Tribunal’s Lamest Losers: FUNNY TRIBUNAL CASES (#33)

if you like my videos please turn off
adblock for’em these are the lamest excerpts I’ve come
across whatever these losers were trying to do
they failed so which jew got your job and got you
fired? how poor are you, nid? shut the fuck up at least my mom doesn’t go to KFC just to lick other people’s fingers. yo wukong so poor he can’t afford to pay attention. Aww I see the poor card really got to you. hashtag shot fired. laugh out loud I used to think stupid people didn’t exist but you guys changed my mind. you got to change my mind remember kids if you ever think maybe there aren’t any
stupid people in the world all you have to do is look in the mirror
cuz you’re really fucking stupid has been well stop it no that’s his clever way of
calling from stupid by saying he so stupid he didn’t know
stupid people existed don’t solid reputation up implacable
PSA’s by so sitting in with this moron it’s now time for Tottenham tarde heat
add dean of stupid people exist unites that’s a toughie my dad says
anything’s possible you put your mind to it now I tried that already that’s why I’m
asking me out mum did you try asking Google damnit Todd can you please be solution-oriented it’s
your brother around to me ask am yeah he’s been behind the
scenes full time with your fucking morons maybe no one knows but forget the
question Katie practice they have a small yellow
pp or is that something you do all by
yourself Kate has a tiny yellow sleepin so that’s why this lee sucks pic and
you’re getting reported said no one cares your full keep big black JV Boehner juvie juicy 0 to shut the fuck did should the folk up buckets ship for Martinez israel has the same the pussy tanks plus deal you rubble crying thanks and he’s gay the name be busy sleeping
with you not keep lickin n Steve curing stupid killing missed you
up unit gyro aids don’t need to have back
to read work and should bear don’t have to make my iPhone
6 for forty cents in our room with my own these peaks the master speaks I masturbate Wow fags game will play it but is wrong with you people you got a
problem with us yep ideal not good then be melts big should let’s go down the horn
disagrees the kingdom idk first so I get mid blitz but provoking top scrub ghetto so fucking ghetto pledge
only have 20 went to bed unique noted dickey’s mmm

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