Urgent WARNING!! GOD Showed This Young Man The Judgement Day رأى يوم القيامة — The Journalist

October 2nd the most traumatizing and
then waking to day of my life Mira will be married three years in this
October and in those three years God has really been growing him and the way he
has been dealing with him has been I’m very peculiar I mean the dreams that
he brings to him you you only know that it’s from God
because man can think of these things I mean it he banks it up with his word so
the dream that you are about to hear it’s really a testimony from God and I
suggest when you watch this you not only just watch it and feel that it’s
something to entertain you but you evaluate yourself and you make sure your
house is in order for when God comes because no man knows the day or the hour
because I had to do the same thing I remember it was on a Thursday matter
of fact let’s take it back Wednesday night I found myself looking at these
different YouTube clips and watching different out-of-body experiences and
different films that you know they used to scare me and I will watch it and it
would blow me away it would catch my attention and used to scare me so bad I
won’t wonder why would my mind used to go in place like is this stuff real you
know I couldn’t understand it because I’ve never been to their place so I
found myself pretty I remember walking outside of my apartment and I was
walking back and forth my eyes closed they start praying and I asked I said
Lord if you give me an out-of-body experience you know I vowed to share
your word and to tell the people what I saw you know not expecting that God’s
gonna respond back to it because I was just praying out I was just praying you
know not actually looking for a response and after that night the next morning at
Thursday October the 2nd I had a dream and my spirit left my body it was like I
was in my apartment and my spirit got poured out of my body
and I will go in these different trances bright color lights
it was white light the best way to explain to me
I was different flashing lights and I pray before a blue sky with no clouds it
was like a blue place no land no trees no grass no water nothing there was
nothing there but a blue atmosphere and I would see this atmosphere goes
millions of miles upon millions of miles were nothing existed it was like nothing
was hidden everything was real everything was
before your eyes you could see and we was in this clear kind of body form some
form of life as a you would refer to a soul or spirit or or and I could see
through it was so transparent and in front of me was thousand among thousand
similar to what I was and thousands among thousands behind me
and I knew that it was some form of a soul and in the middle of my chest were
scenes much precedes I didn’t know what they were for and I realized that I was
the only being they could actually move out of my place and look and observe
smell taste you know fear all my senses when activated
point and so you know I began to look around and observe the things that I
started not knowing that this was a dream I thought this was reality I
thought this was actually happening you know and I look forward and it was this
great shadow way in front of me right at the entry line whether it was like
thousand one thousand people in front of me and it was a shadow a great big
shadow but it had no detail it was like as a vapor and I could I could see that
it was a shadow of something that was in a friend you know I had many question at
this point in this dream and out of nowhere I hear I heard these words
depart for me and this galaxy this Porter I don’t know what the cowling on
the own on the right side of of God you know Jesus Christ
I know whoever you just had to identify the spot of judgment on the right side
of him there’s this big poor they open up and there will be stones of fire
hey normally we you get a lighter and you can cut it on try to spark a flame
but instead of fire it was stones and they were leaked out of this portal and
whoever whoever that guy said the puffed me flew down this place and it was the
flame that the stones were so hot they were burned everybody outside of that
portal but a left side of our our body or I form they were burning us and
everybody be like who like at least it was so cold so how he was just about to
close that door is too cool that’s how hot it was and the portal closed
and dentist he sent them so fast that the screams were late okay it was like
the part of me and it closed up didn’t it screams car and it terrified me and
then I don’t know where something snatched us though like we moved up the
line and I began to think I don’t understand what we were like oh my god
maybe this is just me yeah my you know I had many questions and I was here
department department department and all these different people will be sitting
here and the part that scared me the most was the people that were getting
judged you could hear when God was talking to him and you can hurt
everything they got judged from so if somebody with the hell for
something that you know you struggle with in your life you know where you
were going and so I’m just saying people go shoot City mm-hmm and I’ve seen the
flame and this is constantly burning everybody outside they haven’t been
judge yet and here’s some of the people talking to God and I remember there’s a
woman you know blonde hair and God was talking to her he said I’m not judging
you for what you put on Facebook but I’m judging you on how everybody
else received it 300,000 people were led astray by one of her favorite books and
he said their blood was on her head and I don’t know he said don’t bother me
and Ultimo I couldn’t express how powerful his words were it’s as if he
said no part of me and everything shook and she like she was sitting with great
force and a port open up to anyone closer and I a screen was so late it
terrified me people adultery fornication I’ve so many
different things that I could actually hear and people in friendly were
terrified because a lot of those people were struggling I went through the same
situation and they never repented so I thousand one thousand sent here
Cynthia they would go to my daughter’s flying so fast I’ve never seen something
so fast and it got to the point where I was next to lying and he called me up
and he started talking to me and keep in mind that our life held held
us hand-in-hand so anything we did in our life our our life testified against
us so you can’t lie because your life testified say yes you did you did this
you did this at this time issued and whenever God would speak to me you will
see a big screen like you would see as they whenever God says it comes to life
and so he started talking me and he started telling me everything that I
could’ve did better and and at this point you know I’m not okay
God you know I could do this better I did it you know I did it okay with it I
could’ve did better so he began to say other things and he brought up this
specific woman and he asked me why didn’t I forgive her and he gave me her
specific name I’m not gonna say he gave her a specific name and I knew exactly
what he was talking about he actually why did I forgive her I said I did god I
did forgive her he said well if you forgave her when you’re gonna fall to
talk to her why is it that you treat her like the situation happened all over
again and I’m like God but I didn’t forgive
her he said what if he forgave her wires those seeds stealing your chance and I
looked down I was like oh my god that’s what those are for those are seeds or
what I did in my life the thing is I didn’t forgive so he was
talking to me and I was like oh my god and he told me he looked at me saying
because you did forgive her I didn’t forgive you some of your seniors and I
was like oh my god and he started telling me some one other
thing and he ain’t told me not one good thing here and at this point I’m getting
terrified because my mind is started now going to a place where I’m imagining how
hot this these fights gonna be when this portal open and so you know I’m scared I
didn’t know how to explain how terrified I would words can’t describe will you
meet God fake words can’t describe how terrifying it is to look your
creator face-to-face and we’re there there’s nothing here from him there’s
nothing your inner thoughts I would feel before him you’re you higher your
perception how you feel everything that holds you hosted in this body its
presentable for him and so you know he I got to a point where I I just I like I
didn’t want to hear God no more I was really turning my head because I was
afraid that you know it’s already made his mind up I was so afraid and so I
turned my head and he was just kind of telling me everything that I didn’t do
right or oh shit I should’ve did better and at this point I knew I was going to
hell I knew it I I was fully persuaded that this was it so I turned my head and
I was like I don’t wanna move you know my mind I’m just I’m just I don’t know
I’m just really trying to imagine how hot head is gonna be I’m like oh my god
Lord I have no more cheese if I go down there I can’t come back like lord please
don’t see me – help please like God please I’m begging you and I’m I’m more
terrified – I was more terrified than I can express
that’s why I turned my head and at this point I no longer wanted to hear what he
had to say because I knew at this point I was going to help and I’ve had my head
turned and I don’t know where there is one feeling that would come over there
that interface of my soul and I would turn my head and we’re going slow motion
and the cheerful fly from my face and I looked at God and I was looking at his
his judgment I what was gonna be my judgment ain’t looked at me he said face
to face you don’t get it well done you get in you marry me and he step back
this they come at this point I was so confused I’m oh my god and only had left
side God heaven would open up so soft with brilliant lights
the colors were undescribable like cuz I’ve never seen before in my life
it was so great so so so pretty so amazing and the cousins were blossom as
they grow and as they grew and look heaven will open up so gentle and I
won’t walk taught that direction and my hand will go in a portal and my head
would do it got bigger my only way through it got bigger it was like I was
growing into a a a mature state of a glorified body and so my leg went
through it I got bigger and you can see how big a guy on the other side and how
my soul was being transformed and so a glorified body and my body would go
through it and only piece that was left behind was my leg right for my last foot
got in I woke up the dream scared me so bad I was underneath I live room table
for hours I was so terrified I was terrified to move I was terrified to do
anything because I was afraid it was gonna be added to my Jes me I thought
that was the judgment I didn’t feel like a dream I could feel I could taste I
could tell you how it made me feel everything was so alive in the dream
and at that moment I was asking God a God why did you give me this dream he
said because I want you to warn my people that the thing you choose some
other things that shall be and I didn’t realize
they’re what I pray for and the vow I made before God that he
was gonna fulfill it not he’s looking for my a to be fulfilled
so that’s why I’m here talking to you right now forgive l’école I couldn’t
describe how many people then allow for unforgiveness to grow on them any any
cause a bitterness was causing to do things that they got judged for that
thing caused him not to make it to him I was terrified it was so many people went
to hell it felt like I was it feel like I was
the first one like I wants to work the housing among thousands of people in
front of me then it’s scary to me so today I encourage you to get it right
with God get it right with your fellow friends your enemies that church who
they’re causing you to attack people inside of it go get it right because
he’ll that’s not worthy God God scared me so bad history but I
knew is for a reason so today choose enough
except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior believe that he died on the cross
for your sins at my seat and then he he he died but he rose on the third day
believe that he’s a son time read the scripture and apply it to your life so
that when Jesus come back he don’t see your flesh but he see his word I
encourage you today forgive No and watch how God change your life I
thank you for watching be blessed you

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