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  1. Non ya says:

    After SCOTUS ends this DACA nonsense they will have to change I.C.E's name to Dream Catcher because of all the Dreamers they will be catching and deporting.

  2. Mark Birrutt says:

    They should all so take the tab not the tax payers

  3. Bit Chute says:

    Deport deport them all…

  4. greenwahine says:

    Djt & steven miller policies are biased & cruelty is the point. Separating babies & targeting terminally ill bc djt is afraid of poc OR needs to blame someone to divide & US & give US to poo tin…
    Syrian kurds called they want a rEal American President AGAIN.

    There no bottom for pu t in's puppet.

  5. Sean Lykes says:

    Deport them all

  6. yoyo103 queenan says:

    University of California is just looking for that American tax dollar for daca recipients

  7. Truth Rainer says:


  8. Don't Destroy America says:

    End illegal migration and illegal programs to these overly entitled brown people!

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