Water Rights: Tribunal member in support of legal action

Professor Pou Temara, a member of
the Waitangi Tribunal panel that proposed
the ‘shares plus’ scheme in response to
the Maori water claim, has spoken in support of Maori taking legal action
against the Crown. The remark was made
at a student graduation and on the same day
the Maori King declared his financial support for the Maori
Council’s proposed legal action. Potaka Maipi reports. Prof Pou Temara is a member
of the Waitangi Tribunal who assessed the Maori Council
and iwi’s claims over water rights. He’s now joined the ranks and
supports the move for court actions. Court action is
likely to cost $300,000 according to the King’s advisors. Iwi from across the country should support the Maori Council, and they should offer financial
assistance to show their support. Financial support is what
the King and Maori leaders will take to the people
all over the country. We must all travel along the same
pathway and work together. We mustn’t be sidetracked
from the cause, to look at it individually. Maori need to look at the bigger
picture in regards to water. If we do this, we will embody unity. They must be unified in the fight
against the government, because it will be a big challenge. Maori iwi will always be around,
but the current government could be gone in the next election. Initiating court action
is only the beginning. Potaka Maipi, Te Karere.

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