? Your mom calls you and say,
“There’s a girl over here
with a baby.” Man, get over here. I come over there.
She gone and the baby
laid on my mama arm. My mama then got
attached to the baby. -[audience exclaims]
-[Judge Lake]
In just that quick? Yes, that quick. Now I’m in a hard…
I’m in a hard spot. Stuck under a rock because my family then got
attached to this baby.I don’t know.I just can’t drag him
out of their life like that.
He’s already in it.Wait. He just got dropped off. -[audience laughing]
-[Mr. Cooper] Right. My point exactly. That’s how quick she
fell in love with the baby. -She knew from the start…
-[Judge Lake] She told Ms. Canterbury to leave
the baby there with her? She knew from the start
that he was Jayden’s. She said that
Jayden looked like– How old was Jayden when
you left the baby with his mom? [Ms. Canterbury] Uh, he was
probably like a month old. [Mr. Cooper] Man… Yes. Right. -[Mr. Cooper] Exactly. Yeah.
-[Judge Lake] A month old? -But now he’s two-years-old.
-[Ms. Canterbury] Yeah. -Almost three. Yup.
-[Mr. Cooper]
About to be three. [audience]Aww!-[Mr. Cooper]May I speak,
Your Honor, please?

-[Judge Lake]Yes.[Mr. Cooper]I have
something to say.
[Ms. Canterbury scoffs] You know this baby was my baby or you claim it to be my baby. If you had a baby and you
told a man it was you, potential baby’s father, won’t you let him know? Whether he is or he’s not? -You could say something.
-And I did. And I did. -And I did. And I did.
-You will let him know there’s
a potential you could be. You will say that, right? [Judge Lake] Of course.
But I would have a potential– You just not gonna have
nobody stuck in the dark. Living a lie. You’re not gonna do that. She admitted to it. Man, she admitted
being with other dudes. Every time. When I met her, -she’d already mess…
-I said there was
one other person. [Mr. Cooper] …with other
people when I first met her. -I said there was
another person. Yeah.
-You know what I’m saying? Look, I got… Man… And then she’s tryin’
to say the baby mine. -The timeline don’t
even add up.
-It does. -[Mr. Cooper] It don’t add up.
-It does. -So, Mr. Cooper…
-[Mr. Cooper] Yes. You submitted
a calendar to the court. I would like to have you come step up
to the monitor and explain
this exhibit you’ve brought. [Mr. Cooper] Yes, Your Honor. -You see, right here?
-[Judge Lake] Yes. In the week of September, this is the first time-we had sex. I wore a condom.
-[Ms. Canterbury]No.Second time we had sex was this week to the 28th. And I remember it.
It was a threesome. We was all drunk. [Ms. Canterbury]
You’re definitely lying.
[Mr. Cooper]
And I got a condom on.
[Judge Lake]How are you
so sure you wore the condom?
Judge, I woke up with it on. -[audience exclaims]
-Oh! [Mr. Cooper]
I woke up with it on. It was on me. -[Ms. Canterbury] And the
second time we had sex…
-[Mr. Cooper] It was on me. [Ms. Canterbury] …wasn’t
until after Jayden was born. Okay. -So, you sound dumb.
-[Mr. Cooper] I was– -You sound dumb.
-[Mr. Cooper] It was on me. -[Judge Lake] Okay.
-[Mr. Cooper]
But can I finish talking? I’ll let you talk, please. You’ve been talking
this whole time. The third time we had sex, I didn’t wear a condom. And so you say
this whole timeline doesn’t lead to what ultimately is determined to be
the window of conception. My point exactly. All right.
So let’s figure that out. You may step back
to the plaintiff’s podium and let me do
my own calculation. Let me get the conception
calculator here and let’s go to work. All right, so let’s start with
when was Jayden born. May 27th, 2016. [Judge Lake] May 27th… Two thousand what? -Sixteen.
-Sixteen. Jayden was born.
Let me get that date in. Got it. If we hit “calculate,”the conception windowwould’ve been between
September 2nd and September 6th
and the most probable
time of sex would be between August 30th and September 6th. -Judge, I told you–
-So even if he– [Judge Lake] So, let’s go back
to your calendar, Mr. Cooper. It’s off.
You just explained it. And you claim during that
particular sexual encounter, you wore a condom. I sure did the first two times. [Ms. Canterbury] Nope. Not the third time.
Not in October. -We didn’t have sex three times
in the same year.
-I didn’t. I’m not gonna lie. -[Ms. Canterbury]
You sound dumb.
-I had a few drinks. -You got caught slipping?
-More than a few. [Mr. Cooper]
I was more than slipping. -I was falling.
-[audience laughs] I don’t know
what to say, Judge. -All right. So you’re saying…
-[Ms. Canterbury] You are dumb. …that, in your calculation, you were not having sex
with Ms. Canterbury during the window
of conception. -Right.
-But you disagree,
Ms. Canterbury. Yup, I do. First of all,
we didn’t have, uh, sex three times
in the same year. We had sex one time in 2015. The other two times were
after Jayden was born. He was trying
to get me pregnant. -He said–
-[Mr. Cooper] Your Honor… [Judge Lake] Hold on. The first time
you ever had sex, he says, “I wanna
get you pregnant”? -Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
-Not today. Don’t do this. Not today. -She’s lying.
-[Judge Lake] Wait.
What did he say… -…to stop.
-[Judge Lake] What did he say,
Ms. Canterbury? He said, “I want
you to have my baby.” That’s what he said. And I don’t wanna, you know,
really say this but… [Mr. Cooper] Look
into my face and tell me. …he slept with me
all night. So… Look at me… I slept
with her all night. -I was there.
We have sex all night.
-No, in me. -Like… So…
-I never told her
I want her to have my baby. -I never said that.
-You’re a liar. You’re a liar. It never came out
of my mouth. Not once. Never. I wouldn’t even
think about kids. And which month
was this, Ms. Canterbury? [Ms. Canterbury] August. [Mr. Cooper] Oh, okay.
Now I’mma say this one time. Can I say something,
Judge, please? But August was not on
your exhibit, Mr. Cooper. So… -Right.
-Because he don’t
what he’s talking about. -I…
-He just looks dumb. He don’t know what
he’s talking about. Ooh, I do know
what I’m talking about. You don’t. -You don’t.
-And why could it not be August, Mr. Cooper? Jayden was made in August. I ain’t touch back down
to Toledo till September. [audience exclaiming] Do the math. Add it up. -We just did it.
-Okay. You can say what you want
but I don’t care. I really know the truth. All these people don’t know
the truth but I know the truth. Ms. Canterbury,
I need to ask you. So, obviously, Mr. Cooper
has not been stepping up. Nope. Not at all. -Doing anything for Jayden?
-No. Nope. Nothing. [audience exclaims] -Who’s been Jayden’s father?
-My boyfriend Casey. [Judge Lake] So your boyfriend
has had to step upand be a father figure
to Jayden?
[Ms. Canterbury]Yes. He’s…
We’ve been together…
[audience clapping]We’ve been together sincebefore Jayden
was one-year-old.
So…He’s been here. He’s taking
care of him financially. He’s been here.
Taught him things. He’s been the only
father figure in his life. -They’re very close.
-[Mr. Cooper] Now, Your Honor, may I say something? Now, I just stand here
and told you my mama got attached
to that baby, right? I just said that, right? So you think I’m gonna disappoint my mama? Even though I feel that doubt, I’m not about
to have my mama look at me ’cause she ain’t raise
that type of man. Whether I do or I don’t know, that’s why we’re
here to find out today which
I need to find out. Because you say
your mother has just decided,
“It’s our baby.” Yeah. My mama put the role on me. Look at that. You all see that? They look just alike.
Look at their nose.Look at that nose.
Look at that forehead.
Look at those eyebrows.[Mr. Cooper]
Looks are deceiving.
-[Ms. Canterbury]No.
-[Mr. Cooper]I’m pretty sure,you see, looks are deceiving
every day at this court, Judge. -[Judge Lake] Ha!
-They are deceiving. Don’t let nothing fool you. [audience laughing] -He’s dumb. That’s what he is.
-[Judge Lake] I don’t know if you are the father or not, but you are
definitely theatrical. You are a thespian. -[audience laughs]
-Thank you, Your Honor. [Judge Lake]
At the end of the day, we are not in the theater.
We are in the courtroom. -[Ms. Canterbury] Exactly.
-[Mr. Cooper] I ain’t here to– And that’s because a baby, no, a baby’s life, it’s really at stake here
because he’s two. -He didn’t ask to be here.
-[Judge Lake] And he did not. -And he’s a beautiful boy.
-And he’s fine without you. And he should know
who his biological father is. [Mr. Cooper] Right. -He deserves to know that.
-[Ms. Canterbury] Yep. What are your hopes,
Mr. Cooper? You say your mother
is so attached to Jayden. What are you hoping for today? Your Honor, I came here
to prove I weren’t the father. -That you were not?
-[Mr. Cooper] Yes. I’m not. But then I’ll see her
and say that… And if that test come back
and I’m not the father, that’s gonna break
the hearts at home. ‘Cause they got
so attached to him. [audience sighing] How about you, Ms. Canterbury?
What’s your hope today? Um, I just hope that, you know, the test results prove
that he’s the father and that he could step up, be a man, be the father
that he should be. And what if he’s not
Jayden’s biological father? He’s still…
He’s fine without it. He got Casey, he got me.
He don’t need anybody else. [Judge Lake] Do you know where
the other potential father is? Yes. And that he is… -He ain’t…
-[Mr. Cooper] Oh! But I… He ain’t nothing either. [Mr. Cooper] Oh… -I already said it.
-It’s coming up! -I already said it.
But you don’t…
-Ahh! Can’t nobody hear me
because you keep talking. Oh, we did.
We all just heard you. I’m pretty sure everybody
heard that in this room. [Ms. Canterbury] Yes, and
I said it was somebody else. Judge, you heard it? I always hear it. That’s what I’m -sittin’ on this bench to do.
-[Ms. Canterbury]
That’s why she said that. ‘Cause she already
knows what I said. Yes, there was somebody else,
like I said. And I know where he’s at, but he’s just like Anthony.
He ain’t– -[Mr. Cooper] Go find him.
-[audience] Ooh. [grunts] This stuff actually
came out from day one. Okay. You could be quiet. -‘Cause you look really dumb.
-[Mr. Cooper] Aye. [Judge Lake] Listen,
listen, listen. We have the truth. Now we know there is
another possible father. Let’s get the results.
Jerome, I’m ready for ’em. -[Ms. Canterbury] Thank you.
-[audience applauds] These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Cooper v. Canterbury…
When it comes to
two-year-old Jaden Canterbury, it has been
determined by this court, Mr. Cooper, you… are the father. Like I said.
Like I said. Like I said. -Yeah.
-That’s what I thought.
That’s what I thought. That’s what I thought. You are the father. Thank you, Your Honor,
for those results. -[Ms. Canterbury chuckles]
-I will leave you alone. I will do everything
you want me to do. No, you won’t because
you got a two-year-old,
three-year-old to take care of. I’ll do everything
you need me to do. -I got you. Now
I’ll contact you myself.
-[Ms. Canterbury] Okay. Okay. I won’t go to nobody else. [audience laughing] [Judge Lake] Listen, Othello. [all laughing] Listen, your new name is Othello. -[audience laughs]
-[Ms. Canterbury chuckles] You have performed up in here. But I have to honestly say even though you about crazy,
Mr. Cooper… -[all laugh]
-…um, I think
you’d be a good dad. -I really do.
-[applause] I really do. -Thank you, Your Honor.
-[Judge Lake] And I think that you want to be. It is time for you to step up
and let it be known for Jayden who his dad is. That you care
about his well-being. Yes, ma’am. Are you prepared to do that? I’ve been prepared since 1994. [audience chuckles] What happened in 1994? [Mr. Cooper] The day I came out
of my mama, I was ready. [all laughing] I’m glad. I guess that means
you were born a man? And you gonna
be a man for this baby. Is that the translation? -Yes, ma’am.
-[Judge Lake] All right,
I’ll take it. Making babies,
now you gotta grow up. And you have to make sense of
this for the child, all right? -[Mr. Cooper] Yes, ma’am.
-I wish you all the very best.
Court is adjourned. -[Ms. Canterbury] Thank you.
-[audience applauds]

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  70. TR says:

    He had me cracking up! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  71. icul paul says:

    Why is Mr Cooper performing?

  72. MATTHEW IDOWU says:

    Born a boy and still acting like a boy since 1994!

  73. D P says:

    I am absolutely amazed st how officer Jerome does not just bust out laughing uncontrollably during these cases expresly when they present exhibits

  74. Sabrina Fontaine says:

    If he donโ€™t stand still ๐Ÿ˜’

  75. April Senegal says:

    Who ever can't stand to look at this FOOL of a boy!!! I'll bless you with the answer HE IS THE FATHER OF BOTH CHILDREN! Pray for this situation ugh

  76. TreasureTV Jackson says:

    He should be a model.

  77. ellen vanessa says:

    He liked-ed it????๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  78. Lizette M says:

    He looks like him

  79. Taylor Mcvay says:

    This man is an idiot

  80. Kenneth Banks says:


  81. Kenneth Banks says:


  82. Tennillie Smith says:

    The child actually looks like the mother

  83. Miriam Carrasco says:

    That little boy and the mother are gorgeous. โ˜บโ˜บ

  84. Okechukwu Onuchukwu says:

    Dude looks like a creepy version of jarule

  85. Asia Jackson says:

    He's giving me a hybrid between DMX and Juniors from Players Club vibes. ๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  86. Reigiรฑe Andrea says:

    That man is so unattractive his Demeanor and everything is just nasty! ๐Ÿคข smh

  87. manaka muhammad says:

    This guy talking style is amazing.

  88. Taleyaโ€™slovely * says:

    Oh lord ik he was hated-ed in highschool.

  89. H C says:

    The guy talks like he's a preacher ๐Ÿ™„…

  90. Claudia Bullard says:

    I love him omg XDDDD

  91. Pop says:

    everybody in this video takes a L

  92. Pele Magele says:

    She's a loose and he's a loser… I can see the judge wants to laugh at way he speaks lol

  93. noam segal says:


  94. ksha 0rr says:

    Omg don't mean to laugh but this was funny asf!! That guy!

  95. AsToldByTrecie says:

    I HATE how this man talks ๐Ÿ™„

  96. Ruby Marie says:

    He is โ€œdefinitely theatrical โ€œ๐Ÿ˜‚

  97. Kristian Mira says:

    Great show othello

  98. Kristian Mira says:

    A lot of these people donโ€™t know othello what a shame

  99. Kenneth Harrison II says:

    This dude is WACK!!!!

  100. Sheโ€™s NaturallyDope says:

    Why a female gots to be loose this and that you knew how she was before you layed down with her.

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