What should I wear for my Court appearance date? Chicago area Criminal defense lawyer explains.

You have to appear in court and you don’t
know what to wear. Common question: how should I dress for my court appearance date? Hello,
I’m Steve Fagan from the law firm of Fagan, Fagan & Davis. I’m a Criminal, DUI and Traffic
Defense Attorney here in Illinois. And we’re going to talk about what you should wear to
court, it’s often overlooked. Join me for a minute while we do.
The first thing you have to remember is: this is a courtroom. This is a place of business.
And there is is a certain formality to it. Everybody’s wearing a uniform, or professional
attire. Now when you walk into a courtroom, you want to be treated with respect. Likewise,
the people working in a courthouse also want to be treated with respect. And they want
you to take your case seriously, even if it’s a simple speeding ticket.
Treat this like it matters, that’s what you should do.
Just to give you an example of a place where dress became very important, I was once sitting
in a courtroom in a misdemeanor call here in Cook county and a young man walks into
court. The young man came to court in shorts and
a tee-shirt, stood up before the bench and the state’s attorney had no choice but to
dismiss the charges as the Judge would not give them any more time. As the young man
turned to leave, unfortunately for him, the Judge looked up at just the wrong moment.
And what do you think he had on the back of his shirt? That’s right, a big Marijuana
leaf. Judge didn’t like that. And the rest of that day didn’t go so well for that young
man. Men should wear something “business casual,”
as should women. Women could go with a suitpant set, women could go with a blouse and skirt.
Men should: you don’t have to wear a suit and tie like I would, but you could wear Khakis
and a button-down shirt, or even a Polo shirt with a collar. Try to avoid tee-shirts with
Marijuana leaves on the back of them. That’s a bad idea.
Thanks for joining me. My name is Steven Fagan from the Law firm of Fagan, Fagan and Davis.
If you have questions, you can call us at 847-635-8200 or visit us online at myattorneysonline.com

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  1. Fagan, Fagan & Davis says:

    Actually, we've seen pajamas. Very colorful ones. Comfy, but not too bright (or maybe that was the problem).

  2. Shaun says:

    That was a bad look from what he had put on for his audience and especially making a fool to the judge. It is common sense when you feel like your life is at stake or being dealt with in any situation, you have to put on a good look and handle your business in the right way, but as for that young man, it went downhill for him.

  3. Shaun says:

    Also thank you for providing this information.

  4. Fagan, Fagan & Davis says:

    Our pleasure, Shaun. People definitely forget they are walking into a situation where everything the Judge sees about them factors into the mind of the Judge.

  5. JOlivo2011 says:

    What about a tie with a marijuana leaf on it? Am I good attorney?

  6. Fagan, Fagan & Davis says:

    At least you'd be wearing a tie!

  7. yonkaznative says:

    U cnt blieve that kid hahaha..im so nervouse for tmoro mornin….

  8. Ricky Lopez says:

    Good advice

  9. HOODIExREAPER 18 says:

    Can guy lawyers wear piercings and have visible tattoos?:) I really want to be a lawyer but I also l0ve piercings and tattoos and I was just wondering!::))

  10. HOODIExREAPER 18 says:

    Fine ignore me!!!!-_-

  11. Love Area says:


  12. jerrymack95 says:

    "try to avoid t-shirts with a big marijuana leaf on the back. Its a bad idea." winks and smirks at the camera savage

  13. T Sama says:

    I wore pajama pants and a shirt to court when I was 18. I got citated for doing that and ended up with two court dates. They take that shit seriously

  14. N Knighton says:

    Way to go Fagan!

  15. Zandra Bey says:

    Great Video:Taj Tarik Bey Courts Color of Law (((All so-call Black People need to watch this video save your babies!!!)))

  16. Chris Bianco says:

    It’s a speeding ticket I haven’t killed anyone but I’m gonna dress better then dudes on the red carpet

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