Vlog #03 || Our New MG3 Courtesy Car / Ceramic Coating / Tinting / Rust Proofing / Int Protection

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Joe here from
Clean Getaway Car Detailing. Well the time has finally come, and we have a brand new courtesy
car here, just behind me. The new MG3. This is a awesome little car, that we’re going to be loaning out to you when you want to be able to use it. But first we’ve got to
practice what we preach. We’re going to be doing machine polishing, the Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra. We’re going to be tinting
it, rust proofing, interior protection,
putting a dash camera in it. Then we’re going to finishing of with getting some nice vinyls
so we stand out on the road. So it’s time to crack into it, and get this puppy all sorted out so that we can get it on the road for you. (upbeat music) So we’ve just been washing the MG, getting it ready to be machine polished. Got to cleanse the paint-work first. And we’ve been using a clay towel to actually decontaminate the paint. Mark is actually doing it behind me. What this does is this removes the contaminants
out of the clear coat, so that when we’re machine polishing it’s far more effective, and we’re really clearing out the paint, rather than trying to machine polish out through all the junk and water
that’s on the clear coat. So one of theses are perfect, but I don’t recommend
it for everyone to use, always make sure it’s being
done by a professional. (upbeat music) Hey guys. So now we are up to applying
the window tinting to the MG. So today we’re actually
going to be fitting on our highest quality film, which is the Rayno Phantom
Series, and it’s the S9. The reason why we want
to fit the S9 is because it actually rejects not only the highest
level of UV protection, and everything like that, but it actually rejects 93% of infrared. And infrared is what causes
heat shining through the glass. So we want to make sure
that we’re showing people what our highest quality
film can do for you, when you when you actually use the MG, you won’t feel the heat, you won’t feel the high
temperatures from the sun, it’s going to be nice and cool when you’re driving our little MG. How good’s that? (upbeat music) All right, so the cool thing
we’re doing about this MG, is that we’re actually applying darker film on the back windows, which is 20% darkness,
and we’re putting 35%, which is the darkest legal limit for the front windows,
on the front windows. And this is going to make it look cooler, but also provide better
protection, more privacy, and also to showcase what it looks like, what it could potentially
look like, on your car. Which we think it looks really cool. (upbeat music) All right, so now it’s time to actually do the electronic rust proofing system. As you know, or you
might actually not know, we provide electronic
rust proofing systems that actually do work. And that’s why we stick to
what we’ll show you soon, the ERPS system, the E-R-P-S system. It’s an Australian made
electronic rust proofing system. Made for Australian conditions, which is really hard to find. So this brand that we use, is actually used in the mining industry, which, you know that if
the miners are using it, it’s got to be damn good. So let’s take a look, to see what we’re actually installing, so that you can understand
why we recommend this brand. – Yeah, so the generator will
go near the battery normally. And I would say in this model, put it just on this post there, – Nice and easy for people to see. – So when you open the hood you see it, there’ll be a little red light, you’ll be able to see that very easily. – Awesome. And so we’re going to put
the two coupler system on. One obviously, we’ll want
to but in the engine bay, because that’s a really important area. Where abouts, a flat panel, where abouts exactly would
you think to put that? – So I would look at doing
it up here somewhere. – Yeah, Cool. – Just on the far wall,
that gives it good coverage. We’re trying to get good
coverage over the whole vehicle. – And we’re going to put
the back one in the boot, I believe. – That’s right.
– Awesome. And how many volts we looking at? About 400 volts? – Yeah, 460.
– 460 Awesome. – Anything over 450 is good, and we can show you that
once we’ve put it in. – And the difference between this system and the dealership systems are this puts out about 460 volts. Cheaper systems put out? – 12 volts.
– 12 volts. And we’ve remove a few, and
we’ve seen that for ourselves. So quality Australian made system, you’re only going to get the best here. And we’re going to wire
this through the car, and so I’ll let Everard
get cracking on it. – So here we have three
different systems for the car. We have a four coupler, a six coupler, and a small one, which is a two coupler. This is the one that we’re going to be fitting today in the MG, simply because this car is not going to
be going on the beach, it doesn’t live near the coast, it’s going to be very
well maintained by us, obviously being a detailing business. So it’s only going to have two pads, rather than six or four. So I’ve got the wiring through, from the engine bay into the car, and we’re going to feed it up
the back to the second pack. – So we’re going to go through here, – I’ve just got to feed this through, and you’ll see a great
place for it coming. – There it is, right there. Yup, so you’re going to feed that through, along behind the back seat. – Yup.
– Going to come through here, so that we can actually get power to the coupler through here. And it’s all hidden under
the plastic panels, correct? – That’s correct. – And you wouldn’t even know. There it is. Keyhole surgery, right here. – There it is. – Awesome. And there she is. So now we’re going to get power to it. (upbeat music) All right, so we have the coupler there, the pad there, it’s
been stuck to the panel. How do we know it’s really
safe, and not going to move? – It has a good adhesive on
it, that sticks on there, and we’ve pressed that down hard, and then we silicone around the edges, to make sure that no
dirt can get in there. It keeps it sealed there
– Yeah, no water or dirt. – It keeps it nice and sealed. (upbeat music) – So at the moment we’re
just running at 10 volts because it’s actually not fully connected, so we’re going to connect it up right now. And straight away we notice
a massive difference, 468 volts. (upbeat music) Not only have we just tinted and done the rust proofing on the MG, we’ve actually installed a BlackVue dash-cam right here as well, for the safety of our
clients who use our car. All right, so we’ve done all the washing
and prepping on the MG, now it’s time to do the machine polishing, we’ve noticed there’s some
sanding marks on the bonnet. From pre-delivery, so we
want to get those out. It is quite heavily swirled once we put it under the right lighting. So we want to make sure we get that out, probably going to have to do
a two-stage machine polish, so that it looks really, really nice. A lot of clarity, a lot of depth, so that when we put on
the Crystal Serum Ultra, it’s going to look amazing. (upbeat music) All right, so Mark’s done the first
stage of paint correction, because it was very heavily swirled, and a lot of sanding marks. Now I’m doing the second stage. I’m using a really fine compound, to then take out a lot
of the light defects. (upbeat music) Awesome, so we just got the
MG back from Uber Graphics, the guys round the corner,
doing all our amazing signage. So now finally it’s time to
put it in the coating bay, and put the ceramic
paint protection on it. (upbeat music) All right, so now it’s time
to put on the ceramic coating. So we’re actually going with
Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Ultra. It is our 9 year
warranted Ceramic coating, we want to give our clients
the ultimate experience, of when they’re driving our MG, so they can see exactly
what it will do to their car when they book in their
new or used vehicle. So lets go get this on. (upbeat music) Awesome, so now all the work
has been done on our new MG3. It is looking amazing, it’s
ready to go on the road, we’re just finalizing a few thing, so we really just wanted to make sure that people will experience
all the protection services that we offer for you. And it’s all done through our little MG, which is really, really cool, it just feels great, it looks awesome, the tinting is working amazingly, the rust proofing’s done. They’re going to feel safe in the car. And also too, just have that
sense of pride, of like, “Wow. If this is how good an MG can be. “Image how good my own car can be.” So I hope you have enjoyed this video, and I hope that it’s been really useful. So we hope to really see
you in the future as well here at Clean Getaway. Thanks for watching this video. Cheers guys.

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