Why does the Court of Justice of the EU Exist?

The European Union is an organisation
based on the rule of law. This means that the countries
and institutions that make up the EU must abide by the rules
they collectively agree upon. But when they can’t agree
as to what those rules mean, or whether the rules have been respected,
who decides? In all democratic entities, it is
the judiciary that performs this role. The Court of Justice of the European Union
is the judicial body of the EU. Based in Luxembourg, it ensures that EU
laws are respected and applied in the same way throughout
all member states and institutions for our benefit as citizens. If a dispute arises concerning what
an EU law means, or whether it is valid, it is the Court of Justice
that clarifies the matter. If for example, a national judge is unsure
how to apply European Union law, the Court of Justice is there to help
them, and can give preliminary rulings on what EU law means, allowing the
national judge to proceed with the case. In these ways, the court ensures that we
as citizens enjoy the protection of EU law in exactly the same way
throughout the whole of the EU. Justice for 500 million people, guaranteed by The Court of Justice
of the European Union.

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