weed. lesbian allegaytions. // Auto-Tune the News #12

The market value of pot  would go down, down, down if you legalize it then supersize it Right now, now, now! $4,000 an ounce That’s way too much $400 an ounce That’s ten times the blunts We need to smoke a little more pot, right?  right! right now, now, now That huge profit margin would go down, down, down if pot were legal For the needy people Right now, now, now Does it lead to harder drugs? No more than cigarettes No, absolutely not It leads to happiness We need to smoke a little more pot, right? right. Right now, now, now A photo of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan shows Kagan playing softball Uh, uh… That’s been sort of a signal like two men sunbathing together on a beach Or something like that The immediate implication is that they’re gay That’s all, I – I’ve known that for a long time And as soon as I saw that picture I knew the implication: She’s gay, she’s gay! I saw the allegation: she’s gay, she’s gay! Her sexual orientation Insignificant in her confirmation Is she gaaaaay?  A lesbian, lesbian? Is she gaaaaaaaaaay?! A gay, gay lesbian? Is she gaaay? Gay! Is she gaaay? Gay! Is she gaaaaaay?  A gay lesbian, lesbian! Gay, gay, gay, gay,  like two men sunbathing together on a beach Or something like that The White House denies her gayness But she got Village People on her iPod playlist Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!…… Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little levity When we’re long on time and short on brevity There are posters of the Indigo Girls everywhere And I don’t–I like em too! We are deciding to make this a conversation, by the way Is she gaaaaaaay? we’re having a conversation about the implication of sexual orientation a silly allegation of extreme exaggeration and pointless information when it comes to confirmation You would have to smooooke Fourteen joints in 1960 Today minus 50! To get just as hiiiigh As in 2010 with just 1 joint Goin’ back in time always disappoints.  Isn’t that amazing? It’s gonna be crazy in 2060 If we legalize marijuana It would be a very dark day In California Dark with smooooke Very bad idea Would it balance our budget? It would not! Half of voters favor legalizing pot If we legalize marijuana It would be a dark, dark day–very bad! A dark, dark best day I’d ever have A dark, dark, dark, dark day. It’s 4:20! I have a dentist appointment …at 5 o’clock and I–I’d prefer to be on time.

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  1. Bobby William says:

    the only problem I have with lesbian women is the hot ones its just a wast of booty and I hate it

  2. John Chua says:

    just 7 years ago people made a big deal about being a lesbian. how far we've come

  3. Brendan Jenkins says:

    It's 2016!!!

  4. Takuya Ogawa says:


  5. Sam Bigelow says:

    The green screen hands are almost as good as the song lmfao

  6. L-Y3T says:

    OOOHHH! It's 4:20! …I have a dentist appointment at 5:00, and I'd prefer to be on time!

  7. Benjamin Katz says:

    Still funny 7 years later

  8. Benjamin Fish says:

    "It's gonna be crazy in 2016"
    Oh hon, you have no idea…

  9. Lara Devika says:

    Why can't I get this song on iTunes? And the Daddy and Mommy song! My favorites

  10. Dan B says:

    I love that I got notified about this video again, it's so great! hahaha

  11. CarrotyMedle341 says:

    go to porn hub and the logo is changed

  12. Ponlets says:

    i miss this time of youtubes history .. now we get all these cheap lets play videos when these autotoon videos took time and effort and provided entertainment

  13. Joshua Ray says:

    Based on this and Songify the News 8 I don't wanna know the different between a …. you know

  14. Mike Wolf says:

    I noticed the lyrics in the description is not 100% accurate to the actual lyrics in the video itself. For example after the laughing/chortling/chuckling in the lesbian song it says "There's nothing wrong with a little levity, when we're short on thoughts and long on brevity." Where in the song goes "Ain't nothing wrong with a little old levity, waited a long time and short on brevity."

  15. Ryan Nu says:

    Nastalgic weed is legal in California

  16. Alexis Guevara says:

    this is their best video

  17. lnu102 says:

    So, is she gay…..gay, gay, gay, gay? Lol

  18. lnu102 says:

    If we legalized pot…..it would be a dark, dark BEST day I ever had.

  19. Buggabones says:

    Still lit in 2017

  20. ZJP says:

    I always have a little glimmer of nostalgia when I hear the Smo-oo-OO-oo-oke riff thing they do. Since it dated back to the early ATTNs.

  21. ABitInsane says:

    2016 was indeed crazy.

  22. Piglitprodit says:

    nostalgic as fuck

  23. Joseph Tully says:

    Truly their best work.

  24. applle pi says:

    still a bop in 2017

  25. kristman morgan says:

    I just noticed the green MSNBC logo.

  26. Suesled says:

    As good as the song is, the news segments make me disappointed in humanity. America is full of morons and there should be a IQ minimum for anyone in power

  27. DiaryofA WimpyCollegeGirl says:

    We're having a conversation about the implication of sexual orientation a silly allegation of extreme exaggeration and pointless information when it comes to confirmation

  28. Ross Wheeler says:

    I love this

  29. Mario Karasuma says:

    We're having a conversation about the implication of sexual orientation, a silly allegation of extreme exageration and pointless information when it comes to confirmation.

  30. virus says:

    remember when somebody being suspected as gay was seen as a bad thing?

  31. Dreigonix says:

    That "Smo-o-o-o-oke" riff is always great. XD

  32. Mario Karasuma says:


  33. Amin Moussavi says:

    All time favorite youtube video.

  34. SmokiitheeOso says:

    I use to watch them all the time..had to check if they are still around..they are still doin it!

  35. Topheridle says:

    what is the original song that he uses in this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. dumb lil giddy gamer says:

    I want to go back in time and see those old times and have fun!!!!😭😭😭😭

  37. Spiceandsword says:

    Turns out it was pretty crazy in 2016.

  38. MeBeMat says:

    Last year's weed really was crazy.

  39. yutriggered tho? says:

    This came out 7 years ago 😢

  40. Brandon Abbott says:

    California legalizing sales yesterday. Wow this video really shows how much things changed in almost a decade

  41. Leonardo Vergilas says:


  42. The Vegan Painter says:

    Great to see that 8 years later over half the country is either recreational or medicinal! Only a few more states to go!!

  43. Ellen Louise says:

    This video is a must when rewatching classic YouTube videos.

  44. Captain Alex says:

    Timeless Classic

  45. Davison (DavisonVideo) says:

    i guess the dark day arrived! HAHA

  46. Scott S. Gross says:

    Paddy Paddy Buke Buke!

  47. L-Y3T says:

    1:24 Them harmonies, though! 😍😍😍

  48. Dark Tapes says:

    I just wanted to revisit this track. It might be my favourite song on the internet.

  49. djf1107 says:

    +schmnyoho the audio at 1:48 died

  50. Clayton Hurdle says:

    Um I’ve known this video for eight years and I just realized he has an alarm set for 4:20 that goes off while he’s singing about pot.

  51. jack Jennings says:

    Dark with smoO0Ooke

  52. Sander VdW says:

    It's 2018 and I still watch this daily.

  53. ember says:


  54. Golden State Warriors fan since 2015 says:

    1:35 lol



  56. NeutralObjections says:

    8 years and this song STILL SLAPS

  57. Jay Bear says:

    Does anyone know who the gent is at 1:04?

  58. Victoria Congson says:

    Ahhh this was my first song by them so good

  59. Cap'n caviar says:

    Back when the biggest scandal a supreme court nominee was that she played softball…

  60. PVM ZONE says:

    Haha I too, didnt understand the 420 joke til few years later. The year this video came out was the year I started smoking cannabis xD the days..

  61. mawell ! says:

    WAIT DID SHE SAY 4000 AN OUNCE?!?!? thank fucking god I was too young to even consider smoking in 2010

  62. TheFecalmonkey says:

    Shit still bumps

  63. lightkey gamer says:

    2018 ?

  64. 1234567890q says:

    Megyn Kelly must miss that job, actually she must miss any job.

  65. lnu102 says:

    2018 and I’m still laughing at this shit

  66. OchoCietyEnt says:

    Dark with SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE. Throwback

  67. Commander Gree says:


  68. spookyplay says:

    Who watching in late 2018

  69. The Xenex Virus says:

    I love this. Television before the outrage culture and a YouTube classic.

  70. Booter Brod says:

    best episode ever…

  71. KrDizzy14 says:

    And here I am 8 years after first seeing this, smoking my legal weed. 😉

  72. Twiglet says:

    Down down down

  73. Mr. Black says:

    I'm sure this song is playing somewhere in a gay nightclub "is she gayyyyyy is she gayyyyyyyyy"

  74. Mr. Black says:

    The black dude comes out of nowhere "smooooOOOOOke 14 joints"

  75. Jareff Jeff says:


  76. Nick Halbert says:

    This still goes round and round in my head and it’s been 7 years…A gay gay gay lesbian… genius. Then straight to the former drug addict bishop.

  77. Hazmi Tri Laksono says:

    "Going back in time always disappoints"

    2019 Hell yeah!

  78. Kiel Brooke says:

    The best one.

  79. SSVCloud says:

    I'm somehow coming back to these videos almost nine years later and I have to ask again, did anyone on this channel ever meet a person who's smoked marijuana in their lives?

  80. Austin Mayes says:

    But did he make it the dentist appointment?

  81. Maj. Problem says:

    Its amazing how barely 9 years ago they could talk about this like this, but now they would face so much controversy

  82. Thrift Bytes says:

    2019 still slaps!

  83. DanL21 says:

    Dark dark best day I ever had. xD

  84. GTA WRECKING says:

    would go down down down ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

  85. Curtis William says:

    I've been lovely this song since 2011 but I always get hooked onto the outro music. I love it so much

  86. Mark Owen says:

    I miss this loollll

  87. Caleb G says:

    I was in the closet when this came out lmao.

  88. Steven Warren says:

    California isn’t dark though

  89. iLLiCiTMedia says:

    It's 2019 and I still have a dentist appointment at 5 o'clock.

  90. Leonel Vela says:

    2019 dabs!!!

  91. Chicken McThickens says:

    2019 anyone?

  92. Wavy Davey 210 says:

    I watched this when I was 9 I’m 20 yrs old now holy fuck this shit bumped when I was in elementary school

  93. Khidnin says:

    Damn 9 years ago………

  94. DW Nation says:

    I’ve been watching this channel since 2014-2015 so many memories 😭❤️🔥😱

  95. Zudexa says:

    God damn its incredible to think this song is this old. I remember watching it back in the day before it had any views lmao. You guys hold up incredibly for how long you guys have been on this platform making awesome music. The past 9 years has been amazing and here's to another amazing 9 🙂

  96. dead chic says:

    still my fav

  97. Santana Ré says:

    Suddenly remembered this masterpiece today.. had to listen to it again lol it's still amazing

  98. PallasAthene12 says:

    My god, I live for Evan's happy shoulder bopping hat dance.

  99. Jarrod Goertz says:

    2019?? KEEP IT ALIVE

  100. Shirley Thompson says:

    I'm totally still in love with these vids 😩❤️ been a fan since 2008!

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