TVJ Midday News: St. Thomas Roads | Supreme Court to Review Ruel Reid & Co Case – December 18 2019

it’s Wednesday December 18 good
afternoon I’m Herman green with your midday news a special welcome to those
of you watching online at one spot residents of spring bank in
eastern st. Thomas are appealing to the authorities to urgently carry out
remedial work on the main road leading to their community where a breakaway has
reduced roadway to single lane TVs are Shane masters reports a residents claim
that the breakaway which occurred more than a year ago following heavy rain is
posing a challenge for larger vehicles which in turn and dangers are their
lives they say due to the breakaway being close to a corner large drugs have
refused to take construction materials and other supplies to the community shop
man that bring in material from up here you say you’re not taking the chance of
home because the chalk has to go wide to take the kana and I’m not going to come
and we are difficult with this so I need this part this part I want to appeal and
we appeal for this this this Ambro a landslide has been here for over here no
and we have appealed to the Member of Parliament we have notified the
councillor the parish sponsor knows about it the Member of Parliament knows
about it and for over a year now and still nothing has been done about the
residency if the municipal corporation needs to address the matter with a level
of urgency as that road is the only way in and out of a community which our
party keeps to walk from here to buses all a morning time all because of the
road condition sometime they are missing earlier have done it if you could God
without – what is what do some work in our recent time more I want I’m a
commoner a bullshit answer a set of stick that’s the yeah we have a lot of
sticks to indicate to the motorists carbon over here on earth himself our
tax Morales so we are peeling today at the common
sea source TVJ News understands that the councillor for the past division know
Matheson has tabled a resolution in the sentimos Municipal Corporation for
funding to be approved from the equalization fund in order to fix the
breakaway now at last Thursday’s meeting of a Municipal Corporation it was
revealed that funds requested had not yet been released the corporation has
ordered caution tip to be installed in the area or shade masters TV genius
meanwhile the National Works Agency NWA is reporting that roadworks taking place
in st. Andrew under the government’s legacy project will spill over into 2020
TV J’s Anthony log has the details the government had initially given a
June to August time line for the completion of roadworks in st. Andrew
under its legacy project but the National Works Agency NWA is reporting
that new projects will go into next year from the standpoint that we would have
wanted to have completed these activities prior to to know we are
behind and the truth is we are going to be going into into next year with some
items still outstanding Communications Manager at NWA Stephen Shaw since the
agency is now pushing to complete paving sections of content spring road this
week in the meantime NWA is moving to have street lights and traffic signals
in place along the newly widened Hockey Park Road as well as constant Spring
Road mr. Shaw says some of the lights have already been installed we still
have the street lamps that are to be commissioned into service those are some
of them are are yet to be done but we expect that before Christmas Eve and
which is the 23rd of December some of these things will be evident in terms of
them working and persons actually benefiting from them being installed
Anthony log CBN News residents of Delphine’s and Thomas are breathing a
sigh of relief as their drains have now been cleaned
were concerned that the drains pose a major threat to their health because of
the rise in dengue cases no member of parliament for Saint Thomas Eastern dr.
Fenton Ferguson says measures are being taken to eliminate mosquito breeding
sites we are also moving to do a stone and concrete work in his ear area of
injury that will help to mitigate against him having that problem in the
future overall this Christmas would be a good
Christmas for the people of Dallas based on the the partnership and the work that
we have done in the best interest of the people chairman of the King Sterling’s
and Angela in support cooperation Delroy Williams is calling for residents
and other stakeholder groups to assist the municipality in finding solutions to
concerns raised about the noise abatement act speaking on the local
government quarterly press briefing on Tuesday
mr. Williams outlined that this December some residents will be relieved as there
have been a significant decline in the number of applications for entertainment
events however mr. Williams said going forward some compromise will be needed
let’s pursue this sustainable solution into the new year let’s find a solution
that encourages the industry that creates an environment for the industry
to flourish it’s a multi-million dollar industry it’s important for the
municipality so let’s find the solution that all of us can accept and we don’t
have the solution as yet let let us pursue it let us all work together and
pursue it and I’m sure if we put all our heads together in our breathing ability
we will find the solution and we now take a break but stay with us
more news right after these messages welcome back continuing the news the
Supreme Court is to hear the application for judicial review of the case against
former Education Minister rural Reed and head of the Caribbean maritime
university CMU professor Fritz Pinnock today lead attorney for mr. Reed and
professor Pinnock Hugh Wellman filed the application in October shortly after the
men were charged the two accused are challenging the decision by the
financial investigation division F ID to lay charges against them they are
contending that the F ID is purely an investigative body and it does not have
the legal authority to lay charges lawyers representing the FI D recently
filed affidavits in response to the application on October 9 mr. Reed his
wife Sharon their daughter Cheryl as well as professor pinnock and
brownstones division counselor Kim brown Lawrence were arrested and charged fall
in a corruption probe at the CMU and the Education Ministry the five who were
granted bail when they appeared in the st. Andrew parish court on October 10
are scheduled to return on January 23 opposition spokesman on education and
training Peter bunting is suggesting that the way education is funded and the
areas of focus need to be revamped he was speaking at a business luncheon in
Mandeville on Tuesday firstly mr. Buntyn believes that the priorities in the
allocation of resources to educational institutions should be changed he feels
most of the resources should be placed at the early childhood level rather than
at the tertiary level which is currently the case that was upside down one set of
priorities because the truth automata is we must prioritize the resources for the
early childhood then the primary then the secondary and finally the tertiary because you have to start with the
foundation he is also calling on the Education
Ministry to ensure that at least one trained teacher is assigned to each
early childhood institution ECI he says the policy was disconnect discontinued
after a trained ECI teacher who was employed locally migrated mr. Bolton
argues that while ECI is upgrade their schools and other infrastructure to meet
the certification standards stipulated by the early childhood Commission trade
teachers are also needed to enhance the learning process I appeal to continue
somehow this program where the resources are to be fought to keep at least one
trained early childhood specialist teacher in these basic schools as long
as we keep them operating with students it don’t make sense for us to return to
where we were educating children about disaster preparedness is the latest
focus on the government’s agenda speaking at a recent disaster
preparedness town hall meeting in Falmouth Trelawney Minister of Local
Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie said the move can help
save lives in September the community of August Torrance and Andrew was rocked
with grief when a nine year old boy was swept away by floodwaters for tragedies
like that local government and Community Development Minister Desmond McKenzie
believes it’s critical to educate children about disaster preparedness if
education on disaster to young people was being force unto them in the way
that it showed that little boy up here in st. Andrew would not have been
walking across an open stream during torrential rains
mr. Mackenzie argues that too many of the nation’s children are being taken
away by floodwaters and the lack of public information is the cause
therefore other countries of government we have a responsibility to take
disaster to the smallest Jamaican child so that they can start to learn how to
respond to disaster come next year mr. Mackenzie says the government will
undertake a public education Drive on disaster preparedness and we’re going to
be starting a public education come January on the do’s and the don’ts are
next year your country Jamaica will be hosting a regional disaster risk
platform conference in Montego Bay and it’s time now for a preview of what’s
coming up in this evening’s health report in the next edition of the health
report we look at eating healthy during the Christmas holidays every individual
is different if you read most for neighbors they’re all based on a 2,000
calorie daily intake so for those of us that are smaller or maybe our calorie
intake for maintenance is less it’s good to know your calorie limit and any
nutrition is so you can go online and plug in your the equation and it will
tell you your daily calorie intake that’s the health report this evening in
primetime news and now for today’s healthy living tip eat your vegetables
and fruits never go to a party hungry eat in small portions and focus on
socialization and not food we going on to news overseas a New York state judge
on Wednesday dismissed a 16 count indictment against President Donald
Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort citing double jeopardy laws
man afford is currently serving a seven and a half year federal sentence for
financial crimes that stemmed from a special counsel Robert mullahs
investigation he was admitted to hospital last week after suffering a
heart ailment while in prison his lawyer said manifold was in stable condition he
has pleaded not guilty to the New York charges the Manhattan district
attorney’s office said it would appeal the ruling and we going on to sports the
West Indies will have to wait at least until Sunday for their first one-day
international series win in India in 17 years after going down by 107 run to the
hosts in the 2nd ODI this morning to tie the series 1-1 sent to bat India posted
a massive 387 4/5 with Rohit Sharma 159 and kale Rahul 102 leading the way
draya’s Eyre also contributed 53 now Jamaican Sheldon Cottrell claimed to 483
while Kim appalled Kieron Pollard and sorry Joseph all had a wicked each and
reply the Caribbean side made a fight of the target with j-hope 78 and Nicolas
poor and 75 the top scorers the wind is also fell from 192 for 3 to 210 for 8 as
they lost 5 wickets for 28 runs before chemo Paul’s called 46 to take them to
280 all out called EPA dev was the ought was the pick up was also picked up a
hat-trick as he ended with three for 52 no Mohammed Shami also had three for 39
well Ravindra Jadeja at 2 for 74 and a third and final ODI will be on Sunday
and that’s where we wrap up the midday news I’m Herman green join us at 7 for
the prime time news package on behalf of the entire team pleasant viewing

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  1. Creative Pragmatic says:

    It's nice to see residents appeal to the government for help in a level-headed way. I hope the road is fixed for you soon Spring Bank.

  2. Radcliff Bailey says:

    Spring bank has a pnp member of parliament so not good for them before a general election too bad

  3. Happey67 says:

    Those politicians are so laxed. Come on, be for the people.

  4. Raleigh Beersingh says:

    Mr Prime Minister Sir, why are we the people of Eastern St.Thomas being ignored and being treated like "prodigal, Bastard clildren?" Is it because there is a PNP Member of Parliament representing us? St. Thomas has always been the poorest and most neglected Parish for many years, now it is even worse since the CLOSURE of the Sugar FACTORY in Duckenfield. Nothing has been put in place for the people there to earn a living. The people are suffering, children have to go to school. Small businesses in the area are on the verge of closing. Sir, we are appealing to you to do something for us before it's too late.

  5. Blair Boyd says:

    I am really glad that these things been happening to those people for too long, and them cannot realized by now. That the politicians is only using them for their own selfish gained,after the election.
    They just ignored the voices of the people who put them in office, if they cannot learned by this. Is when they are going to learned,

  6. Ramon Kelly says:

    Caution tape….. A teef MI teef dem deh supm deh….. Just fix d people dem road

  7. Tafa Rooks says:

    England and Europe owes Jamaicans REPARATION . That is what we need to focus on.. Aboriginals in Australia and fake Jews in Israel gets millions$ once a year

  8. Dj Genius says:

    Come on Jamaica government, fix the damn roads in st Thomas now man roads been messed up since hurricane Gilbert, it's a damn disgrace, smfh

  9. Ewan Cameron says:

    Nothing will change until Jamaicans stop voting for thieves an criminals,the people must demands not beg when them want votes them demands the people to vote for them

  10. [email protected] pree says:

    Roads are still a major issue in Jamaica!? Slackness

  11. Eric Watson says:

    The government is sabotaging the Member of Parliament

  12. Eric Watson says:

    Wicked labourites

  13. Rajainey Bernard says:

    These politicians are nothing but fake, I for one think they take people of the Bath Division for an idiot. Young people like me will never vote because 23 years of one sided party in Eastern St.Thomas and no development.

  14. Jackie Smith says:

    The violence in Jamaica is being noticed all around the world and it certainly looks terrible and gives people world wide a very bad impression about Jamaica and Jamaicans .1,200 murders for 2019 and only the second largest Caribbean island with a population of approx 3 million people is mind blowing. In comparison to the population of Britain 67.530.172 with just782 homicides its hard to believe the difference. But most of the blame must go to the Jamaican government who year after year is a silent force, doing nothing but talking, and talk is cheap. Bob Marley as well as being a great musician and writer was a great thinking he said a hungry man is a angry man. Most of people in Jamaica are hungry and angry especially when they watch these foreign business come to into their country making fortunes and putting noting back and the government does nothing about it fabulous hotels build in Jamaica on Jamaican soil charging there foreign visitors mega US dollars to stay in these luxurious places while pay the Jamaican staff Jamaican dollars wage, which amounts to pea nuts because again the government decided to keep Jamaican currency which is not even accepted anywhere abroad. On wages that can barely make ends meet and having to find their own transportation at added cost. Jamaicans are angry they are still in slavery and the government is working for the slave masters. A decent minimum wages is needed, in compassion to the US Dollars made in these hotels monies need to be circulated in the country instead of it being only circulated in the hotels and back into the USA and what ever other foreign county the hotel belongs to. These companies should be paying monies into a fund that maintain the roads and pathways of Jamaica yearly.. In the Uk the government looks after its people with all types of benefits such as Child allowance, sickness benefits, unemployment benefits, housing benefits, NHS, the list goes on and on. England as now left the European union as it feels it can better help its own people by doing so. Jamaica Government has to learn to organise its own house putting it's family of Jamaicans first

  15. Grace Abel says:

    I pray and hope it is fixed and the relevant authorities noh wait until a life or lives are lost….because dem stay soh…

  16. Y.T.N Y.T.N says:

    Caution tape was there only solution until money released. I’m so sorry for those people in Jamaica😭😭

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