Why are contempt proceedings necessary in the international criminal tribunals?

With Registrar, Daryl Mundis Contempt proceedings are important and an important component of international criminal proceedings because they are a way of allowing the judges to control the proceedings and a way of insuring that the integrity of the court proceedings is respected by all the participants as well as by the external communities which we serve. So contempt proceedings are a way in which we can insure that the judicial orders are followed and respected and that the rule of law is maintained throughout the process. At the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the contempt proceedings under Rule 60 bis can entail a wide range of possible activities including giving false evidence, intimidating, threatening witnesses, failure to comply with a judicial order, or failure to comply with a written order of a Trial Chamber or a judge of the Tribunal. I think it is also important to understand that contempt proceedings have been conducted at a number of international courts and tribunals. For example, at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia more than 25 contempt proceedings have been held. And contempt proceedings are a way in which the international community is able to police and patrol the judicial process and the judicial proceedings that are ongoing.

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