VRX Octane XL RC Car unboxing ( courtesy banggood )

Hello everybody today is finally time to unbox the VRX Octane XL. Thank you banggood. I could not wait to unbox this car next morning so i am doing this video late at night and due to the lighting in the room the video quality may not be that good. OK i got the first layer off. And lets take the junk out of the way, I am being careful opening the box, because i don’t want to cut into it or rip the printing off since i want to take nice pictures of it later on. And yes finally we can have a peek inside. Lets take it out. Pretty good suspension. Here we have some extra decals. Next we have instruction manuals for both the transmitter and the car. Lets take those out. This box here should be the FlySky controller Oh we have a charger here too. Capable of charging 2s and 3s batteries And this is the controller. Looks and feels good in your hand. This thing takes 8 AA batteries. Time to have a closer look of the car. Nice tires. Love the paint job. Lets take the top off and look what we have inside. We have a 45a 2s capable Electronic Speed Controller. FlySky receiver. Suspension seems soft. We have a 3650 – 3300KV Brush-less motor capable of 3s. A 3300! mah battery and of course oil shocks. Lets put the top back on . And this is it, lets hope i have happy times with this car because it sure looks tough and fun to drive.

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