Why Justice League Is The WORST Superhero Film – NitPix

This video is sponsored by Amino. Justice league. Is Bad. But it’s not just bad, it is without a doubt. The worst superhero film ever. And listen, I’m not just throwing that word
around in a blaze sort of way in order to keep you gripped. I’m not being general about this. I mean it. I have seen every trash superhero film, every
cheesy, badly made, cash grab film with heroes in tights and I am now entirely resolute in
my judgement that justice league fails in such a historic capacity that it is utterly
unmatched. That’s right man. This shit is worse than Catwoman, batman and
robin, Suicide Squad, Electra, Steel, Green lantern, or any other cesspool vigilante movie
you may of be thinking of. Justice League is the worst. But how am I judging these films? In what capacity am I filtering these cinematic
art pieces in order to label them as I currently am? You know my name, NitPix, but don’t know
my story. And by story I mean how I rate movies, which
is like this. Bong On the one end you have the films that are
so bad they’re good. The other, cinematic masterpieces, The green
represents the enjoyment of the viewever, we all have the capacity to enjoy either one
of these films. Both have passion for their ideas, they try
new things and they take risks, but it’s just on one side the risks paid off and on
the other… they didn’t, So you got dark knight one side and you got batman and robin
on the other. It’s at the centre that we see what truly
makes films bad. They’re boring, bland, unexciting and ultimately
have nothing to say. And justice league. Is right slap bang in the middle of this space. So now that you know how I see and judge movies
generally let’s go forward and go through justice league with an incredibly fine comb
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thank. So use the links below and download the sickest
app of the century! Superheroes are our modern day Greek myths,
and films are our modern day Greek books. In a thousand years, the human race will turn
to movies featuring Batman and Iron Man in the same that we look at the Greek stories
of Medea or Icarus. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing a constant
slew of superhero films every year and it’s very easy to frame these stories as dumb,
artless and silly. But the reality of the situation is that people
are tuning into them in a way that is unheard of and they’re going to have a deep cultural
relevance for many centuries to come. Marvels cinematic universe has changed the
landscape for how we see narrative in film forever. Disney have produced 19 films over the last
ten years with interlacing stories, reoccurring villains and established a universe that is
literally a universe, with heroes that can come from any planet or timezone which all
have the precedence to tell a story within that space. It’s also been the most commercially successful
cinematic endeavour ever. The superhero as a concept has been around
for over a hundred years and it’s clear why we connect with them, they are the encompassing
of essential story tropes, good overcoming evil, heroism, and the aspiration for something
larger in life. The format also allows for reflections of
our own culture, mirroring what’s happening in our own lives even slightly amongst these
epic and grand tales. You see it in films like X-men which emulate
how race and immigration can create social unease and conflict. Captain America: Winter Soldier reflects the
ever-increasing surveillance by the government and questions our right to privacy. All the spiderman movies embody what it’s
like to be a teenager, being lost and isolated in their world searching for purpose and has
always aimed to speak to the culture of the youth at that time. But you could argue that this is just what
good movies need to do in order to be important and you’re right. But these movies are doing better than any
movie has ever done ever and they have a strong impact on the language of cinema and the way
we enjoy art in general. Although these films can be seen as just childish
dumb forgettable romps without much depth it’s worth noting that films like Star Wars,
Jaws and Alien were never meant to be a cultural phenomenon, but because they had such a huge
mass appeal and resonated with audiences, they just became that over time. So with Justice League, I’m not just talking
about a bad movie here… I’m talking about an insult to our culture. The gaping issues that make Justice League
the worst superhero film of all time are clear from the very beginning. An opening scene primarily functions to establish
the tone, build up the world in which the narrative takes part in and possibly introduce
the key themes. Justice league chooses to open with a child
filming superman from his phone. Nearly all the criticisms I have for Justice
League are observable in this one minute scene. Superman has an uncanny valley esq face, due
to this being a reshoot. If you didn’t already know, Henry Cavill
was contractually obligated to keep his moustache for the filming of Mission Impossible. This meant that in all reshoots, with Henry
Cavil he’s had his moustache CG’d to look clean shaven. This makes it very difficult to distinguish
what emotion Henry Cavill is trying to display, as though he sounds friendly and approachable,
he looks irritated. As the kids ask him questions, the boy filming
somehow seems to magically grow to be the same height as superman, with the camera angle
starting low and slowly getting higher as the scene progresses. There’s absolutely nothing that visually
communicates anything about Superman’s character or his relationship with the people of Earth. When you look at opening to Spiderman homecoming,
another superhero film which starts with a first-person camera sequence. You see much more thought put into visual
storytelling and the communication of core character traits. The child filming superman sounds excited,
but that isn’t communicated with the motion of the camera work, which is smooth and professional,
purely serving a function. Imagine yourself as a small child, witnessing
a crisis, then suddenly seeing the man of steel swoop in and save everyone. But then he stops and gives you his time to
make you feel special. How does that make you feel? Hope filled and warm, you suddenly like Superman
as a character and instantly have a sense of scope. If you think about all the visually excited
ways that could be put to film and then see how they decided to do it Justice League you
can suddenly see that no one cared about making a good movie. Everything is stiff, there’s no sense of
this being filmed in a living breathing world. Superman talks about hope, trails off and
stares into the distance. This doesn’t set a tone for a fun action
blockbuster, which is what I think this film is going for, as there’s no music, and due
to the fact that Superman died in the last film, the scene has a feeling of mourning. It’s like this scene only exists to remind
us that Superman is dead now. But c’mon, this is just a one minute scene
supposedly filmed on a camera phone. Give Synder or Whedon or whoever the fuck
directed this scene some slack. Well, in the next scene, they introduce one
of the biggest and well known superheroes in history, Batman, a character that’s synonymous
with quality storytelling. However, quality storytelling is not something
you’ll find here. The scene opens with a criminal exiting a
doorway on a Gotham rooftop literally carrying a bag of swag. He turns to see batman squatting on a building
rooftop. At this point, when I watched this film in
the cinema, everyone started laughing. This is our first shot of the dark knight,
and a room full of people all giggled. They either tried to make Batman look menacing
and hopelessly failed or they for some reason intended this to be a joke. The fact that it could be either speaks volumes
about the confused tone of Justice League. Say what you want about Shumacher’s Batman,
but at least they gave him a more dramatic introduction than this. There’s no excitement or anticipation built
up towards the revelation of Batman. Ten seconds pass, there he is, and then immediately
they’re fighting. From here we get a scene showcasing Batman’s
agility and martial arts. It flutters between slapstick comedy and action
spectacle. But in reality, a low-level thug like this
geezer should have been pinned down before he could even comprehend Batman was there. It all culminates to batman dangling the bad
man off the roof to scare him. This makes a CGI bug creature fly up. Batman then jumps off the building and grapples
it. Wait hang on hold up. So if Batman’s objective is to get this
guy really really scared. What’s with all the prancing about? Batman as a superhero is supposed to ignite
fear into the hearts of Gotham’s criminals. That’s what they were going for in the last
film! Even the movement of Batman dangling a scared
henchman off a high building has been done in Batman films before effectively. It’s amazing how quickly Justice League
establishes a film with absolutely no breathing space to take in what’s happening. I’m three minutes into this shit and already
there’s a generic CGI bug alien. Everything’s happening so fast that your
brain is still processing what happened 10 seconds ago. Batman and the bug fly in the air for a bit,
do a loop and they land back on the same rooftop. Batman fires a net at the creature and it
explodes revealing three cubes… for some reason that’s never really explained. These cubes are enough for Batman and Alfred
to agree that they need to ‘get the team together’ and batman sets off… yep… just sort of like that. There’s no attempt to make the moment feel
big or dramatic, it’s just pictures on the screen and batman’s off… whoopdie doo… But they can’t end the scene without the
blockhead thug directly stating the plot of the film to Batman because intention to build
up mystery and suspense doesn’t exist. This film wants the audience to be spoon fed
the plot and if that means making a hardened Gotham criminal act like a Superman fan boy
then in their minds it’s worth sacrificing any suspension of disbelief. So that’s the first five minutes of this
movie and if you aren’t yet convinced that Justice League is the worst superhero movie
ever then let me lay this out for you. The opening scene in Batman vs Superman: Dawn
Of Justice which was disliked by critics and audiences alike, is the end action sequence
from Man of Steel but this time from the perspective of Bruce Wayne. This builds on the world of the DC cinematic
universe, linking the two films but is also an incredibly fun action scene on its own,
with huge set pieces and real sense of urgency and panic. We see Bruce Wayne’s heroism as he runs
into the ash of buildings to save civilians. The scene is tonally consistent with the rest
of the movie but most importantly it establishes the conflict between Batman and Superman which
is what the whole film is about. In sharp contrast, the first action scene
with Batman in Justice League has no sense of scope at all. It’s Batman fighting one guy and then another
bug creature. There was an opportunity to have Batman peruse
the criminal through the gritty streets of Gotham, or make batman and the alien scout
fly to a different location. It feels so rigid, on what is clearly a set. The whole thing is claustrophobic and cheap
feeling. Next on the list is Wonder Woman I guess. Well it’s nowhere near as bad, it’s a
colourful heroic display of Wonder Woman rescuing hostages. She defeats the anarchist terrorist who has
really confusing plan that involves detonating buildings, I don’t know why they would give
this nobody who has nothing to do with the rest of the film such an overly explanatory
objective. The massive gripe with this scene is that
later on in the film, Bruce Wayne will criticise Diana for staying in the shadows and hiding
from her superheroine persona. This establishing scene of Wonder Woman could
have communicated hesitation or shyness on her side, a lack of wanting to save these
people. Then it could be later incorporated to y’know
make what Bruce Wayne’s saying actually make sense. This would mean that at the end of the film
when we see her stop an art robbery it would seem like she’d made a change, as opposed
to her just going back to what she was doing anyway. Because as it is, Diana seems more than happy
to change into her costume and save the day at the very start of this film. So it’s all light hearted and fun until
the terrorist open fires at a group of innocent children, luckily they’re all saved by Wonder
Woman’s fast bracelet action. I assume she’s not aware of how terrible
this movie is. Because if she knew she’d probably let the
kids die, the terrorist detonate the buildings and let her body be pumped with bullets. Speaking of wanting to die, Batman’s grown
a beard in the time it’s taken to get to aquaman even though he has a batwing. Batman asks aquaman if he can talk to fish
who responds by back flopping into the water apparently indifferent to the destruction
of the whole world. Oh but before he does this he lets everyone
in the fishing village know Batman’s secret identity. It’s not like Bruce gives a shit anyway. Any attempt to move the story forward feels
contrived, batman has no idea what these aliens are or even the threat level that is coming
with them. Why is there no motivation for him to sort
out the situation independently? Why does he go straight to recruiting the
justice league? Then there are just small indications of laziness. Bruce Wayne is acting like he has no idea
who Aquaman is, he acts surprised when it’s revealed to him. When it’s been established that he has seen
images of him in both suicide squad AND batman v superman AND in this movie! Is he pretending not to know for some kind
of unknown weird advantage? Batman has a shave in the jet and talks to
Alfred about assembling the rest of his team. It’s here that Alfred says this line. At this is the point in the film you realise
that Justice League has no idea what it wants to be. It’s almost impossible to imagine this version
of batman fighting wind up penguins, this is a Batman who’s previously been seen branding
criminals with a bat logo as a way of signalling them out in prison. Justice League doesn’t seem to have any
kind of reference point for its tone or genre and as a result of this it doesn’t feel
fully formed. Batman and Robin draws inspiration from the
goofy camp 60s batman and uses over the top designs and characters to make a tonally consistent
light-hearted action film for kids. Ant-man at its core is a heist film and interlaces
that genre with comedy to produce a family friendly movie with a sense of fun and exploration. The Dark knight is a crime film inspired by
Geoff Loebs graphic novel the long Halloween, it is always trying to be a thriller and never
panders to children, because that’s not the film it wants to be. Whether you like them or not, they have a
clear sense of their genre, tone and audience. This allows them to develop characters, worlds
and make the most of their sequences. When you look at justice league, there’s
nothing. It tries to be everything at the same time
and therefore becomes so diluted that it becomes nothing. Step one, you feel the energy
with glee you say the world belongs to me you are so strong you won’t get caught
you use your powers of teleport Nick fury standing to my right
And lot’s of women putting up a fight Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came Where did I go wrong? I lost a cube
Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have destroyed the earth that
night Had I known how to steal a cube In both the Avengers and Justice League the
villains want to steal a cube. I thought it would be fun to compare two cube
stealing scenes, which are structured basically the same way, but couldn’t be further apart
when it comes to hitting the mark. Both scenes start with a dangerous, powerful
alien cube becoming active after years of inactivity. In Avengers, we have alarms going off, people
running frantically in panic, there’s high tension and an atmosphere of stress. Whereas in Justice League, the Amazonians
calmly walk to the cube, where all the warriors have their bows aimed at the cube. The air has a staticness, there’s zero communication
that anyone is nervous about the cube. The only way you can even tell that anything
is out of the norm is through dialogue which is performed like it’s casual small talk. When Nick Fury gets to the cube, everyone
is in a deep urgency to try and figure out what’s happening and how they can prevent
a disaster. The Tesseract is framed as something very
potent and Fury has ordered the evacuation of the shield base, fearing that the tesseract
could cause a catastrophe. Whedon takes time building anticipation and
tension for what threat will be coming. Also, Fury doesn’t know much about the tesseract
and asks questions about it, these are questions that the audience have as well. In Justice League, as soon as they enter the
room, before we can even begin to understand the significance of the cube a strange PS2
character teleports in. He’s declared as Steppenwolf, then this
lady says this where the villain of this film gives the best comeback he could think of
at that time. Solid. He summons some bug creatures and they all
fight. All the bug creatures look exactly the same
and the amazonians all look like different variations of wonder women. There’s not a specific Amazonian that we
connect with and the action is so fast paced that we never see any kind of impact. Back to Avengers, the cube begins to move,
causing small earthquaks around the base. There’s a burst of light and a strange man
is suddenly in the space. He gives a perverted smile to himself. There’s a sense that anything could happen,
as he slowly takes in his surroundings, it escalates to Loki brutally murdering tens
of trained soldiers. It’s made clear how much of an unstoppable
force Loki is. It then becomes quiet again, as he uses his
spear to manipulate the minds of soldiers and scientists in the base, showcasing his
magically qualities. As he’s doing this Fury takes possession
of the cube, giving the viewer the hope that he might be able to escape with it. They try to give the scene in Justice League
the same sense of hope, as the leader of the Amazonians manages to take the cube and seal
the cave with Steppenwolf inside it. However in order to take the cube, it means
the amazonians have to hold back Steppenwolf in a way that makes him look like a regular
bloke. Also as it’s already been established that
Steppenwolf can teleport, so sealing the cave seems like a poorly thought out plan. Also we don’t know what this cube does,
why Steppenwolf wants it or what will happen if he gets it. Avengers stops the action to give us dialogue
between Loki and Nick Fury. We understand his plan, how he sees humans
and why it’s important that Fury stops him from taking the cube. He gets shot and Loki grabs the tesseract,
resulting in a high octane car chase as the base gets detonated to try and stop Loki from
escaping. We have a chase on horseback in Justice League,
but they are lobbing the cube back and forth so much that you get the impression that it’s
weightless, devaluing its importance. Steppenwolf teleports away with the motherbox,
but we don’t care because we don’t understand it’s significance and we don’t understand
the consequences. The impact of the avengers is more resonant
because it is practical with its approach to action. loki’s violent acts are is real and palpable
because there was planning put into the shots and stunt work. Avengers has a dynamic sound design, giving
Loki a real sense of power. When Loki effortlessly throws a guy against
a wall you can hear all the bones in his body break. The CG’d combat that takes place in justice
league shows Steppenwolf throwing amazonians around like rubber rag dolls. There’s no sense of impact to the viewer. The sound design in no way seems concerned
about painting a picture to what is happening to the amazonians. Steppenwolf swings his giant axe, smashing
the Amazonians but the sound effect they chose to use is just a generic artificial metallic
sound. It’s ambiguous whether that’s a murdering
blow or if it’s just a graze for them. Even the action sequences in a film like Elektra
assassin, whilst looking as awful as Justice League at least approached showing conflict
with a degree of creativity. The villains have interesting powers. It tries to build tension and allows the viewer
to be surprised. The stunts are enjoyable it feels more grounded
in reality. The creative philosophy of Justice League
seems to be trying to shove in as much exposition as possible in the shortest amount of time. There’s never an attempt to surprise us
with characters, nothing to be revealed about them, nothing for them to learn. Characters state exactly what they’re thinking
and feeling and then the scene ends. It is always framed as just an overhauled
exchange of information as the characters walk or stand. The establishing scene for Cyborg is a dull
lifeless one with him and his father. It’s revealed that he was in an accident
and his father merged him with the motherbox as a way of saving his life. He stares into a microwave and asks his father
basic, obvious questions. The accident was weeks, maybe months ago yet
he is asking his father questions as if this is the first time they’re speaking since. There is no warmth between the two, which
is what you’d expect to see with a loving father and son and the scene ends with him
demonstrating his ability to fly. Later on, his father gets kidnapped and is
desperate to rescue him, yet there is no effort to build any form of emotional connection
in this scene. Diana visits Bruce Wayne and they act like
old friends, neither of them have any secrets, or are putting on any kind of persona. Diana explains to Bruce why Steppenwolf wants
the cube in a long lord of the rings esq monologue, which if you think is good visual story telling… I have news for you, you’re a pleb, because
there is nothing stylistic about this scene. It’s just assigned visuals to exactly what
wonder woman is saying. It in no way asserts steppenwolf as threatening
lead since we literally see him run away from everyone like a big ol pussy. It immediately cuts to the battle mid-way
through, there’s no build up where we get a sense of steppenwolfs vast army. We don’t see any casualities and the impression
is that Steppenwolf was very easily defeated. His plan is to try to take over the world
using three motherboxes to terrorform earth in order to destroy all life. Which is pretty much the exact same plot from
Man Of Steel. Bruce Wayne reiterates what he reiterates
in every scene he’s been in up to this point, that he wants to build up a team to stop him. He doesn’t attempt to locate the other two
cubes or make any plan to destroy them. He just wants a special team because he’s
sure that will work. Steppenwolf has one cube, the other two are
on Earth in Atlantis and Star Labs. We see Aquaman save a fisherman from a sinking
ship, after dropping him off to safety he discovers green shit on his chest. This makes him immediately aware that the
motherbox Atalntis is protecting is under attack and runs to save it. We get a shorter similar cube stealing scene
to the one in Themiscara, except this time it’s underwater and it looks more disgusting
and artificial. Steppenwolf teleports in, punches some soldiers,
grabs the cube and teleports out, there’s no effort to give us a sense of dread or make
us feel like they have a chance of stopping the assault. This scene could have showcased the culture
of Atlantis, the people and their abilities. But it’s over almost before it starts and
what we do get is so drained of creativity that it may have completely fucked over any
chance of the Aquaman film being enjoyable. Once Aquaman arrives we have more exposition,
where we’re spoon fed everything about Aquaman’s relationship with Atalantis. It’s so boring and irrelevant to the rest
of the film that describing it might make you stop watching this video. The film is so bogged down in explaining everything
that’s happening to us that there is no breathing room to develop characters, status
or relationships, everything is conveyed in the simplest format, through verbal exchanges. It is always conversational and lifeless,
it feels devoid of artistry or drive. Cinema can easily explore multiple elements
within one scene, so when Justice League only has scenes dedicated to establishing one element
of information it makes every interaction feel empty. But all these contrived scenes that don’t
work are all building towards getting the team together. We’re not watching big budget superhero
team up films to observe meticulously thought through original stories which challenge our
perceptions and change the way we think about life. We come for the spectacle, to experience escapism
and for the joy of seeing our favourite heroes come together. Our fantasies become realised as we observe
childhood icons interact with one another. The characters will bounce off each other,
learning and changing through action sequences, heated arguments or expressing vulnerabilities. This creates a fully nostalgic and cathartic
experience. This what justice League really needed nail,
the core of the film is this team, but predictably they fuck it up in the most unbelievable way. So how does a writer or director go about
defining and making a team dynamic work? Well it all comes down to character objectives. Generally, an ensemble superhero film will
begin by showing the characters, separating them from others and showcasing their individuality. These core differences are communicated with
their core objectives, these define what they’re passionate about, their flaws and their strengths. This will lead up to a moment where the team
refuse to collaborate due to these differences, maybe they’ll have an argument, maybe they’ll
lose a fight, maybe they’ll do both but it’s in this moment that we see how each
hero perceives the others. There’s a misalignment of objectives and
the lack of unity leads to conflict. When the conflict’s resolved, the teams
objectives align, meaning they can overcome whatever evil is threatening the world. bada bing bada boom you got yourself a superhero
team movie. Does this remind you of anything?…. (avengers) That’s right! Suicide squad! Now suicide squad IS shit, there’s no question
about that. I’m not celebrating suicide squad, I can
shit on that film for days, but when you look at how they handle the team dynamics, it’s
leaps and bounds better than anything justice league offers. In Suicide Squad, each character has something
different going for them. No two characters have the same skills or
abilities and at the start of the film, they all have separate objectives that define and
separate them as characters. Harley Quinn wants to be with the Joker, Deadshot
wants to see more of his daughter, Crocodile wants a reduced sentence, Captain Boomerang
wants to escape, rick flag wants to save his girlfriend and diablo wants to redeem himself. As the film progresses and the characters
overcome various challenges, their objectives slowly change until we get to a point where
they’ve gone from disliking each other to actually caring for each other in some way. This leads to them all sharing the same objective
of wanting to save the world. This gives the film a sense of purpose, giving
it a structure that we can emotionally connect with. With Justice League, the moment they’re
all in the same room they’re immediately sharing the same singular objective. They all merge into the same bland person,
as there’s never space to establish personal objectives for each character. At the start, Cyborg wants to rescue his father,
but he does that straight away without any narrative obsticles and then opts to stay
with the team, where he just becomes a swiss army knife that can do anything the script
decides he can do. The Flash wants to exonerate his father from
a crime he didn’t commit but that never serves any narrative function and only exsists
to weakly convince us that he is in fact a character. But he’s mostly just a lackey for the team,
happy to follow orders. But sadly, those are sincerely the two strongest
characters in the Justice League, Aquaman is literally nothing, he doesn’t want to
help the justice league but when atlantis gets their cube nicked, he does a complete
180. He doesn’t have any character or depth,
I don’t know if he’s foreigner in Earth or if he’s accustomed to the people. I don’t know if he’s intelligent or naïve,
I don’t know if he wants to be a hero or if he’s hiding from it. He also serves no narrative purpose is just
someone who fights. You could cut him completely out the film
and nothing would change. With wonder woman it seems that so much that
was developed in her own movie was literally cast aside. Her stand-alone film showed her learning to
appreciate the beauty of the human race, how they’re worth protecting despite their flaws. The film literally ends with her giving a
monologue conveying exactly that. But in this film, she seems to have reverted
back to being secretive and hesitant about taking a leadership role. Throughout the film, she only ever serves
to give exposition about Steppenwolf and argue with Batman. But if stating why I think Justice League
is the worst superhero film ever made wasn’t controversial enough for you, I’m now about
to argue that this is the worst Batman ever put to film. Yes, worse than George Clooney. At the start of Batman and Robin, Batman doesn’t
trust Robin, he’s overprotective and controlling. But by the end of the film, he’s able to
trust and respect Robin as equal. This is a character arc, say what you like
about the cheesy dialogue, rubber nipples and bat credit card. But this is fundamental to any good story. Change, compromise, realisation and motivation
behind character conflict. The Batman in Justice League starts the film
wanting to build up a team to stop an alien invasion and does exactly that. There’s a scene where Bruce Wayne recruits
Barry Allen, there’s this exchange of dialogue. It seems like the writers and directors went
into Justice League with the mindset that Batman’s skills and abilities entirely come
from his wealth. The Batman in Justice League is not the same
character from Batman Vs Superman, this is not a man that evokes fear in criminals or
is capable of research or deduction. His martial arts skills are never useful to
the plot of the film, he’s always stuck tussling with one bug creature while the rest
of the team are able to cut through them like butter. Batman is never coming up with intelligent
ideas and seems to lack basic cognitive abilities. Visually he’s flabby and Ben Afleck seems
to completely phoning this performance in. When compared to his performance in Daredevil,
you see a lot of small details and looks that communicate the emotions of Matt Merdock. He’s not a bad actor, but he is Justice
League because he has nothing to work with. The first ever live action sequence with the
Justice League is a complete mess, it all starts with Gordan relaying to the team a
group of civilians have been kidnapped by the bug creatures, including cybords dad “e-huh-e-huh-e-huh-ehuh-e-huh” Batman decides to bring a huge hulking Bat
Tank with him, which I supposed is really important when it comes to rescuing hostages. He decides to use a boubous loud mechanical
vehicle when something subtle and sneaky would clearly be of a tactical advantage. These hostages are minutes away from execution,
yet there’s a decision to use a slow-moving vehicle. There’s no sense of urgency from the team,
they’re acting like teenagers on a field trip. It’s here that the flash informs Batman
that he doesn’t know how to save people. Despite being seen saving people in two other
movies, having a costume and being well known enough to be on batmans radar, this is apparently
his first time saving a human being and needs to be walked through the process. The conflict starts and any hope of having
good choreography with the heroes working together is completely lost. It’s all shots of the heroes fighting in
separate corners of the room. In The Defenders, there’s one scene where
Iron Fist is being shot at and he takes cover behind the bulletproof Luke Cage. This one movement cements them as a team,
we know why they’re more efficient as a team as opposed to on their own. In the whole of the Justice League movie,
this is the closest we get to anything like that. MY MAN. Aquaman decides to show up and join the team
at this point, he also somehow knows exactly where they are, so well done for that. Steppenwolf escapes, they save the hostages
and Cyborg safely has the motherbox in his mitts. But why did Steppenwolf kidnap these people? And why is he attacking Earth now? Well… um okay… it’s very simple… Basically… Steppenwolf and his cronies love fear, they’re
like attracted to fear yeah? That’s why in the opening batman dangles
the man of the rooftop to attract the bug men. Superman’s death has made the planet really
really scared, which leaves it ripe for the taking. The bugs can also smell the energy that the
motherbox omits. All the kidnapped civilians have been around
the motherbox in some capacity. Steppenwolf wants to ask them all where the
cube is. Which means they CAN’T smell the cube, but
they can smell the energy that the cube rubs on people. Despite Cyborg being half motherbox or whatever,
they don’t seem to smell him coming. It’s very obvious that they only kidnapped
these people in order to write in an action scene. But if they were going to contrive a reason
for a fight scene, they could have at least made it visually dynamic and not look like
complete garbage. They take the motherbox to the batcave, where
Bruce Wayne hypothesises that the energy of the cube can be used to bring Superman back
to life. He tells the team that they’re not strong
enough to defeat Steppenwolf and without Superman the world is going to be destroyed. This leads to the only character interaction
that holds any weight, as batman thinks it’s essential to do this despite the risks and
wonder woman takes on the stance that it is too dangerous. Ultimately, either of the characters could
have taken this stance. These opinions could be switched round with
the characters and it would make the same amount of sense. Neither character has been defined to be for
or against resurrecting Superman. Bruce Wayne seems to hold no guilt for his
death and was convinced the world would be better without Superman in the last film. Diana is the only character that knew about
Steppenwolf before the events of the film and has heard first-hand accounts of Steppenwolfs
strength. If anyone was going to have doubts about stopping
his plan, you’d think it would be her. This is how you know the conflict doesn’t
come from the characters but instead from plot necessity. Luckily for the team, it’s confirmed for
sure that the motherbox has the energy require to resurrect Superman by cyborg, who um…
runs the numbers, which just… urgh… it brings up so many questions, like… what
numbers is he fucking running? So now the objective for the league of Justice
is to resurrect another member of the League. There’s a truly preversed scene where flash
and cyborg dig up supermans grave in order to transport his corpse. There’s a frankesntein vibe which I suppose
you could argue is appropriate given the chopped up cobbled together tone of the rest of the
movie. The team are able to successfully bring superman
back to life but oh no he is evil. Superman goes on to beat the ever-living shit
out of everyone with complete ease. They are like bugs under a fucking boot. This completely invalidates any sense of a
balanced team. Batman brings in Lois Lane, hoping she’ll
bring superman back to sanity, which thankfully works. Superman was fully ready to burn batmans face
off, there was no way of knowing how far gone Superman was. Lois Lane’s life could have genuinely been
in danger with this. However, it’s all fine because the script
says it is. If you didn’t already believe this was the
shittest superhero team ever put to film, in the panic of the situation none of them
considered bringing the cube with them or securing it. The motherbox is open to the taking and Steppenwolf
takes full advantage of it and teleports away with it. The team react to losing a cube that has the
capacity to destroy the whole world the same way customers react to finding out their favourite
coffee shop ran out of cake. They go back to the batcave to moan about
how shit they all are, where cyborg easily locates the cubes and then they’re off to
Russia to fight Steppenwolf! Superman’s out of the picture and there’s
no chance of him being in the rest of film… Anything could happen right guys?! It’s now time for the final act of Justice
League and honestly it looks so so bad at this point. The colours are so obnoxious, everything is
artificial. Just by looking at the original trailers,
you can see how much was manipulated and changed in post production. The action sequences that were shot were not
intended to look this way and as a result, the computer generated backgrounds look like
a garish trash heap. The team’s big hero moment is cheapened. Batman wants to sacrifice himself to create
a distraction so the rest of the team can get to Steppenwolf. The poor bloke just wants death but Wonder
Woman decides they should probably save him. They’re able to get to Steppenwolf and the
cubes pretty easily anyway. When the battle with Steppenwolf starts, they
run into the exact same problems as last time. it’s only been a night since the characters
last took him on and no one’s evolved or grown in terms of skills so it’s a mostly
identical sequence except this time there’s even more distance between the characters. Steppenwolf has the same amount of charisma
and character as aquaman. There just isn’t a character, he’s spouts
generic evil lines about world domination and fear. He fights wonder woman and aquaman,while batman
stays up on a ledge shooting bug people occasionally as if that would make a difference. Because of the computer generated nature of
the set and the uninspired camerawork, it’s really hard to get an actual lay out of the
space our heroes are fighting in. Batman could be a few feet or miles away from
Steppenwolf, there’s just no way of knowing. Then, as everyone expected, Superman swoops
in and disregards everything the team has been doing up to this point. Superman can do everything the other characters
can do but better, so all you’re thinking is “why does anyone else need to be there”. He saves more people than flash, he beats
the shit out of steppenwolf more than both aquaman and wonderwoman and he separates the
cubes quicker and more efficiently than cyborg…. He doesn’t do anything better than batman
because batman doesn’t do anything. Steppenwolf is ravaged by his own minions
and he retreats from earth, but we feel absolutely nothing. It’s Superman who saves the world, The Justice
League are only in this film to bring Superman back to life. These characters are the headliners for DC
comics, a company that craft stories weekly with millions of fans. These characters are loved, they’ve been
adapted and changed and given depths and backstories. There are hundreds of ways this film could
have been rewritten and changed and shifted to make us care about these people and their
fight. But the failure of this film is down to key
players in the production wilfully aiding a self-destructive studio. A studio so desperate to make a crowd pleaser
that they ignore every rule in filmmaking. there’s a shot of the team standing side
by side on a rooftop, this is the first time we’ve seen the Justice League together in
live action. But Ben Afleck is staring off into the distance
like he’s having a stroke. A director who cared would have gone for another
take, an editor invested in the film might have tried something else and had Warner Brothers
not decided to cut out an hour of the original script we might have had a cohesive film. If you have made it this far into the video
I can only assume that like me you love films and cinema, either that or you’re just a
weird masochist. Superhero films are so successful and well-loved
that we’ve got to a point where the only way to make a successful blockbuster has to
be under the guise of the superhero genre. Big budget productions that are solely original
are rare and sometime do well but they can nowhere match the popularity of a marvel film. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing,
we’re lucky enough to have directors and writers who are learning to work within these
spaces and still develop what a blockbuster can be. taika waititi transformed the nature of thor,
the russo brothers took the espenage genre and ran with it. Not only this but the comic book universe
is so vast, epic and surreal that the potential cinematic outcomes are unlimited. Seeing these stories be adapted into something
larger than the niche nerdy comics we enjoy in privacy is a good thing. These films are something that deeply breeds
community and opens up avenues for friendships and discussion. Even if you hate the latest marvel film and
think they’re overrated and over saturated. They’re identifiable on a mass, global scale
and they have allowed a space in which we can all have opinions on them. We are all brought closer together by these
films. But Justice League cuts through that harmony,
the whole film is a dark ploy to take advantage of a community that unites us. The film is so contorted and poorly calculated
that the ugliness is on the surface. The constant reshoots and the changes made
in post-production to manipulate an already broken film has produced something sthat feels
entirely predatory. The intention is clear and that’s to make
money. Every aspect of this film is a desperate attempt
to get you to give them your money. There’s no consideration for achieving anything
artistic and it disregards the nature of what makes cinema fun so much so that it insults
us directly. As I laid out in the beginning of the video,
these films are our Greek myths, our culture is going to be analysed through these films
in the future, and I like to think on the whole it paints quite a nice image. One of hope, of playfulness and empathy. But Justice League managed to frame itself
as the antithesis of that. When you look who we are and what we stand
for through the lens of Justice League, that’s when you see our ugliness, you see the fickleness
the greed and you see the manipulation. It offers nothing new, nothing constructive
and nothing positive and that is why Justice League is the worst superhero of all time,
and that is why it matters.

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  1. DikPix says:

    Such a Marvel fanboy. This isn’t the worst you absolute cuck. My videos are better than yours and aren’t filled with lies!!!

  2. Jay Davis says:

    Superman ain't OP. He is just handled very poorly.The Justice League has abilities more than superman does.

  3. @2EEZUS says:

    What I TRULY want.
    In my lifetime.
    Hulk V Batman.

    Batman is a joyless prick.
    Wonder Woman gives Hulk some pussy a couple weeks.

    Batman buys her back.

    But nobody wants to tell Hulk. She gotta cheat.

    Hulk finds out and freaks.

    Nobody wants to help Batman and Wonder Woman.

    Batman gets his ass kicked.

    Wonder Woman realizes a Thug she needs not a rich asshole.

    Batman gives his money to charity.

    Hulk gets it and joins the Justice League becomes Bat Hulk.

    Mr. and Mrs. Bat-Hulk.

    They bring Robin and Iron Man in to teach the gadgets.

    Ben Affleck goes to TV Sitcoms.

  4. @2EEZUS says:

    NitPik. I enjoyed the SHIT out of this video. Informative to 11. I am amazed. THANKS!

    If everybody has the knowledge? What determines who gets paid?
    How is so much shit content happening? When nobodies like me are learning WHY we like these things?

    It's all basic math. How come every movie isn't a classic? . . .Reacharounds?

  5. Darkness Nighthingale says:

    I feel like this guy hasn't seen Captain Marvel.

  6. E. Wesley says:

    Nothing can top “the boys”

    It’s not a movie

  7. Graham Columb says:

    If you don't already, you should teach this stuff! 😁

  8. All Mighty Ass says:

    Technically both Justice League and Avengers both stole the bad guy stealing the cube from Transformers

  9. The People Who Fear Fire says:

    Dude 8:05, give Snyder or whedon of Koni. Jesus this had me in stitches lol

  10. hodor says:

    love how amazons still use bows and swords -_-
    u know ppl that deal in war all ways and i mean all ways try to advance there gear weapons and tech..
    the fact that most of the things they will be fighting now days will have gun type tech why on earth world they still use bows and arrows -_-
    i mean even samurai warriors didn't last the test of time.. once guns became a thing.. swords became all most useless 🙁

  11. Douglas Arthur says:

    I only watched JL about 6 weeks ago. Watching this vid I realised I'd forgotten all about it already.

  12. Paška says:

    And yet Batman is better than marvel superheros to some… Ight, you do you…

  13. Eric Sebastian says:

    I like Suicide Squad :/. . .

  14. GraySketch says:

    lol Green Lantern at least feels like a complete movie… You may not like the tone, VFX… but the movie makes sense. JOSStice League is a nightmare. All thanks for WB executives who altered Snyder's original shots.

  15. Theater Vlogs says:

    You’re being overly critical, it wasn’t that bad.

  16. louis parkes says:

    I don't care if this guy is a Marvel fan boy. Facts are facts Justice League is a piling steam of horse manure. Warner Bros and DC should hang there heads in shame. The potential was there to equal or even better the MCU but I fear that is now gone for a generation now.

  17. The Clinical Cynic says:

    Oh, I just got the Terminator 2 reference. Very nice.

  18. Mr. DLM says:

    Huh Batman, I only like him in his own story the comics portraying his relationship with Dick, his son and the other Robins are pretty great imo but every time he is added with other heroes they have to make me believe this human (that realistically speaking Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc. should all be able to crush his head before he can even move but hey PLOT) can compete against goddesses/gods level characters cause he is Batman, cause prep time, cause he is smart and cause he has a lot of fanboys from being the most popular superhero. I personally think Batman ruins other characters, I did like a few crossover comics of batman/justice league but all end the same way.

  19. Hong Fei Bai says:

    Superman is not supposed to be a Gary Stu. His kryptonite is kryptonite. He's the origin of weakness being synonymous with kryptonite. The Flash was not as good as the one from the TV show. Too bad Green Lantern and other heroes didn't show up in the movie.

  20. Dragon Slicer says:

    Idk why so many people keep botching the "How to save a life" song and making it sound so horrible and it's not even funny, It's lazy and just plan out just sounds bad and wastes my time and makes me want to skip it or go to a different video in general.

  21. VobisPacem says:

    You nailed exactly the objections I had with this film. I love justice league products since I was a boy, and I had positive expectations for this film after Wonder Woman and kinda-acceptable BvS and MoS, but yes, this Justice League film is badly made compared for its potential.

    I think the Cyborg film should've been made first, because the man-and-machine theme is very deep. Flash can be included quicker because there has been so many flash media recently.
    Anyway, Aquaman came out great for my liking. Shazam also did not disappoint me.

  22. gogo gogo says:

    Worst than Thor the dark world???

  23. Germain josh lamb says:

    I enjoyed it so don't know what wtf ur talking about

  24. Tim Gonzales says:

    Dawn of justice batman had so much more potential than shown here. Say what u want about b v s but batman was sick in it to me.

  25. Alice Chu says:

    I love your conclusion. Yes justice league was horrible but I nv thought it’s a crime against our culture…until now

  26. Will Caputo says:

    27:05 butt cheek

  27. i am free says:

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    graphic novel lol

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    Best line in Justice League.

    "The movie has ended, please leave your seats and head for the exits. Thank you for watching!"

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