Where is the Downing Centre Court?

Here behind me is the Downing Centre courthouse. It’s the busiest courthouse here in Sydney. The address is 143 Liverpool Street here in Sydney, and it comprises a number of levels of local and district courts. The local courts are on level 4 and 5. The district courts are from lower ground floor all the way up to level 3. Many court rooms within this courthouse, and in terms of its location to my right is Hyde Park and Elizabeth Street. To my left is Castlereigh Street and it goes all the way down to George Street. Our offices are on Castlereigh Street here across the road from the Downing Centre Courts. Now if you’re driving in on your day of court you can park in our offices or in the building in which our officers are in. There’s a car park there, we have visitor parking, and myself or one of my senior lawyers will bring you across the road here to the Downing Centre to deal with your matter. Now underneath me is Museum Station. So if you’re not driving, you catch catch a train best exit is here at Museum Station. And if you don’t want to go to Museum Station, Town Hall station is not very far as well. So this is the Downing Centre courthouse.

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