Who Is Merrick Garland And Why Is He Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee?

With an empty seat on the Supreme Court bench
following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, many have been waiting for President Obama
to finally select a nominee. In March 2016, the President named Judge Merrick Garland.
For those who know the name, it’s not a surprising choice, but it has everyone else
asking: Who is Merrick Garland and why did Obama choose him? Well, currently Garland is the chief judge
on the US Court of Appeals in Washington DC. Although this federal appellate court is nowhere
near as well known as the Supreme Court, it is often considered to be the second most
important court in the country. It is best known for reviewing federal independent agencies
like the FBI and SEC. As the head of the second highest court, a nomination to the Supreme
Court is not unprecedented. In fact, Garland has already been close to the position twice,
when President Obama considered him for a seat in 2009 and 2010. Obama and Garland actually share a few similarities.
Garland was raised in Chicago, Illinois, and from there he went to Harvard Law School,
and graduated with high honors. In his capacity as a law clerk, lawyer, and judge, Garland
served under a former liberal leaning Supreme Court justice, William J. Brennan, Jr. He
later held high ranking positions within the Department of Justice, where he oversaw a
number of influential and popularized cases. Most notably, Garland was a chief investigator
in the Oklahoma City bombings case. In 1995, a US veteran set off a car bomb in front of
a federal building, killing more than 150 people. The subsequent case saw nearly 1 billion
pieces of information collected to bring down the perpetrator. Garland also oversaw the
Unabomber case, where a domestic terrorist mailed explosives around the country. As a judge, Garland has both the experience
and the political bipartisanship necessary to qualify for the Supreme Court. He is called
a moderate and a centrist, although there is little question that he is more liberal
than conservative. One measure of comparison to other existing judges put his political
ideology right between that of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Elena Kagan, both
relatively liberal. And yet, Garland also has the support of many Republicans, after
having worked under prominent conservative judge, Henry Friendly. But in the current political climate, Garland
is going to need all the Republican support he can get. When the nomination was revealed,
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, reiterated that high ranking Republicans in the Senate
would categorically refuse to consider Obama’s choice. Legal analysts have called this position
unprecedented, and potentially unconstitutional, but Obama clearly hopes that Garland’s influence
can overcome the GOP’s obstinance. At 63, Garland is the oldest Justice since the Nixon
era to be nominated, and according to White House officials, has “more federal judicial
experience than any other Supreme Court nominee in history.” But whether being qualified
will be enough to grab the vacant seat is yet to be seen. So what exactly would it take for Merrick
Garland to be appointed to the Supreme Court? Learn about the complicated selection process
in our video at the top. If you want to find out why the Supreme Court justices serve for
life, check out our video at the bottom. Thanks for watching TestTube News! Don’t forget
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  1. DeepBlue says:

    As long as, the person he picks is not a biased fool, a moderate would be best.

  2. Deep Doubts bout U says:

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  3. edi01 says:

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  4. andrelm3 says:

    Why do the UK and Portugal love each other?

  5. Bright Lights says:


  6. CharlieGunz says:

    Pro-corporate establishment Democrat nominates someone who's for Citizen United and American exceptionalism in our already horrible foreign policy.

    Surprise, surprise.

  7. lostinYourReality says:

    Im gay

  8. Bloody heart15 says:

    Republicans should stop being obstructists and do thier job

  9. Lar In Vermont says:


    If you're going to discuss the Oklahoma City bombing, it's "Timothy McVeigh" not "a veteran." And he was aided by Terry Nichols.

    He lost the privilege of being acknowledged as a veteran when he committed the bombing.

  10. Nathanial Zou says:

    How powerful is Kazakhbrick?

  11. BigBoss says:

    1:46 Who says there's little question that he's Liberal? He voted against CITIZENS UNITED which granted unlimited money in politics. Fox News calls him the “most conservative nominee by a Dem in the modern era“. FOX NEWS CALLS HIM THAT!!! He has always sided with law enforcement (according to the New York Times). Plus you guys said he worked under a Liberal Judge, that is so propaganda because that had nothing to do with why he was appointed if the President wanted a Liberal he would have nominated a liberal, not someone that worked for a liberal. Plus Larry Lessig the most liberal politician in America worked under Antonin Scalia the most Conservative Justice in history so that comment was irrelevant and misleading. I'm so disappointed, remove the news from your name and just call yourselves TestTube plz it would be far more accurate.

  12. bloodandwinearered says:

    By now we all deserve to know what we really have been wondering.  "How gay is Tajikistan?"

  13. Cupid Betty says:

    The only thing that sucks is Republicans want to stall Obama's choice. I'll be surprised if Garland gets in even with his qualifications.

  14. _random user_ says:

    How radical is Bernie Sanders?

  15. _random user_ says:

    How radical is Donald Trump?

  16. Daniel says:

    Garland is a moderate, not liberal

  17. dasBunny says:

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  18. David Pires says:

    Israel's violations of international law

  19. rick nineg says:

    The country needs another Kennedy. One who swings the court

  20. T:T says:

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  21. Plebeian+ says:

    How powerful is Afghanistan?

  22. allbusiness22 says:

    wooo, republicans to block the president's nomination

  23. The Wooden Bowl says:

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  24. Xftbllplyr says:

    How powerful are the pro Israel lobbies in the US

  25. Wrath Is Me says:

    This is such bullshit, there it NOTHING that makes him a liberal and the GOP literally couldn't ask for a better pick, Obama is a corporate dog and so is Merrick. You guys didn't present any facts for cases to back you up BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE, he ruled to expand citizens united and to take away fucking habius corpus rights from gitmo detainees. ITS THE FOUNDATION OF THE WESTERN WORLD that says (among other things) that a government can't just make someone they don't like disappear. Thank god the supreme court reversed the decision. This guy is pretty much just as bad as saclia for fucks sake.

  26. SpudyRS says:

    Didn't the GOP say that they couldn't have picked a better candidate themselves? Also from everything I've seen I don't know how you can call him liberal.

  27. Acharya Shree Shankar says:

    I remembered Garfield cartoon when I heard his name 😀

  28. Acharya Shree Shankar says:

    Another Jew at the helm. I was thinking always US FED will has a Jew but this time even a Supreme Court has a Jew. Wonderful USA and lets #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  29. Grant Owens says:

    Oh my word, he's not liberal.

  30. SouthernMuscle says:

    The statement that the GOP refusing to give Garland a vote is "unprecedented" is nonsense. The Democrats blocked Bush's nominee (Miguel Astrada) to the point that Astrada simply had to withdraw his nomination. He would have been the first Latino Supreme Court justice…..and the Democrats blocked his nomination.

  31. Norwegian nightmare says:

    Anyway we can ban that spammer

  32. Larry Phischman says:

    He is more conservative than progressive, and all around corporatist. Keep him off the court.

  33. Will Popoli says:


  34. Aleem says:

    What are Israel's violations of International law?

  35. Emperor Tikacuti says:

    A pro-Bernie Democratic Republican who'll fuck Donald Trump who'll terminate Zionism harmed the economy.

  36. Wyatt Smith says:

    How powerful was the Soviet Union

  37. Bird In Motion says:

    Obama should should choose a right wing conservative to balance the power!

  38. TubaBuddha says:

    He is almost a Republican in all his rulings. The one with the biggest impact is his support by ruling, for a sister ruling to Citizens United. He is NOT in any way moderate and especially NOT progressive, as the other picks have been.

  39. The Quad Squad says:

    how powerful is Florida? #prayforbelgium

  40. josedg says:

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  41. knightarnaud says:

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  43. Contrary says:

    The Beard is coming back!

  44. Tim Westman says:

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  45. Jack DuVal says:

    Fuck the GOP.

  46. FNA says:

    Obama could nominate the ghost of Nixon or Reagan and Republicans would still disagree. It's Obama after all.

  47. b blaziken says:

    Don't allow him…. Against the second amendment

  48. Bardock says:

    Stop making so many videos on only the U.S. Government please. Also I request Israel's violation of international law along with the U.S. and UK.

  49. wmpratt2010 says:

    It is NOT unprecedented to not consider a nominee in an election year. Obama himself has held this view. So has the VP.

  50. Sean Pannella says:

    I sleep with a pillow over my face.

  51. Alex B. Castillejos says:

    How powerful is Panama?

  52. Edward Ramirez-Wright says:

    Hey Testtube news. Would you be able to provide a video explaining the structure and system of the US military? With Obama not returning from Cuba immediately after the terrorist attacks on Belguim, people are interpreting that as a sign that he's not taking the war on ISIS seriously, as if the President walked away from his World of Warcraft campaign leaving the entirely military to stall in a world where there is no Secretary of Defense, National Security Council, and telecommunication/wifi technology for long distance communication and coordination. Perhaps a video about how the US military functions would help with the misconception that Obama hits a pause button on military issues every time he steps out of DC.

  53. Mike Foster says:

    Bernie would make a great justice

  54. Alepfi5599 says:

    How powerful is Austria, please? <3

  55. Trollol Police says:

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    Can you do a video on Arizona's supposed election fraud?

  59. RedLeader327 says:

    The GOP is trying to refuse him because they (GOP) are trying to destroy the nation.

  60. Ken Upton says:

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  61. 卐惡平卍 says:

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    What are Israel's violations of international law?

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  64. subhabrata pramanick says:

    We want a funny Q&A video with all TestTube hosts when you guys hit 1 million subs…….

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  66. David Beltran says:

    Do a video on the "italian mafia" on how they were turkish and israelis posing as italians….

  67. X M16 says:

    Will Donald Trump become the next US president or Hilary Clinton?

  68. Shay Rocks says:

    How powerful is Malta

  69. TPAB GKMC says:

    Garland is a corporate sellout wanting to expand Citizen's United! Not liberal!

  70. Jesus Alejandro Cazares says:

    My goodness even Hillary could have picked a more Liberal Judge!
    Dear Conservatives, Please block this nominee
    Sincerely Progressives Everywhere

  71. HooDaFuq says:

    Yep, just based on this video, this guy stinks….NEXT!

  72. Alex Fishman says:

    I don't get why people are getting so up in arms about that he has to be more liberal or conservative. Centrists are the best choice since they choose by what they think is right and not by their party's decision. He makes both sides happy and is an extremely experienced individual. Just know, either we get him or in Hillary's/ Bernie's case a far left liberal or a nut job Trump appointee. Let's be safe about this America.

  73. Lieutenant Chowder says:

    From what i can tell, he doesn't support gun rights and if he gets chosen i fear we will lose them.

  74. Sweet Mcbeats says:

    Liberal? hahahahahahahaha, what a joke, hes in favour of money in politics, get the fuck out of here

  75. Forever says:

    I subscribe to your channel .. Excuse
    me .. Can you subscribe my channel?

  76. Zircon Crystal says:

    How powerful is Malaysia?

  77. Jean Dong says:

    Garland is a "jew". He would become the 4th sitting jew on the supreme court in a country where his people represent less than 3% of the population. Furthermore, the remaining 5 sitting supreme court justices are catholic, in a country that is 55% protestant. It's pretty safe to assume that the numbers are asymmetrical as they are not representative of the American people.

  78. Fabrizio says:

    He's anti-gun and pro-abortion. Liberals should be licking his butthole.

  79. Jess Tolley says:

    Why are all of these people so dam old. There's the issue..

  80. John Murpy says:

    another jew what a shock!!!

  81. AG E-Ben says:

    I'm going to make a guess and say I think he is definitely more conservative than liberal as even Republicans such as Orrin Hatch said glowing words about his record just recently before he was even considered…he is still centrist though and there aren't many clues to say that he is a liberal except maybe that he opposed the NRA once before! He is still one of the most highly qualified picks in my opinion regardless of his ideological leaning.

  82. liam Condon says:

    filthy liberals

  83. Gabriel Russell says:

    Topic suggestion: What's the difference between a President, Prime Minister, and Chancellor?

  84. Ryan Pickett says:

    All Conservatives can go fuck themselves. EVERYBODY hates you

  85. Kendrik says:

    How powerful was the Soviet Union?

  86. Krizzly says:

    "What would it take for Garland to be nominated SCOTUS?" Not to be appointed by Obama. You heard it right there from McConnell!

  87. JL C says:

    I never did realize how much Mitch McConnell looks like a turtle.

  88. pisse3000 says:

    "The Republicans expect me to nominate a liberal, so instead I'll nominate a conservative! They'll never see it coming."
    Wow Obama, you sure got 'em… Well played… 😒

  89. filip4900 says:

    federal JEWdicial experience

  90. Law19157 says:

    Any Republican that supports a Liberal is not Republican but a Liberal trying to pass as a Republican. Garland served under a Liberal, his policies lean left he is not a Moderate that is a complete lie. He won't be appointed.

  91. Roman Soiko says:

    The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.

  92. Eagle Eye says:

    Garland is an enemy to the US CONSTITUTION. His record shows, that he is for fascist style gun control, and would love nothing more than to see the 2nd Amendment destroyed. Vote for that???? NEVER!!! The GOP needs to keep him out!

  93. Ben Filsinger says:

    Liberals don't want the centrist Garland either.

  94. unifieddynasty says:

    Funny that Republican politicians won't even consider a moderate praised by Republican think tanks. Kinda like how they think the ACA is the spawn of the devil even though it was initially devised by conservatives to counter single payer. Really goes to show that leftists in America need to push to the left for a fair compromise.

  95. Logical American says:

    Garland opposes repealing the citizen's united ruling. Another willing cog in the system.

  96. Jake Jones says:

    He's a man against liberty and he's the nominee because obama also hates liberty.

  97. Harry Haller says:

    Idiot, and ultimate cry baby Obama is planning to add the mook Garland to the supreme Court Tuesday at 11:55 pm. between change of Congress. Petulant Obama's will do it.

  98. Krista Antonini Martin says:

    Why don't you ask Leonardo DiCaprio where he left his shorts Mr. Datana dater, since you seem to be the idiots who can't keep up with the economy.
    I'd like my 15 million dollars for the Original Military Art Show in Europe now.
    By the way, I think that your Marketplace government agency health care is hitting below the belt.

  99. Krista Antonini Martin says:

    By the way, your "government agency" Marketplace has a record of over 100 harassing calls to my phone. I reported them as fraud to my LICENSED Health Care Provider whom I had already signed a contract with for 2017.
    Your "government agency" Marketplace quoted me over $800 a month for health care premium payments, when I can buy the same Health Care at work for $65.00 per month. What's with the quote in the middle of the year for a house payment, after 100 harassing phone calls about insurance that is already provided with a legally signed contract through a licensed Health Care Provider.

  100. Krista Antonini Martin says:

    My dad Frank A. named me after the Vostok 1, 3KA-3, my initials are K-A or KA and I think that the rocket science lies in Trump's court.

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