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  1. Rafael R. -Mena says:

    This woman who purports to be of Puertorrican extraction, failed Puerto Rico miserably when she had the chance to support the contention that Puerto Rico has been treated unfairly by the Congress of the United States for decades contributing to the Island’s catastrophic situation. . That Henry Cabot Lodge lied to the United nations’ De-colonization Committee saying that Puerto Rico had obtained “self-rule”, tantamount to that of any State of the Union. Puerto Rico is short-change in almost all Federal Programs like the Social Security, Medicare, etc., yet the Island Pays the same to the system like any other jurisdiction. She could at least had written a dissenting opinion but no.. she went along with the rest of the troop. This Supreme Court is as bad or worse than what Trump and Berney Sanders have said. Is Shame to us… please don’t say you are Puertorrican… your mother can be but you are not.

  2. Tylar Saur says:

    Why does no one prepare for her to be in the audience 😛 She does it in EVERY interview and she's amazing for doing so.

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