Wife Had An Affair With Husband’s Brother (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

JUDGE LAKE: You may be seated. JEROME: Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofVogel v. Vogel.Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Vogel, you currently owe $43,000 in child support… Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
…for the defendant’s son who you say is not yours and you claim to know who his father is. DANIEL: That’s right. JUDGE LAKE:
Once today’s results prove that you are not
his biological father, you say you will return to your home state
to get this enormous
debt erased. Yes. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Vogel, you say the plaintiff
is motivated by money and have always believed he is your son, William’s father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: That for 30 years, you are finally ready to prove the truth today, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Vogel, who do you believe
his father is? DANIEL: My brother, David. AUDIENCE: Oh. Oh. DANIEL: She had sexwith my brother in a car…My car in a parking lotin Janesville, Wisconsin.JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, wait a minute.
Just take me back. DONNA: I’m sorry, Your Honor, but, uh, there was no sex in a car. It was under a bridge. My son is a bridge baby. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I don’t know
where he got that, but… But you’re admitting that you were intimate
with his brother? DONNA: Yes, ma’am. Just not in a car, under a bridge. Yes, Your Honor, I was… JUDGE LAKE:
Let’s get it right. (LAUGHTER) So, what was the nature of your relationship with Mr. Vogel? DONNA: It was real rocky. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Real rocky. And… JUDGE LAKE:
But you were married? Yes, I was. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, to Mr. Vogel? DONNA: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: William was born
during your marriage? DONNA: Yes. So, you would be presumed to be the father? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
So, during the time in which Ms. Vogel
is pregnant, do you believe William
is your child during that time? Do you know about this sex
with your brother? I had a thought
that it possibly… It was somebody in my family and I figured
it was probably my brother. You start to think and things are going wrong
in the relationship and my brother is doing
certain things and it’s like, “Wait a minute, “you two must be
getting together
or something.” And that’s when everything
started clicking in my head and I started
putting dates together. He was born on, uh, November 17th. She had divorced me already and I had went
down to Kentucky to talk to her
for a little while, stayed with her for, like,
three or four days and she told me the story
of the car in February 19th, I guess, just to get me mad
and get me going and that she had sex
with my brother. DONNA: After three years,
we got married. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. So then, you married
his brother? DONNA: Yeah, three years
after I divorced him. How do you get to
a point where
you’re gonna sleep with your husband’s brother? Well, the bridge thing, he… I mean, he treated me better. He was good to me. And he just was that smooth that he just talked me right out my britches… (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Literally and… WILLIAM:
Can I interject for a moment? Uh, you don’t have to actually get a better understanding of his brother, David. Uh, this man, he… He’s got a sly tongue.
He’s got a snake’s tongue. Uh, he could pretty much
talk anybody into generally anything, so I wouldn’t doubt what my mother
is saying, uh… What are you thinking? WILLIAM: I haven’t had
a secure thought in years. About two years ago,
my mom pretty much, she came to me and she told me that there’s a possibility that David could be my father. And what she basically told me was that she had sex with him under a bridge. Now, that’s my
understanding of it and it hasn’t changed
over the last two years. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Who did you grow up believing was your biological father? WILLIAM: Well, I had grown to the age of five and my understanding that David was my father. And then all of a sudden,
my mother had kind of come to me when I was five and gave me
a better understanding that my uncle Daniel might’ve been my father. And then she basically told me that he was my father. So I had… I had… I had a lot of head trips
at that point in time. I didn’t really understand
at that point… JUDGE LAKE:
I’m head-tripping right now. But Mr. Vogel, Daniel here is the one paying child support for you? Yes, Your Honor. That’s right. DONNA: It’s all about the money, anyway. DANIEL: It’s not
about the money,
it’s about the children. I have this right here which is proof
they have $43,000… JUDGE LAKE: Let me see that
evidence, please, Jerome. This is proof… DANIEL:
And I’ve been paying… …of the amount of support
you’ve been paying. DANIEL:
I’ve been paying in two states since 1990. They’re taking my federal tax
down in Kentucky. The State of Wisconsin
is taking my state tax. I have no money. My three children, my wife raised with me in the house because I had no money. I couldn’t give them
Christmas presents, I couldn’t give them
birthday presents, I couldn’t do nothing
for my own children. And these are my children. These are pronounced
to not be my children. It’s not here… JUDGE LAKE: So, four… …over $43,000 owed… DANIEL: Yes. …on children you don’t know are really
your biological children? DANIEL: Right, Your Honor. William, you don’t know. And truthfully,
William grew up, he didn’t even think at first you were
his biological father. DANIEL: Right, Your Honor. But you were paying support even all that time? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
The legal lesson
in this is that the court is gonna consider the best interest
of the child. Right. If the child was born
during the marriage, you’re presumed to be
the father. DANIEL:
Yes, I know, Your Honor.
JUDGE LAKE:And most state
give a window of time…
DANIEL:Yes.…to refute that,to bring proof… Your Honor, I’ve… I have tried… I’ve even went in and expunged… JUDGE LAKE:
And I was just about to say, and some courts don’t choose to acknowledge or move forward… DONNA: They won’t acknowledge nothing when you’re… …if they believe it’s in the best interest
of the child. I have… JUDGE LAKE: And now, I have a young man standing
in my courtroom, quite frankly, that says, he hasn’t had a secure
thought in years… No, he hasn’t. Because he doesn’t have a firm foundation… No, Your Honor. …because he doesn’t know who his father is. It’s like changing
by the decade. DANIEL: Yes. One decade, he has one father. JUDGE LAKE: The next decade, that father is his uncle and then the uncle
is the father. The next decade,
then that uncle
becomes his father and the father
becomes an uncle. This is too much. JUDGE LAKE: So once, William,
you’ve got word that potentially
Mr. Vogel, Daniel, could be your
biological father, how did the
dynamic change then? Well, at that point in time, I wanted to get to know
my father. I wanted to get to know the man standing here
before us. Uh, I actually took
a little bit of time and actually had
the opportunity and go and spend a little bit of time
with him. He’s a wonderful man. Uh, I didn’t really get
much time beyond that. Uh, off and on
throughout the years, I’ve had times here and there, just kind of juggled between my mother and my supposed biological father. DANIEL: I never got to see… And he got to see me
once in a while. It wasn’t every often. Majority of the time
living with David, I had actually been
moved around from state to state. We really didn’t stay
in one place for a very
long period of time. Uh, so my understanding of it was David was my father because he was the one
raising me. But Daniel was my
biological father and… So, you’re in a situation
where… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) …your uncle
could be your father, but your… And your father
could be your uncle? WILLIAM: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Either way,
your uncle is… Either way. Either way, my uncle is my father. JUDGE LAKE: Either way. WILLIAM: And I come from
the State of Kentucky so that sounds kind of… DONNA: Weird. …kind of offbeat. So, I mean… Really, William? Mr. Vogel, sometimes,
you just have to laugh to keep from crying,
people, okay? WILLIAM: I understand. Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Mr. Vogel,
have you ever tried
to figure out a timeline to piece
this together? DANIEL: I have… Because the truth is, if she was still
married to you when William was conceived, then that’s why we’re here,
is because… DONNA: I’ve got a timeline… …potentially, you could be his biological
father as well
as your brother. DANIEL:
And I have beat myself up for many years
trying to figure out the difference between this, the timeline,
and everything else. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, let’s walk through this. DANIEL:
I’ve walked through the dates. I’ve done
everything for years. Walk through the dates
with me. Walk through the dates
with me. She told me
February 19th of ’84. That was the story back then. February 19th
of ’84 was what? Was when her and my brother
had sexual relations. JUDGE LAKE: So February 19th. WILLIAM: Wow. Wow. Okay. So that’s… DANIEL:
That opened that can of… JUDGE LAKE: …brother. Did you really have sex
with his brother on his birthday, Ms. Vogel? Yes, Your Honor, I did. (SIGHS) JUDGE LAKE: Whoa. When was William born? Uh, November 17th. DONNA: 17th. JUDGE LAKE:
So that’s William born.
DANIEL:Well, Your Honor,
what really made
the difference is I was gone
and I came home
on the 27th of February when we were set
to move down to Kentucky. We, uh, moved there
on the 1st of March and Donna was having her
menstrual period, of which she did every time
she had… Well, when she did when she had
my oldest son. JUDGE LAKE:
The bottom line is,
you’re saying you were not
intimate with her? Not until about
the 7th of, uh, March. JUDGE LAKE: Until about
the 7th of March? When we got down to Kentucky. So that’s husbandand wife time.What was going on
around February 19th?
You were gone?I was gone, yes. DONNA: Oh, yeah, he’s gone. So the affair
with the brother started when he was away? Yeah.
Yes, ma’am. So that February 19th
is the bridge? WILLIAM:Well, You Honor…JUDGE LAKE:
We’ll just put a bridge.
William, I understand
your confusion, honey. This is a lot. And the main purpose
and reason why I’m here is for my children. I’ve got, uh, a 4-year old, two 3-year olds,
uh, 18-month old. I mean, what am I…
What am I gonna tell them? I mean… Yeah, I just need this taken care of. Well… DANIEL: I still have a warrant out
for my arrest in Wisconsin. I could go to jail. I’ve been to jail for, uh, contempt of court twice, equaling eight months, which is way over the limit of what I owe right now,
even right there. At $50 a day, paying $120
a week and… And all of this for failure to pay child support,
all of this? I clearly look like that man. I mean, uh, I’ve got his
body structure. I’ve got his attitude… So William, you believe you look like David Vogel,
the brother? WILLIAM: Yes, Your Honor.
Uh, I’ve done
a lot of research over the years
and I’ve actually
come to a point where I have understood a little bit more
about genetics than what I really
wanna kind of delve into. But to my understanding, it doesn’t matter
whether or not it is David or Daniel. I could look like
either one of them. I could look like
my grandfather, I could look like my aunt. I mean… We see that a lot. …in genetics, I mean, I do look a lot like my mom, but I look more like David than anybody. So I mean, that’s where
my questions lie. JUDGE LAKE: Mom, Ms. Vogel… I wanna know. Yes, Your Honor. …as you stand here in court today, has any of this testimony affected your belief? Because you’ve told him
back and forth, is it just because you’ve just always been confused? Yes, Your Honor, it has. Because I just don’t know. Well, that’s why we’re here. DONNA: Daniel… I thank you for that. …I’m sorry. That’s okay. That’s all forgiven now.
It’s forgiven. It has been, you know that. JUDGE LAKE:
Now that’s the kind of stuff I like to see under
the bridge, Jerome. JEROME: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:
That’s what I wanna see under the bridge. Thank you for that, Mr. Vogel. Pardon? Because I don’t think we can undervalue the power
of just forgiveness. You know, it would… It would’ve been easy,
Ms. Vogel, to, you know,
sit in this courtroom and sit in this seat,
and how could you, and how this, and how that, but I read the facts. And most importantly, I can see the sincerity
of your regret. DANIEL: I can see it, too. JUDGE LAKE:
The sincerity of it. DANIEL: Yeah,
she’s very sincere about it. JUDGE LAKE:
Because what she got to see, and I often talk about this to young women
in this courtroom, when you seek counsel
under the covers, when you run
and jump in the bed with somebody else that, you know, people believe
the quickest way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else and that just isn’t true. And when it happens,
you create situations you don’t intend, that have consequences that you would never intend. And she sees the way it has
affected her son. And the confusion… DONNA: And for all the hurt. I can see that. And hurting him, and having him experience
that level of doubt and not have a firm foundation
to stand on or a secure thought,
as he put it. That is enough to make you understand
your consequences and how they’ve
affected others. So with that said, thank goodness
this courtroom exists because we have the answers for you today. DANIEL: Yes, thank you… JUDGE LAKE:
I’m ready for the results. JEROME: (INDISTINCT) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. This has been very emotional. Ms. Vogel, you have been
very emotional. Is there anything
you’d like to say to your son, William? DONNA: I’m just sorry that it happened this way. I didn’t know… It’s all right. DONNA: …what else to
tell him. William,
when you see your mother expressing this
kind of regret, you’ve been through a lot. Is there something you’d like
to say to your mom? I’m gonna love you
either way it goes. You’re my mom. (CROWD APPLAUDING) Here we go. In the case of
Vogel v. Vogel,
to determine
whether Daniel Vogel or his brother, David Vogel, is the father of 31-year-old William Vogel… JUDGE LAKE: It has been
determined by this court, Mr. Daniel Vogel… You… Are his father. WILLIAM: Ahh. DONNA: Oh. DANIEL: Thank you.
Thank you so much. Finally. WILLIAM: (INDISTINCT) JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Vogel… DANIEL: Yeah. …you look shocked. DANIEL: I am. (SNIFFLING) (STAMMERS) More than shocked. You… I saw it. I have paid all my life for somebody I didn’t know
whether he was mine or not. And now I know
I needed to pay, so that’s water under
the bridge. I know that he is mine. I’m glad I paid for him. I’m happy that he is mine. Mine. You know, I… JUDGE LAKE: And I want you all
to think about how to move forward. We have counseling
and resources
for all of you. Because it’s not gonna
just end here. Now, the man you believed was your father growing up is in fact your uncle. And this man, who you believed
is your uncle,
is your biological father. But at least
we got it straight. DANIEL: Oh, yes.
Thank you so much. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: Right? And so take advantage
of the counseling. Figure out how to work
through this as a family. But most importantly,
stick together. Because family is all we got. Oh, me and him… JUDGE LAKE: All right? …can work through it. We don’t need
any counseling, do we, boy? Even if you feel
like you don’t, I think mom could use it. So I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. WILLIAM: Thank you so much. DONNA: Sorry, Daniel. I’m sorry, Daniel. DANIEL: You’re all right now. You’re all right.

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    Nothing makes me more sick than hearing of people sleeping with their siblings' partners. How low do you have to be to do that to your sibling of all people? This is just an abominable behavior. Sleeping with your friends' partner is terrible enough but with your siblings' partner? Are you kidding me? That's real sick and people who do that are lowlives. I can't believe this woman had the gut to laugh about it. Very shameless.๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ™„

  90. Customcalendars4u2 says:

    The State said: Due to our egregious error we find it in OUR best interest that you are the father (even though he looks just like your brother) because we aint giving you none of your M.F money back. Now yall leave well enough alone, take these doctored up DNA results, go somewhere and live happily ever after case closed!

  91. kerry Lord says:

    How long do you have to airport you're kids in America, support.?? He looks to be 25 in Australia you support you're children until 18.

  92. kerry Lord says:

    Lovely young man

  93. Captain J Doodle says:

    Yeeeeah, because under a bridge is so much better…

  94. newton says:

    THAT lady is so BLESSED to have good men, in her life… to whomever is readin' this, we're blessed to see this day…

  95. Mercy Musinguzi says:

    Either way your uncle is your father

  96. Lee Hunt says:

    Dad happy about this one

  97. DreSully says:

    Mom is giving me Deb from Orange is the New Black…. From her voice to her look

  98. Ryan A says:

    Sam Elliots voice got stuck in that woman!!!!!!

  99. Ryan A says:

    I am taking a wild stab in the dark and guessing that the woman smoked a cigarette or 3!?!?!?!

  100. Way2Jung says:

    Ugh son paying for her stupidities.

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