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  1. Steve Haines says:

    Really rooting hard that rbg takes a dirt nap very soon so we can get a third!

  2. Brenda Rua says:

    One of the best segments ever! But then they had a lot to work with. Well done!

  3. Steve Haines says:

    If only I could start a salt mine from the leftist tears on YouTube. I would be Donald Trump rich tomorrow!! 🙂

  4. Alice's Rabbit says:

    ummmm, what tf did debra messing do?

  5. ddavel5441 says:

    Only thing funny about this bullshit is how they completely ignored the LIES the fake doctor Ford told, with that little girl voice she used, lol!

  6. reddog278 says:


  7. jnmonte10 says:

    Political slams are easy writing , you all have no skills , get back to writing something funny

  8. Dominick Nesbitt says:

    My boi kavanaugh

  9. Tom Staunton says:

    all I hear is whaaaa

  10. Nero Lightning Lynx says:

    That was so accurate, everything on that list upsets me and makes me vote republican.

  11. Peremalfait says:

    If only they could've worked in the words "sweaty balls," it might've been funnier.

  12. John Cameron says:

    What would you expect from a communist based show.

  13. Robert Cerney says:

    What lie?????

  14. Bryce Britton says:

    How can this even be considered funny… none of the stuff they talked about is even true making up lies and rumors that ruin people’s lives is funny now? Wow sad time in America

  15. Christian Adams says:

    A storm is coming. For all those who watch TV and believe the propaganda…a storm is coming…expect Q. For Q is upon you!
    Dread it, run from it, hide from it…destiny calls!

  16. Jenn Smith says:

    Democrats haven't been this pissed since republicans ended slavery.

  17. deadpooled 1018 says:

    Remember when this show was funny? I don’t.

  18. Brazos Forager says:

    I think bots are making most of the comments and humans are responding.

  19. Hose Kim says:

    F**k you Jost and Che!

  20. mark roofer says:

    Angry rants from sore losers

  21. paul thomas says:

    The Blasey Ford lies were working. the swetnik gang bang stuff was not believable. the democrats just lie continuously so they dont know what is believable and what isnt. glad america won. Justice Kavanaugh fought the lies. and Ford got her money. 3 million on gofundme. her lies worked for her.

  22. rtcell says:

    The "weekend update" was great, but isn't the rest also supposed to be funny ?

  23. Conner Broeker says:

    Notice how as soon as he was elected they stopped pressing charges

  24. Eric Jackson says:

    Quick, can anyone tell me what Kavanaugh "lied" about? Or are these allegations as made up as Blasey Ford's testimony?

  25. Santroff says:

    50 to 48 divided almost entirely on party lines, showing that this was not a matter of whether Kavanaugh did anything wrong or not but 100% political move. Shameful that democrats forced Ford through this circus and drug Kavanaugh's name through the mud just to sabotage the Trump administration.

  26. Jennifer O Sullivan says:

    I don’t get the toadstool size joke?

  27. Michael DeWitt says:

    SNL not funny anymore. You liberals are ANTI-AMERICAN.
    Red wave this November.

  28. BEZ LLAMA says:

    They dont let u hit the qb anymore that is so true

  29. p3rrypm says:

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  30. Futurebug says:

    well your free to go

  31. Melissa Scott says:

    Dear God, he was a teenager wtf!!!? These people are insane.

  32. Flash Earth 05 says:

    I think this is an unfair depiction of what happened with the Brett Kavanaugh situation even though i think Miss Ford wasn't lying but I think that some of her story was fuzzy and she couldn't remember who had acted upon her.

  33. Davi Edmond says:

    they are all fucking douche bags

  34. gloom cloud says:

    I fucking LOVE LIBERAL TEARS!!!!!!!

  35. christian seroian says:

    Love the comments Hey liberals ever try voting for someone based on policy rather than just choosing your political party every time.
    If you really think these women just now decided to come forward with rape allegations just because…YOU ARE AN IDIOT.
    Usually you don't wait 20+ years to come forward…You guys don't find it at all fishy that these women only come forward when politics are involved.hmm almost like they were asked to slander the guy so he wouldn't make it into office.

  36. Daniel Coggins says:

    What do Republicans watch? I mean like no body on tv likes them! Lol

  37. Jessie Homerding says:

    Snl Seth Meyers

  38. Wilson says:

    @3:30 Why did they leave out MS-15, MS-16 and MS-17 x MS-16/MS-13?

  39. Kay J says:

    That law and order skit was it for me! 😂😂

  40. Monica Puryear says:

    I’m sick of these ass wipes re-trying a person that they don’t agree too as becoming judge or president. They are just a bunch of puppets that do exactly what their producers tell them to do then 20 years later claim their producers raped THEM!! I stopped watching this shit a while back because it’s not funny anymore – it’s just THEIR political take of how things are. THEIR PERSPECTIVE ONLY -HATE FILLED LIBERALS!!

  41. Jesse Stevenson says:

    I hate this shit so much. Kavanaugh is a good man. A democratic SCOTUS nominee would never get lambasted like this.

  42. Bilbo Faggins says:

    "Accuser" does not go hand in hand with "victim".

  43. Susan Pepper says:

    Oh wrong channel , i thought this was CNN. Man i remember when Saturday Night live was a comedy show. When did it go communist news…

  44. Oliver Dobson says:

    Fucking SNL, so far on the left they’re driving on British roads

  45. sOHam says:

    "Oh Megan, you 'bout to get ate!!" 😂😂😂

  46. Mike Trot says:

    A white man does something bad but SNL always find a reason to draw OJ into this. The Black Man, always somehow worse.

  47. Neil Deep says:


  48. Guy Klink says:

    Anyone else remember when SNL was non-partisan, god I miss those days.

  49. Lieutenant Thalia says:

    Bold of you to assume liberals don't hate Lena Dunham, too

  50. Luke Wood says:

    'The Last Jedi' yeah that would piss me off too

  51. Everette Hungerford says:

    #notmygov #startover

  52. Franz Grueter says:


  53. R S says:

    "Augh, Megan, you about to get ATE…" 😀

  54. Will Hunting says:


  55. Swiss Panda says:

    No proof and people believe he rapes. what?

  56. Jay Nicks says:

    This never would have happened if they would have just let Obama’s pick be the new Supreme Court Justice.

  57. JerseySlayer says:

    “You know what’s more upsetting than seeing an email in your inbox? When someone accuses you of gang rape without any evidence on the floor of the senate judiciary committee and then suggests in USA Today that you shouldn’t be allowed to coach your girls basketball team anymore, and then suggests because you’re a white man you’re not entitled to due process and you shouldn’t be angry about it. If you get angry about any of that its because you don’t have judicial temperament.”

  58. david schare says:

    Nothing can take away the disgust!

  59. Primetime Pranks says:

    And Dr Ford is no longer pursuing charges. Imagine that. She just vanished along with the GoFundMe money.

  60. William Stark says:

    When he was young, Brett Kavanaugh was an obnoxious frat-boy drunk, an elitist prick and a sex offender. Is he still that today? Who knows. But what we DO know beyond any doubt is that Kavanaugh today is a blatant liar, a criminal perjurer, and a right wing neo-fascist hack with the judicial temperament of a rabid badger. He is not fit to preside over any court, much less the supreme court.

    To return America to what it should be, the best place to start would be with the impeachment and removal from office of both Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.

  61. ZygyKoz says:

    USA! USA! USA! You all are NAILING IT!

  62. AJ Jones says:

    All the inbred comments are so weak..wanna be free thinking and your trapped in a closet with your cousin

  63. Nicholas Davies says:

    Lady Ghostbusters XD

  64. cc92103 says:

    This is more political commentary than comedy, typical SNL pandering to the Democrats and that's why SNL is dying.

  65. Andrew Flood says:

    LMAO !!!

  66. Bonnie Urso says:

    About to get ate???? That's why 5 out of 6 Republican Women Voted For Kavanaugh!

  67. Bonnie Urso says:

    IRS should seize all he Trump Money and divide it among all Lower Class Americans as a Bonus and then Force The Trumps To Apply For Government Benefits Only To Be Denied!

  68. jess alana says:

    Weekend updates are my FAVORITE 😂😭

  69. jess alana says:

    “Starbucks CUPS” 😭

  70. David Marchetti says:

    Poster Child for the liberal democrats who are just so accepting and peaceful ( excuse me I have to laugh lmao ) have one of their icons arrested for assaulting another driver over a parking space lol

  71. Mo Kaileh says:

    I'm reading the comment section and I'm quite confused. Maybe someone can fill me in on this Brett Kavanaugh/Dr. Ford case. Is there any physical evidence that this sexual assault actually happened? I'm not trying to start anything. I'm genuinely curious.

  72. griderstc says:

    We win

  73. David O Donovan says:

    Black Panther was a great movie. It's basically a republican mindset if they lived in africa. Democrates hate monarcy and capitalist / rich people owning stuff and making the rules like in Wakanda. Wakanda is basically like a black Texas in africa.

    Also, the pole numbers show that nobody besides complete hacks belived Dr Fords. BS like saying that you were too scared to fly yet flew in a propellor plane according to your boyfriend, teaching at least one woman about doing a lie detector tesh and then lying that she never thought anyone on how to do it, hence suggesting that she knew how to lie on a lie detector test, her witnesses saying that they didn't remember the incedent inculding her friend (attemted rape isn't something you forget, even if you forget the date and time of something like that) and in Dr. Fords first complant saying that she didn't want Brett on the court to be a threat to abortion [baby murder by pretending that they are sub human, calling them "fetuses" like the way democrates called black people "negros" back in the day in order to de-humanize them.] "rights".

  74. a d says:

    So 4 months of investigation and hearings means nothing to these people

  75. Mr. Ubiboy says:

    Brett's confirmed people!!! yeah!!!
    Your lies didn't work libtards!!!!

  76. Wizarding World Videos says:

    I came here for SVU.

  77. Jake Nelson says:

    “They won’t let you hit the quarterback anymore” had me dying

  78. I. Wynn Wynn says:

    Lena Dunham is a phony hypocrite shill and not an actual feminist

  79. That Guy says:

    Well yeah people looked past dr fords accusation because she provided no evidence what so ever and many of her witnesses did not back her and the ones that did just said they know because she told them

  80. MarbleSwan666 says:

    Wheres the episosode after this, he reuses the line he said he would steal, and also the guy who got punched on a plane?

  81. MustBtrouble says:

    Kavanaugh gayer than a fa**ot in a dick tree. All the allegations involved other men. Think about it…

  82. Badger Fishinski says:

    Amen! Innocent until proven guilty! You go Kavanaugh!

  83. I. Wynn Wynn says:

    Lena Dunham is a phony hypocrite traitor shill

  84. Garrett B says:

    What’s it like shitting on people , then they get elected to the highest offices?

  85. Dan and Am says:

    I love how they push through the boos to next joke. Like, but wait there's more

  86. Michelle Landreth says:

    Love Che's beautiful sleepy eyes.

  87. Wizarding World Videos says:



  88. Ebony Saintz says:

    It's typical, that this bit is going on about people not being open minded, but SNL only regained popularity, by trashing this President, and anyone in his universe, each and every episode. Sure, Colin, sit there and pontificated about Kavanaugh not being open minded. A bunch of comedians decided that a now Supreme Court judge lied under oath. Which, would have been a crime. Ask Bill Clinton.

  89. mbuvito says:

    When Colin is in the thumbnail it's part 1. When Che is in the thumbnail it's part 2.

  90. Harriet McPherson says:

    It's funny that they mentioned Law & Order because SVU actually had an episode based on this

  91. Kevin Roach says:

    She lied about everything.

  92. Dianetti Stan says:

    The white ladies have stolkhom syndrome

  93. jenna says:

    I was on the way to the hospital and my dad brought up politics (as dad’s do) and he said “voting for trump sent a message.” Uhh yeah dad….sure fucking did. Because America really needs to hear more of what 50 year old white men want to do with our country. And also when I pointed out that our VP wants to send kids to conversation camp if they’re gay he said “he’s not serious he’s just a chucklehead.” Because evidently sending kids to conversion camp against their will, is just a “chucklehead” move.
    Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

  94. Tanner Unkown says:

    This is great now that hes a justice and the funny thing about a terrible FBI investigation and yesterday it was a midea storm because of no collusion😂😂😂 This is funny because I'm a conservative

  95. I. Wynn Wynn says:

    Lena Dunham is a fake, hypocrite, traitor cunt

  96. I. Wynn Wynn says:

    Help me, I am in love 😍 💕 with Colin!

  97. jackgibs xxx07 says:

    That is the most "boos" I have ever heard on weekend update. And it was not because of a joke. In was because of a vote.

  98. el habahi 80 says:

    Calm down liberal

  99. Nataliya Nabakova says:

    "barbie dolls with careers" lmao

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