US Supreme Court Turns Away 10 Day Waiting Period To Purchase Guns

The U.S. Supreme Court turned away the Constitutional
challenge that was brought by gun rights activists in California, imposing a ten-day waiting
period for the purchase of firearms. That’s the least you can do. Give them ten days. It was intended to guard against impulsive
violence. Husband gets mad at wife, says, “Well, I’ll
teach you,” goes out and buys a gun. The ten-day cooling off period, it makes perfect
sense. What I love is the Supreme Court turned that
away. They said, “Okay, we’re not going to mess
with that law. We’re not going to look at that law. Frankly, it’s the least we could be doing
when we talk about gun laws. What’s your take? Well, what’s scary to me is that Justice Thomas,
one of the Supreme Court Justices that turned down the decision dissented from the court
case, and he said that he wrote this dissent that the Second Amendment is the disfavored
right in this court. Now, it’s just … Yeah. … mind boggling … Can you imagine? … to me how in the world … How in the world right? My daughter is in one of the state universities,
and they actually showed up in force in front of the president’s office at the university
to champion that there was some cooling off period. Can you imagine? Who in the world would not be in favor of
a ten-day waiting period? What in your right … Here we have a Supreme
Court Justice saying it’s a right. We’re not taking away the right. [crosstalk 00:01:23] We’re not taking away the guns. We’re just saying, “Hey, just give it ten
days before you go buy one of these au- … Here’s the … How about this? Let me add some coal to this fire. Let me tell you something that most people
don’t understand, and they wonder, “Well, why don’t more people bring lawsuits against
these gun manufacturers?” What most people don’t understand is these
gun manufacturers have immunity. The immunity is extraordinary. The immunity says basically that we can’t
go after gun manufacturers the same way that we do other manufacturers of other product,
and people are always … If you think about it, the way we bring about
social change in this country, it’s very rarely legislatively. It’s hardly ever the media that accomplishes
it. It usually is taking people to court, suing
them, taking their money away, and say, “You know what? If you’re going to conduct business like this,
we’re going to see you.” So, friend of ours, Perry White, brings up
in New York, brings up a lawsuit, and the lawsuit had to do with the fact that you had
a manufacturer of the gun that was made for no other purpose just to go out and commit
murder, and that’s what it was about. It was cheap. You could get it easily and, as a matter of
fact, he was even finding documents that showed that that was part of the reason they wanted
to produce this gun. So, what does he do? He brings a lawsuit against the manufacturers
and Congress, during the time that the manufacturing lawsuit is pending, passes a law that honestly
states that you can’t sue a gun manufacturer for that type of thing. People are completely unaware of this. You understand the only time I’ve seen a lawsuit
that’s worked against the gun manufacturers is with Remington. Remington had a barrel that was exploding. Okay, well, you know, that’s different. That’s not just as pure gun defect. That’s a … Product failure. … product failure, so that’s different from
the kind of lawsuit that Perry was trying to bring and say, “Look, we ought to be able
to sue this company because we know what they’re doing. They’re just creating something to kill somebody
with, and we want this thing off the market. It’s called Saturday Night L- … Saturday Night Special. … Saturday Night Special, yeah. What’s your take on that? It’s … I don’t … How do you change things without lawsuit? You have to. I mean, quite frankly, the reason why the
Judicial Branch was created is to give a voice to the small people. What we have driving this country is, we have
packs, we have big money, corporations. They’re driving public policy. They’re driving new legislation. In order to get things done, it has to be
through the judicial system. I’ll tell you. I hate to go back to the story again, but
I mentioned this one of the last times we got together is the opiate epidemic. This has gone on for 15 or 20 years. Nobody did anything. The DEA’s sitting there. Everybody’s sitting there. All of a sudden … It’s not even on the front
page of the press, and I know you’ve hit this point before. Why? Because all of these big companies, big pharma
spending hundreds of millions of dollars … Advertise. … in advertising doesn’t make it in the
front … What hits … What’s driving the change right now? The fact that plaintiff lawyers, Judicial
Branch, have filed 400, 500, 600 lawsuits, and now, it’s on the front page of the press,
and where are we driving the change? Through the Judicial System. Okay, and you see how many times … If you’re
watching this, I want you to look and tell me if you can ever find the media saying the
obvious, and that is, that without our ability to bring lawsuits against these companies
and take their money away … The media doesn’t even get the connection. They don’t even unders- … They do, but they
won’t talk about the fact the only place you get anything done is in a courtroom, especially
when you’re dealing with criminals like we have to deal with every day. The point is this. Legislation’s not going to change anything. The media, they could write front page every
day. It’s not going to change anything. The only thing that changes something is when
you take these freaks into a courtroom and they get hit for a billion dollars, and then
they say, “You know what? This is risky business. We can’t do it.” When you’re with the common man, at the end
of the day, you’re wondering if your state is one of those states that has judges running
for office or you see these Supreme Court Justices being nominated, well, that doesn’t
bo- … What does that impact mean? Actually, the judicial officers, the courts,
the judges are probably the biggest necessary stalwart against corporate America to ensure
that the common man, the regular person’s being protected by big companies because they’re
the ones that, at the end of the day, … A jury trial, yeah! Absolutely. That’s it. A jury trial’s the only place you can do this. That’s the last line of defense. Peter [inaudible 00:06:08], thank you for
joining me. I’m Mike Papantonio here on Ring of Fire.

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  1. morgana marvel says:

    Have these judges studied the constitution, not just the letter but the spirit?
    Do they have a remote clue about the social circumstances that interfaces with laws, rights, responsibilities on all parties?
    They're supposed to have a broad view, wide spectrum, but they are morbidly myopic.
    They are dragging down, rather than lifting up the law living in the body politic & felt by the citizenry.
    They are for corporate interests. Why is that? What do they get?
    They don't serve their purpose. They must feel very inadequate with all that fancy education, substantial library, staff to assist & research. It is mostly the right wing.
    There should not be any party wings there. Period. Who will make them accountable?

  2. GYPSY KING FURY says:

    Just please leave the shotguns and revolvers untouched. but what needs to happen is limit the sale of rifle.s ok ok you gotta an ak47 maybe 2 AR 15s but why the fuck do you need 10 of each? So many people are paid by the cartels to purchase fine American made rifles to fight their war. So many guns go across the border.

  3. Janet Baker says:

    Nothing do, you hear me, absolutely nothing is going to be settled on the gun issue. If that is not obvious by this point I just don't know what to tell you people!
    You concentrate on the guns instead of the problems that are causing people to kill each other. What an absolutely mental way of dealing with any kind of a problem.

  4. Cristobal Rodriguez says:

    That's why tRumpy put this IDIOTS judge in the supreme Court

  5. Random May says:

    I dont want to wait for my gun im mad now

  6. ActosMagus says:

    Clickbaity title. Your title makes it sound like the opposite of what actually happened happened. Particularly when anyone that's been paying attention to politics is expecting this heavily right wing supreme court to shoot down any and all common sense gun legislation.

  7. Phillip Lopez says:

    You folks get a little crazy sometimes . A waiting period is silly . If they are bad people they will do stupid shit no matter how many silly laws that you try to impose .

  8. Jeff Leblanc says:

    I’d say they need to take a good look at the gun laws and if they don’t then they are fucked the gop bout and payed buy the NRA piece of shit

  9. Charles Lipscomb says:

    Have any of these gun makers or NRA people ever lost a loved one or a friend in a mass shooting?  If not, the way things are going it probably won't be long until one of them does.

  10. Leo Yohansen says:

    And yet, rather than pursue having a democracy in which the people themselves pass the laws, you're content to just sit back and complain about a situation that you falsely call a democracy.

  11. Ausie Thompson says:

    They want more mass shootings. America..

  12. tomitstube says:

    this supreme court will go down as the worst in a century.

  13. Quinton chapman says:

    The world is ending with Trump in Charge People!!!!!! 🤯🤦🏾‍♂️✌🏾🇺🇸

  14. Jon Ericson says:

    And if a bunch of right-wingers started getting shot, how fast you think some kind of gun control comes up? I really think that sometimes that words and politics don't mean shit any more, but a 9mm sure does. And it's fucking depressing.

  15. legoincplx4x5 says:

    A ten day waiting period is stupid, it should be like fourteen.

  16. Rick Simpson says:

    Every company adjust their sales price,, to cover potential future lawsuits,, and that money is invested other places,,,. And the higher courts generally never lets the poor man take money away from the rich man or corporations,, and the a**** just went to the Supreme Court almost all of his cases were sealed. But now you can't get to the Supreme Court and if you do a**** will vote against The Working Man,, !!! So basically big business can kill you,,, and it's your fault because you trusted them and dealt with them,,. !!!

  17. Daniel Lopez says:

    Boy, they REALLY want you dead or in their lie… Remember Cambodia??? It was a similar situation, the Pol Pot gave guns to all of their fanatics so they could kill ,at will, all of his enemies, the so called "imperialist traitors", and they did it, all that was needed was a bunch of blood thirsty fanatics ,an evil dictator and people who could not even understand why those cavemen hated them so much… Now the story repeats itself in the US… So many guns, so much hatred…good luck, people…

  18. TheMightyGazooo says:

    Today's legal gun owners are tomorrow's mentally ill mass shooters.

  19. N S says:

    Now you progressive liberals can keep going after Nancy Pelosi. 😂😂😂

  20. Patrick Milewski says:

    I say we abolish the 2nd amendment by downgrading it to a privelege. Theres nothing in the constitution that says that you have a right to own and drive a car, so why should guns be treated any different?

  21. Idowebs says:

    STOP buying their products and services.

  22. V says:

    The orange turd cuts mental health funding and suggests more guns will solve this problem. Banana Republic here we come.

  23. bryan thornton says:

    Cry baby

  24. woodentie says:

    The mind continues to boggle!

  25. Boyd Gilbreath says:

    What's the big rush? If you want to get a gun today, won't you still want it in ten days? Of course if you have bad intentions, that could make you want the gun sooner.


    And people wonder why there's so much gun violence in America. The American people are the third largest army in the world.

  27. Sandra Hunter says:

    …..and it's going to get WORSE. Sigh

  28. SkyGemini says:

    Look out for more routine mass shootings.

  29. kvdgadj says:

    Gang members must be jumping for joy.

  30. George Glenn says:

    Go after the maker with their own guns.

  31. Carl Spackler says:

    What part of "shall not be infringed " don't you shitbags understand?

  32. Reg Jones says:

    They won’t care until their own families are affected or Killed!

  33. Roldan Flynn says:

    There’s big money to be made in dead ppl. Of course they would make it easier to obtain firearms.

  34. Philip Lombardo says:

    Let's make it a twenty days period.

  35. Julian Crooks says:

    no I want to go buy an Uzi with my trip to grocery store. Waiting periods don't stop gun violence. Most gun violence is committed by legal gun owners. How about requirements of letter from psychiatrist saying your mentally stable enough to own a gun.

  36. kale n says:

    What is so wrong with a ten day waiting period it makes no sense.

  37. lonewolffang says:

    At this rate, they might as well make getting shot or killed eith a gun part of an insurance policy. It's sad when some people cant wait 10 damn days to get a gun. And the NRA is probably smiling from ear to ear watching and waiting for another mass shooting. Sick bastards.

  38. Kirk Moore says:

    We'll have gun vending machines on street corners next to schools at this rate.

  39. Curtis Reid says:

    Thanks supreme court, you just signed America’s obituary!

  40. Alan Harris says:

    The trouble is you can pass all the laws you like but its shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted the country is a wash with some of the most powerful guns in the world . No one is going to hand in their AK47s etc .

  41. shadowdance4666 says:

    You want to prevent death, disaster and crime? Really? Ignition interlock devices in every new car would prevent more deaths & the crime DUI’s ever day then gun violence and isn’t a constitutional right. Liberals & conservatives sit on their hands for that

  42. Newssnoop says:

    Why does the 10-day waiting period apply to each subsequent purchase of a firearm in California? It stands to reason that it you already own a firearm, the cooling-off period is not a factor for subsequent firearm purchases.

  43. James Redic says:


  44. Morgan Farrell says:

    10 day? I had to wait 30 days to get my Glock in California.

  45. Basement Bum says:

    The idea of a 10 day cooling down is just stupid and pointless. But a mandatory wait to help confirm background checks would be sensible.

  46. Firestarter says:

    10 day period makes no sense for people who already own a similar gun.

    For example… bob owns a 45 caliber pistol and wants to purchase a 9mm pistol for cheaper rounds. He has to wait 10 days regardless. If he was going to do something rash, then he ALREADY had the means to. That means that the government just restricted bob from purchasing a weapon, for 10 days, without a legitimate reason.

    The government should have a legitimate reason to violate any amendment.

    In fact it’s called a balancing test. Strict & intermediate scrutiny and rational basis.

    Fact is, there is no rational reason to with hold a firearm from someone for 10 days when they already own another that is significantly similar in design and operation.

    The fact that you don’t like firearms is irrelevant. The fact that you think 10 days is not long is irrelevant.

    How would you feel if you wanted to protest and the government said ok bob, you can protest in 10 days.

    Bank puts a 2 day hold on my money and I’m pissed. Not that I want to spend it, rather it’s MY MONEY and I want it now (JG wentworth commercials).

    1st time gun buyer should have a cooling off period. I think 3-4 days, maybe a week, makes sense. If someone is so RAGED OUT beyond belief that they hadn’t cooled off in 3 days, then they’ll probably still be pissed in 10 cause something fucked up happened like their daughter Bobette was raped by their neighbor Bobby and her dad Bob won’t ever forget cause she’s PREGNANT with Bobby’s rape baby.

    This is why I tell gun enthusiasts all the time to accept reasonable regulations. If you’re reasonable then you can have a seat at the negotiation table even when you have no leverage. If you are unreasonable then people who don’t understand your passion will crap all over it with meaningless laws that your FEEDBACK could’ve helped prevent.

    Background checks are instant. You only need a couple days to cool off. 10 is excessive, and unreasonable for someone who already owns a similar gun.

  47. Jamedra A says:

    10 day waiting period is reasonable. I am very comfortable with guns. I'm a good shot. I know how to handle them. I only recently decided I'm ready to own one. Why? Because best believe, when I was younger, I'd take out someone's kneecap, then 2 hours later reflect & say….. "you know maybe I could have handled that better…."

  48. Raven Stark says:

    I heard a rumour (have not yet researched) that the guy who owns Fox "News" is Australian. That means while he fights against rules to protect our children his can go to school in a safe country.

  49. OrionPax09 says:

    These self-serving sacks of filth don't care how many people suffer and die, just so long as they're able to feed their unending greed.

  50. MIKAEL S1 says:

    Mike Papantonio would serve the Country well as a Supreme Court Justice.

  51. John Miranda says:

    “Germany was the dress rehearsal for the United States.” Sid Haddad, NYC, 1970

  52. E M. says:

    So we can go after car manufacturers but not gun.

  53. Manfred Buchholz says:

    nice photo another nra deer hunter

  54. Lindalee Law says:

    When alt right boys want their guns like cheap sex – now! THIS is,why a,Waiting Period.
    The motto of the NRA : shoot a gun; shoot off my sperm .
    Too many men have no inner control .

  55. MC Bruin says:

    Why the fuck is it that your Supreme Court makes the laws.
    There job is to convict according to the law not make the law.
    Democrats can shake it. Human right groups as well.

  56. Darren Michon says:

    Let the killing begin … mental health.. bla bla bla… dangerous background… bla bla bla.. I'm Canadian how is it that 70% of Americans support some kind of fun control BUT nothing gets done .. just asking

  57. Becky Stokes says:

    It's time to use shock tactics. It's time to require licenses. It's time to require gun school. It's time to require insurance. All should be mandatory, including videos or photos showing what assault rifles can do. That way these people can keep their precious guns.

  58. Derek Dwilson says:

    Guns are MADE for killing. I don't know why you think that "Saturday Night Special" lawsuit should have gone through.

  59. Dan Humphrey says:

    That is a lot of paper shuffling.

  60. circa blonk says:


  61. CRGtx325 says:

    Justice Kavanaugh is already doing God’s work! Thank you sir! I’ll have a beer for ya

  62. David Edwards says:

    We constantly hear about the peoples right to bear arms, but perhaps the bit about the first part. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State". People stockpiling guns and claim they are 'prepping' are not forming or part of any militia. And the constitution was written when the arems people could bear were single shot, muzzle loaders, not magazine fed assault weapons. I definately think some closer investigation needs to be done regarding this MILITIA bit.

  63. shadowspider9 says:

    Worst part about this is this sets the stage and prescience to sue to get rid of any waiting period laws that might be in effect in other states.

  64. Atan Ucheoma says:

    Those who support uncontrol gun ownership are, not usually the victims of gun violence. If these folks have their loved one killed like pests, they are going to change their stands.

  65. Zanshin Habit says:

    I’ve been reading the comments and I think 90% of the people don’t understand what the commentators stated. The Supreme Court declined to hear a lawsuit that sought to abolish the ten day waiting period. That means the ten day waiting period remains as a regulation in the state of California.

  66. David Ganson says:

    On this one, I'm in agreement with the Justice.
    There shouldn't be a cooling off period.
    That would just piss off the legal Gun Owners, including Me!
    Just an opinion.

  67. Nectar God says:

    Are you stupid cunt’s are used to kill people you’re not used to save lives

  68. pittarak1 says:

    Unfortunately, ‘the American way’ after every mass shooting it seems, is to hose down the blood, send thoughts and prayers and do nothing. Oh and quote an ‘amendment’. ( definition of amendment- something that is/could be changed. Most Americans seem to love their guns more than their fellow citizens including their own children.

  69. Linus A says:

    If a 10 day waiting period is good why not a 20 day waiting period, or 30 days or 90 days?
    What is magical about 10 days?

  70. Patriot III says:

    Call had all those laws and more. The only thing most vitims have in common is they were in gun free zones and disarmed by the government. What about Jersey woman that was killed during her waiting period.

  71. [̲̅K̲̅] says:

    Because 10 days waiting is to long when you need that last gun to complete your collection of "Alpha" male toys.

  72. Randy Geroux says:

    Kill each other know one cares not even your leaders care get all the bums off the streets and buried all those tax dollars they save so they can steal. No jail no welfare death tax plus burial win win for Trump. Go buy your gun your gonna need it

  73. support your local antifa says:

    guns don't kill ppl, right wingers kill ppl. deport right wingers and make America great for once ..

  74. Razak 44 says:

    You can sue a gun manufacturer if they sell a defective product and someone gets hurt. But you shouldn't be able to sue a company if they sell a proper functioning legal product just because you dont like the product. The problem isnt guns the problem is people. People will kill you for the most petty reasons. Regardless of how they they kill you. Guns allow the weak to protect themselves from the strong. Small handguns are made for conceal carry purposes. If you are law abiding and pass a background check you can legally carry a concealed firearm for protection. We have enough laws.

  75. Ty Randal says:

    They just get them off the black market,no waiting,backround,no regulation.its easier for them.

  76. eekns says:

    Kangaroo Court of the Banana RepubliKkkans.

  77. Colleen Anderson says:

    Let's be honest, racist mother fuckers want guns, because they couldn't beat their " enemy ", in hand to hand combat.. fucking pussies

  78. Duane Nickerson says:

    The Supremes sound better then the Supreme Court🤫

  79. Rachel khoo says:

    Anyone find this video softer than usual?I can clearly hear at max volume but I feel its softer than usual and its still not very loud at max volume.

  80. OSIAS XXVII says:

    Okay look.. the paper shuffling is distracting AF and cutting them off before they finish their sentence is annoying AF. I be all into what they're saying and your voice over takes it makes it hard to grasp what they're saying. STFU and let them finish! You're on the and fkng team!!

  81. mkbxtr44 says:

    Apparently it's 'too soon' as Trumpy likes to say . He said he would restrict 'bump stocks', at least try to 'look' like you are doing something. Bump stocks are made for ONE thing, to kill faster.

  82. tybros says:

    Carol Bowne proves that a waiting period is, in fact, hindering people from protecting themselves. A lot of good the police did, also.

  83. Jason Rebello says:

    Anytime you buy a gun in the US your name is submitted to the FBI and they either OK or DENY the gun sale, if you are a criminal you cannot buy a gun anywhere in the US so anyone who says it's easy for a criminal to buy a gun is sadly mistaken and needs to do some research

  84. Shawn Michael says:

    That's retatded.
    You gonna sue the car manufacture because your neighbor decides to run over 50 people.
    Gonna sue the knife maker because someone decided to go on a stabbing spree?
    There are already very strict laws for purchasing a fire arm.
    Y'all need to stop watching that Communist News Network it's causing real damage.

  85. Paul Bosley says:

    I don't understand the problem. Just hold people accountable for their actions. killing people is already against the law… other law is needed.

  86. Gustavo Perez says:

    You conveniently forgot to mention that the 10 day waiting period includes people who already own guns. It is absurd to impose a waiting period for people who own gun already. If they intended to do harm they already have the means.

  87. Alpha74SF5 says:

    I think we should be able to bring law suits and have anti-gun law freaks imprisoned. Gun control is getting people killed.

  88. Matrix Man says:

    Fuck the police

  89. GuamanianBlood619 says:

    Just filled out another 4473 today 👍🏽🇺🇸 I dont mind the wait tbh gives me time to stockpile ammo and get accessories 😁

  90. mpeugeot says:

    Perfect sense? Really? It makes no sense. If someone wants to shoot you today, then they are likely to want to still shoot you 10 days later!

    10 day waiting periods do not apply to private party sales, and thus this law is about pointless anyway.

    10 day waiting periods do not stop people from assembling a weapon on their own either!

    Finally, what about victims of domestic violence? You want to make sure that they remain defenseless for 10 days? Great plan.

  91. David Morales says:


  92. WKZworks says:

    The entire point of NICS was to have an instant criminal background check to eliminate the need for a waiting period…or at least that's what it was billed as before becoming law. You talk about how a "cooling down" period is only common sense, but in the real world where someone needs it now and a police officer is minutes away whereas a lethal threat is only a matter of seconds, that can easily be the difference between life and death, as it has been before. As for the lawsuits against gun manufacturers for making weapons that work as they're supposed to, that makes about as much sense as suing Ford Motor Company over Suge Knight running over that guy in the parking lot. Remember as well that the entire point of the second amendment was to keep modern military arms in the hands of the common man for the purposes of defence of life, liberty, property, state, nation, and deterrent (if not necessitated overthrow) against tyranny. The fact that the founders of this country had no problem with the private citizen owning thing such as cannons (heavy artillery of it's day) and explosive ordinance (grenades, bursting bombs) is proof enough of that. The "Saturday Night Special", as you put it is rinky-dink a low-quality self-defence pocket pistol chambered in a low-power round (usually .380/.32 ACP or lower, usually not higher than .38 special) made for the purpose not so much to kill someone, but to injure them and give you a chance to flee if you had to. They got their name by being used by criminals often on Saturday nights. Historically, many of them were such poor quality weapons that they had substantial risk of injury to the operator…like many of the pepper-box revolvers of the 18th and 19th century.

  93. 3DLasers says:

    Well… Can we still get AK-47's ? They were designed to tie down the opposing Army tending to their wounded… :-I

  94. Sean Adams says:

    It truly breaks my heart when I hear about a shooting, or any killing for that matter. No family or friend should have to deal with someone they love being killed senselessly. If you feel unsafe when people are legally obtaining firearms, maybe you should go buy a firearm to protect yourself. (Which is what they're for) When someone uses a firearm unlawfully they are punished, which they should be. However punishing someone because they "might" commit a crime is why the term "shall not be infringed" is used to counter unlawful and unconstitutional gun laws like the one these two men are referencing. What if there was a 10 day waiting period on the freedom of speech? If you don't like guns, don't buy one. If you don't feel safe because other people own guns, buy one learn how to use it and carry it for the incredibly low chance you will need to use one in self defense. We live in this world with a LOT of other people, most of them are good people, a small percentage of people are bad and unstable. Criminals and mentally unstable people fail background checks if they have a record or mental history. Many good people; police, military, and armed citizens are willing to defend themselves and others with their own life-myself included(I'm just an average guy). The majority of people, which are good and probably willing to risk their lives for total strangers, should not be treated like they will almost certainly commit a crime when they buy a firearm. Gun control is people control, and is unconstitutional. If you disagree that is your right, but don't infringe on mine,

  95. Bill douglas says:

    yea dumb ass you can't sue ford motor company because you daughter or son or who ever was killed in one of their vehicles !!

  96. Jerry Kirby says:

    So what happens if some crazy guy threatens your wife with rape or death and you want to go purchase a firearm to protect your family? Oops you have to wait 10 days… Get a restraining order you may say? Really, you think a piece of paper from the court is going to protect your family? What about knives, hammers and baseball bats? Should there be a 10-day waiting period on these items as well? By the way knives, hammers and baseball bats don't make as much noise as a gun you idiots. I live in Arizona thank God. No waiting periods here and our problems are very low. All you Libtards stay in California!!!

  97. James Gibson says:

    You can really only sue someone for a product defect like they mentioned, you can’t sue someone for how something is used. You can’t sue Ford for a drunk driver using their jacked up pickup running head on and killing a family. Smarten up

  98. Strange Sightings says:

    Husband gets mad at wife, buys a gun. How about what happened to Nicole Simpson she was stabbed to death. What would have prevented that. And the killer had never been caught or arrested. OJ Simpson is still looking for the killer who killed Nicole and Ron Goldman.

  99. Strange Sightings says:

    Plus the supreme Court ruled in 2005 it's not a law enforcement officers job to protect or serve the citizens of the United States. That's why all these stand your ground laws have been passed in many states.

  100. Mr.Irish says:

    Fuck California gun laws . Liberal ass faggots !

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