Waitangi Tribunal hears Ngāti Hikairo claims

The WAI 898 case
is coming to a close in Kawhia. The rights to the sea
were discussed vigorously before the Waitangi Tribunal, as were the effects of tobacco
on the area. Here’s Potaka Maipi’s report. The Waitangi tribunal heard
the claim of the Kawhia people. It’s an independent iwi. That’s what’s important. By making that official, Ngati Hikairo will be able
to live on our own terms and manage our region. Although Hinga Whiu’s ancestors did not die directly
at the hands of the Crown, they did die
by coloniser introduced tobacco. My mother was one of 13 siblings. They’re all dead. Most died of cancer
caused by smoking. The community was surprised by the claim for a health
and smoking prohibition. So that we, Maori, can be smokefree,
to live well. That’s what I have to say. Ngati Hikairo
were not the only claimants. So that they know
that Ngati Patupo is here as well. Te Patupo have
our own oral traditions. And there’s the issue of the road from Aotea Harbour to the sea,
to Maukutea. The road transgresses
on sacred Tainui sites. From here, the Waitangi Tribunal
will head north. Potaka Maipi, Te Karere.

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