Why Courts Fail to Recognize Parental Alienation

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  1. justin rouse says:

    This video perfectly describes what my husband and I are going through. Is there a way to find a support group or local resources? I would like to contact this doctor directly.

  2. Roisin Cassidy says:

    This is a clear description of what happened in my case.

  3. Phillip Sorrells says:


  4. clayton robertson says:

    "Men’s rights activists must wake up and realize that the time for trying to counter the hypocrisy with rationality – with essentially male arguments, using facts and truth, in the hope that sense will prevail – is not going to make any difference to the relentless feminist long march on men"  -Herbert Purdy ICMI-16
    "Let us be clear, the removal of fathers from the lives of their children is … public … policy".   -Robert Franklin ICMI-14

  5. clayton robertson says:

    "Let us be clear, the removal of fathers from the lives of their children is … public … policy".   -Robert Franklin ICMI-14

  6. Tony Branco says:

    This is one of the best videos I've seen that perfectly describes what it's like to be a targeted, alienated parent.

  7. John Pad says:

    this guy is absolutely right. courts are destroying children. they do not understand this
    nor do anything about it! no one does anything about it! the alienation is horrendous…..

  8. Kristen Smoke says:

    Judge Janelle Haverkamp/ Cooke County court in Gainesville, Texas.

    Judge Julia Gomric/ St Clair County Belleville, Illinois.

  9. Kristen Smoke says:

    Courts won't recognize Parental Alienation because it is a trillion dollar liability.

  10. hi there says:

    oh boy is this right on!

  11. trey says:

    I am taking my child custody case in front of a jury in Texas I believed it will be easier to prove alienation to a jury vs the judge. I haven't seen or spoken to my 1 yr old daughter in a year and she lives 10 min away 🙁

  12. Jason Gartner says:

    wake up, democracy /olarchy, not a republic of freedom to fail and learn our moral stance, this has taken us to nutness and slavery. we dicuss thse issue till we are blue in the face. Till we get to the root we will never have a answer. The government is the true slave holder to us. did goerge washington have to get a permit to marry? did the government claim that his marriage is unlawful because they diidnt permit it? This issue is huge and not this idea of children, its an issue of control period…how does your government get to priveldge you anything? If you get permission from you rnieghbor to cross his property, thats a privledge. So now the government owns you to the core of you r moral fabric and thought of justice. cause without them you arenot allowed to be anything that they dont allow. This is the root people, without the freedom to fail, we will never evolve to discover what works in ourselves. anser get the fuck out of my life, get the fuck out of my childrens life, get the fuck out of you rmorals to impose mine, get the fuck out period. This is the deeper issue, we will get no answer till we take it back. the REPUBLIC

  13. Gene Williams says:

    loveing alienated parent should have custody legal system rob take advantage of weak

  14. David PAS says:

    Please sign and share


  15. Jason Harding says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am going through this as the alienated parent and it is so sad because the kids don't know what is really going on. I love my Daughter so much and she is being mentally ruined and destroyed.

  16. Michelle Semak says:

    Thank you and God Bless You Sir For Sacrificing your life to raise awareness to severe parental alienation. . . .You have earned your Diamond Box Seats in the highest of Heavens. I am a severe parental alienation victim and my innocent baby girl now 4 years taken from me Haley Olivia

  17. Sutherland Films says:

    Our governments also play a huge role in alienating children from their parents. Forced adoptions is big money, corrupt lawyers, collusion and back stabbing Social Workers keeps the child kidnapping ring alive and profitable! Go see…>> https://youtu.be/BnVbE2o5oAw

  18. robtay351 says:

    the courts don't care! all they see is a revenue generator.Yes this father cares! oh he'll be back,pays an attorney.Keeps us all employed….bla bla

  19. Paul Gibbons says:

    Police and social services should not be splitting familys up until they can get it right.
    The lies an accusations an alienating parent come out with to alienate a parent are ushually nonsense and would not stand upto any kind of scrutany. If the initial policing/social service investigation scrutinised the calls made alienation could be stopped.
    Victim orientated policing and over reacting to accusations that cannot be proved is causing the issue.
    Give a man back his 'presumption of innocence.'

  20. Glen Gibellina says:

    04/27/2017 Jacksonville FL
    I speak for those who could not make the 430 mile round trip today
    I speak about the Family Courts Parental Alienation and the destructive nature of our current system
    Broken beyond repair.

    I speak at 140:30 to the delegation
    Published on Jan 24, 2017
    I explain to our “Elected” officials that it is their duty and obligation to uphold the Constitution.
    Parental Alienation is a Hate Crime

    Parental Alienation Month Proclamation Sarasota Country 2016

    Florida Supreme Court Task Force Hearings

  21. Ray Toaetolu says:

    i wish the 3 mediators that rejected my proposal watch this video. I knew they were idiots.

  22. Benny Lee says:

    its a simple question to a simple answer..it does not take a genius to figure it out..the courts allow it to happen because they have to establish one parent to have more time so that would give them the excuse to force child support orders so they can get money from the federal government

  23. Stephen Tierney says:

    This guy absolutely knows his stuff. He's just accurately described my situation 100% sociopaths don't show emotion. Normal parents who have normal emotions are going to be angry because of what the abusive parent has done! Taken away their child.

  24. Maryann Kearns says:

    I was a nurse for many years, and in the medical profession , the personality profile of people drawn to medical profession is 99.9% in the codependent camp. The day I watched a middle age thin physician , and it was known he was undergoing chemotherapy I noticed the nausea patch ….he has 4 children……I had his cellphone ,as he was in sterile dress….he was sick ant the only time I saw a faint smile was when he heard even few words from one of his children…..I did however read several text messages the ex-spouse was sending she needed help with her Nordstrom card…..I had no problem deleting every damn test…..all specifically mentioned the Nordstrom card each more demanding….I was a nurse who did not tend to support men in general sense…it was all I could do not to stomp his cell phone into pieces….but atlas that would only rob him of the few minutes he heard from his children ….There is silent buried epidemic ……everyone suffers the father , his children will have lifelong problems…..Parent alienation and severe psychologically abuse when the women is alienator….is not well recognized . People talk about MD's making a lot of money …..you can not imagine the financial cost this occurs….fathers love their children….it is time this problem ….the public needs to wake up. Mom, can be the abused…..public needs not to be aware.

  25. Targeted by Corrupt and hypocrites says:

    they fail to recognize it because they profit from it through incentives and paid actors who portrait the poor non custodial parent to be mentally ill for speaking up of the alienation.

  26. i am that I am says:


  27. Julie Smith says:

    ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome’ was invented by a therapist who also thought pedophilia should be normalized, blamed on a child, and that sexual abuse itself is not a harm".. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/caught-between-parents/201512/real-facts-about-parental-alienation

  28. RobertMOdell says:

    No extensive training needed. Courts have NO BUSINESS taking parents out of childrens lives unless they have been CONVICTED of some crime that is dangerous to the child. Anything other than split parenting damages children.

  29. Bob Marslek says:

    The experts know full well what the truth is. They are intellectually dishonest and are making too much money on the fighting PA creates (see "Divorce Corp").. The problem here is that the TP's are the only ones dying. Until the Legal Profession starts taking a fair share of causualties nothing will change (Patrick Glynn made a good video on this). The BAR doesn't keep statistics on how many lawyers and judges are killed by litigants over fears of encouraging copycats. Im an expert on PA and have dealt many years with the legal system. PA is enabled by the legal and psycological community and won't go away until the PROFESSIONAL individuals perpetrating the abuse go away (My philosophy regarding this is more in line with Malcom X than MLK). I know most TP's become suicidal and many do kill themselves. I do not wish for anyone to kill themselves, however realistically, several will. I just dont want to see good people die without a reason. Your child will be brainwashed to hate you no matter what you do. If your going to make such a profound statement as to sacrifice your life….MAKE IT COUNT!!! We are in a War and that is a sad fact. God Bless.

  30. Tina Huston says:

    This is going on with grandparents, too.

  31. Donnie Draftdodger says:

    I'm also a alienation survivor, I hate the victim tag because I made mistakes that exacerbated the circumstances. Family court destroyed our family. Lawyers made tens of thousands off both parties. At 40 had to move in with Parents, went bankrupt, vehicle was repossessed, became clinically depressed and lost my income. Through it all I fought tooth and nail to see my 3 children regularly. To date I have paid child support and Alimony support that consumes 60% of my net income. My ex -wife has worked part time as a nurse for the last 15 years since separation and now has a net worth of $2 million including rental properties. The only reason I have animus towards her today was her efforts to alienate me from our children. The money means squat.

  32. Charles Smith says:

    There is money to be made.

  33. Charles Smith says:

    I have not either one of my sons in 17 years, paid child support,paid her college to her dr degree. ALL I EVER HEAR IS A LOT OF BS. FROM THE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

  34. i am that I am says:

    1:05 the children align with the toxic parent so true.

  35. i am that I am says:

    2:19 they are brainwashed to be that way

  36. robert sullivan says:


  37. Qin WuDi says:

    this works so well because its free money for the lawyers.

  38. Advisor Lover says:

    please sign the petition safe children beiing used as weapon https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/202194

  39. Richard Thomas says:

    Support shared parenting legislation… http://www.rrstar.com/opinion/20180105/my-view-equal-parenting-time-best-for-children-of-divorce

  40. Mario says:


  41. Raisa Romaelle says:

    Incredible insight. Thank you!

  42. Rya De Silva says:

    Excellent explanation of a very complex problem by Dr. Miller. Thank you for this edited version vs. the original version where he keeps getting interrupted by some of these law makers.

  43. Jenn Xeno says:

    Thank you for putting this out there.

  44. SnakeDoctor3383 says:

    Please help me see my children and stop parental alienation. Please take a look at my go fund me page https://www.gofundme.com/didyouhugyourchildtoday

  45. Jehovah Jesus says:

    title D-4, title D-4 title D-4 that is why courts ignore parental alienation. The State profits by having one 'custodial' parent and one 'paying' parent, or chump.
    The judges make a lot of money for separating families.
    Then you have advocates, lawyers, bailiffs, guards, translators, clerks
    All these individual pieces of the corrupt family court make money (and lots of it) from the child trafficking taking place in family courts nationwide.

  46. Linzy Coleman says:

    Psychology at its best speak facts

  47. infidel97 says:

    I wish judges and child protection agency are forced to take courses from this guy.

  48. Daniel Mihalko says:

    Let's be real, it's usually scorned women who do this to men and know they can hurt the man using the kids and our sexist courts will almost always side with them.

  49. William WAGENER says:

    Sen. Nancy was NOT murdered by her husband: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1zrQxbuvFo&t=206s

  50. Dr. Mark Roseman, CEO and Founder says:

    I first experienced alienation and Connecticut courts from 1997 to 2002. It was horrific, pathetic and I've seen little change throughout the country. As a child custody expert, I worked many years advocating for joint custody with the national Children's Rights Council which was successful in bringing shared parenting to nearly 30 states. Today, nearly half of the states (20) do not have shared parenting. Why? Hmmm. It couldn't be because the research supports shared parenting. Hmmm….could it be something else? Hmmm…Greed? Read www.PreservingFamilyTies.com, a new book addressing the social research of child outcomes. You can find this text at all Barnes and Noble stores nationally. (I am the author.)

  51. Julie Herlihy says:

    This is where research from open records requests on public information relating to the parent in question and documentation comes in. Document everything! All of it!

  52. Chris Burger says:

    I would add that along with the "court" not being aware, the GAL's (guardian ad litem) that was engaged in my custody battle was easily taken in by my ex. She is a nice person, but could not see past the manipulation. Engaging a forensic psychologist to do a full custody evaluation was the only thing that could have figured out what was happening.

  53. Matt says:

    I've been to court 38 times in UK – UK Courts boost mother's confidence to keep breaching court orders.

  54. Qin WuDi says:

    its the money; not a poor skill set; its called greed, willful blindness

  55. BigRed56 says:

    Good information for the uninformed authorities who need to take a closer examination of what transpires with issues associated with Parental Alienation. The courts and all mental health workers need to know how to ascertain factors and see the children and alienated parent are the ones that suffer and this becomes a long term issue that children carry into their adulthood.

  56. Kendra Stevens says:

    I ASKED to have my daughters evaluated by a non-partisan court appointed counselor/therapist!! I got turned down flat!!

  57. Shirley says:

    Dr Miller is spot on. My ex husband told my children I was a mad witch and would hurt them. He charmed child psychiatrists so their report were in his favour and he got custody and stopped all contact with their mother.

  58. Lu12340 says:




  59. Kathy McGirt says:

    Ok, here’s the problem… kids will latch onto ANY parental figure after 90 days’ separation from their primary caregivers. I have issues with the program he is describing.

  60. Brooke McPhail says:

    HOW can we get involved in promoting PA awareness?

  61. Steve Sacco says:

    I am a targeted parent and “victim” of a very corrupt family court system. The only way things will change is if and went we organize and have our assembly men and woman change the family law. The judges, child unprotection service, the county attorneys office and law guardians all are one in the process. There is no best interest for the child, nor do they care for truth. Frankly their deeds are evil. Contact me if you’ll dedicate yourself to action to change the family law. We are the government not them. [email protected]

  62. Richard Burton says:

    Very accurate and well put. Thank you.

  63. Laura R. says:

    While this sounds right, the reunification programs he mentions are only further props of a disproven man and his theory and his efforts to help abusers control their x's and children.

    Read this, https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.huffpost.com/entry/parental-alienation-and-d_b_811738/amp

    Or this


  64. Wisdom Perception says:

    Wow, I really appreciate the wisdom & knowledge specially the experience speaking . I am going through same situation and it's been 7 years since I am trapped and can't even go court coz my ex partner is narcissist and I do not want my child to suffer . I wish courts get advance enough as chances of getting the truth are very gleem.

  65. Hi Pal says:

    I spent 12 years the victim of parental alienation. By the time I did get to spend a sliver of 8 hours over the course of 4 months in 2 hour blocks of time. The damage had already been done.

  66. Richard Blondel says:

    I live and work in Russia, my ex and I met while in America, we have a ten year old. For most of her life, I was her dad and her mother. Her mother stated its boring being a mother, she preferred to drink and party. We moved to Russia for work and she hated it and moved back to the usa. While there she cheated , then we divorced, my daughter lived here with me. I thought she needed her mother, she left last June and since then its become worse, like a different reality. I cant send gifts, I cannot visit, she wont abide by court order which says I get her during summer. I threatened court and she said shed say I didnt pay cs , which I did, but no receiots for first year. I feel sick talking about this, like really no hope , like my daughter was a memory. Just a memory.

  67. Bob Marslek says:

    They know full well what they are doing in the court. They can't admit it because that would end the malicious mommie games that drive Dad's wild and make the attornies rich….This shit wont stop until some of the poor bastards who commit suicide everyday from seeing their children alienated start to take out the judges, lawyers, mediators, and custody evaluators before killing themselves.

  68. Paul Forester says:

    The courts help the mom cause I been there. The court lost credibility with me. They should have heard about the boy who cried wolf.

  69. G Myers says:


  70. Hawks Eyeview says:

    They leave out estrangement everytime.


    I wish the judges in family court would see this video.

  72. Kendra Stevens says:

    During my divorce, in 2008, I asked the court for an outside psychologist to evaluate our daughters. I was told no. I have been completely alienated, or erased, from my daughters' lives, the beautiful angels I gave birth to. This man 100% right.

  73. CarlAnthonyTV says:

    No hope… I grok… down the line the system was a complete failure for my little family unit. It's been broken so long, probably beyond repair.
    He is spot on! The question is, how to get the retarded family court system, and the surrounding cottage industry that makes its living off of misery, to use this wisdom and knowledge to actually help out the parents and children caught in this horrible situation?

  74. Nano Stinted Meat Suit says:

    SOS in Onterio 📌✈:::::::◾::::::::fathers
    Black cube
    Need good lawyer in Canada…fathers rights

  75. Rick Irick says:

    so someone does understand! this is like a light going on in my head. we need laws now to stop this.

  76. Nina Revivo says:

    You are spot on I wish you could help me I wish I found such people like yourself, you are so good, you are so very accurate, it is exactly like you say every single word!

  77. Jen j says:

    Is there a parent Alienation specialist in Portland Oregon area or around there? I need one!

  78. Sharon Taylor says:

    So true. This explains what I have been dealing with for 10 years.

  79. Ni Willis says:

    Be very aware, that parental alienation is very real, but also very badly misdiagnosed by ill prepared social workers!

  80. Scott McCoubrey says:

    This is so true…when I got to spend time with my child for a week and a half straight with no intervention or distractions or bullshit cult brainwashing from his mother he started calling me dad. Words can’t describe how happy it made me. Then he had to go back….it’s been 2 1/2 years since he’s called me dad again. Breaks my fuckng heart. Just don’t give up on your child, it’s not their fault.

  81. OfftoShambala says:

    I went through this … it’s a real problem. The only solution is preventative… know who you are getting involved with, build a trusting friendship and a sense of team. If you have this foundation when you bring children into the picture… if there is a split… this kind of crap is much less likely to occur… it could still happen, but you could really minimize this crap if there is a split.

  82. Douglas Durrett says:

    Alienation should be a felony. The extreme pain and destruction it causes make murder look like a misdemeanor.

  83. Jill says:

    Because courts are only as "good" as the people who are employed their/there.

  84. Jill says:

    And there are some evil MFers employed by the courts.

  85. jensaltwaterhaven says:

    I don't know if I would agree that they are failing to recognize it as much as just failing to do anything about it. My Ex took my kids while I was the custodial parent for six months before I was able to get a court to issue a temporary custody order forcing law enforcement to help return my kids to me. During that six months my ex brain washed my kids to claim I abused them. I filled contempt charges when this started, after the judge told me he would not help me get my kids without a temporary custody order, I filled for the TCO and got it. My kids were found in another state (I had been contacting schools and finally found a district that did not say they knew nothing about the kids). To this day the contempt case is still open because my ex will not go to court has multiple FTAs. The court and law enforcement does nothing. This started 8 years ago. My ex wife has been allowed to never pay her ordered support and kidnap our kids with no consequences.

  86. Francis Sawyer says:

    I cried watching this – he describes exactly my situation with my ex wife. I feel so sad for my innocent daughter in the middle. I don't know what to do as the parent being alienated. I'm at a loss.

  87. Eunuch States of a Matriarchy says:

    Here is what it is all about: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvFt_mlzGZM

  88. P Bo says:

    I got help from Dr Richard Warshawk… he was masterful.. however he was correct in the end.. I have a copy of the custody evaluation that the attorney's did not allow the judge to see it cause he called them out on it along with the mother coaching.. and they did not include a copy of it for public view, and yet it's mentioned in the divorce paperwork..
    The parental coordinator was highly suspect also..
    Btw, Dr Warshawk helped find the custody evaluator who discovered these efforts and I was told it would be blocked from the judge seeing it.. which it was.. that was in 2010.. he has since for the laws changed in my state in Aug. 2016, so that behavior could not continue in the st louis county courthouses. The destruction of families by vindictive people so lawyers could take every penny and hide their behavior..
    After the divorce was worse, however I was broke.. and my ex called the day after and said my attorney was right, everyone knew the law firm I had would bail on me in the end of they ran the bill up and I did not confine to pay.. and they did.. my mother had a heat attack that morning and she, my attorney went to the court house before my scheduled appearance and did not tell me.. she withdrew because in one year they got 38k from me and my bill was over due 5k.. so 43k in one year and they did nothing.. after my ex told me that, about her attorney being right.. she hung up.
    It was brutal and what her, her parents, and her sister and brother -in-law continued to do after that was way worse..
    Cannot understand how the courts and attorneys allow this.. now there are no back room shake downs like the one I endured.. it was horrific.

  89. JewDd* 89 says:

    It’s about time that information like: not all experts are the same or qualified for specific issues, what parental alienation looks like truly; don’t make a hasty, stupid judgement by appearances only, etc, etc. To me what he said is not only common sense but essential for others who clearly can’t see beyond what’s in front of them. Meaning all too often ppl look at an angry parent and immediately believe he’s the one at fault, the issue of the family meltdown. Most ppl see the unhealthy “tightness” between parent and child as healthy, as normal… it’s not always! I see issues between parents a lot in working in schools, too often children are pinned between the two parents and depending on who has visitation for the moment, the child is hopelessly bound to that parent and required of loyalty and full dedication. All too often I see staff that see only what’s in front of them as far as first impressions but aren’t able to think beyond what’s initially presented to them. Same thing with suspected abuse or even in-school bullying. I hope his work really infiltrates courtrooms, mental health professionals, school personnel, police, etc. And I hope this issue with unqualified professionals ceased to exist because it doesn’t take much for a professional not skilled or appropriately educated in parental alienation to influence a courts decision and destroy not just the healthier parent but most importantly the child/children. This is an excellent source of really important information and we all could use a reminder of how NOT to parent! Unfortunately there aren’t harsh enough punishments for the parents that seek out distraction and devastation! It’s not about you adults, it’s about the kids!

  90. RUN & GUN says:

    This man is wise. They system is set up to keep the money coming

  91. Michelle N Sirca says:

    2:40: that's what the people in foster care did to me, they wanted me to abandon my role as a child, teen, so they don't have to caste about me of I have a problem. 4:16: it is situational for me and I do have ptsd from someone threatening to kill me for pimping someone out and the day I told that person to come to me, since everything was staying the same, that I have a death wish! … police hear exactly what I say when I attempt to report something and act like they don't know what I'm saying. Even if they just heard me say it. I have no one, not even the people I go to, not even my family. This is happening because of Latino Ann's Africa American people who encouraged my family to weaken and abuse me. Because of blackmail and extortion. Psychopath sociopaths. Who wouldn't do something to calm themselves or to feel better??? After 13+ years.. Who wouldn't have given up after being so damn patient, for that long, being neglected and abused, setup for sexual things. All of you who have lied about what I say, you will have to answer for that. Not being fair or legal is abuse to the targeted parent and the child!!! Making a child stressed to think About this, is abuse!


    Jesus Christ…….my ex does adultification to our daughters every day concerning seeing or talking to me. Yet I have never heard either child tell me they do not want to see me or talk to me EVER. My ex tells me they dont and says its them saying it FOR YEARS . And puts the choice of skypeing or visiting on their shoulders and they are only age 4 and 6, yet when I ask the children when I do get a chance to talk to them OR RARELY see them, if they would visit me anywhere or talk to me anytime, they always say Yes dad yes dad we love you dad we miss you daddy. I mean wtf am I dealing with here?. And I have only seen my kids physically for 65 days total in the last 4 years, not by choice I have tried every legal avenue and empathetic option and the ex just keeps weaponizing our children when they are with her. After watching this video I know the TRUTH for sure of what is happening and has happened for years. . LIKE Wtf………

  93. W Momma says:

    I think much if this is true. However – it is tough when your teenager flat out refuses to visit the other parent. The parent can get accused of parent alienation even though they have tried everything they can think of to get the child to visit the other parent.

  94. Jacob Matysek says:

    This is so true yet so sad when your a father trapped in this scenario

  95. awelsh81 says:

    This guy is a fucking genius.

  96. DMG Hands says:

    Has anyone who is being accused used this video and or articulated the content of this video in court for the judge to understand the accuser is alienating the child and it worked?

  97. Tony Brown says:

    I'm living this days, ihaven't seen my daughter in 9 months now, i just finished taking a mental evaluation, i passed..
    i been in court for 3 years now

  98. Kyle Rook says:

    The psychological community will never go for this because they are very deeply indoctrinated in Leftist/Marxist/Feminist ideology. They will reject it because it is almost always fathers who are being alienated and the whole psychological narrative is that men are bad.

  99. M-K King says:

    Please, what is the name of the therapist in Canada? KATHRYN REID? I could not grasp it properly.

  100. Troy Mark says:

    still failing to except that this stunt is preformed by mothers week in week out all over the world – millions and millions of cases

    50/50 my ass !! More like 90/10 !!

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