Victor Stone becomes Cyborg | Justice League: War

-It’s transmitting.
MAN: Silas, look at these readings. I am not letting you walk away
from me again, Dad. We’re having this out. SILAS: Can we trace the power source?
MAN: I’m trying to lock in on the signal now. This thing is more important to you
than your own son. SILAS:
Victor, stop! GREEN LANTERN:
It’s gonna blow. [VICTOR SCREAMS] SILAS:
No! I don’t believe it.
His vitals are there, Silas. He’s alive. [VICTOR GROANING] – Dad.
– Yes, Victor. I’m here. – It hurts so bad.
-It’s going to hurt. It’s not gonna be easy, but… Whatever that energy is,
it’s eating him from the inside out. He’s going into cardiac arrest. It’s racing up his spinal cord. SILAS:
Then we can’t wait. – But, Silas, the risk.
– What choice do I have, Morrow? This room contains technology recovered
from across the globe. I’ve studied and logged nearly everything.
I’ve taken apart and rebuilt most of it. It can save my son’s life. It has to. [POWERING UP] [GROANING] [SCREAMS] He’s in pain. You have to do something. The pain will subside as soon as
the promethium finishes replacing the tissue. Promethium skin grafts?
His body could reject them completely. It won’t. I’ve injected the nanites.
Activate them. – They’re untested. We recovered them from–
I lost him. I promised his mother I’d protect him. But I failed. SARAH:
Upload initiated. Completed. Recalibrating memory. [BANGING] VICTOR:
What’s happening? Stay calm, son. It’s gonna be all right. [CELL PHONE RINGS] BARRY [OVER PHONE]: Hey, Dr. Stone, I–
Offensive mode activated. [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS]

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  1. James Raven says:

    'cyborg gets up' parademons: …lets get him!

  2. Mr. Cool says:

    This was my favorite part of the movie. Even though this is not the fully fight..props for uploading.

  3. Marcelino Huerta says:

    That nice♧

  4. Marcelino Huerta says:

  5. Furious Destroyer says:

    Yeah……… 🙁

  6. Mariofrickingkart says:


  7. Geo Boy says:

    I loved the old Dc animation cartoons like Batman killing joke

  8. K M says:

    This video not sak

  9. domydishes says:

    he shouldve died

  10. BrickStudios 105 says:

    God, this so hard to watch. Poor Victor 🙁

  11. Some random Templar guy says:

    See what happens when you go trying to break shit in a fucking lab?

  12. Cool Pusheen says:

    Now I know cyborgs life

  13. Eden ruben Millares esquer says:

    mas omenos

  14. MOB 190 says:

    Hey since victor is technically still convered in doomsday glue uder his armor does that doomsday can make him do stuff like pounce around like a dog

  15. Darky says:

    Cyborg screams in agony
    Scientist lady: “He’s in pain!”

    No fuking shit he is…

  16. Priti Dani says:

    This is not cyborg!

  17. A Literal Lamp says:

    I do really prefer this origin to his traditional bionic origin. I think the technopathy is really cool

  18. Wendy Voeroes says:

    Every sound a parent hates well one sound a parent hates

  19. A Squad says:

    so his jacket is still under his armour?

  20. Brandon Henderson says:

    2:00 mmm Cyborg's first DEEP PENETRATION.

  21. Wood Master I post 3 wood videos Daily! says:

    V e i n s

  22. Kean berchy says:

    Moral Lesson:

    Dont go touch any technology from the lab without permission, because you might end up becoming superhero.

  23. GL Catracho says:

    The dad is scared and then he touches his robot son like AHHH to noooo

  24. J says:

    Darth Vader would be jealous

  25. Zekken says:

    DC Needs to do its homework promethium is radioactive and would kill kill cyborg

  26. Vasun05 says:

    Victor's Dad sounds like Teen Titans Cyborg

  27. Odin Rossin says:

    I can't wait for the cyborg movie

  28. Raven Murry says:

    Victor stone

  29. Grand Theft Auto Expert says:

    Its the fucking motherbox

  30. xAngelGMD says:

    Luck Cage :v xx

  31. CrypticAxon says:

    But where did the nanites get recovered from?

  32. Priti Dani says:

    Yes I have

  33. Priti Dani says:

    George Vasquez I think u r good

  34. wlliamson53 says:

    It wouldn't have happened if Silias had paid more attention to his son

  35. Gg ez says:

    Rise lord borg.. go and bring peace to the galaxy

  36. It’s Zone says:

    I guess this is better than Ben 10

  37. Mingyu cho says:

    VICTOR!! Put down the science!!!

  38. Christina Nguyen says:

    Haha he looks like deoxys defense mode

  39. ellse says:

    I remember the first time I watched this I wondered why I recognised Cyborgs voice. Then I found out he's played by Derek Morgan. Going from Criminal Minds to this is a little jarring…

  40. KingZ says:


  41. LloydTDS says:

    If there is anything to be learned here, it’s that grabbing glowing bombs and letting them detonate on you will turn you into a superhero.

  42. Jon Power says:

    Well, that certainly is a clusterfuck of things in Cyborg!

  43. Temna Senka says:

    Sure. Let's just fuck up every character's origin story. Who cares if it's completely inaccurate?

  44. Ryan Hawkins says:

    YES someone didn't include that stupid wonder woman discovering ice cream scene

  45. Aparup says:

    Lazy writing

  46. Shammo Drozario says:

    That looks sooo PAINFUL!!!

  47. RequiemPoete says:

    2:50 You will pay for ruining my child hood Zim. You. Will. Pay!!!!

  48. Awesome PooKz says:

    Its like wolverine being filled with animaantiam if i got that right

  49. PARZIVAL X says:

    Am i watching captain america ???

  50. tim says:

    give us a cyborg animated movie you cowards and keep him with the justice league no matter how much those twats cry about him being on teen titans

  51. Mocker Nick says:

    The whole budget went to this scene and it shows

  52. Salim Yunus says:

    Superman fatin love to

  53. NCG says:

    Cyborg vs Terminator

  54. Marvel Gamer says:

    He should have never took the box out it's Victor's own fault

  55. Brissa DLR says:

    Cyborg's origins

  56. Cynical Ducky says:


  57. taowergirl739 says:

    I hope DC makes a Cyborg Movie

  58. Summer Playz says:

    Wait soo victor cyborg and cyborg is victor .-.

  59. Jacob Martinez says:

    Feel bad for Abin Sur, hes always introdcued jsut to die. Like Uncle Ben to Spiderman…. Just there to start off a new legacy, and we always hear how great they were before they died Abin Sur/Uncle Ben

  60. justPlainOl'CommonSense says:

    What a fucking selfish idiot!!!!!!!!

  61. Gabriel Chisholm says:

    Fools he came from cryptom

  62. Gabriel Chisholm says:


  63. Matthew Bane says:

    Nothing against the new cyborg, but I think it would’ve made more sense if it was Braniac’s technology he fused with. Just saying.

  64. lightheart5 says:

    0:15 Me: Oh, Shit!😨

  65. catsndogs98 says:


  66. Paolo Calapatia says:

    Had to come back here cause Victor's gonna also appear in a certain revived show

  67. zeoking silver says:

    if his dad had just been a better dad this would never happen

  68. CDHfilms says:

    1:09 Morrow? As in T.O. Morrow? As in the creator of Red Tornado?

  69. Cassie Stoddard says:

    Father of the year dr. Stone, father of the year. 😖😤😡

  70. DreMonstarr870 says:

    Young Justice way more gruesome

  71. Connor O'Neill says:

    i don't feel sorry for this version of cyborg "oh look,a piece of alien tech that i know nothing about,i know,i think i'll yank on it" . at least with young justice's cyborg it was a pure accident and not in anyway his own fault.

  72. Michael Wilde says:

    Victor is supposed to be a genius, but this Victor is a fucking moron.

  73. Beta ray bill Jackson says:

    Cyborg has to have the stupidest origin in existence, well at least it isn't boring.

  74. Dani Natanael says:

    Young Justice Outsiders did it again.

  75. EvilsniperX says:

    Did anyone come back to this after the most recent season 3 Young Justice episode involving Cyborg????

  76. Anwar Razali says:

    Same thing thing happen on justice league outsider

  77. TheGamingProZone19 says:

    I guess I'm not the only one from Young Justice Outsiders

  78. Torey White says:

    1:52 Prometheum???? Ah, I've heard that name of the metal before.

  79. Dread Pirate Robin says:

    I love how Cyborg transitions. He starts as a huge walking metal monster and as he fights more his armor gets more refined until we get the classic cyborg.

  80. Abrahim Javed says:

    Derek Morgan gets an upgrade

  81. Scientin says:

    Hey I just noticed, the other main scientist in this scene is Morrow! Aka the man who created Red Tornado in the comics. Nice detail!

  82. John Martin says:

    Young Justice did Cyborg's origin better

  83. David C. says:

    This is why you wear safety goggles.

  84. Thug life ammanuel says:

    It's the same Justice league movie

  85. Surya Singh says:

    Kinda wish that we got to see Victor become Cyborg in the Justice League movie.

  86. Poxow says:

    I hate it when characters make stupid decisions.

  87. Tiny says:

    at first I thought this was Young Justice for a second 😅

  88. Sion says:

    Have you tried turning him off & on again?

  89. Astro Punch says:

    “My dad is paying more attention at potentially deadly alien technology than watching me do football? Better grab said alien technology just to get his attention! What can go wrong?”


    Which creation was better the one from this movie or young justice

  91. Jomar Da Best says:

    Is Victor the guy that was crushed and half of his body was showing?

  92. Walter Ng says:

    Who thinks it's a good idea to grab a futuristic book!? No one likes reading and look at the consequences for reading books now!

  93. Kirby Verano says:

    "I got my superpowers when my dad ignores me so much that I lost all common sense and touched a glowing alien artifact"

  94. itz_ unlucky.gacha.gamer says:

    Does every robot superhero have to be his or her dad turn him or her into a robot like astroboy and cyborg

  95. Othon von Salza says:

    At least it seems he didn't lost his dick like in Batman v Superman

  96. Angel O says:

    Lamest "hero" ever.

  97. Ulquiorra Cifer says:

    For those of you guys complaining it was stupid of Vic for him to grab the glowing box, yeah it was. That's the point. He's an 18 year old, highschool student. He's was angry because of his father, so of course he would do something that stupid.

  98. Tra-guy D says:

    I love victor but he was kinda being a dumbass tho

  99. Umair Khan says:

    YJ did him better

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