These comments are incorrect. It isn’t Cyborg in the scene, it is another parademon. Sorry for the error and thanks to David Savage for the correction!

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  1. Simon says:

    This is great, thanks!

  2. Irfan Khan says:


  3. Alien Piss says:

    Fuck you josh wendon fuck

  4. Sapo Barranquero says:

    Fuck you Warner, Geoff Jones and Weedon! We want the Snyder cut!

  5. The Duwang says:

    I believe the Bruce Wayne riding horse scene was cut because originally, that was gonna be the opening of the movie. Which makes sense considering the way Snyder shot the reveal of Bruce's face. There is an element of Mystique to it; it feels like the first time we saw him. (Which, props to Whedon for actually being consistent and trimming down the face reveal.)

  6. GALIZIA says:

    7:12 shit!!!!

  7. GALIZIA says:

    Great job, supporting the Zack Snyder's Cut!!!

  8. Honest15dx says:

    You missed that Aquaman laughed a lil bit before saying "dressed like a bat" in the movie. That was not in the trailer.

  9. rahul says:

    Nice work man!!

  10. Esdras Tapia says:

    Congratulations!!! This video is a real proof of the Snyder's cut.

  11. SR T says:

    Man, fuck WB.

  12. Luke Leeson says:

    JL was better without Zack Snyder's shit.

  13. Hugh Jazz says:

    I appreciate you looping the music!

  14. Nick Owens says:

    'Justice League' (the film) is the epitome of studios butchering a director's work for their own profit.
    Unfortunately, this kind of thing has been happening since the golden age of cinema and is likely not going to change.

  15. Eddy The Martian says:

    Why would Joss Whedon reshoot so many scenes?!? Most of these aren’t necessary to reshoot.

  16. Eddy The Martian says:

    Can you do some of the other trailers, and do a breakdown of the movie of what you believe has been reshot? Also really great video!!!

  17. Afro Samurai says:

    The Snyder scenes look so much clearer and higher resolution than the final product. It’s a shame we got downgraded visuals in the theatrical version…

  18. Terry Malloy says:

    Every time I look at this kind of thing, or new scenes, I get upset at the shit the studio did and the movie we had. The worst thing is that I think the people who did this don't think like us, don't recognize the shit they did or regret something. Too bad!

  19. Hellboy says:

    Thanks , man ! Great job !

  20. andimatrus says:

    That color palette from Snyder's shots is awful. It is full of gray blue or gray green. I bet he only uses Red Giant's Magic Bullet looks.

  21. Riley Lavid says:

    Can someone with the time machine send me back in time? I have to stop Joss from destroying this movie.

  22. magnumcornetto says:

    One side looks bad, the other worse. Snyder or Whedon this movie was doomed from the very beginning, because WB's choices for the DCEU.

  23. Fic-tagious says:

    @7:20 It's not Cyborg. But another Parademon that dodges the Crawler's leg.

  24. MickD says:

    The scene of Lois looking up is more likely from the timeframe of the resurrection rather than the ending. The reason being that she is wearing the green overcoat, and blue blouse, and has her press credentials lanyard around her neck. This is exactly what she is wearing at heroes park and when Kal brings her to the Kent farm. Its possible that she turns to look up at whaever comotion is happening nearby at the park – either Kal's ejection from the scout ship or the Steppenwolf boom tube. Btw, awesome work and can;t wait for the comic-con sneak peak comparison as we know there's a tonne of cut footage that appeared in that one also – even though it was the first trailer featuring reshoot footage post Snyder's departure.

  25. Nd O says:

    Good Lord WB turn this movie into a CGI shit show the moment Snyder left! Lol y'all spent damn near 300 million to turn this movie into a piece of shit only to make even LESS money. Smh..I hope y'all learned your lesson

  26. Margero Laponna says:

    If they only maintained the Blue/Black Sky instead of that ugly red one…

  27. Paul P says:

    Great work and further proof that the reshoot added absolutely nothing of value to this movie, and almost undoubtedly damaged it.

  28. mousechat3 says:

    Just wanted to point out tho, that trailers are released before the final cut is made, many movie trailers has scenes which are cut, in final cut of the film, either due to reshoots to help fix script problems, or the scenes are filmed in a different way thus the clips aren't needed any more, so yeah you do get differences but there's usually a good reason for them being cut, also I like extended editions which add scenes back in, but sadly no Synder cut

  29. Saling Um says:

    This movie have so many deleted scenes

  30. Saling Um says:

    i want Flash running scenes

  31. guy manitoba says:

    Great job. I can't believe WB is ruining entire DC films…

  32. sarrai ! says:

    thank you

  33. Raylan Carver says:

    4:56 could he be traveling through time to warn Bruce maybe? It is a long straight shot.

  34. tsuki97 says:

    "I didn't bring a sword." I'm gonna cringe for the next 10 years 🙁

  35. Charly Leon says:


  36. James Gatsby says:

    Joss Whedon straight up sucks

  37. Mark Dooley says:

    So i take it all you people demanding the Snyder cut are all just gluttons for punishment?

  38. Danny Benhur says:

    Good work comparing we know how snyder cut was consistent…

  39. Anubis RA says:

    They changed the whole movie

  40. TrollPriestZandum says:

    Thanks for your efforts and contribution. The future of shared universe films need this. Especially for WB to see that they were wrong for losing faith in Zack.

    I was at comic con that day they released the trailer and the actors their showed support for zack despite whedon taking over. It may have been for him and his family but I believe the actors also aimed their support for his vision and involvement.

  41. MutenRoscher says:

    EVERY Snyder-scene looks so.much.better in every aspect. its absolutely fucking madness. i cant stand this

  42. Chris Brown says:

    Calm down people , it's rumored that Snyder's version was unwatchable

  43. TheGodKingOfMusic says:

    #ReleaseTheSnyderCut !!!!!!!!

  44. ØMØTAYØ says:

    7:12–7:16 Damn look at the stark contrast between Snyder’s Batfleck and Whedon’s Batfleck

  45. Ryuk says:


  46. Helmy Fahmiansyah says:

    left is the real Batman. right is son of a bitch

  47. moist_captain says:

    Fucking Wgedon😠😠😠

  48. Dellinger the fighting fish says:


  49. Damon Clark says:

    No One likes Jack Snyder, he is a cheap director who is only in it for the money

  50. Thanh Tùng Nguyễn says:

    they cut out 70% of the trailer

  51. TonyDracon says:

    the movie still would've had all those crappy cgi scenes

  52. Nelson Guerrero says:


  53. Cristian M. says:

    That Cyborg first flight scene looks badass

  54. JohnBobDoe JohnBobDoe says:


  55. SeeJay X says:


  56. Jimmy Jones says:

    the black & blue sky was spot on, but had to ruin it by putting up ugly red or pink or orange..whatever that was..snyder actually did a pretty good work there..but its DCEU..gotta ruin

  57. Dellinger the fighting fish says:

    I prefer trailer version, I mean non-reshot version

  58. Jason Maher says:


  59. Jay N says:

    The war isnt over. We have to keep pushing. Make 2019 the year of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  60. ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร says:

    it visually better but does not make this movie good since the story is a mess, right from beginning
    when I say Beginning, I mean B(ull)vS(hit)

    I'm being a fan of DC before they produced movies, and believe me, comics and animations are better than this

  61. Andro Edge says:

    I'm also dead ,WB fucked DCEU And JL badly and now ben affleck also left

  62. jockadoobee says:

    You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. You can't polish a turd. I feel sorry for Joss Whedon in being asked to do both.

  63. Declan Corey says:


  64. Soldierwolf says:

    I personally love the movie

  65. R G says:

    Whats hilarious is that Marvel intentionally changes things from the trailer to the movie and fans are grateful for it because it lets us have a fresh movie viewing experience. DC changes things from the trailer to the movie and DC fanboys collectively lose their minds and make breakdown videos like this.

  66. Filip Neminarz says:

    On the left, better CGI and better colorgrading.. on the right, oversaturated shit, but I get it, kids love colors.

  67. Lt Tom says:

    You can see how much they overloaded the background with cgi in the side by side

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