What to expect when attending an employment tribunal? Ask the Expert

Hello my name is Mark Ferron MD of castle
associates and if you’d like to know what to expect if you’re going to attend an employment
tribunal then watch this short video and expert barrister Nick Singer will explain.
Well employment tribunal is supposed to be an informal environment, it’s not like the
courts you won’t see a doc or anything like that it is designed so a lot of litigants
in person there. And so the basic layout you’ll have a table for the respondent, you’ll have
a table for the claimant and there’ll be a witness table, all tribunal to laid out a
little bit differently. And at the front you’ll see the tribunal panel judge and the lay members,
it’s basically laid out like that and then you go through the evidence you have speeches
by each of the advocates and then a decision. Thanks again for watching I really hope you
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