Woman Accused of Being A Delusional Troublemaker (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Holshue v Howard.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Holshue,
you claim your mother had an affair
with the defendant’s father and today you’re
in court to prove that he is
your biological father.
Is that correct? Yes, ma’am. It is. Ms. Howard, you
and your sisters say Ms. Holshue is
a delusional troublemaker whose promiscuous mother
destroyed your family and ruined your home. You say Ms. Holshue was
dragging your father’s name through the mud and there is absolutely no way
she is related to you. Is that correct? That is correct, Your Honor. So Ms. Holshue, why do you
believe you’re related
to the Howards? Um, ’cause my mother and
Mr. Howard both told me that he was my father
and also family members on his side of the family,have also said that
I’m his daughter.
And also I’m in the obituary
as his daughter. You are? Yes I am, ma’am. KRYSAN:That was
a big mistake,
that her name was
put into the obituary.Our father’s sister
did that… HOLSHUE: No. …and did not tell any of us about it. Our father didn’t even
mention her. RAE: No. HOLSHUE: That’s a lie, ma’am. So why would she be put in
the obituary if no one ever mentioned her
or knew about her? Our father’s sister and her
mother were best friends. And she, our aunt is the one
who told her that she possibly, might be related to us. That’s not true, Your Honor. That is true. No, it’s not. I had a relationship
with Mr. Howard. No. No. Um, through the years after I found out
that he was my father and the only reason
I’m even wanting to know that he is my father
is because I… I’ve recently learned
that I have terminal cancer and I’d like to have
family history and I also, which I know
they don’t want to, but I would also like to
have some sort of information from them
about him. When did you first
find out about this? Whenever I was
about 12 or 13. How did you find out? (LAUGHS) ‘Cause my stepdad was drunk
and, um… He was fighting with my mother and he said, “Well, who do you
think your father is?” And so after that
my mother told me. And she took me
and introduced me to D.L. and… We had a relationship
from then on. What would you like to add? Your Honor, first and foremost
I just wanna say, I mean… Don’t get me wrong,
I feel for her that
she has cancer but, there’s kids out there that have been adopted
that have cancer
and they have no idea about anything
of their family history. I get it, the doctors asked
family history but that’s not gonna cure her
because she… Nobody said it was
gonna cure me. I’m talking. I’m talking, I’m talking. So? But what she’s saying is, if she is going to
leave this world, there are unanswered
questions in her mind
and in her life… That’s why we are here. …that she’d like
to get answers to. That’s why we’re here,
Your Honor. That’s… Fair. And you know… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you. …to the Howard sisters. Growing up, did you ever
hear about Ms. Holshue? KRYSAN: Never heard her. Did anyone ever
mention her? ALL:Never.DIANA:Yes, one timeone time, when I was
19 years old
my dad, he was
in from California. My parents were
already divorced. We rode from California,
he had us all meet him
out on a old country bar. We showed up and that
and her mother was there. “That”? And… I’m talking. You are saying, “that person”? Yes. Okay. They were there. And after about half an hour,
we had some drinks and stuff
for my dad… I don’t even remember that
and she is lying
and I’m not a “that”. If anybody is a “that”,
look over there. Whatever the case may be. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Whatever the case may be. Whatever the case may be. You know,
what’s the big deal… I’m talking. What if he is my father?
So what? I’m talking too. I could care less if he is. I could care less… All right ladies,
one at a time. (WOMEN TALKING OVER
ONE ANOTHER) Wait, one at a time because
I wanna hear this story. All of a sudden
you are brought into contact with Ms. Holshue? How old were you all
when this meeting happened? I was 19 at the time. So you remember this day? Oh, clearly, like
it was yesterday. They were sitting in a booth with my dad across
from her and her mother, I was seated at the end
and he said, “I just brought you guys here “to let you know that
she’s your sister.” And that was the one
and only time that my dad ever mentioned her
till the day he died. KRYSAN: He had
never mentioned it to
any of the rest of us. So your dad said it to you? DIANA: Yes. KRYSAN: Your Honor,
I lived with… So… Wait a minute.
If he told you,
why don’t you believe it? I don’t wanna speak ill
but I mean, my dad was… He’s dead…
Her mother’s passed away. It’s obvious my dad
messed around on my mom. It wasn’t just her mother. Exactly. It was never
just her mother… I agree with that one. …and I have heard
many things that say the same thing
about her mother. Okay, so what
you’re saying is, he said that,
but you felt like you had information
that suggested her mother also… Yeah. …slept around frequently. We say that respectfully. And so it was your conclusion that, “Even though
my dad said this, “it doesn’t mean
it’s necessarily true.” That is absolutely correct. When I was 17,
I had moved to California to live with my father. I flew out with
her younger sister, I lived there
for quite a while and her name was
never ever mentioned to me. From her mother,
from my father… No one. And just to be clear, your mother and father
were married? Correct. Yes. And you share the same
mother and father? Yes. All five of us. KRYSAN: Wait. Can I also say when I was in California,
living with my father, we had packed up our things
and moved out because my father had gone to where… At the bar where
her mother was working, and caught her
cheating on him. That gave me the thought that,
“Obviously her mother “probably has no idea
who any of her children
belong to.” Really. It’s not my fault you guys
don’t wanna know me. It’s not my fault that your
dad had sex with my mother and I am a product of that. And that’s not our fault
that they both did it either. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) It’s not my fault you guys
don’t wanna know me. Ms. Holshue. Yes. Your mother never
told you there were any other possibilities? Let me tell you this story.
My mother married the person I thought
was my biological dad when she was 14. Her and Mr. Howard were
childhood sweethearts. Okay, my mother
didn’t have me
until she was 20 days before she turned 21. And she was married to
the same man all that time. So what you’re saying
is your mom married
very young… Yes. …but she and Mr. Howard, the deceased, their father, they were still
in a relationship because they were
childhood sweethearts. They were in and out
of a relationship as long as I… HOWARDS:
No, they weren’t. …as long as I know. Our father was with us
every weekend. Every weekend. She’s just coming in
like a big old bulldozer. My maintenance man
in my building was my father’s
childhood friend. He and I had a chat
recently, and we chatted
for quite some time. I do know that she thinks
that she’s our sister. So I asked him
and he said, “No.” My mother was the only woman
that my dad… At that time,
early in the… So, you never heard
any rumors about
your father cheating? DIANA: When we got older.
Teenagers. KRYSAN: When we were older. As teenagers. Only as teenagers. When you say,
“She’s just trying to “insert herself
into our family”… Yes. Why? What’s her motive? You obviously
don’t want her there. Our sister is very good
friends with her. And she wants her
to be her sister. And we told her to prove it if she is our sister
and she kept denying, refusing to do
a DNA test. JUDGE LAKE: Well, that’s why
we’re here today and actually, Kelly, your sister is
here as well. Ron, can you please escort
their sister Kelly into the courtroom. RON: Yes, ma’am. Excuse me. You can come in and sit
at the witness stand. Sure. JUDGE LAKE: Hello, Ms. Howard.
Thank you so much for
joining us today. Ms. Holshue contends that she shares a father
with you and your sisters? Yes. And your sisters say, “Oh no, she doesn’t.” That’s their opinion. What is your opinion? I believe that she is. You do. Tell the court why. Because my father told me
that she was. RAE: She just needs
a family, Your Honor because her whole family,
she’s shut out. They’ve shut her out
because she is such a devil. I believe that she is. Tell me about that moment
when you were informed, or your father told you. Well, we were out one day
and I was about 19, and he said that
he wanted me to meet
one of his girlfriends. JUDGE LAKE: Mm-hmm. Okay, I had met several
of them before… Thought you said you’re 17… …no big deal. So we go to Lynn’s mother’s. He introduces me to her as my sister. So, we just went about
our way after that. And I just took it
as for what it was and just… JUDGE LAKE:
You never questioned it. No. Our dad never lied to us. You know your sisters
actually admit that your dad said to them “This is your sister,” but… They don’t believe it
because they felt like Ms. Holshue’s mother had been sleeping around,
had a reputation. As did he. And so they didn’t believe it. As did he. We don’t deny that our
father slept around. KELLY:He, he is our hero
to this day.
And I’m not gonna bash him
but yes, he loved women.
And that’s just
the way it was. Some men hunt,
some men don’t. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Okay, well said. Now your sisters,
seem to think that Ms. Holshue’s just
trying to stir the pot. She’s tryin’ to
get into your family. You two are best friends
and… KELLY: No. …you all want to be
sisters and… We are friends.
We are not best friends. JUDGE LAKE:
This is their theory. Of course, they have
all kinds of theories. Kelly’s been blacklisted
on the family since she’s
been 14 years old. That’s why
you need her
in your life. What are you two today? We’re everything. KELLY: Oh, I see that. That’s right. KELLY: Mm-hmm. I don’t even speak to
these two, number one. No, we don’t
speak to you. They don’t speak to me. So do think
your acceptance
of Ms. Holshue affected your relationship
with your sisters negatively? Do they, do they… If so, that’s… …ostracize you because
you’ve accepted them? I have no idea. It’s up her what she does. I still speak with Kelly
on a daily basis. As I do with my other sisters. Right. I just am tired
of hearing about this. Your Honor, Mr. Howard
invited me to a Howard family reunion… RAE: Lies. That is a total lie. HOLSUE: It was at
Guilford Lake. That is a total lie. Just because you know
where it was doesn’t mean
you were invited. There was never
a family reunion
at Guilford Lake. It was not at Guilford Lake
it was outside Guilford Lake. How does she know
where the reunion is if she wasn’t invited
or someone didn’t tell her? KELLY: And I wasn’t in town. Your Honor, I’ve been to
every single family reunion and she’s never been there. Is it held at that location? I’m sure that she has
this information because she’s gotten it
from my other sister. (ALL TALKING) (ARGUING OVER ONE ANOTHER) JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute.
Ms. Holshue, did you actually go to the family reunion? HOLSHUE: Yes, Your Honor. I did. My first… (HOWARD WOMEN ARGUING) JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. Yes, Your Honor.
My first husband and I
went there. We walked into the pavilion
and sat down with D.L. and started talking to him
and I don’t remember
which woman it was, but chased me out,
calling me out calling
all these nasty names. (ALL YELLING INDISTINCTLY) That wanted to beat me up. KRYSAN: She’s lying. (HOWARD WOMEN YELLING) If we wanted to beat you up,
we would have done it. And I ask questions… Because your dad
stopped you. JUDGE LAKE:
Listen, listen, listen, I know one thing.
You all might not be sisters but you’re acting like it… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING
AND APPLAUDING) …in this courtroom today. You are. You are. Your Honor, the first time I laid eyes
on this lady was when she was sitting
in a front row of my father’s funeral. She bulldozed in. Nobody asked her to come. JUDGE LAKE: When you say,
“She bulldozed in,”
what do you mean? Did she push her way through? She came and sat
in the front row like she was supposed to
be there or something. We had no idea who
she even was. Your Honor, I hope that it is
true that he is my father but if he’s not… KRYSAN: That’d be happy days. They both lied to me. Him and my mother
lied to me. KRYSAN: Did they
teach you well? They don’t know.
They don’t do DNA
with her eyeballs. JUDGE LAKE: Do you all want
to get these results? ALL: Yes. You all wanna sit down. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) KRYSAN: Finally,
finally, finally. JUDGE LAKE: You’d like
to stand with Ms. Holshue? Yes. Absolutely. Please. Thank you. KRYSAN: (MOCKING)
“I’m a pretender.” Ron, I’m ready for
the envelope. Kelly, Diana, Krysan and Rae Howard. You share the same father. And so,
because there wasn’t
a blood card available to test the DNA
of the deceased, David Howard, we performed
a sibling-ship test, in order to determine
if Misty Lynn Holshue is the sister of Diana Howard. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows… but if he’s not,
they both lied to me. JUDGE LAKE: In the case ofHolshue v Howardit has been determined
by this court that the probability of half sibling-ship, between Diana Howard and Misty Lynn Holshue is 98.1%. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) I knew it. I knew it. I’m glad she knows,
Your Honor, but it doesn’t make
a difference though. RAE: I’m glad she does too. You know it’s very sad
from where I sit to see this venom. HOLSHUE:
I have no problem
with them. It’s them, they hate me. I have no problem whatsoever
with them women. JUDGE LAKE: Listen… DIANA: I’ve never
spoken to her. The DNA… Listen,
the DNA has spoken. You are in fact,
half-siblings, siblings. And I’m about putting
families back together, that’s what we do
in this courtroom. But there are instances where I look at the people
before me and I realize may be there’s just
too much water under
the bridge right now. You all stood over there today and acted like some bad
remake ofMean Girls.(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: I’m not kidding. I mean, just mean. Just vicious. All this puffed-up nonsense
you all were doing in here, I don’t believe
a minute of it. Somewhere along the way you all lost your footing
at being sisters. You know my grandmother
used to have a saying
where she’d say, “Be careful how you
treat folks, “’cause they may be
the one to give you
your last cup of water.” You never know in this life, when everyone else is gone,
who will be there. More often than not, it’s your sibling. It’s your sister. It’s your brother. You all should try when you get ready… When you get in a place
where you can, ’cause right now
you’re so negative,
you can’t do it. But if you get to a place, try to fix this. ‘Cause I know one thing
is for certain, this is not what your father
wants to see
from the heavens. Now you tell your father,
“Rest in peace,” and then you all commence
to acting a fool. That’s not right. You all say
he was your hero, live up to that. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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