Why I’m Going to the Lions of Justice Festival-Trailer 3

(electronic music) – I was 15 when it all started. – Growing up, I felt like
all the pressure was on me. – My ideals and hopes of what justice was, or could be, ended the moment
my father from Nicaragua was profiled, resulting
in a grave injustice. – Having two deaf parents and living in a dangerous neighborhood where my house was shot up once. Not wanting to go outside made me become anti-social and lose confidence. – The anger I felt was
driven by complete disgust in the system. And so I turned to partying
and skipping school as a way to escape everything. – When I turned 21, I
found out I had leukemia. I was so hopeless that I
felt numb to the situation. At this time my family and SGI friends told me to never give up. I found courage to stand up for my life, and face my disease straight on. – At that moment, I realized
that I had no choice but to start fighting for my life because it was worth it. – With this, I overcame leukemia. When it came back, when I was 25, I faced it once again. And now, I’m two and a
half years in remission. – 50,000 Lions of Justice
is 50,000 young people experiencing the undeniable fact that their lives have the
power to move the entire world in the direction of peace. – I’m goin’ to the 50K
Festival to show the youth that they can stand up as a Lion and make the impossible possible. On September 23rd, I’m
going to join 50,000 of my fellow lions to
stand up for justice. – This is a festival about young people singing and awakening to
the fact that their lives have the potential to
transform this world. Because young people are always the ones to create the new era. And we got this. (slow electronic music)

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