What To Expect When Going To Court

So you’re on your way to court
for whatever the reason may be. Don’t worry. We’re not the judge. We’re just here to tell
you what to actually expect when going to court,
courtesy of legalyou. Before you’re
questioned, you may have some questions
of your own, like: is it OK to bring a
bottle of water in? How about food? What absolutely should
not be in my pockets? Is it better to
not have pockets? How long am I going
to have to wait? In short, what are
the practical things you need to know for
your first day in court? First things first. Here’s a basic rundown
of what to expect when you enter the halls of justice. Sorry. Allergies. Anyway, you walk
in, and there will be a screening station of
some kind, like the airport, sort of. This is where court
security officers will stop you and check
the contents of your purse, briefcase or whatever
bag you decide to use. Most often they will
run the contents through an x-ray
machine, while you walk through a metal detector. Under no circumstances
should you bring a weapon into court, of any kind. There is no video or audio
recording devices allowed and no photography. That’s why in Federal court
you can’t bring a cellphone, because of the camera. However, in State
court, you can. But in both courts
no food or drink is allowed, although
you generally can bring in a bottle of water. Anything that will disrupt
the court proceedings is also prohibited. Think things out
long beforehand. If you bring something
that won’t be allowed in, there isn’t some storage
space to keep it. Even though you might
have to wait for a while before your case is
called, do not be late. If for some crazy
reason you are late, then make sure to call
the judge’s assistant to let them know. It is also polite to call
the person on the other side or their attorney. This doesn’t mean
it will be excused, but it can only help your cause. Once you arrive, make sure you
head to the right courtroom. Look for signs or ask the
deputy running security. When there, wait patiently
for your case to be called. Don’t be disruptive
or disrespectful. Once it’s your time in front of
the judge, follow as instructed and proceed with
the case at hand. Just remember, as a
taxpayer and citizen, the courts are part
of your government and they are there to
help you resolve problems. Don’t be afraid to use them. You can do this.

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  1. e e says:

    How does this have only 3000 views ?! This is very well edited and it deserves more views from the Youtube community.

  2. Matthew Gones says:

    For the record; I am subscriber 949.

  3. Olando Anônimo says:

    Waiting and lots of waiting followed by more waiting. It’s the most boring and stressful place on planet earth.

  4. Logistics1320 says:

    Going because of my straight piped mustang and instead of the dickhead cop giving me a fix it ticket, he gave me a $1200 ticket to pay so now I have to fight it. 🙃

  5. Random Videos says:

    Been there once never ever do i want to again they make it super long and tiring for that reason so take my advice and follow the fuckin law!

  6. James J says:

    Wow this actually helps

  7. Jon M says:

    I was late for court one day and got pulled over for speeding. The officer asked why I was speeding so I told him.
    He asked what I was going to court for.
    I told him speeding.
    Fleeing, resisting, felon in posession of a fire arm, drugs, drunken driving, hit and run, breaking and entering, i guess when cars goes thru a front door it somehow my fault? So he tells me to get out of the car.
    Well my gun was under my left leg. When i got out it landed on the pavement and went off. Shot the cop in the chin. Like as if that was my fault…. i grabbed the gun and went to court. I will be damn if they put a warrant out for my arrest just because i didnt show up for court.

  8. 1TooMany Cats says:

    Well my mom has to go sooo

  9. Aruna K says:

    Waste video

  10. BLATE Productions says:

    i’m going for a high school fight

  11. krystal m says:

    my friend is going for bringing a wax pen to school 😳😳

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