Tribunal report on Kohanga Reo due next week

The Waitangi Tribunal’s decision on the future of Kohanga Reo
is due out next week. The National Trust says it should leave the management
of Kohanga Reo to Maori, outside of the Ministry
of Education’s grasp. These sentiments were carried
to the Maori Select Committee today. There’s nothing like the health
of our kids to sharpen the tongue. She’s talking about her experience
working along mainstream strategy driving Maori-driven programmes. She’s not known
for sitting on her hands when it comes to facing-off
with the language. How much clearer can it get? And there’s no clearer message to these MPs as to what she wants
for the Kohanga Reo movement. There is always a ray of hope that the Waitangi Tribunal
may also heed her words. Bring Kohanga Reo back to its roots,
to how the old people wanted it and back into the hands of Maori. The Government can support
but not interfere. The Waitangi Tribunal’s report could
be revealed as early as next week. Tini Molyneux, Te Karere.

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