Woman Admits To Faking Pregnancy To Get Back With Ex (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. -Good morning, Your Honor.
-Good morning. This is the case of
King v. Porter.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. [audience] Good day! Ms. King,
you are here to prove to your on-again, off-again boyfriend,
Mr. Porter, that your
three-year-old son Kailan is his biological child. You say his denial has destroyed
your relationship, and you need today’s results to set the record straight.
Is that correct? -Yes, Your Honor.
-Mr. Porter, you state that you have
always wanted kids, but believe you are
medically unable to father children, and therefore, Kailan is not
your biological son. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. King,
describe the current status
of your relationship with Mr. Porter,
and why today’s results are so important. Me and George, at the moment,
are co-parenting. The reason why I want him to…
The reason why he is the father of my son is because I just know that
he’s the father. -Um…
-[Judge Lake] Oh. [Solisha King] I’m 100% sure
he’s the only person that -I’ve been with.
-[Judge Lake]
That sounds scientific. -[audience laughing]
-[Judge Lake] Okay. [King] He’s the only person
that I’ve been with, and my son deserves
to have a father listed
on his birth certificate. And so you feel like
he isn’t stepping up? Yes. He’s not. [Judge Lake] Are you not
stepping up, Mr. Porter? It’s not the fact that
I’m not stepping up, it’s just the fact that
I have doubt in my mind if I’m the father. When we was together
we was… You know,
had our problems off and on. And when we broke up
I went back to New York. You know, that’s…
And I was dating
someone else at the time, and then we came back down here
from New York, the female I was talking to
at the time and Ms. King, they were
exchanging text messages
between each other. And Solisha told
the other female that, uh,
she was pregnant. -[audience exclaiming]
-And when I found out I went to Solisha myself,
I said, “Are you pregnant?”
She said, “Yes, she was.” I said “Okay.”
So I decided to rekindle our relationship,
due to the fact that it might be my child. So, wait, I want to understand what’s happening in
this relationship, just to be clear. -So you all were
in a relationship?
-Right. So, at some point
you break up? [Porter]
Yes, Your Honor. When you break up you say
you go back to New York? Yes, ma– Your Honor. [Judge Lake]
When you got to New York
you get a new girlfriend? Yes, Your Honor. And then, what happens
when you find out
you’re pregnant, Ms. King? I told him that I was pregnant, but I really wasn’t pregnant. -[audience exclaiming]
-[Judge Lake] Oh! Now, all right, Mr. Porter. So then, Ms. King admits she lied and said
she was pregnant, what happens?
She tells you -you’re pregnant, what happens?
-Well, at the time…
At the time she told me she was pregnant,
so I believed her, and decided…
Because I didn’t have my father
in my life, I decided I’mma step up
to the plate regardless. -[audience] Aw.
-So I was there throughout
the whole everything. But maybe about a month after her telling me
she was pregnant, she walked into the room
with a pregnancy test and was just waving it around
like she was pregnant. So, like, I was confused. Then I started to think, like, how you pregnant? You know, like,
if a month went by
and you now pregnant… I was confused, like,
I can’t be the father, like,
that don’t make no sense. That right there started off
my doubt, like, “Hold up…” So, you thought she had been
with another guy… -[Porter] Yeah.
-…and was really trying
to pin the baby on you, -or either trap you
with this baby…
-[King] That’s not it. -…’cause she wanted
to stay with you.
-That’s not the case. -Right. Right. Well, when I–
-That’s not the case. -When I found out–
-That is not the case. The case is the fact that when we first started dating, I just knew that
I wanted to be with him.
He was the genuine type. When I see him
with someone else, it’s just like,
that’s supposed to be us, that’s not
supposed to be y’all. So, I told him I was pregnant. And eventually
I was gonna tell him
that I wasn’t pregnant, but during that time
that I was gonna tell him
that I wasn’t pregnant, I actually found out
that I was pregnant. ‘Cause you were really trying
to get pregnant -’cause you knew you had lied.
-[King] I basically had to– Go on,
just tell the truth, girl. -We already know what happened.
-[Porter snickers] You worked real hard at that. -[King] Yeah.
-‘Cause you had already lied. -Yeah.
-[Judge Lake] Okay.
So, then you were pregnant, but he doesn’t believe that. No, he doesn’t believe it. -How you pregnant?
-But you didn’t even know
I was lying about my pregnancy until recently. I just came out clear
and told you I even lied
about being pregnant -during that time.
-Right. Right. -But–
-[Judge Lake] But you did let him know that you lied. I mean, once you lie, that erodes the trust. Once you lie and someone
catches you in a lie, everything you say,
you’re looking, going, “Is he lying?” “Is she lying?” That’s just how it works.
That’s what trust is about. She told me last night
that she was… When we broke up,
around the time
she was pregnant, like, when we broke up, she was
messing with someone else. -You know what I mean?
-[audience exclaiming] -I just found—
-[King] And that’s because -he was still dealing with
the other girl.
-So, just last night -she dropped the bomb…
-[Porter] Right. …and said… -[Porter]
That she was pregnant.
-…when you were off -with the other girl…
-[Porter] Right. -…she was messing with
somebody else.
-Correct. Correct. -[audience groans]
-[Judge Lake] So, sounds like she was
coming clean before she
got to court, right, Jerome? -That’s absolutely true.
-[audience] Yeah. Look, it’s gonna
all come out here. I always say, if it don’t
come out in the wash, -it’s coming out
in the dry…
-[Porter] Yeah. …or it’s coming out
inPaternity Court.-[Porter]
Yes, ma’am. [chuckles]
-So… So, Ms. King, you were with another guy? I was, because when I found out
that he was still dating her, he would sometimes, like,
break up with me
and decide, like, “I don’t want to be
with you anymore.”
Just picking a fight, like, little scenarios
to pick fights, saying that
he doesn’t want to be with me so that he can go back
to the other girl. So, when he would do that
I would go back and I would talk to
my past relationship, like– But you told Mr. Porter he’s the biological father
of Kailan. -[King] Yeah.
-But you’re admitting you were sleeping with
somebody else because you were on
the tit for tat track. Every time he went over
to his other person, -you’d go back
to your old person.
-Yes. Okay, Ms. King.
You’re doing too much. -[woman in audience] Yes.
-[audience laughing] -I mean– Now, right now…
-[audience applauding] [Judge Lake] I mean, Mr. Porter
is standing over here, and, I mean, nobody’s perfect,
but he’s at least being
a stand-up guy, -talking about–
-And I will admit
that I’m wrong? [Judge Lake] Oh.
On so many levels. With that goes to further
my doubt. -Oh, well– [scoffs] Exactly.
-[Porter] You know, like… Did you ever tell any other man that they potentially could
be the father? No. George was the only person
I was sleeping with
around the time I got pregnant. [audience exclaiming] The whole time, like,
the whole time, like, when she was pregnant,
like, in… In the hospital, you know,
giving birth to Kailan, you know, she was like,
you could say drained, tired, so, she went to sleep. And when she went to sleep,
her phone started to go off. So, I say, you know…
I’m a curious guy, you know. -Why am I…
You know, why am I–
-[Judge Lake] Curious? Well, something like that.
I was like, “Why am I–” -Curious George.
-[Porter] That’s what
they call me sometimes. -[chuckling] That’s what
they call me.
-Curious George Porter. So, what did you do, -Mr. Porter?
-So, I grabbed her phone and, um, I looked, I seen
some text messages between
her and another guy. So, that right there was like– But why were you
going through my phone?
We’re not together. -[audience exclaiming]
-[Judge Lake]
So, wait a minute. This is a picture
of you in the hospital… -[Porter] Correct.
When he was first born.
-[Judge Lake] …holding… [Porter]
When he was first born, I was
the first one to hold him. [audience] Aw. [Judge Lake] You look
just like a Dad holding their beautiful
new-born baby. But what were you thinking? -If he was mine.
-[audience] Aw. -Like, the–
-[Judge Lake]
That’s heartbreaking. The whole time, like, I was telling her that
I didn’t believe he was mine. As I presented
to the courtroom, I have text messages showing what
her and the fellow
were talking about, -before this picture was taken.
-And you submitted -those text messages
to the court.
-[Porter] Yes, ma’am. -Yes, ma’am.
-All right. Let’s take a look. This is your recollection
of the text exchange. Ms. King writes, “In the hospital
about to have the baby.” The other man responds… “Cool. Is George signing
the birth certificate?” Ms. King responds, “No. He doesn’t want to
be responsible.” Other man says, “I will sign
the birth certificate.” [audience exclaiming] Ms. King says “Okay, great.” [audience exclaiming wildly] It was just a joke. It was just a joke. -[Judge Lake]
“It was just a joke”?
-Yes. If any man
read those text messages… And truth be told, when you’re in
a real relationship, he should’ve been able
to have your phone in hand, so he can say,
“Look, baby’s almost here. We doing this. This is it.
I’m sending pictures
as soon as I get it.” To me, you got this man
just around, trying to be a stand-up guy, for a child
he really doesn’t know is his, and he has good reason not to. You gave it to him. [Judge Lake] What are you
feeling in this moment? [whimpers softly] ‘Cause my son deserves
to have a father. I agree. But it’s not the father
you choose because it’s the person
you want to be the father. It’s the father that truly is
his biological father. [audience applauding] [Judge Lake]
Now, you can, of course, have father figures. People can step in
and play the role of Dad, but I know what you’re saying.
You say you want your son
to have his biological father, but what
you’re testifying to is you basically have just decided
it’s Mr. Porter. -And that’s not how it works.
-I know George is the father. Your Honor, she’s told me that she trapped me
with Kailan. [audience exclaiming wildly] I have proof
that he’s the father. My son is actually a little
vertically-challenged. I have a chart that I created.
Would you like me
to show it to you? All right.
Please step up to the podium and explain your exhibit
to the court. As you can see,
the average male
is actually 5’9″. George is 5′ 2″. Each time that I take my son
to the doctor to get his wellness checks, he actually falls between
the lower percentile
of height-wise. The average child is
3’2″ through 3’5″. My son is 3’. Me and George both are short, so it’s guaranteed that
my son’s gonna be short. Is that what
you walked over here to say? -[audience laughing]
-Yes. We’ll just say that
that’s a little bit
of evidence. -Right?
-Yes. The truth is you could’ve had sex
with another short man… [audience] Yeah. …if you want to rely
on short. Your Honor, at the same token,
I have, um, a medical problem. And, um, I’ve presented it
to the court. When I was a child
I was diagnosed with the second highest case
of lead poisoning
in the state of New York. -[woman in audience] Wow.
-Really? Right. And I’m 26 right now,
and, um, I’ve never had
any children in, at all until this situation. So, I was confused
at the same time– -Because you believe
the lead poisoning…
-[Porter] Right. -…affected your ability…
-[Porter] To have children. -[Judge Lake]
…to have children.
-Yes, ma’am. You actually submitted… [Porter] Yeah,
I submitted an article. …some research
to the court… that says “Lead may be the cause
of 20% percent of unexplained
male infertility cases. Experts found evidence that low-level lead exposure
from contaminants may damage sperm and contribute
to male infertility.” [Porter] Yes, ma’am. -[Judge Lake] So you’ve done
your research?
-Yes, ma’am. And I understand that
because of this medical issue you probably have been
concerned about this -throughout your life.
-Yes. Yes. ‘Cause I’ve wanted children. For a while,
I’ve wanted children. He smiles
when I walk into the room. You know, his face lights up, you know, so, like I said, I just want to know for sure
that he’s mine or not. -You know what I mean?
-And that’s understandable. But one thing
that interested me, -and I will say your research
was fascinating.
-[Porter] Right. And I’d like to learn more about the effects
of lead poisoning, so I’m calling on, uh, Dr. Samantha Brown-Parks. Jerome, will you please
escort the doctor
into the courtroom? -Yes.
-I have a few questions
for her. -[Jerome] Hello, Doctor.
-[Dr. Samantha] Hey. Kindly go up
to the witness stand. Watch your step. Hi, Dr. Brown-Parks. -Good morning.
-Thank you so much for joining us again. We’re here discussing
the paternity of baby Kailan, and I have a question. Mr. Porter testified that he suffered from
one of the highest cases
of lead poisoning -in the state of New York.
Am I correct?
-Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am. Since Mr. Porter was
diagnosed as a child, how likely that this diagnosis still would affect
in his adulthood his ability to father a child? So, since I’m assuming that you’re no longer
at a toxic level, it wouldn’t affect
the sperm shape or mobility, but, because you’re developing
as a child, and that genital track is forming during
that lead exposure, you could mess with not only
the structure of what’s there, but also the hormonal path that leads to producing sperm
after puberty. Which would then
extend into adulthood. So, even though
his levels may be -safe, low
or non-existent now…
-Right. …the damage could have
already been done. The damage could have been done
as a young child. [Judge Lake] Wow. But is it… Is it definitive?
Meaning, is it still possible he could’ve fathered a child? -It is absolutely possible
as well.
-[Judge Lake] Okay. So, after hearing
Dr. Brown-Parks’ testimony, Mr. Porter, do you feel differently about
your potential? [Porter] No, ma’am. I don’t.
I still feel the same way. I just need to know for sure if he’s mine or not, you know? [Judge Lake] I understand. And I have
those results for you. Jerome, may I have
the envelope please? [audience applauding] These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case ofKing v. Porter,when it comes to three-year-old Kailan Porter… it has been
determined by this Court, Mr. Porter, you… are the father. Yes! -Congratulations.
-[Porter] Thanks. I’m happy.
I’m super happy right now. [Judge Lake] You look happy. Ms. King, I want to apologize
to the way I carried myself throughout all of this,
you know what I mean? I can’t change the world,
but I can change me and how I move
and my movement, you know? -[audience applauding]
-So, at the end of the day, I’m his father,
but I’m gonna do more. And I’m gonna step up
to the plate more
than I’m already doing. Um, I accept your apology,
and I knew he was yours. Are you all together now or no? -No, we’re co-parenting.
-[Judge Lake]
You’re just co-parenting? -Yes, ma’am.
-Okay. So, even though
you’re not a couple anymore, it’s important that you all
establish trust. And that means, Ms. King,
for you, telling the truth. A lie cannot be your go-to when things don’t go
the way you’d planned or the way you want
or the way you think. So then I tell a lie to try
to manipulate the situation. -Do you understand?
-Mmm-hmm. You see what
all the lies cost, right? -[King] Yes.
-Kailan is three, and he probably would’ve had
even a closer relationship with this father… had you just been truthful
from the beginning about everything. Okay? All right. I want you all
to take advantage of the counseling
and the resources
we have for you. Dr. Jeff will be standing by
to answer your questions and give you some great tips on how to co-parent and be
the parent Kailan deserves. I wish you all the very best.
He’s adorable. -[King] Thank you.
-Court is adjourned. -[audience applauding]
-Thank you, Doctor.

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  94. Lori Brown says:

    So we're just ignore the fact that she looks wayyyyy older than 22? 莞突

  95. Khanyisile Kubheka says:

    shevis not 22yrs maybe

  96. J Audrey says:

    So this is why the US is deliberately poisoning predominant black communities with lead poison.

  97. Sheisaqueen DeLoatch says:

    Wait i had lead and almost die because it was high and i have 3 kids.

  98. LRene Evans says:

    Judge LL said it best, she's doing too much. He seems like a good guy with a bad taste in women. I agree, he had nothing to apologize for.

  99. K.O.F hamp says:

    why mike tyson dressed like a woman?

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