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  1. JackofSpades says:

    It's times like these you wish you could "like" a video over a hundred times. I love it

  2. TheImagoMortis says:

    whats the reason for the beating, dont understand

  3. 1157ML says:

    To bad there is no audio. But if the cop realy attempted to desable the camera of his cruiser and was able just to desable the audio. It's clear the cop tried to hide his actions. So, if it's true, this cop deserve to be fired on the spot.
    But the Melbourne police FARCE says it's OK.
    And cops beleave to deserve respect. Ha Ha Ha.

  4. Galantir Galadross says:

    disregarding the command to stay back several times.
    It's the old guys own fault for not listening to the police.

  5. Hummer Videos and More says:

    Without the audio we only get a partial story.

  6. Michael Altobelli says:

    thought criminals go to jail not hospitals…

  7. LifeFitness says:

    All we get is old man walking towards cop and than getting booted in the chest and fucked up because he did not put his hands behind his back. I think the footage is enough

  8. Ingemar Oskar says:

    what a fuckign psycho cop! lock that egghead upp ASAP

  9. KarpatycGhost says:

    because even though they have guns, batons , backup and more they are scared and terrified overweight girls in blue dresses

  10. faisal abu tayeh says:


  11. Andrew Pfeiffer says:

    wow kick to the groin what a manly thing to do

  12. Andrew Pfeiffer says:

    justified my ass. what world are we living in please someone tell me

  13. chefpetey says:

    the cop disconnected it

  14. Tha7Dude says:

    A fucked up shit hole that is dominated by the New World Order.

  15. Tha7Dude says:

    Again, why does that merit a beating?

  16. jordan corey says:

    you can talk i mean type until your fingers hurt and they still would not understand. I say to all that thinks the job of law enforcement is easy become a police officer, and patrol the streets that law enforcement does every day. Your attitudes will change fast or you will be killed. nether one would bother me

  17. J4CKJ says:

    protect and serve…. my fucking arse

  18. TownDrunk says:

    And how clamly the officers walk up and deal with the situation, but even afterwards Officer Energy Drink is still in a fighting stance and all wound up. That guy needs a vacation.

  19. Chanse Singleton says:

    What the fuck are you smoking!? And trayvon martin was not murdered. If i was being mugged, and i had a gun, i would have used it too. And im damn sure anyone else would, including you.

  20. 777souljah says:

    and your an blind idiot who needs to get his/her eyes checked, fool

  21. 777souljah says:

    did you see the man grabbing a knife? no,, so,, your dumb ass comment only shows your medieval racist thoughts,, prejudiced dumb ass

  22. 777souljah says:

    nah ur speaking serpents language trying to talk yourself out, but i know better, not gonna argue with racists, so i wont comment nomore, you stay a snake tho 😉

  23. MrSouthphillyitalian says:

    you gotta admit that kick was sick as shit

  24. Haunted Life says:

    obviously racial profiling. 🙁

  25. Taki Wok says:

    well explained seemed like the black man was acting agressive you can tell by his walk.and im a black man my self.

  26. daniel shuster says:


  27. Southernborn761 says:

    Does anyone know why the cops was heading to this call so fast to start with? why was he going to the area? who called the police and why? might go a long ways in explaining why he just kicked old dude with no warning. im pretty sure he told him to stop. dont come any closer. But what was the original call out for? Was the old guy in a dispute with the guy that walked to the drive side to start with? Nothing justifies what i saw. just trying to make some kind of sense of this event.

  28. Joe Delvecchio says:

    A employee called 911 saying Mr Flowers pulled a knife on him. I can see why the cop acted the way he did. All he knows is he this guy approaching him is supposedly carrying a knife. You can see the cop tell them to stop. The one guy listens Mr Flowers continues towards him. The officer made a command to stop and he did not listen. He dont know Mr. Flowers, he dont know what he is gonna do. Cop tells you to do something you listen! You don't, you go down hard. Cop was doing his job. No foul here

  29. Matte Swe says:

    ha ha ha………America in a nut shell.

  30. foggy460 says:

    And they wonder why cops get shot.

  31. samijprod sami says:

    cops are the first criminals to get judged by god .

  32. Chad Bates says:

    I think the officer did a great job. Clearly the suspect was not stopping when told to do so and even had his hands into fists. What do you think he was going to do when he reached the officer? Hug him? Shake his hand? Walk past him? Come on people. This video is great self-defense. Why should you let the suspect make the first move?

  33. Jon Proctor says:

    God bless this cop. He told the suspect to stop and the idiot kept moving foreward. Keep up the good work boys in blue!

  34. egulley11 says:

    The cop was found to be unjustified and the old man had all charges dropped because of the smartness of me, WFTV Ch. 9, and others who spread the video around. MPD can't be doing stuff like this to anybody who is under a medical condition.

  35. egulley11 says:

    They already did. The old man had all charges dropped after me and several others spread this video on facebook the day WFTV released it on their web site.

  36. egulley11 says:

    Most LE Officers let their position go to their heads, and MPD is NO EXCEPTION. I had 2 cops STEAL, YES STEAL, over $1500 of stuff from me before they even confronted me late one night. the place where i was at was where you could see everything going on, they pulled a sneak attack. I filed a report of the theft but you know how that goes.

  37. egulley11 says:

    the cop was found to have used excessive force and all charges were dropped against the old man. the fact that the short video was spread on Facebook probably helped. The cop was reprimanded for turning the audio of the camera off.

  38. egulley11 says:

    The officer turned the audio off before the confrontation and was reprimanded by MPD. the old man had all charges dropped against him.

  39. heybooboo757 says:

    Today's police wonder why the people have no respect for them, I am 65, they were so different when I was young. Todays cops are like Nazi thugs, they no longer serve and protect even though that's what is says on their squad cars. Melbourne was a nice place to live in the 80's

  40. abedegebede says:

    noooo, fuck with the cops, fuck them up big time. that's the only way they realize that this is not the way to treat people.

  41. abedegebede says:

    So it takes a cowardly kick to the nuts and repeatedly beatings to the back of the head, while the suspect is lying flat on his belly, a tazer to the face and the number of FOUR grown-man police officers to arrest an old guy with dementia?

    Melbourne Florida Police Department=Biggest losers on the planet

  42. jimme lovo says:

    Lo t

  43. Philocognition says:

    Fuck the PIGS!!!

  44. Flyingdumbbells says:

    bahaha scared of an old old black man Piggy? Fucking loser. Hope you get fucked in the ass by a young black man.

  45. Dum Ho says:

    he has dementia

  46. IconicSchmoobie says:


  47. Winnipeg Cutting Edge Cutlery says:

    So with a few seconds of research I read that this cop was responding to a call of a mentally disabled person (dementia) who attacked people with a knife, arrives and the man on the left in the white shirt warned the officer the suspect had a knife, suspect keeps coming at the cop and wont back down. Did I miss anything?
    who feels a mild taser shock might have been better that beating into submission?
    but a 66 with a heart problem would have died from the taser?
    Its easy to say the cop was wrong

  48. Winnipeg Cutting Edge Cutlery says:

    but I would like to hear some real suggestions by intelligent people saying what he should have done, or what you would have done if you were worried this guy was coming at you possibly with a knife after attacking other people.
    I do not know police procedure but I am interested in what non police think is reasonable.

  49. heybooboo757 says:

    I don't know if it's the cameras are the reason or not but 5 cops(2 skinheads) seems a bit excessive to bring down one old man that wasn't even resisting, and the way He started with a kick to to the Groin?, is that standard procedure?. I'm glad that there are many cameras if that's what it takes.

  50. tecboy209 says:

    me too lol im moving to Australia too much shit here in the us

  51. abedegebede says:

    "that old fellow came at him like "wildfire", arms-a-swingin', with a 20 inch knife blade in one hand and an evil look in his eyes" where is that evil look?!^^ show me arms a swingin? 😀 "ooked VERY muscular " what the fuck?? dude, you obviously commented on the wrong vid 😀

  52. David Moffatt says:

    "Disobeyed a direct order"? What was this man's offense–walking on a public street? As I recall it, the police are public servants–they work for us. They are, at best, our equals. Once this bozo throws a groin kick, he's just a bully, and his victim, his moral superior. After the beating he brings in four more cops–what for? To protect himself from what SHOULD have happened to him?

  53. Mrplum5677 says:

    A very strict cop

  54. Perry Foster says:

    fuck all the goddamn pigs

  55. paulie peterhumper says:

    I think I would have done the same thing take away the equation that we know the man has dementia. The officer did not know this. When he told the man to stop he should have stopped. He did not have to beat the mans face so much though I think the nut kick was enough

  56. Ryan Fordyce says:

    He never attacked anyone, he made threats and that's all. The person in the white shirt is his nephew, and was warning the cop that he had dementia, not a knife. It was clear from watching the video, that the officer had clear view of the old mans hands, and could see that they were empty. There was no justification for that officer push-kicking him, and then repeatedly punching him the head after he was down. (all of this, after the cop tried to shut off all his video recording equipment)

  57. Ryan Fordyce says:

    The cop, should have waited in his car for backup to arrive 1st off. You never approach an armed suspect by yourself, if you can avoid it (and in this case he could have). Since he had gotten out of the car, he should have at the very least, backed away himself, and put his car between himself and the suspect. He should have taken every step, available to him at that time, so that he could to ensure that physical force was absolutely needed, before using it.

  58. paul Bailey says:


  59. cheito73 says:

    I'm a 17 year deputy sheriff veteran and this is obvious excessive use of force. 30 days suspension without pay pending termination. Cop had the chance to wait for backup. The civilian seemed unarmed. Typical over zealous cops.

  60. Yiffox says:

    the police always say they did nothing wrong, that's when you march outside the police office and demand the police chief be fired.

  61. Yiffox says:

    and really the cop should be fired for trying to turn off his cam period

  62. BLN_96 says:

    If a policeofficer say: "Stay back!!" then I have to stay back ..but he walk and walk and walk… The policeofficer can't know what the guy wants …He do the right thing.. and this old black man shit .. oh my god ..
    I think it doesn't matter if he is old/young ..black/white/yellow/red or green with blue dots

  63. Perry Ong says:

    The cop should have taken him down rather than kicking him in the nuts and swinging like a chick. Even with the advantage of the cop being on top of him, the other cop had to taste the victim in the face. What a b!tch move…

  64. Perry Ong says:

    Taser* autocorrect

  65. Anthony Fluhart says:

    punk ass cop hope he at least got fired hopefully prosecuted

  66. Rah Silly says:

    disobeyed a direct order?? nvm you have a confederate flag..

  67. whynotthis77 says:

    He kicked him square in the nuts? Now that's fucked up.

  68. riley allan says:

    LOLOLOLOL he got fucked up

  69. Barack Obama says:

    You sir, are a moron.

  70. Tyrone Smith says:

    You are all retarded

  71. Tyrone Smith says:

    Not once did he kick him in the nuts, not once did he punch him in the face. Everything he did was completely fine. You're all a bunch of typical liberal idiots trying to make something out of nothing.

  72. Travis Faulkner says:

    they say u cant fuck with a popo now no one gives a bullshit

  73. mel man says:

    The police wonder why people Ambush them this is why.I predict in the future cops will be Ambushed at higher rates.

  74. tipsyfiend25 says:

    Real tough fucking cop…. Skinhead, nazi! It really takes that type of a beating so subdue a 66 year old man. Hope he sleeps well at night

  75. Laura J says:

    How about you shut the fuck up you Nazi sympathizer.

  76. Laura J says:

    My father was a police officer in Broward County. If he was alive today he would kick the shit out of this punk ass cop.

  77. Carla Parsons says:

    I live in melbourne and have been pulled over by this jerk before. He's on a power trip. Always is a jerk

  78. Carla Parsons says:

    Dutchieonthelefthand you prolly are that cop in the vid trying to defend your actions .lol

  79. Alex Jackson says:

    Our people will kill each other over dumb shit, but will let an officer beat the shit out of a friend or family member right in front of us.
    We need to start retaliating when cops do this.

  80. Reenter Name says:

    He had to control the situation. …and quick…He did not know if he was outnumbered and the other people may jump in. Sometimes even the people who call police go crazy once they realize the person will be taken away or is being hurt. I say he did what he had to!

  81. L David says:

    Fat Pig

  82. easter chapa says:


  83. Daniel Reese says:

    I use to live there fu€£ the police all of them piggys crooked and the corrupt we need to revolt against them

  84. Daniel Reese says:

    For fucks sake edit this video it takes forever to get to the point geez

  85. CARLOS OJEDA says:

    fuck the cops, from Mexico City  

  86. Michael Castberg says:


  87. matthew howell says:

    Is there anything that we can do as a people.. Just seeing them do this shit day after day hasn't changed anything.. If anything they're doing it more b/c they now know that there is no consequence.. America needs to get its police forces honor back.. After all.. nobody begged any one of them to become a cop.. if they cant handle the stress while respecting peoples rights, than they need to quit.. I was raised by the Law. My dad was a cop.. a good one.. and they're are a lot of them out there.. but I now know that i have to raise my kid to not trust or honor that group of people.. Instead i will have to raise him to fear and avoid police.. And for the good cops out there with the authority and ability to protect and serve, Protect Americas people and there rights.. The American Policeman/woman has no honor.. The good cops are the only ones who can get it back. but you have to keep each other in check and remember that theer just human under the uniform.. The uniform should be a sign of honor, respect and valor. If the human inside has none, than they should be removed from that plateau and punished worse than the common criminal b/c there is nothing common about that criminal..
    Police=The enemy within..

  88. LikaPyramid says:

    i dunno he probably deserved it. seemed like a good cop.

  89. 82nd AA says:

    "Officer Derek Middendorf of the Melbourne Florida Police Department attempted to disable his police cruiser camera before beating Albert Flowers a 66 year old man who suffers from dementia. Officer Derek Middendorf was only able to disable the audio recording on the camera."

    Interesting comment, considering the audio was not working for at least the nineteen minutes prior to the event. Is there any reason we shouldn't assume the audio simply wasn't working in his particular vehicle, or do you simply have some hidden agenda?

  90. tenfootpollable says:

    JUSTIFIED???????? fuck this hypocritical country….america is the next lost land of atlantis….we've been part of the world for just over 200 years and already fucked everything up.  america is done

  91. sillywillysays says:

    That devil Should be in jail. I blame this on our sorry black leaders.

  92. skillz321407 says:

    This is fucking trippy thats my hood lol

  93. skillz321407 says:

    Cop aint have no hands tho 35 yr old vs 80yr old FAIL!!!

  94. Gabriel Henfield says:

    thats so wrong. To kick an old man in the nuts and beat him like that? I pray for that old man and that karma gets that cop, thats wrong.

  95. Barb808 says:

    Justified huh? That is why the cop tried to disable the camera unsuccessfully

  96. Joe Dunn says:

    I have lived in Melbourne bout all my life. this is still a nice city and Our police dont put up with "monkiey business" lol
    yea i been arrested and slammed down a couple times by this badass gang! however, they helped save my life by puttin theirs on the line! i would definately stand for them if i saw need! yes my crimes were violent so dont mess with these guys or yo might get a blunt kick to your face from me! i respect these guys i grew up and went to school with a couple cops and would stand for THEM! criminals take I-95 north!
    Jerry D. GO BLUE
    PROUD of OUR public servants!

  97. Joe Dunn says:

    I highly recommend not coming to Melbourne Florida stay up north!

  98. Drew is my Bae says:

    This was so damn hard to watch it literally made my stomach sick!! How can ANYONE especially an "officer of the law" kick and attack an elderly man only walking over to talk??!! These gangster thugs with badges being safe guarded by the departments that choose to do NOTHING to stop this behavior is the epitome of why they are getting less respect from the public and the reason for the great tension the minute people see those lights behind them!! They have ZERO fucking respect for anyone yet DEMAND respect from everyone!! The fact that this department found that the force used is justified AFTER knowing officer asshole tried to disable his camera and actually succeeded with the audio is beyond disgusting!! How can ANY force used be justified WITHOUT the full story !! If this POS wasn't already premeditating his attack why the fuck would he be trying to disable the only truthful witness before any contact with these people?? It is crystal clear that this right here is a fucking vicious premeditated assault on an elderly man that did not cause any fucking fear of this officers life in any way walking slowly towards him and where are the fucking laws that state cameras are not allowed to be fucked with by these thugs?? He needs to be fired off the streets because he alone is a fucking danger to all of society including the weak and elderly he is the sickest scum I've seen!! It is also disturbing to me that the amount of EMS called to render aid to the extreme amount of people abused by these cops aren't speaking out and sticking up for those being attacked!! Let's see the statistics of how many people the EMS are sent to care for the victims at the hands of a traffic stop to any stop with the cops being the one whom assaults these people!!!!!!! JUSTICE DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!! When the abusers are allowed to choose their victims and play out the abuse they choose under the protection of this badge and department is when we know we are in danger by those under oath to protect and keep safe more than anyone else out on the streets and more than ever we are being pushed to protect ourselves from them under every circumstance necessary!!!!!!!

  99. Dylan walker says:

    Wish we had audio.

  100. Max Brazil says:

    This is why I celebrate every time a pig gets blown away, hopefully gut shot so they die shrieking in horrific agony. Then I'll piss on their grave and salt the ground.

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