U.S. Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage 미연방대법원, 미국 전체 동성결혼 합법화 여부 심리

And finally, the U.S. Supreme Court is set
to hear a historic case on Tuesday… over the legality of same-sex marriage.
The nine justices will review arguments over an appeal that UPHELD gay marriage bans in
four states… including Ohio, Michigan,… Kentucky, and Tennessee.
Advocates for and against same-sex unions… protested in Washington over the past two
days. Social conservative groups say it′s an issue
the government should stay out of. ″We simply think that the government should
not actively affirm, celebrate and subsidize those relationships by redefining marriage
and should not be actively punishing the people who happen to disagree or disapprove of homosexual
conduct.″ The decision from this case will represent
more than 20 years of litigation over the issue.
Political watchers say the Supreme Court is on the verge of declaring gay marriage legal
across the country… amid a dramatic shift in public opinion towards equality… over
the last decade. And that wraps up our look at international
stories for now. I′ll see you back here tomorrow night.

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