Waitangi Tribunal holds inquiry into the health system

This week the Waitangi Tribunal
held its inquiry into the health system. Evidence from
the National Maori Health Coalition centred on overt
and unconscious racism. Here’s Hania Douglas. The Maori health community says
the system may be broken. That’s the idea behind
the Wai 2575 inquiry which suggests that there’s
a bias against Maori, and Maori health suffers
because of it. Simon Royal told
the Waitangi Tribunal that what he and the
National Hauora Coalition wants is equity in primary health, but that Maori are probably the only
group that could pull that off. There are over 200 claims seeking to participate
in the inquiry and there is currently no cut-off
date for the filing of claims. Step one is likely to close
in March 2019. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

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