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  1. kim w says:

    all this smoke and mirrors… so whats really going on that they are using this to hide from us?

  2. Bryon Sparkman says:

    Man shes pretty and I'm not talking about the nasty hoe bag nacy

  3. M K says:

    NO impeachment yet dummies..

  4. Frank Sánchez says:

    They arent sending those papers to the Senate
    Ironic how the dems are obstructing the Senate now

  5. Funky Dunkas says:

    Imagine being impeached and still getting 2020

  6. Aizz says:

    Washington crap post !!!

  7. Good Youtuber says:


  8. This is MAGA Country says:

    Actually, President Tump hasn't been impeached.
    Nancy is refusing to make it official by sending the articles to the Senate for trial. Womp womp.

  9. Jeff Moore says:

    Republicans impeached Clinton for lying to Congress about a blow job. Clinton confessed. It was a joke but that was Clinton's "high crime" or was it a misdemeanor?
    Trumps got 7000 kids taken from their parents at the border in prison. Pelosi is missing the big story.

  10. DaNNy Wu says:

    Now trump still president and will be in 2020 😆

  11. Aaron Lindsey says:

    Why no witnesses?

  12. dread nought says:

    Only apparently he isn't impeached. Democrats honestly can't get anything done right. smh. Merry Christmas and MAGA 2020 y'all!!!

  13. jesbsnrn says:

    now we vote orange man out.

  14. Ellie MM says:

    Well, now the little democrats can feel proud about themselves, pat each other on the back. That's what they were aiming for.
    Wasn't it?

  15. David Smith says:

    Now he should be tried for treason.

  16. Clarisse says:

    He’ll definitely be acquitted lol

  17. Alexander Hewett says:

    Trump has not been impeached. This is an illegal act of treason and those responsible won’t last the civil war.

  18. Devo says:

    So……are they going to stop building wall now?

  19. BERTIL SCALI says:


  20. Rocket Man says:

    When Pelosi withheld the articles of impeachment, she triggered a question as to whether Trump has officially been impeached. If he has been impeached, then the senate is free to hold a trial. If the senate is not free to hold a trial, then he hasn't been impeached. Plus her attempt to strongarm the senate into doing what she wants is a quid pro quo to gain advantage over a political opponent. She must be impeached.

  21. The Gay Gamma Guy says:

    Trump you twits was not impeached . Impeachment does not occur just from a vote. It has to be sent to senate to seal that deal. So…losers..he has not been impeached and your little lady Pelosi refuses to send over. Think about that hahahahahahaha

  22. Logan Spalding says:

    Impeached for winning

  23. kellyb228 says:

    For all of you defending Trump… If Obama had done HALF of what Trump has done you all would have called for his head on a platter.

  24. Following Phan says:

    Now, get him outta our face

  25. Bender Anglesmith says:

    New liberal argument: but.. butt.. he was impeached.

  26. F_ RSS says:

    Now you cry about it for the next 10 years

  27. Wide Open says:

    What a big farce mess, dont get all the down-likes, this seems unbias fact report which is rare now days. I am not a DEMO / REPU Trump fan party guy at all, but seems this Trump guy has done less bad then previous Presidents, aside Carter who refrained from wars and killings abroad.

  28. I Design says:

    The Washington Post is nothing but another cheap Amazon product .

  29. TT Smasher says:

    Kick him out the office

  30. MT says:

    No he wasn’t.

  31. StrnFn9099 says:

    Impeached? You mean coup.

  32. TheFurretInTime says:

    So he isn't impeached. You say he is but he is still in office. that's not being impeached.

  33. Kenneth Garcia says:

    Trump's Tax reports are the real impasse. It all begins with Trump's potential buildings in Russia, existing buildings in Turkey, and other projects he was leveraging the US policy for! If they just followed the money, Trump would be recognized for the traitor, criminal, and con artist that he genuinely is. Let's get to the emoluments part of this already!

  34. Kenneth Garcia says:

    Trump's Tax reports are the real impasse. It all begins with Trump's potential buildings in Russia, existing buildings in Turkey, and other projects he was leveraging the US policy for! If they just followed the money, Trump would be recognized for the traitor, criminal, and con artist that he genuinely is. Let's get to the emoluments part of this already!

  35. Shelly O says:

    Omar, nancy and ocasio cortes must be celebrating the impeachment

  36. Death Lord says:

    Why did you cut out the cheers when Pelosi announced article one was approved?

  37. Patti Claxton says:


  38. davids11131113 says:

    Now what? Trumps guaranteed to win 2020 THANK YOU dumbass demtards! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  39. Surprise623er says:

    Now What? You send the articles to the senate…

  40. Lori Mendenhall says:

    Yea right bunch b.s now he tell my landlord off.he staybwith me

  41. Karyn Fields says:

    Trump….. G3T R3KT

  42. Urstruly Palmer says:

    Fake bs. Tell Nancy to turn it in. Been watching.. More dislikes the likes 😂😂😂😂😂😂 classic. Blahahhahahhahaa

  43. John Ray says:

    wapo journos REALLY dont know…. wats goin, i guess thts why they are partying… 😉🤣😂

  44. John Goodman says:

    We the people need to take back are country let us vote trump would still be president fakest impeachment I’ve ever witnessed sad sad

  45. John Goodman says:

    Nancy has wasted are tax money 💴 perusing this the hole time he has been in office she needs to be impeached for not doing her job at hand instead she’s crewed off hrs on this hate my tax morning went to her pay check

  46. Heather M says:

    Bill Clinton ran for the presidency after his impeachment (the 2000 election)? News to me. Otherwise, great explanation.

  47. Kuhlyedascope69 says:

    trump 2020 LOL

  48. HB 918 says:

    I wanna be in a peach

  49. James Marquis says:

    The Democratic Party has totally become MORALLY BANKRUPT!!! Trying to frame an INNOCENT man through lies, subterfuge, and made up stories while Crooked Hillary goes free!!!!!!! This is nothing but a Banana Republic Coup instigated by the Do-Nothing Democrats. Trying to remove a duly elected President that has done NOTHING wrong is treason. Truly, truly, the Democratic Party has gone INSANE!!! I will NEVER vote for another Democrat again. I'm done!!!!!!

  50. big guy says:

    Pelosi trying to set the stage… is Constitution extortion.. send the articles in..!!!!!

  51. Tommy Ferrigno says:

    Notice how the dislike out-number the likes on multiple videos posted by Washington Post. You're garbage fake news.

  52. big guy says:

    Wouldn't it be something if she waits all the way until November for the senate elections to see if the Democrats can win more seats…. That would be so goddamn outrageous wouldn't it.. she's out of her goddamn mind send the articles in!!!!

  53. big guy says:

    Obviously she's afraid of Senate Claus..🎅.. send the articles in!!!!!!! Chicken Schiffs!!!

  54. Dan Nelson says:

    I am with the Senate.

  55. Tc Linn says:

    It’s a circus

  56. Layden Denning says:

    I can't believe they put trump in a peach

  57. shake and break says:

    Pelosi needs to have her head examined, this is all about her own personal vendetta.

  58. Mercy Prempeh says:

    i thought republicans hated the washinhton post, fake news they call it xD

  59. The Fantastic OG says:

    Fake News!!!!!!LOL charged not impeached

  60. Neil Gibson says:

    Term limits people

  61. JR says:

    So many ruskies in the comments

  62. Neil Gibson says:

    You know it's a messed up system when your afraid of prosecution for speaking your mind. I tried googling the number of laws in the U.S. and can never find the number. That alone is telling

  63. Damien Mind Your Business says:


  64. Karl Pershing says:

    Trump the Great 2020

  65. lumpy bumpkin says:

    Lol ain't impeached till articles hit the senate. Literal fake news according to their own parties witness and constitutional expert

  66. Marion Henry says:

    I think it may be Political like mictmocomnalll said, but they have to take the oath of the Constitution to follow the rules instructions

  67. christopher martin says:

    What happened with the civil war people said would happen…..we all knew that was all talk, no one backs up there comments with actions, this is just Internet pu55ys arguing with people they know they will never meet in person, at the end of the day every single political or other comment made online is sooo childish and pointless!…..good way to waste your time and feel like you stood up for what you believe in when in fact you didn't do anything but waste your time…..lol….I'm guilty of it too but at least I see it for what it is

  68. DanFire Flare says:

    The like to dislike ratio is ‘Perfectly Balanced’

  69. Jetwing says:

    Why not, instead of playing like cowards, just VOTE! No one wants to vote, but want to complain about everything

  70. Rev. Smoke says:

    Pelosi the Cocaine and Vodka will counter act the adhesive in your poly-dent. Anyone with half a brain knows that.

  71. yun_nuwu says:

    I don't want people to think that we want to impeach trump because he's trump or because he supports republicans. A lot of people genuinely want to do this because of trump's actions. A trial is a trial, wait until the trial happens if you really don't believe he is guilty. I'm tired of people using childish and petty insults. We want the best for this country and its people, you do too. Whatever opinion you have, but don't be hateful

  72. Valerie Mihelcich says:

    Why would they keep him if he truly was impeached?! Might as well keep an employee on the job after he/she was fired! No common sense! Common sense went extinct! 😡😭

  73. SamUSA says:

    Trump will not be impeached until the articles are given to the Senate for a trial. They are just articles. There is no impeachment without an impeachment trial.

  74. david dunn says:

    Have gun Will travel to help Trump and police

  75. Abdiel Matos says:

    We all know how this will turn out, he will win again either the
    Socialist Democratic Party likes it or not

  76. Gottenburg says:

    Now watch as the senate destroys democracy. Wars a comin, don’t say I don’t warn ya.

  77. B spearbach says:

    tr'mp was impeach. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Everywhere you go;" democracy has spoken. now the fight begins between the corrupted gop/Greedy Old & Perverted men and democracy. the gop serves their masters i.e. the donor class. vote the gop out ASAP

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