Waitangi Tribunal urges halt to asset sales

In breaking news,… the Waitangi Tribunal has
just released its decision on the water rights issue. We cross live now to our
reporter Tini Molyneux standing by in Wellington. Tini, what does the report say? Scotty, this is the report
that’s just been released, however, the important
part of this report is probably the Tribunal’s
recommendation for the halt of asset sales until they are able
to release a full report. This is no doubt
good news for Maori. This report has just been released, but has the government made
a statement yet? No, not yet. But we know that the PM
will be in Samoa tomorrow with Te Ururoa Flavell, so who knows. They might have
a chance to talk about it. However we know that the PM
will be discussing this with the Maori Party at some stage
before they come to a decision. How do you think the government
will respond to this, Tini? I asked the PM about this matter
and he said his researchers had yet to return to him
in regards to the issue. But he didn’t seem to be
interested in what would happen, so we’ll see how it all turns out. He was the one who said
that the government is able to ignore the Tribunal’s
recommendations. Now we’ll see if
that’s what he’ll do. So the report is urging
a halt to asset sales? That’s right. Hold the reins.
Don’t put the horse before the cart. That’s the gist of the report,
and Maori appreciate it, in spite of the PM saying
that the Tribunal has no power. We’ll now see what happens next. Thank you, Tini,
live from Wellington. There will be more on that
report during the week.

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