Will Lordaeron Ever Be Restored? Undercity after BFA?

Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be talking about the future of Lordaeron. Covering the history, recent events and future
speculations. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore. Lordaeron is one of the most relevant human
kingdoms and one of the most important empires within the old Alliance. Initially, it split off from the Arathorian
Empire and was just a city-state. It was named after the great Arathorian general
Lordain that together with five hundred men kept the Amani forces at bay, all of them
sacrificing themselves in order to protect the rest of the army. Over time Lordaeron would grow to become one
of the most influential human empires on the continent. Fabled for it’s fertile lands and size as
well as at their peak they held much of the northern Eastern kingdoms. They would rise to their prominence in the
Second war as the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed there uniting other human kingdoms,
dwarves, gnomes and high elves. Under the leadership of Terenas Menethil the
Alliance was victorious and the world was seemingly saved. The orcs that survived were placed into internment
camps and in order to finance them Terenas demanded taxes from the rest of the kingdoms. This together with other issues essentially
crumbled the once strong Alliance. It was only Stormwind that remained with Lordaeron,
but unfortunately, they would not be of much aid in what was to come. Through the Lich King and dark magic, the
plague of undeath was created and it started spreading through Lordaeron like wildfire. The son of the king Arthas was sent to investigate
but this only led to him discovering that it was much too late and ultimately corrupting
him. Arthas became a death knight, murdered Terenas
and destroyed the rest of the kingdom. Lordaeron was hit extremely hard and it had
a very tragic fate as most of the citizens were turned into the Scourge or were just
wiped out. Only a small group of survivors escaped to Stormwind and together or Jaina Proudmoore. Ultimately Arthas would head for Northrend
and his minions would gain power, leading to the rise of Sylvanas Windrunner. She would manipulate the surviving humans
and would defeat the dreadlords and the scourge and would take over much of the continent. Now a large chunk of Lordaeron was the home
to the newly founded forsaken, while other parts were ravaged by the remnants of the
Scourge. The undead would ultimately join the Horde
and over the years Sylvanas would keep expanding her foothold and influence across Lordaeron. Many new bases were built and new war campaigns
were started most importantly against Gilneas. What was once the sewage system of the capital
city would now become the bustling undead capital known as Undercity. Now in the most recent time, massive changes
would occur. Sylvanas would burn Teldrassil and in response,
the Alliance would mount a massive invasion against Undercity now known as the Battle
for Lordaeron. It was a critical event with many casualties
and ultimately the Alliance was able to take over the capital. However Sylvanas rigged it and exploded the
entire area with plague making the victory lose its significance and turning the area
uninhabitable. Nonetheless, as we know now the Alliance did
win so what exactly will happen with Lordaeron in the future after this war? It is very important to note that while the
Alliance did conquer Undercity technically they didn’t take over the continent. The forsaken still control a large part of
the land and what the Alliance did was invade from the North with their fleet, essentially
bypassing Horde territory, nuking the city and leaving. The kingdom of Lordaeron is much more than
just Undercity. The plaguelands were a major region, large
part of the hillsbrad foothills, tirisfal glades, parts of silverpine forest and a few
other areas. Alliance actually has a presence in some of
these, more in some than in others and as far as we know the Alliance managed to control
the ruins of Gilneas and it was a strategic location in this war. Still forsaken are powerful and do manage
to hold on to some of the regions. Also Undercity was essentially blown away
with plague so currently it is completely uninhabitable. Sure the lands were scorched and Alliance
won but it’s not like they have been rebuilding the capital city. In my opinion, as this is a world of magic
it is possible to somehow bypass the plague but that would probably take some time and
effort The main point is in order for the Alliance
to restore Lordaeron they would really need to conquer most of the other regions in order
to actually secure the zones. However, all of this is much more complicated
than that. The Alliance obviously has an interest in
expanding their influence seeing that they rebuilt Stromgarde and there is currently
an ongoing conflict there. Also, Genn, being very close to the king,
is extremely keen on revenge and rebuilding the fallen kingdom of Gilneas. If Stromgarde and Gilneas are rebuilt, Lordaeron
seems only like the rational third piece seeing that many survivors fled to Stormwind. Obviously the Horde is not going to make this
easy in the slightest as if the Alliance managed to occupy all of this Silvermoon would be
under a serious threat and Horde would ultimately lose almost all of their influence within
the Eastern Kingdoms. One counter-argument though is that maybe
the Alliance doesn’t actually want to rebuild Lordaeron as we have seen with some Lordaeron
survivors saying they wouldn’t want to return to their home. Recently there was an attempt that did end
up completely wrong with some humans reuniting with their families that were undead or vice
versa. Sylvanas was very much against this and this
ended up with the death of Calia Menethil the sister of Arthas. Now, in my opinion, seeing that Calia is undead
I think she could be key to this entire process. As Sylvanas essentially abandoned the Horde
they are now leaderless and seeing the interactions with Thrall, Varok and Anduin it doesn’t seem
like the Horde wants to actually continue an all-out war and conquering Silvermoon and
all of the Horde areas would cause way more bloodshed than what the recent campaigns caused. So here is my speculation that makes sense
to me. Calia Menethil as the daughter of Terenas
and the rightful ruler to Lordaeron could take over and lead the Forsaken, either by
herself or with a council which would essentially rebuild Lordaeron just in a different Light
and seeing that the Horde and the Alliance would be on better terms maybe the Gilneans
are allowed to rebuild their Kingdom and the surrounding areas. I think this could be a possibility and I
honestly doubt that there would now be a new all-out war in order to restore Lordaeron,
especially since Lordaeron was completely obliterated in the conflicts and there isn’t
much left of the foundation to rebuild on. Or Blizzard could completely forget about
this, patch only a part of the story with the Forsaken and would leave this hanging
for the next 10 years as was the case with Gilneas. Thank you for watching. Check out why Sylvanas was so powerful by
clicking on the screen and also check out the second channel Doron’s Academy for videos
on real-world history and science. See you next time!

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  1. mikkel byrnak says:

    damn I'm early

  2. Doronsmovies says:

    Talking about whether Lordaeron could ever be restored and what is the future of Undercity after BFA. If you guys haven't checked out the second channel yet, you can do so by clicking here. http://bit.ly/SecondChannelDoron

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    super odrađen video i naracija na engleskom

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  6. Martin Deus says:

    Most of the video has nothing to do with the title. Clickbait.

  7. CorvusHD says:

    Damn! great video! really well done

  8. MonClow says:

    Hi im early

  9. Dian Grozdanchev says:

    fuck lorderon will gilneas ever be restored its the superior city

  10. Aleksandar Vil says:

    What about Kaldorei / Night Elves and their part of Kalimdor after BfA???

  11. purple dragon of honor says:

    Cries in gilnean

  12. Nathan St says:

    Undercitys throne room always gives me Warcraft III nostalgia. What a great game.

  13. Aquaria says:

    Same goes for teldrassil will it ever be restored or will jaina use the same spell she used for the battle of lorderon to de-plague Gilneas and the worgen and the night elves live there

  14. Hyfryd ! says:

    Will Hong Kong ever be restored though? Not on Blizzard's watch

  15. S. F. P. says:

    Blizzard is very good at leaving stuff hanging and simply working on something new, instead of completing the story they were working on. Like a child with ADHD.

  16. Adi Yusuf says:

    Calia becomes a new leader of the forsaken, gilneas becomes a new human kingdom. So the horde still has presence in northern part of eastern kingdom (aside of silvermoon) but also lose some territory to the alliance.

  17. Szymon Kaliński says:

    I will never bow to Calia !! She is Alliance puppet and spy !! If Calia want my respect then she must kill Greyman bc he is the main enemy of the Forsaken. I hope we get Lilian Voss as a new racial leader. Lordaeron belongs to Forsaken !!

  18. Martin Staněk says:

    I think the idea of Lordaeron maybe becoming some sort of neutral capital for both living and undead might work. Alliance vs Horde is over, and seeying that Western and Eastern Plaguelands are held by Argent Crusade (and hopefully their restoration continues) turning Lordaeron into a central hub for Alliance/Horde and possibly Argents could kind of restore it's original role, as it once was the "main" part of the Alliance, now it could be the main part of Azerothian kingdoms or whatever.

  19. Himanshu Kumar says:

    Bro I love your voice I wish I meet you and talk to you , your voice my god it's great and I love Warcraft too…. You are a bonus …

  20. Apple Jack says:

    only fair that horde lose a major city because they burned ours to the ground

  21. Daniel Tan says:

    I really hope they will rebuild Gilneas. Its too beautiful to be abandoned

  22. ocab says:

    Imagine that

  23. ocab says:

    Are there any sports in azeroth?

  24. Bryan Wong says:

    Plot twist:Arthas will return to bring back lordaeron back to his former glory

  25. Olle Fjällström says:

    Hope so.. It used to be my favorite capital.. But hopefully Silvermoon and nearby zones will recieve a major upgrade.. I hope we’ll get some serious Troll news soon, with Talanji and the Zandalar with the Horde I hope too see the reuiniting of Troll-kin

  26. fufu cuddlipoops says:

    lordaeron will be azeroth's first shopping mall complete with hot topic

  27. YoungWolf says:

    Make Lordaeron Great Again

  28. das lol says:

    You simplify things so much that is embarrasing.

  29. lumpythebored says:

    My theory is they will rebuild, but just use the upper half with Calia in the Throne room. She'll say something cheesy about not needing to live in darkness.

  30. Yuri kawauchi says:

    Silvermoon still haven’t no rebuilding

  31. Necroking Darak says:

    So when i first saw Calia… i thought she was not wearing pants…
    glad i was wrong

  32. Štěpán Pytlík says:

    I pretty much agree,but how can you call this an Alliance victory? The battle of Lordaeron was more like a defeat for the Alliance and a pyrrhic victory for the Horde. Same with the war itself. Alliance lost far more than the Horde and it even didn't defeat Sylvanas or the Horde militarily

  33. Avadon Markus says:

    Arthus…corrupted…ha…Tricked into using a blade that would take his soul as one of it's…many…victims…but…only those that have…experience Warcraft 3…know this…

  34. Never More says:

    To be honest, I play WoW just because of Forsaken and their story. I don't know why, but it seems like it has deepest roots in the whole Warcraft games. I really, really hope Activision-Blizzard will give them some love and tell us more about story of, again, abandoned nation…

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